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  1. Calif. Again Crushes Smokers Under its Heals
  2. San Francisco May Give ID's To Illegals
  3. Cop sues parents of brain damaged kid
  4. Blackwater hold Army soldiers at gunpoint
  5. Mexican cops arrest cannibalism suspect
  6. Al Bore Wins And Will Soon Hit The Road
  7. Rush Turns The Table On Dems
  8. Pinning Down Real Patriotism
  9. NASCAR cooties?
  10. The "Protect America Act"...
  11. The Lefts Trifecta
  12. No "Peace Prize" for Jew-hating Coulter
  13. *Truth Is Gore Is A Liar*
  14. Cool reception for Mr. Gore's Nobel
  15. The rise of mosques become catalyst for conflict across Europe..
  16. NY Times's Frank Rich - Americans are Good Nazi's
  17. If This Would Have Been About A Black Liberal
  18. Top meteorologist: Al Gore's Nobel Prize global warming theories "ridiculous"
  19. Marine killed in Korea in '50 identified
  20. *Putin Thinks Arabs Respect Russians:LOL!!!!!*
  21. A question for general discussion...
  22. Wire Law Hampers Search For Kidnapped GI's
  23. News Item from Manitoba Herald, Canada
  24. Email I received....
  25. Ms 13
  26. Reid's letter condemning Limbaugh fetches $50K on eBay
  27. the left caught lying yet again....
  28. Thousands Cheer Farrakhan in Atlanta
  29. Bush Defends Honoring Dalai Lama
  30. 24% approval rating for Bush
  31. Liberty Counsel gets it wrong on "Chosen by God" line from Movie Promo
  32. Dead Children
  33. Debate flies over 'sex play' in kindergartens
  34. How Low Can the New York Times Go?
  35. City hikes Boy Scouts' rent by $199,999 over gay ban
  36. Rush's Smear Letter auction over 130k now and climbing
  37. New Smoking Ban Passes In Chicago
  38. Groups call for 'civil' immigration debate
  39. *Now Nifong Gets His Due: Living Under Bridge Straight Ahead*
  40. GD Cell Phone Companys Ripped Me Off: More Than Once!!!*
  41. Lets all give a round of applause to No Border & Homeland In-security
  42. Cape Cod Commission denies Cape Wind application
  43. Big Brother is alive and well in the U.K.
  44. Black Intelligence Lower than White: DNA Discoverer
  45. Scathing Limbaugh letter nets $2.1M
  46. A change, a blowin in the wind
  47. 'Ban sex with animals'
  48. Albert Gore, Ignoble Laureate
  49. Local Muslims upset by UW campus event
  50. *Copperfield Getting Nifonged*
  51. Liberal educators continue to molest our children
  52. Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe’s Cities
  53. This is what happens when radical gays get their way
  54. *California FireFighters: Helping Burn Down California*
  55. Bill Maher helps kick out 9/11 crazies from his live Show
  56. Malibu's Rich - no match for Fire!
  57. So much for the lie of "the nuturing female"
  58. Global Warming Delusions
  59. Are Drug Laws a Way to Control Blacks?
  60. Bush Sees New Threat
  61. Myths On Jena Six
  62. 135lb Mayor puts burglar in headlock
  63. Eight (Illegal Aliens) Detained For Allegedly Stealing Qualcomm Supplies
  64. Ted Rall
  65. British Israel
  66. Firefighters and Police -- America's true heroes
  67. The intersection of "dangerous" and "stupid"
  68. Jenna Bush
  69. Grand Jury Investigates Copperfield Allegations
  70. Real Crossfire and Deliverance
  71. Cost of Oil V Education 1930-2000
  72. Those who get the facts wrong
  73. Top 100 living geniuses
  74. Immigration Crackdown Expands Along Border
  75. NYT - "Illegal" is a Racist Word
  76. Audiences Reject Smear Film About US Troops
  77. Will Democratic minority win this battle?
  78. Goodbye Treats, Hello Tricks
  79. University of Delaware Requires Students to Undergo Ideological Reeducation
  80. GI Joe
  81. Assets, Things That Have Value 'In Context'
  82. Ron Silver Is NOT Politically Correct
  83. 5.6 earthquake....
  84. A.G. Nominee Mukasey tries to sidestep torture...
  85. University to students: 'All whites are racist'
  86. Nickelodeon Is Indoctrinating Kids
  87. Say goodbye to Dwayne "Dog" Chapman
  88. Mexicans who feel the same way you do
  89. Obscure Church Get Hammered For Protesting Military Funerals*
  90. Code Pink Learns from Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’s Slanderers
  91. Title of Video: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-'Arifi Explains Wife Beating in Islam to You
  92. Police officer murdered in Philly
  93. How Do YOU Spell "Propaganda" and Willing Participants?
  94. Even Harvard Finds The Media Biased
  95. Banned by u.s. college campuses: islamo facism awareness
  96. Minuteman group grows amid illegal immigration fight
  97. Chavez.....president for life...
  98. Search and Avoid
  99. Illegal immigrant blames 'broken system' for husband's death
  100. Another UN Sex Abuse Story, Ho Hum...
  101. Another One Of America's Pets Turned Two Bit Dictator...
  102. Tony Snow On Why People Are Abandoning MSM
  103. *What Total American Idiot Supplied Nuclear Weapons To A Muslim Nation?*
  104. Islamic Dr. Phil
  105. Sex Abuse at Oprah's S. Africa Girls School
  106. he presidency is now a criminal conspiracy
  107. Bushies send record numbers to their deaths
  108. Guard unit suspect in fire relief thefts
  109. Obama Refuses to say pledge?
  110. Is Rosie Right For MSNBC?
  111. Girl Gets Detention For Hugging Friends - Where Students Can't Hug (Merged)
  112. Angry migrant underclass might erupt in U.S.
  113. Reader photo of the day...Great Picture..
  114. School shooting in Finland
  115. Oil prices off highs as crude stocks fall by less than expected
  116. Sarkozy Understands the Concept of American Exceptionalism
  117. Chronic Homelessness Dips Under Bush
  118. *Huge Drug Bust In Mexico: Cops Have New Supply To Market In USA*
  119. Lawmakers vote to protect gay, lesbian workers
  120. A 'Child' of the 60's or 70's?
  121. U.S. States Turning Up Heat On Illegal Aliens
  122. China Angrily Denounces Games "Bible ban" Report
  123. Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans
  124. Hugo is a democrat
  125. Didn't expect the little dictator to say "thanks"
  126. Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’
  127. City unveils carbon tax plan
  128. Texas agencies deny Fed drug claims
  129. Huge Oil Find Off Coast of Brazil
  130. When Does the Kathleen Willey Book Tour Media Blitz Begin?
  131. The New York Times Memory Hole
  132. 2007 War on Christmas Has Started
  133. Map And Tag Em: Its Better To Know Just Where The Enemy Is*
  134. Who the fuck does he think he is?
  135. Implied Threat From Head of MCB
  136. Philadelphia Posts Gay-Welcoming Street Markers in Center City
  137. Juan Carlos tells Chavez to shut up
  138. *Stagehands Union Goes On Strike: Lets Hope They Never Get Off It*
  139. In Honor of All Veterans
  140. Student knits her own Ferrari
  141. Vetran's Day...
  142. Stepfather jailed in Mo. girl's rape, murder
  143. Funny..Al Bore impersonator message on global warming...
  144. *Does Your Taste In Music Guide Your Political Viewpoint?*
  145. The Corrupt Bastards Club
  146. KMYL Radio: Calling Rapist Hispanic is 'Racist'
  147. ABC: High Gas Prices Cancel Church, Christmas and Doctor Visits
  148. Palestinian civil WAR?!
  149. Calling all Fascists
  150. Berkeley Tree Sitter Falls
  151. Man arrested for porn on car video screen
  152. critic vs. creator
  153. Attorney for teacher: Teen is 'no victim'
  154. *Do Poor Homeless Veterans Deserve Being Thrown Into Jail For Asking For Money?*
  155. Refuting the Populists on 'Income Inequality'
  156. Group to protest Ga. rain prayer
  157. A marriage is NOT only between a man and a woman
  158. Wolf warned: No ganging up on Hillary in Vegas!
  159. Greater Good VS Personal Choice
  160. Markos Moulitsas Joins Newsweek (he owns the daily Kos website)
  161. Dems Global Warming Bill Will Cost You $500/yr
  162. CBS: Decrease in African-American Military Service Bush’s Fault
  163. FBI and CIA Still Don't Have It Together
  164. Did the entire free world think Sadam had WMD and AQ ties?
  165. Nevada Mines Rake In Billions
  166. Officer: Missing Wife Wanted Divorce
  167. NY Governor Drops Illegal Alien License Plan
  168. This is DISGUSTING! - Federal funds going to faith-based anti-abortion organizations
  169. Sajak Says: Global Warming = Flood of Legislation, Lawsuits
  170. ...He pushed 12yo against the wall and punched her the face until she passed out.
  171. Unholster the 2nd amendment
  172. David Spade donates money to killed Phoenix police officer's family
  173. 'Get tough' call on public health
  174. Brit politician blames babies for global warming!
  175. ABC: Good Wal-Mart Earnings = Bad Economy
  176. Warden Wants Satellite TV For Inmates
  177. Americans Widely Disappointed With Democrats in Congress
  178. Sad sad facts
  179. What is the largest network of homeless assistance services in USA?
  180. For TruthMatters On Inequality
  181. Jury gets case of birder who shot cat
  182. The brothers Krongard
  183. NY, NJ Drivers know least about traffic laws
  184. In case you thought people couldn't get any more frivolous and superficial......
  185. Another Anti-War Film Bombs At Box Office
  186. Vintage Whiskey May Be Poured Out
  187. Troopers Fight Atheist Group Over Roadside Cross Memorials
  188. As Goes The Motherland
  189. Free Thought, NOT on College Campuses
  190. Student's question at Dems' LasVegas debate was - you guessed it - planted
  191. MSNBC President Admits Networks Liberal Bias
  192. "Talk to you late Buckwheat"
  193. Ignoring The Good News In Iraq
  194. Wal Mart's New Health Plan - The Left Is Still Not Happy
  195. Costume flap imperils immigration post
  196. From Vietnam On Vietnam
  197. My Hero Rock Steady GW Bush
  198. French Presient Delivers one of the most Patriotic Speeches I've Heard
  199. Bangladesh And The US
  200. careful in the motor city
  201. Pressure mounts to pardon Border agents
  202. Found: links to show blue support red states
  203. Border fence upsets environmentalists
  204. The HYPOCRISY Is Disgustingly UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  205. 3 ex-wives of Muslim bakery founder allege elaborate welfare scam
  206. Ga. Boys Ages 8 and 9 Charged With Rape
  207. Get disabled and loose your sign up bonus
  208. Supremes have granted cert to the DC gun ban case
  209. Scott McClellan's new book
  210. Democrats to reclaim country music
  211. "he called me a name, so I shot him in the face."
  212. HOLY CRAP!! Runner breaks leg - TWICE - and crawls to finish
  213. A New 'jihad Jane'
  214. The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
  215. Why Is Former CIA Counter Terrorism Chief Defending CIA/Hezbollah Agent
  216. Bridge Ladies Slammed for Anti-Bush Sign
  217. Crimes, drugs, welfare, and other good news
  218. America, Here Are Your Democratic Presidential Candidates
  219. Man To Sue Highway Patrol
  220. Libs losing their base?
  221. Guess What Happened to Ramos and Compean's Accuser?
  222. What I am thankful for...
  223. Suffering In The US
  224. Not Enough Parking for Private Jets Going to UN Climate Conference
  225. An Illegal angel
  226. Denver diversity-training video said to 'hammer the white guy'
  227. Collapse of Rail, Subway Strike Is a First Success for Sarkozy
  228. Bush ally trounced in Aussie election
  229. the dems at work in SF....no fireplaces....
  230. The coming economy?
  231. *Americas Ticking Time Bomb: Blacks*
  232. *Saudi Nation On A Roll*
  233. Tis The Season
  234. Johnny Sutton Accused of Suborning Perjury
  235. hillary the clam ..............
  236. Bush Youths Goosestep Into War
  237. Natural disasters have quadrupled in two decades: study
  238. Trent Lott leaving early to cash in?
  239. New Book Declares "End of America"
  240. Venezuela forum debates prospects for revolutionary change in US.
  241. Wis. Cop Must Leave U.S. Over Stolen ID
  242. Illegals -- WHY do they come here?
  243. The Sky Is Falling!
  244. English the offical language?
  245. There are some pathetic people in this country
  246. Terrorists Target Army Base — In Arizona
  247. Bush's Buddy Gets Beaten...
  248. Massachusetts considering banning spanking
  249. Hillary pollster Mark Penn: Buckling under the pressure of an unfavorable poll
  250. so let me see if i have this right....