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  1. Tim Tebow... He's been busy...
  2. 2nd Bud commercial - A Hero's welcome
  3. 2nd Bud commercial - A Hero's welcome - Full Story
  4. This Compilation of Soldiers Returning Home is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Ever S
  5. Who will Not win the Super Bowl today...
  6. Dead Biker Buried Riding Harley in Giant Transparent Casket
  7. Global Warming back again!
  8. Global Warming- Will Jimmy Survive?
  9. Just some random images
  10. Went hunting today
  11. Smoking urges
  12. For our dog lovers
  13. Happy Birthday, Sassylady!!
  14. Oh boy, I'm in the dog house
  15. Valentines Day
  16. Why I will never visit Jafar
  17. New ride !
  18. Not all mailboxes are equal
  19. More random images
  20. I'd hate myself in the morning .....
  21. For KitchenKitten99
  22. Accidental racism
  23. Camera falls from airplane - footage
  24. Rising intonation a possible informal subjunctive?
  25. Contest ideas
  26. The Global Warming never seems to end!
  27. Clever Slogans about Gun Ownership
  28. We need scorecards
  29. Happy Valentines day ladies
  30. Guns don't kill people
  31. Jimmy...Try this!!
  32. LA Residents Lie Through Their Teeth Reacting To The Fake News That FDR Died Today Re
  33. First, very high, now very low
  34. A salute to Mom's
  35. Have you ever gotten so angry that your mind plays tricks on you?
  36. At least DP doesn't lead me to spend money
  37. Talking deer
  38. Best money I ever spent
  39. Craziest news story ever
  40. So you're seeking a new job
  41. Some pictures?
  42. I just nearly passed out
  43. What have you people done to Gabby?
  44. Dang snow again?????
  45. Credit report
  46. My New Hero...
  47. Imagine
  48. Akathisia
  49. When did I grow old?
  50. Settled on a name, and now that temps are above 0, construction in barn started!
  51. Another new bike
  52. Foreign wedding traditions can be fun
  53. Faith in humanity - restored
  54. A little joke for us Conservatives
  55. One more
  56. I hate Taco Bell
  57. Signed the papers, pick up in two weeks
  58. Being An Aunt Is Special
  59. Fun Times!
  60. Everyday Chicago
  61. Some new pictures!
  62. A blog from a Father to a Daughter
  63. Justin Bieber Giving a Deposition Is So Disrespectful Even TMZ Is Calling It ‘Just Un
  64. Yes, I am bitching!
  65. Gonna hit up NJ this weekend
  66. Family day.....
  67. This Awe-Inspiring Video of the Navy’s Blue Angels Is the Next Best Thing to Seeing T
  68. The Night
  69. 'My heart is broken': 16-year-old mother of baby whose nose was 'bitten off by father
  70. 500 miles (800 km) on gravel, what would you do?
  71. SICK BASTARDS: Abortion Group Offers Coat Hanger Pendant for $10 Donation
  72. You Better Not Ban My Pit Bull
  73. One in four Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun
  74. You Already Know I'm A Glutton For Punishment!
  75. While I'm at it......
  76. BOOM: Thug Gets Punched So Hard He Turned Into A Seal!
  77. Superman wears a head camera... fun
  78. Sydney Harbour Time Lapse
  79. Adopted another
  80. For Jim (and everyone else)
  81. So what's new?
  82. Jim
  83. Had a fight with the woman
  84. Wife Calls This Big Mechanical Skunk
  85. INSTANT JUSTICE: Watch As Road Rager Gets Clobbered by God
  86. Noah
  87. Don't touch the boobies!
  88. Happy Birthday, DragonStryk72!
  89. Janitor's Revenge
  90. The little imperfections
  91. Some Gladiator action
  92. Just how smart are Ravens?
  93. Is this real or fake?
  94. Influence of the Mob
  95. Plans for the after life
  96. Every little bit helps!
  97. Dying Dad Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down 'Aisle' in Heartbreaking Ceremony
  98. Attn Kitchen Kitten: A foot of snow in April? Really??
  99. Calling our car experts
  100. Been fun...
  101. Killed and ate
  102. NYS ez-pass robbed me!!
  103. Lamborghini Aventador crash
  104. A video of our Chapter arriving to a Biker Blowout in Cottondale Florida
  105. Abbey's interview
  106. Saudi "drift" driving
  107. Not your ordinary April Fools prank
  108. 2 more things I hate
  109. Need help with selecting paint
  110. This is really cool. Seriously...
  111. Teacher mails letters students wrote themselves 20 years ago
  112. God I love the Irish...
  113. Happy 4-09
  114. This product is USELESS!
  115. Sir Evil is visiting
  116. Sadly true
  117. New tattoo!
  118. Italian guy, Mentos, Coke, Nutella, condom...
  119. Some cool Alaska Pics
  120. Steelie
  121. Jordan's progress report
  122. Sad. Funny. Sad.
  123. Invasion of Europe
  124. 79-Year-Old Woman’s Incredible Routine on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’
  125. NT - what ya know about Ketchikan?
  126. Rapper cuts off penis, then tries to jump to his death
  127. OK, about my wife
  128. Happy Easter!
  129. Ohio couple married 70 years die 15 hours apart
  130. Great outdoors stuff, sorta
  131. Who do I miss?
  132. Forecasters Are Already Predicting a Massive Tornado Outbreak This Weekend
  133. Wyoming museum acquires Lone Ranger's Colt .45 pistol
  134. I need to brag on my wonderful daughter
  135. Unknown Good Samaritan with Firearm Stops Two Robbers, Then Does Something Really Coo
  136. Dang, Rev.. When are you coming back!??
  137. Found some old pictures
  138. Yup
  139. Lost weight recently
  140. Need help
  141. What your kids are doing when you aren't watching
  142. Heading South again!
  143. Happy Mother's Day
  144. Serving no purpose
  145. So after work today...
  146. Sup!
  147. Some pictures from my trip
  148. My necklace broke
  149. Our society is composed of liars. And we love it
  150. Italy?
  151. How would you deal with this kind of person?
  152. I must be an odd female...
  153. Tennessee fraternity suspended for hot sauce on genitals hazing
  154. Rolling Thunder "Ride For Freedom" Heads to DC
  155. Woman sues city to overturn ban on sex toys
  156. A website for Jim (and other dog lovers)
  157. Kathianne?
  158. Does this make sense to any of you?
  159. Brady Bunch' Star Ann B. Davis Dead at 88
  160. Not sure if this would survive elsewhere but here.
  161. My daughter is now a teenager
  162. Mega yacht with a movie theater
  163. Amy has untreatable cancer - what her family does for her
  164. Boy graduates 8th grade
  165. Happy Birthday, Krisy!
  166. From the mall to the outback
  167. You’ll Never Guess What Obama Supporters Now Say is Racist
  168. Still Need Help???
  169. Odd pictures of the day
  170. Lesson in frustration...
  171. Tourist video captured gator-feeding frolic
  172. You Made It !!
  173. Awesome app
  174. Insert Smiley Here...
  175. Men of the Strip
  176. Sunday In Jerome!
  177. What life is all about
  178. Thought I'd share...
  179. Heaven on a plate
  180. 20 year anniversary
  181. For all, but especially Darin
  182. The Offensive Thread
  183. For anyone who may be hurting in Marriage
  184. I think we have racist squirrels
  185. Happy Birthday Jim
  186. Birthday Gift
  187. The Chauffeur
  188. 4th of July
  189. Three rounds with my daughter
  190. Getting Up Early!
  191. Is There A Requirement For Stupid Responses To Idiot Posters?
  192. Busy weekend
  193. Thanks!
  194. Southern style :)
  195. Is there a lib state exodus at DP?
  196. Happy Birthday, Trigg!
  197. Eating Meals Together
  198. Psst... Hey bub, wanna buy a bridge?
  199. Not enough to do, Jim? :P
  200. Windows Tech Support!
  201. Sexy man touched me tonight!!!!
  202. Why I began to end my posts with (a quote from aboutime)
  203. Happy Birthday, Sassy!
  204. Photoshop help
  205. I wish this was my bank!!
  206. Dad, sister and brother
  207. Off to Jersey again
  208. Question
  209. Anger Management
  210. Board ideas
  211. New interviews...
  212. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
  213. True Friend
  214. Gnostic Ijit
  215. Kick boxing is a mean ass sport
  216. The Things We Do For Love.....
  217. Derail This Thread
  218. My dopey brother
  219. So I'm going to the store...
  220. I Think I Now Know What 'Monsoons' Mean In AZ
  221. Whale Shark Sneak Attack!!!
  222. Reconnecting as Humans
  223. No cussing!!
  224. Getting to know you
  225. The Way Things Used to Be
  226. Old blankets??
  227. How about quizzes?
  228. For our great DP guys
  229. Perhaps the coolest story in a while...
  230. Holy Cow!!!! Did you see that???
  231. Happy Birthday, Trinity!!!
  232. Coffee addiction
  233. Urban school supply list
  234. Shattered
  235. Took a ride to SC
  236. Labor Day weekend plans anyone?
  237. Call Me, "Grandma"
  238. Test
  239. About life
  240. Chicks on the Right
  241. Video of the kids circa 2009; son sleeping, daughter making him 'sing'
  242. Are You a Psycho?
  243. Fyi
  244. Social dilemma: Could you stay friends with people like this?
  245. New Tattoo
  246. Big black cock (pic included)
  247. A particular insult defined
  248. Wow
  249. My new life philosophy - will work for you too.
  250. Man accused of pulling women's teeth during sex named