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  1. What are you listening to now...
  2. Nickelback
  3. Best of '06 - Music
  4. Quicktime video of some DJ
  5. Saw "JUNIOR BROWN" Last Night...
  6. We Are Going To Be Friends
  7. Teenagers
  8. Van Halen Kicks off Reunion Tour - with Roth
  9. Animal Vs. Buddy Rich
  10. Billy Idol - White Wedding
  11. Oldie - Lookit this FrodoGraph...Nickelback
  12. Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
  13. Just heard this... sexiest song I've ever heard in my life...
  14. Weird Al rocks!!
  15. Cool Film...Cool song
  16. Tea Partay!
  17. The Arcade Fire - Wake Up
  18. Get a taste of what I like
  19. What do you listen to?
  20. Harlem Shakes/Deerhoof
  21. New Uses
  22. Top 100 One Hit Wonders
  23. Clay's first Music video
  24. FluteBox? Beatute? Beat-box flute playing
  25. White Stripes
  26. Van Halen to do List
  27. Greatest Blues Jamm Ever
  28. Our national treasure.
  29. Stop Making Sense
  30. Of Montreal
  31. Baby Got Back - The Ballad
  32. Great song...Jim you gotta listen to it.
  33. This is why I LOVE Country Music - Thank you Foxworthy!
  34. Austin City Limits
  35. Taylor Swift
  36. Liberals are the best entertainers...
  37. Sweet Southern Comfort
  38. 3 Doors Down
  39. 80's Music Quiz
  40. Flight of the Bumble Bee like you've never seen it
  41. Yet another reason I LOVE Country Music - so many Class Acts involed in it
  42. Bon Jovi going Country???????
  43. I'm So Damn Lucky
  44. Police Concert, Oakland California
  45. Misheard Lyrics - Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
  46. Spice Girls are back!
  47. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
  48. Fosterchild
  49. What's that? More cowbell says Ricky Nelson?
  50. Guess I'm a hippie now.
  51. The Music Industry CONTINUES to Not Get It.
  52. Amazing Guitarists
  53. 50 amazing you tube videos
  54. OK, let's try this again....
  55. Who should be...
  56. Ricky Nelson Remembered
  57. Tony Orlando, what an Show!!!!!!!
  58. Eisley
  59. AT&T censor Pearl Jam, Flaming Lips?
  60. New Springsteen album and tour!
  61. Obama would like the band Mortification
  62. Favorite videos of live performances off of YouTube
  63. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  64. Sad songs
  65. lotsa concerts this fall
  66. The WORST "Singer" I've seen in my life!!
  67. Guess The name of the artist/song based on lyrics
  68. The sound one makes when one's testicles are being crushed in a vice
  69. Omazing Grace
  70. Yes! Led Zeppelin!
  71. Britney - the continued Train Wreck
  72. Oh, uhoh, you know who you are
  73. Most racist IPOD ever
  74. Trip down memory lane...
  75. Songs that piss you off....
  76. Trent Reznor to Australian fans: "Steal it!"
  77. For Sitarro
  78. i never knew of this song till today, wow its so beautiful I almost wanna cry
  79. 4 fucking awesome songs
  80. Call it too much…I call it a masterpiece
  81. New CD's
  82. This is a real guitar solo
  83. Project Playlist
  84. Tennessee Friends
  85. A lot of talent
  86. Dave Mathews
  87. House of Pain
  88. Johnny Gill
  89. 80"s music remember the Bullet Boys?..... SE
  90. For 5stringJeff
  91. Me and Meg are getting married!
  92. It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long
  93. American Soldier- Toby Keith (tribute)
  94. Post a song you think is VERY UNDER-Rated and lets rate each others
  95. OMG! A DUDE who can Nail a Martina Song!
  96. Why don't record exec's look more at Youtube
  97. The Avett Brothers
  98. Is it too much?
  99. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  100. The Echo Project
  101. Best Guitarists EVAR!!!juan1!!
  102. Toby Keith...is not a political correct singer.........
  103. Plant and Kraus
  104. are you or were you ever a fan of this man
  105. Amazing New Song
  106. The Best Band EVER!!!!!!
  107. Reccomend a band or song here
  108. Obama: Here ya go
  109. I wish styles were still around...
  110. What about this young lady?
  111. One of my favorite current bands
  112. Sitarro
  113. What Is Your Favorite Song Of All Time?
  114. Chesney, Underwood Win Top CMA Awards
  115. Martin's Juke Box
  116. I miss the 90s, and in particular Third Eye Blind
  117. National Song Ideas
  118. Best album cover ever?
  119. Jay Z/Linkin Park
  120. Jonas Brothers = Fruit Cakes
  121. This is the definition of a true musician.
  122. Tim McGraw - Don't Take The Girl
  123. Anybody remember this one?
  124. Top albums of 2007, anyone?
  125. Will reformed Zep play "Stairway"?
  126. Zeppelin play reunion show
  127. is this not the most romantic song ever?
  128. the rock and roll hall of fame is a joke.
  129. I love the song, i didnt make the video
  130. what song lyrics and music video describes you now!
  131. How did I not know...
  132. iPod Shuffle
  133. put up a freaky or funky song, and lets rate
  134. Laika
  135. RIP Dan Fogelberg
  136. Ike Turner
  137. Toby Keith classic christmas
  138. Your favorite songs (compilation 50's - current)
  139. RIAA Certification
  140. who cant sing
  141. The Door's Contraversial Performance On The Ed Sullivan Show........(Rare and Live)
  142. Post your favorite songs from 1950-2009
  143. Best songs over 10 minutes long
  144. my favorite bands music videos: dont be lazy watch and comment
  145. have you heard of these bands, what do you think of them?
  146. the doors....
  147. Best Asian singer I've heard - period
  148. do you like this song... a collection of my favorite songs of all time
  149. Best Movie Theme Song
  150. name 1 song or artist, you cant believe you like
  151. The B52s - Funplex
  152. Name an Outstanding All-Time Classic Song
  153. United Abomination
  154. Check out my 30+ youtube videos
  155. Not normally a Kid Rock Fan- but he did a great job on this one!
  156. shows us a video that portrays how you feel right now
  157. Give me your thoughts on my videos please, ill do one at a time, just for you
  158. what are you favorite cover songs?
  159. amy winehouse is a drugged out disgrace and is what is wrong with music
  160. The Grammys are a joke
  161. Poison Oak
  162. Post the worst song ever
  163. The Democratic Theme Song!
  164. Very Funny Simpsons Music Video...........
  165. American Soldier- Toby Keith (tribute)
  166. Angry American
  167. Soldier Tribute
  168. Southside Video
  169. "George Bush bin Laden One Love One Family"
  170. ICP, One Of The Greatest Groups To Ever Get On A Label
  171. Whats the weirdest song youve ever seen
  172. name a cool song...
  173. post the most romantic song(s) you can think of
  174. The Beach Boys
  175. Now HERE is a good SXSW bill!!
  176. anybody remember her
  177. Help me out...
  178. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice
  179. Abba drummer found dead in his garden
  180. The Cancer Bats -- Punk as fuck!
  181. lets post and rate each others music videos
  182. ipod workout
  183. She & Him
  184. New B-52s album!
  185. Eisley (part deux)
  186. This is my favorite music video to represent a tv show on youtube
  187. what are some strange songs and/or song titles
  188. what is the grooviest song song of all time, can you digg it?
  189. what are some of the funniest songs?
  190. Who is this "Sharon den Adel" poster?
  191. What song describes any aspect of youre personality
  192. Amy Winehouse death knell update
  193. I think its sad that americans seem to forget the wonderful music from the 60s & 70s
  194. what concerts you been too and how were they?
  195. Name atleast one current artist who is UNDER-rated, & who others should check out
  196. whats Music Videos in your youtube & Imeem Player
  197. Name that tune.
  198. what is youre musical guilty pleasure, that others might say youre lame for liking
  200. William Tell Overture
  201. The perfect music when youre angry
  202. Most in my generation do not have a clue what real music is
  203. hag, you going to this?
  204. What are the best SEXY songs of all-time
  205. Make fun of a songs (lyrics, music video artist, whatever)
  206. Best Music Parodies
  207. Martins MTV Music Channel, where only the best plays
  208. Before he cheats...The man's version
  209. What are the best disco & dance songs/videos ever?
  210. Best 80's Bands & their videos
  211. Best British Band
  212. Great Kate Bush / David Gilmore Live
  213. One Of My All Time Favorite Songs
  214. Jesse Cook, He's OK
  215. who's feeling groovy baby
  216. Time to relax people
  217. awesome video!!!!
  218. Martin's Music
  219. does anyone remember this... and like it?
  220. what are your favorite 90's bands & songs
  221. what youtube video or songs fits your personality
  222. A truly beautiful voice
  223. Jus' Ain't My Cross To Bear, Allman Brothers
  224. show/name one song youtube helped you find
  225. Genesis: When In Rome DVD
  226. what song title/song describes youre mood right now and why
  227. 1983 Bring back any memories?
  228. Zero 7 live, Tina Dico singing
  229. what bands do you believe are the most underrated of all time?
  230. Best 90's Artists
  231. Best artists of the new millenium 2000-Present
  232. Patti Rothberg
  233. Offbeat rock bands
  234. what makes excellent music?
  235. one of the greatest musical displays YOU will ever see
  236. what is the goofiest song/or video of music
  237. do you know any sweet oldie gems?
  238. We Are The World
  239. ABBA foursome makes rare appearance
  240. Post your favorite 90's music videos
  241. 1 incdredible video you MUST SEE
  242. Awesome Song!
  243. Martin's Music Videos
  244. Beatles a Christian band?
  245. Music for your soul mate
  246. I have always enjoyed Seal's music but
  247. Uhhhh WOW!
  248. Hey Dan
  249. Ellis Paul
  250. Slip Sliding Down That Slope