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  1. Recently freed sex offender to be charged in womans murder
  2. U.S. soldier missing for four years found in Iraq
  3. Obama is the change that America has tried to hide
  4. Michael Yon Has a Book Coming
  5. Over 30 Illegals Arrested Working As Security Guards
  6. Daylight Savings Time changes to be rolled back
  7. Independent Truckers Strike?
  8. US backs Ukranian Bid to NATO
  9. Breaking: Hillary concedes Dem nomination, endorses Obama
  10. Worst of Credit Crisis Over?
  11. Waycross Plot.....to attack a teacher....
  12. British policy advisor says Gore is in 'panic' mode
  13. so 391 points today.........
  14. Weren't we just discussing computer hacking the other day.
  15. Olbermann Flops in Primetime
  16. Gas Tax to Fight Global Warming?
  17. The 'Recession' Is A Media Myth
  18. Computer glitch erases Ind. students' grades
  19. Pizza Delivery Guy Packing...
  20. Anti-Catholic Bias In Media/US
  21. Puppet Show From Hamas TV Shows Child Stabbing Bush
  22. Pork increases in 2008
  23. Rev. Wright admonished in House of Representatives
  24. Hillary's deceit rampant even in her Watergate years in the 1970s
  25. Furia chavista contra Reuters por esta foto(picture of Hugo)
  26. YouTube Warned to Remove Koran Film
  27. Turner: Global Warming Will Cause Mass Cannibalism, Insurgents Are Patriots
  28. Homeland Security waives enviro laws, to finish border fence
  29. Senators Husband Admits Paying For Sex
  30. Review of Barack Obama's latest book "Dreams from my Father"
  31. Informed nation thrives in intellectual climate
  32. Democrats propose a solution to economic problems
  33. Caption Contest
  34. At last the perfect news story: MAN BITES DOG!!!
  35. Dems vow political crossover crackdown
  36. Why no D.U.I list?
  37. Dem leaders smearing Gen. Petraeus again before his Apr.8 report
  38. Teacher leaves gun & ammo in school cabinet accessible by 3rd graders
  39. Baby Born to 14 yo in Middle School Bathroom Dies in Flush Attempt
  40. Court OKs student Strip Search for Ibuprofen
  41. States may free inmates to save millions
  42. Wisconsin standoff ends with surrender
  43. McCain Tells It Like It Is
  44. Hillary's biggest mistake
  45. Pilotless drones to battle pot growers
  46. Absolut Vodka "gives away" CA, AZ, NM etc. to Mexico
  47. The Black National Anthem?!!
  48. Be Thankful for Big Oil
  49. *SANCTUARY CITY*... Hell, San Fransisco Takes It To A New Level
  50. Congress and the War: Profiteering
  51. Assessing Future Insurance Risks
  52. State Department and Identity Theft: Geez
  53. Boring lawsuit
  54. The Poor Are Different
  55. Conflict escalates at polygamist retreat
  56. Film Legend Charlton Heston Dead At 84
  57. Microsoft Gives Yahoo Deadline On Offer
  58. Coming Soon: Superfast Internet
  59. California's Problems Continue: California Prisons Rocked by Problems
  60. Daily Kos Attacking Charlton Heston on His Passing
  61. The End of the End of History
  62. Internet scams fool more men than women
  63. Job Winners And Losers In Hard Times
  64. Detroit girl, 3, shoots self in head
  65. Dems Out To Attack Gen Petraeus
  66. Smoking bans, lead to higher drunk-driving accidents, fatalities
  67. History Of Genocide
  68. Israeli History- From the ancient israelies - 1948 - today & everything in between
  69. Limbaugh’s Following Extends to Ads
  70. Iran Begins Installing 6,000 Centrifuges
  71. McCain-Rice? Not Likely Anytime Soon. Here's why.
  72. Petraeus confirms role as Bush lackey
  73. Unions Want To Organize Illegals In CA
  74. Clintonista Suicide Bombers
  75. Shock at polar bear's carp kill
  76. Suburban Obama delegate quits over 'divisive' remark
  77. Don't call tree climbing boys "monkeys"
  78. Children Told they are Dogs during Mosque Visit
  79. Interesing trends found in govt data on incomes, poverty
  80. Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense
  81. 13-yr-old schoolgirl beaten for anti-illegal-immigration sign
  82. Will Rush's "Operation Chaos" Turn Into "Operation Resurrection"?
  83. War? Wars?
  84. New Mexico “Human Rights” Commission: Christian photographer “guilty” of “discriminat
  85. Vento To City: Reform Or I'll Sue
  86. Calif Supreme Ct rejects San Fran handgun ban, says it violates STATE law
  87. Carter Meeting With Terrorists
  88. Randi Rhodes signing off
  89. "Law tears husband and wife apart" - or does it?
  90. Nationalized Health Care? Seems Many Think Not
  91. FBI arrests suspect in slaying of Marine
  92. Barry Nolan pleads: Give Bill the boot!
  93. Not nice, not nice, baby
  94. Obama pushes bill to rein in lavish CEO pay
  95. Nutter defiantly signs five gun laws
  96. Some People Should Not Reproduce
  97. Alicia Keys
  98. Pres Bush may attend services for Matt Maupin...
  99. Olympics Leadership Threatens To Toss Athletes Who Protest
  100. Couples could win right to select deaf baby
  101. Pope, The Terrorists, and Ground Zero
  102. Freedom Loving Canadians Need To Be Heard
  103. Newark councilman arrested in Louisiana traffic stop
  104. Cultural Marxism
  105. Guns? The Most Mysterious Right
  106. Malthus Rides Again --- food shortages and high prices acute worldwide
  107. Liberal gun demands getting weirder and weirder
  108. Respect plants, say ethicists
  109. Keith Olbermann As Katie Couric's Replacement at CBS?
  110. 96 years ago today........
  111. Pedophile to be put to death
  112. Jimmy Carter kisses Hamas terrorist, calls Arafat "peace fighter"
  113. Group Finds 6 Million Pounds of Trash on World's Beaches
  114. CST An Hour and 5 Minutes Left to File and Something to Read
  115. Delta / Northwest
  116. Legislating the mobile food business
  117. Executing drunk drivers
  118. Will Hillary's proposed Sectretary of Poverty solve the problems of the poor?
  119. Supreme Court upholds use of lethal injections
  120. One year ago today..............
  121. Maine Uni. Puts U.S. Flags on Floor as 'Art'
  122. Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest
  123. Expulsion From 'Expelled'
  124. Abortion as art (I am not making this up)
  125. Every Child is Special
  126. If You Thought Al Gore Was A Joke.....
  127. The Democrats and gun control
  128. Praying passenger thrown off plane (before takeoff)
  129. Marines outraged over TIME's new cover picture
  130. Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves
  131. Polygamist sect victim of hoax?
  132. Obama Joined Wright's Church As a Political Maneuver?
  133. The Pope's Visit
  134. Carter meets Hamas Chief
  135. Another: "The FBI Has Ruled Out Terrorism"
  136. Yesterday's Quake Reminds Me
  137. Maher 'Apologizes' to Pope by Suggesting He Should Be In Jail
  138. NYT Whines About No Global Warming Debate Questions
  139. Soft Jihad in US and UK
  140. student killed by cop in bat attack
  141. Oldest known person turns 115 on Sunday
  142. Protesting the truth
  143. "McCain would be better than Bush"
  144. Chelsea Clinton groped by lesbian
  145. DNA Samples To Be Taken From Polygamous Sect Kids This Week
  146. Ain't it the truth!
  147. Hillary will use nukes to defend Saudi, UAE, Kuwait???
  148. Hamas leader offers truce if Israel withdraws from 1967 lands
  149. Oil going up, gas following right behind
  150. Military admitting more convicted felons
  151. Blizzard forces Canadian Earth Day celebration into single tent
  152. Recycle cops 'freaking out' residents
  153. CNN reporter arrested for meth possession
  154. Adjust Your Clocks, It's Sharia Time
  155. Raised on welfare, the 'Why Bother?' generation that doesn't want to work
  156. Another Cave to The ROP
  157. Texas gangs stage machine gun battle
  158. Why I Left Greenpeace
  159. With Gas Hitting Record Highs, Drivers Feeling Squeezed
  160. Al-Zawahiri following Al-Gore's lead.
  161. Police: Pregnant bank teller, twin fetuses survive shooting
  162. Hillary threatens AGAIN to use nukes in the Mideast
  163. ABC News: Mexican Drug Violence U.S. Constitution's Fault
  164. A sure excuse for possessing kiddie porn
  165. How Democrats harm blacks
  166. DHS scrapping "Virtual Fence" along AZ-Mexico border
  167. Interesting comment on Hillary's "victory speech" yesterday
  168. It's about time
  169. Women in history
  170. Mobsters without borders" are global threat: U.S
  171. Supreme Court broadens police power in searches... or do they?
  172. Latest report on Hillary's prospects
  173. Pedophile teachers gone wild
  174. CNN Sued for $1.3 Billion for Cafferty Remarks
  175. Bush causes global rice catastrophe
  176. Wesely Snipes gets 3 years in prison for Tax evasion
  177. srael's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'
  178. Study: Illegal worker crackdown would cost employers $1B
  179. Police not guilty in groom's death
  180. Arizona sheriff stirs furor with crackdown on illegals
  181. World’s youngest professor can’t legally drink
  182. 4.7 Quake Rocks Reno As Area's Seismic Activity Continues
  183. You people are going to LOVE this one
  184. House of Submission v House of War
  185. Human Rights Violations, Whoops Just the UN, Move Along
  186. Supreme Court upholds Photo-ID law for voters in Indiana
  187. Bogus bin Laden breaches Bush security
  188. Rice "shortage" in your area?
  189. Freedom of Speech
  190. Teacher of the Year candidate!
  191. Journalism as it should be - The Middle East
  192. Apparently babies sold well on ebay
  193. HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT: Opec Says Oil Could Hit $200
  194. South Dakota To Hold Abortion Referendum
  195. Thomas Sowell: Obama "arrogant, foolishly clever and ultimately dangerous"
  196. More polygamous confusion.
  197. The politics of racial hatred
  198. Swiss Grant Rights to Animals, Consider Same for Plants - Liberalize Abortion Laws
  199. AB2062: California Assembly has lost it's mind
  200. It's About Time Someone Made This Proposal
  201. It's bad enough when kids bring guns to school
  202. Al Franken to pay 17 states $70,000 in back taxes
  203. Thousands of burned-out leftover hippies in mourning today
  204. Did Houston police kill federal agent?
  205. Liberal policies working great for Chicago
  206. Fire in the Nigh: The Weathermen tried to kill my family
  207. Bias in the media? Naw, no bias here
  208. Frustrated, beleaguered blogger dreams of better days
  209. Gaza residents speak out
  210. Obama campaign gives up on finding "Mr. Wright" - by Ann Coulter
  211. This Is Comforting...NOT
  212. CIA chief says China's rapid military buildup troubling
  213. Past Time To Drill
  214. What Recession?
  215. DC Madam commits suicide
  216. Pro-American, capitalist, biblical theme movies far outpace others...again
  217. Congress's love affair with ethanol is cooling
  218. The Moonbats Are Loose
  219. Anti-immigrant group shows lack of balls
  220. Good For The Brits
  221. Not to Innoculate
  222. Bull Connor Democrat!
  223. More than 20 Iraqis hurt after US fires missiles near hospital
  224. Woman Who Cried Rape Convicted of Manslaughter
  225. Bush Heckler Arrested After Punching Wheelchair-Bound Girl
  226. For Freedom!
  227. New twist to old issue of 'taking' of property
  228. Report: NYC spends $65M a year on teachers not in classrooms
  229. California teen gives birth in shower, walks to hospital
  230. Inside the World's First Billion-Dollar Home
  231. Beer enablers = buyers
  232. Bush Butchery Of Military Goes Unnoticed
  233. US Backed Delusional Green Zone Plan
  234. Tornado's Gifts: Greensburg Rebuilds, Revitalizes
  235. Finally Obama reacts!
  236. Who wants to learn a new word this fine Monday morning?
  237. Wal Mart Offers 90-Day Rx Supplies for $10
  238. Terrorist released from Gitmo becomes suicide bomber in Iraq
  239. The Market At Work
  240. Concept
  241. History Lesson: King of jorden kills Tens Of Thousands of Palestinians
  242. Do You Have Israel Derangment Syndrome?
  243. Man gets 109 years for Rape
  244. People destined for Heaven
  245. Quiet Va. Wife Ended Interracial Marriage Ban
  246. The human side of the Bush family
  247. Yet another wacky sex cult!
  248. Polygamist sect abuse exagerated
  249. Gun ownership a pain in the butt
  250. William Earl Lynd — Georgia Killer to be Executed Tonight