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  1. How NOT to avoid jury duty!
  2. so the economy sucks........
  3. TV video shows Philly officers kicking, hitting 3 suspects
  4. Kennedy dumped diesel fuel into Nantucket Sound
  5. With Food Costs Rising, Lawmakers Debate the Benefits of Ethanol
  6. Al Sharpton arrested
  7. The Awakening That Hasn't Come to Pass
  8. Can Isrealis, Palestinians co-exist in single state?
  9. Fear Of A Black President
  10. New Study: Conservatives are Happier Because They Hate Everyone
  11. Israel celebrates its 60th with pride, but also uncertainty
  12. Corpse head used to smoke pot
  13. Pale: gotta love this judge
  14. Violence rekindles fears of Lebanese civil war
  15. Gas station attendant fired for defending co-worker
  16. Woman fired for giving 16-cent treat to toddler gets job back
  17. Feds: Teen use of pot can lead to dependency, mental illness
  18. State Department Finds It Hard To Keep Track of Laptops
  19. Massive Sinkhole in texas is cause for concern
  20. Latest temporary 'boycott' email
  21. Got Draft?
  22. 600 students fight in L.A. race war.
  23. Mary Tillman, Genuine American Hero
  24. Mass Murder In Burma
  25. Jenna's Wedding
  26. SoCal Toddler's Coyote Attack 3rd in 5 Days
  27. First Oil, Now Wheat?
  28. Prison nursery program allows moms, newborns to bond
  29. American Dreamers
  30. Are Backyard Ethanol Brewers an Answer to High-Priced Gas?
  31. My Freakin Lord.... "Happy Mother's Day: Woman Pregnant With 18th Child"
  32. Artificial Reef Near Miami Is Cemetery, Diving Attraction
  33. AP Exclusive: Ex-Manager Says OJ Simpson Confessed
  34. 13 year old Christian girl gang raped by muslims
  35. Arkie couple expecting 18th child
  36. Great tits cope well with warming
  37. Is It Time to Invade Burma?
  38. Childhood Illnesses Making A Comeback
  39. what are the best economic policies to slow or end poverty?
  40. Chinese Firms Bargain Hunting In USA
  41. Doug Feith Apologizes For Bush Bragadocio
  42. Going Nowhere, Fast
  43. Store Refuses Cash For iPhone Purchase
  44. Parents face jail time, losing custody of children if they homeschool their own kids
  45. Supreme Court will examine Lautenberg anti-gun amendment
  46. Man jailed when daughter fails to get diploma
  47. Bush blamed for earthquake in China
  48. Study Says Foreigners In US Adapt Quickly
  49. 68 years ago today.....
  50. Senate rejects ANWR drilling
  51. Colombian drug lords sent to U.S.
  52. Giant sinkhole swallowing southeast Texas
  53. 'Jane Doe Rape Kits' Going Nationwide
  54. Gay Marriage Ruling Due Tomorrow In Cali
  55. Forget Something?
  56. Chicago overturns ban on foie gras in restaurants
  57. Keith To Bush, "Shut The Hell Up"
  58. Why No Call For A 'Windfall Profits' Tax On Farmers?
  59. Univ chancellor apologizes for "anguish" over honorary degree for conservative
  60. Liberal anti-chain-store laws hurt consumers
  61. gay marriage?!....legal in california...
  62. Indictment in MySpace bullying/suicide case
  63. sf at it again............
  64. Overweight Michael Moore is causing Polar Bears to die!!
  65. Capital Gains Realities
  66. Excellent analysis of PRCalif Supremes' same-sex "marriage" decision: Slippery-slope
  67. a choice....
  68. Advantage of socialism: You don't have to worry about neighbor, govt will do it
  69. Feel Sorry For Me
  70. Iraq and ANWR.....
  71. breaking: Kennedy rushed to hospital
  72. U.N. racism investigator to visit U.S. from Monday
  73. Immigration Raid Jars a Small Town
  74. Prince Charles: Eighteen months to stop climate change disaster
  75. ‘The Axis of Idiots’
  76. Mexican drug lords: Join us or die
  77. The new liberal America
  78. Osama assails Arab leaders
  79. This Is Dhimmitude
  80. OIC to declare a "memorial day" for massacres against Muslims
  81. erm thoughts please
  82. Olbermann-O'Reilly Feud Heats Up
  83. American/Israeli Policy has made the world more unsafe!
  84. Texas Sect Parents Complain Of Vague Custody Plans
  85. Let's Drill. There's oil in them thar hills.
  86. Oil Hypocrites on Capitol Hill
  87. Spain to run America's 1st superhighway?
  88. Court ruling: Money discriminates against the blind
  89. Ted Kennedy Has Malignant Brain Tumor
  90. Privacy ???
  91. If only more Americans felt this way...
  92. Global Oil Supply and Demand 2.0 - We're Not Alone
  93. Obama Wins Oregon, Passes the Delegate thingy
  94. taxes....and services
  95. States case against polygamists weakening
  96. Hispanics Sue Over English-Only Rule at Catholic School
  97. AP IMPACT: Leaky New Orleans Levee Alarms Experts
  98. As relevent now as it was 40 years ago
  99. The Democratic Platform...
  100. Solving disputes with your neighbor
  101. Muslim irate over transgender driving instructor
  102. Lynching in South Africa
  103. Forget free gasoline. Car buyers want free guns
  104. Ain't it the truth!
  105. $4 per gallon gas is cheap!
  106. California Gay Marriage Opponents Seek 5-Month Delay
  107. do you deserve your salary......
  108. Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out
  109. Maxi Waters.
  110. Tell congress to drill now.
  111. Memorial Day
  112. Mexican homicides jump 47 pct.; 1,378 die in '08
  113. Feminist's daughter rebels to be a housewife
  114. Harwood: Michelle Obama Better Campaign Asset Than 'Exotic' Cindy McCain
  115. Indiana Jones makes Communists see Red
  116. CBS Makes Fun of McCain's War Injury
  117. Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings
  118. South Africa Wages Intensified War On AIDS
  119. Filipino Marines Battle muslim Militants
  120. Energy Fears Looming, New Survivalists Prepare
  121. Veterans' Burials Nonstop At National Cemeteries
  122. 'Trouble at the border? I had no idea!'
  123. Memorial day 08
  124. Catholic group plan sanctuary for illegals
  125. How to lower gas prices
  126. The DP map of North America
  127. Liberal Media "Celebrates" Memorial Day
  128. So... a small storm hits my area...
  129. Which Presidential Candidate Said This?
  130. Castro call Obama speech "Formula For Hunger"
  131. FoxNews Pundit Desires Assination
  132. US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war
  133. CNN Creates Sunday Show for Liberal Journalist Fareed Zakaria
  134. Carter really is a loose cannon
  135. War in Iraq making us "less safe"? Ummm, no.
  136. Red Cross warns of food riots over soaring prices
  137. The bullet counters
  138. Another republican failure - oil prices
  139. An IMPORTANT Petition I Believe We ALL Should Sign...
  140. Firefighter delays response to get burger
  141. McClellan's book proves....
  142. May Ratings: FNC Stays On Top
  143. So much for DOMA --- states recognizing homosexual marriages
  144. 6.1 earthquake hits Iceland
  145. Kitchen knives most common stabbing weapon as police reveal haul of 200 weapons seize
  146. Polygamist children ordered back home.
  147. Actor Harvey Korman Dies
  148. Blast from the past?
  149. Tourism Boycott Urged
  150. Moving Toward Energy Rationing
  151. Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon
  152. The right of the People... shall not be infringed
  153. College or the military?
  154. Boy whose parents made Lorenzo's oil dies at 30
  155. Ford plant in Brazil
  156. Madrassa teacher beats boy to death
  157. How About Good Old Ford Motors
  158. Probe Of Crude Oil Trading Disclosed
  159. Celebrating 'Open Tent' Day -- Kids Dress Like Arabs
  160. Soros Publisher 'Shaped' McClellan's Hit Job
  161. Why does socialism usually fail?
  162. Home From Iraq, Wary Marine Fatally Wounded
  163. Christians face arrest for preaching gospel
  164. More illegal alien smugglers busted!
  165. Have/will you teach your kid a second language?
  166. "Pennsylvania Hicks and Hillbillies"
  167. Our government is helping terrorists!
  168. Why Psychoblues Gets Busched
  169. Families Separated By Raid On Sect Are Reunited
  170. Cheney stupidity on display -- again
  171. Carbon Belch Day!
  172. Just wonderful
  173. Ahmadinejad Calls U.S. 'Satanic,' Israel 'About to Die'
  174. Almost 100,000 Massachusetts Residents Fined For Failure To Get Health Insurance
  175. "Surge" proves GOP stupidity
  176. Detroit's slimeball mayor insults us all
  177. First Greek gay marriages spark judicial battle
  178. WOW: Former Screen Siren Bardot Convicted In Race Case
  179. Feds get 'disgusting' over 'Obamanation'
  180. Basing Airfare On Passenger's Weight
  181. Democrats: The party of defeat
  182. Hillary supporters flood Obama-endorser's office with hate calls
  183. Fuck You Turkey & Iran
  184. What Hillary's "concession" speech really meant
  185. Obama was selected, not elected
  186. HS student tries to have rival killed
  187. McClellan book selling briskly
  188. U.N. official to visit Prince William to study illegal-immigration policy
  189. The airlines just keep screwing us
  190. Stocks rise following jobs report, retailer data
  191. Life without parole
  192. Police plan vehicle checkpoints in DC neighborhood
  193. Readers slam McClellan book
  194. Kenyan group vows to defend Obama from smears
  195. Do Muslims pray too much?
  196. Christina Aguilera loves America
  197. What countries do you love and which countries do you hate, which are indifferent?
  198. State seizes thousands of stimulus checks
  199. Typo on diplomas embarrasses Ohio principal
  200. Cuba offering free sex-change operations
  201. 1st Step At US Getting Out of UN?
  202. And you thought American parents were bad?
  203. Minneapolis Motorists Restricted to Idling for 3 Minutes
  204. Drop 'middle-class' academic subjects says schools adviser
  205. Gas prices jumped $.15 today
  206. Pakistan to ask EU to amend laws on freedom of expression
  207. Republicans Stealing from Republicans
  208. 6 Ways You're Wasting Gas
  209. Report: Maryland Textbooks on Christian Teachings Dumbed Down
  210. Naming hairycaines ????lol
  211. About the Media
  212. and you thought you had a bad weekend
  213. "Fetish porn" on trial in L.A.
  214. Antarctica base gets 16,500 condoms before darkness
  215. The violent wake of "gun control"
  216. Saudi's mull oil prices
  217. If illegal immigration upsets you...
  218. do you know or care about these global issues
  219. Groups say they will sue over polar bears, drilling
  220. UK Church Awakening?
  221. Canadian govt to pastor: Criticizing homosexuality now banned
  222. US madrassah...
  223. Senate Republicans block winfall profits tax on oil companies
  224. Police to use bowel-moving weapon at Dem convention in Denver?
  225. College Is Not For Everyone
  226. 1 of 4 New Yorkers has Genital Herpes
  227. Canada Withdrawing From the West via Special Commission
  228. Why is Kucinich again pushing for impeachment?
  229. A step-by-step guide to the gravity-defying Donald Trump combover
  230. re: College vs. Non - income expectations
  231. Nev. rancher awarded $4.2M for 'taken' water right
  232. UN hands N Korea millions
  233. video-England Gun Ban Update
  234. Blood for Oil-Two Dead In Europe Over Oil
  235. In Canada, the right to freedom of expression is not absolute
  236. So what about this guy
  237. Supreme Court rules Gitmo "detainees" have rights in US civilian courts
  238. Cedar Rapids: A city underwater
  239. 21 years ago today
  240. School Defends Drunken Driving Hoax
  241. The end is near....
  242. Tim Russert, dead at 58
  243. UK: The English want their guns back...too little, too late.
  244. Be Careful What You Wish For...
  245. Times when the media deserves praise
  246. Saudis to Ramp Up Oil Production
  247. Con-di rice is an idiot
  248. Obama puppet:Harmless toy or racist?
  249. whats in your backyard ???
  250. gwb "Sorry" For Civilian Deaths In Iraq......NOT!!!!!