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  1. A few of my aging Pug
  2. Scared, sad, etc...
  3. Awwwwwwww
  4. Time for a reading...
  5. Tiger Vs. Chihuahua
  6. Cat and Dolphins playing
  7. How to discipline your cat
  8. Pretty Amazing Old Bird
  9. Here is your dog jim
  10. Puppies attack cat with love
  11. What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this?
  12. This monkey will do, and I'll take the kitty too
  13. Goats yelling like humans - hilarious!
  14. Smart way to catch pythons in Florida
  15. This may give you sugar shock.
  16. This is why we need kitties
  17. Siberian Flying Squirrels.
  18. Special Forces!
  19. A musical interlude hehehehehe
  20. Kangaroo and Dog
  21. Poor kitty just wants to sleep
  22. I have Found JIMNYC'S Lost Cat!
  23. Cat's been soiling the floors
  24. Bad dog in love with cat!
  25. Grumpy Cat
  26. A Cat Goat!
  27. Wireless Fences
  28. Don't mess with the kitty!
  29. Hear our humble prayer
  30. Ink
  31. Easy way to take 3 mini schnauzers on a walk!
  32. Hi ... I'm Bob
  33. Some interesting animals
  34. Tis the season....
  35. Bitey bites it
  36. Chubby
  37. Slow motion ass kicking
  38. Don't bury that hamster too fast
  39. Proof that dogs are just like kids!
  40. NYC Police horse and dog
  41. Guinness record holding cat died on February 4
  42. Bella (dog) mourns Beavis (beaver)
  43. Cats Are Smarter Then Dogs
  44. Cats At Their Finest
  45. I Love You! I'll Dance!
  46. I'm surrounded by morons
  47. Jerome and his new bed
  48. I don't think the kitty likes lizards
  49. Is that cat drunk?
  50. Ferret Vs. Toilet Paper
  51. Jerome out cold!
  52. Dockdogs Big Air Extreme Vertical
  53. Sad Dog Diaries
  54. Speed kills .... deadly sea critter
  55. Snow Leopard and her kits,
  56. Vet checks
  57. Gator eats at Husky
  58. Disco is a parakeet
  59. Herbie Gets A New Home
  60. Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs
  61. Danish police find 30 dead dogs in freezer at man's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  62. Homer
  63. This little Bulldog
  64. Damn dogs
  65. Hoppy the Deer
  66. Beautiful Osprey
  67. True for many relationships
  68. Leopard purring
  69. Dumb dog owner
  70. Nativity Scene and a Shepherd
  71. Bitey is gone :(
  72. Jerome sick again :-(
  73. Copper died
  74. Seal pup climbs into boat to snuggle with with duck hunter
  75. Dog heroes of 9/11
  76. Identify this dog
  77. Friendly little squirrel
  78. A picture of my Bully and her pups
  79. Dogs vs Cats = Funny!!!
  80. A dog that was raised right!
  81. What monkey thinks of zoo visitors
  82. Funny Kittens for KitchenKitten
  83. Special Boy and dog
  84. Another reason why cats rule!
  85. Gotta get me one!
  86. My sisters cat
  87. Kitten or marriage?
  88. Hey Noir, where's the little Dragons?
  89. Where Jim Can Get His Cats
  90. Fowl Mouthed Parrot May Get Fired
  91. Prayers Please
  92. Why Daisy gets her ice cream first
  93. I need one of these badly!
  94. Hilarious, Cat welcomes his owner home
  95. Funny Animals
  96. A Sick Homeless Pit Bull Gets Rescued & Makes Inspiring Transformation
  97. How Dirty Are Your Dog’s Kisses?
  98. I know it's not the most popular...
  99. A few animal funnies
  100. A Terrified Abandoned Dog is Rescued
  101. This type of video never gets old
  102. If this doesn't make you cry, you have no heart
  103. Canine racial profiling
  104. Little Dog Steals Big Dogs Sausages
  105. LOL! "I'm Sorry!"
  106. Should I get a kitten?
  107. Cat Loves Fresh Milk From Cow
  108. My kind of snake!
  109. This is how I want to go out
  110. Dirty little monkey!!
  111. Most patient dog in the world
  112. Vizlas - funny videos
  113. Pug in a ball "pit"
  114. Dog REALLY loves the water
  115. Puppies found tied up in pillowcase recued from side of busy parkway
  116. Not all cats are aloof!
  117. Will this make you cry
  118. Welcome home, Nero!
  119. Kitty approves!
  120. RV ing
  121. A cute little Swamp Wallaby
  122. English Bulldog has a tantrum
  123. Animals can be jerks!~!
  124. Pit bull vote aims to settle disputes over breeds
  125. Detective helps handicapped girl when her service dog is hit by car
  126. Pet food timer
  127. Got snakes? Get a cat!
  128. People Saving Animals
  129. Nero is bad
  130. Why is this a problem?
  131. Going shopping
  132. Kitty lures in his prey
  133. Unhappy Cat
  134. The Top 5 Misunderstood Facts about Pit Bulls
  135. Nero in slow motion
  136. Get Real
  137. I Guess I'm Going To Have To Break Down
  138. Nero growing, and gets a new house!
  139. Scratchy
  140. So I bought kitty a new bed
  141. Nero and I
  142. Kitty thinks humans are ladders
  143. Jerome's Christmas present
  144. My buddy Myles again
  145. God's Gift To Humankind
  146. I Want To Love the Cats
  147. DeBlasio not allowed to have second chance
  148. Restore your faith in humanity
  149. Bus Riding Dog
  150. Kitty litter
  151. Why Chihuahua's don't like walking in the snow
  152. Dimwit cat smackdown
  153. Received a rather disturbing message...
  154. Cat simply can't escape Pit Bull
  155. Shepard Smith And The Great American Llama Lasso!
  156. Meet Molly
  157. Nero's new collar
  158. `.......The Buffalo aren't putting up with our crap anymore!
  159. Starting new aquarium
  160. Damn cat
  161. Meet Link - Our new Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  162. My 2 new friends
  163. The Recycle
  164. Rooter
  165. For your viewing pleasure
  166. Big Cat rescue
  167. Astonishing Gorilla video
  168. Emma
  169. Bear having fun with Doggie!
  170. Kitty enjoys outdoors
  171. Who wants a million fish?
  172. Proud Momma and her babies
  173. Hows Jerome?
  174. Jack Russell goes fishing
  175. Meet Boobies
  176. Dancing horse
  177. Bobcat Mom & Kittens Living on Roof!
  178. Flea treatment
  179. Presidenial pets
  180. I Have Kitten
  181. I dare you not to smile
  182. Boy Dogs
  183. Great dane - Tiny piglet
  184. Dog hates me and loves me
  185. Biki Ride interruptus
  186. Hurry!! Death Penalty on the line...
  187. Not too sure about this
  188. I am devastated by the cute
  189. It's that time for Jerome
  190. David and Goliath
  191. Pet Photos
  192. In Memoriam
  193. Corgi talks to cat
  194. Not cute and cuddly but pretty awesome
  195. Little dog - big impact
  196. Stevie the blind kitty
  197. Blind pug
  198. pet bird
  199. Wife hates my dog
  200. Little bird vs. rattlesnake
  201. Soldier Makes Plea to Adopt dog, that saved his life
  202. Making bed with cats
  203. Bengal kitten
  204. For LongTerm
  205. Pet this
  206. Horrible dog attack* <snort>
  207. Fireworks and pets
  208. Manipulative much?
  209. another good reason for pets
  210. Jim, you need a French Bulldog!
  211. Rajapalayam dogs pure ancient royal breeds
  212. The height of confidence!
  213. If you love someone, set them free
  214. Wrong or right?
  215. Donald
  216. Here Jimmy...<Mwahahahahahaha>
  217. Ducks show no fear
  218. Nieces cat
  219. A few leaked pictures from Heaven
  220. Before and After
  221. Kittens!!!!!!
  222. keeping the world safe...
  223. Vicious Bear Attack captured on Film.
  224. Frogs from Hell: Their Venomous Head Spikes Could Kill You
  225. Animal love
  226. Bear vs. Cat
  227. Rosie the Dog
  228. Fishies for Kathianne!
  229. How to assist a lost dog?
  230. Muslim Idiot Throws Bricks at German Shepherds
  231. I Think I Want A New Doggy
  232. I Think This Cat's Lost Its Little Mind
  233. My heart is breaking again
  234. A Regal Corgi Tea Party
  235. Rocky, my little guy
  236. Honey the kitten
  237. Warning from The Rock
  238. You took my bed and I want it back!
  239. Ninja Kittens?
  240. Girl Dog
  241. The Cat
  242. oddly cute
  243. If Cats Made Phone Calls
  244. Cats need to stay out of bathroom
  245. Wild Kingdom
  246. Cats are neurotic - and probably trying to kill you, say researchers
  247. I told you kids to stay together!
  248. Why am I like this?
  249. Big cats like boxes too!
  250. When petting your cat...