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  1. The Secret Powers of Time (Video)
  2. Marine stuns a tea party with the fourth verse of the star spangled banner
  3. Gaza blockade: Iran offers escort to next aid convoy
  4. BP in violation of Louisiana law - owes 500 bucks for each dead animal
  5. Researchers Say Children of Lesbian Parents Have Fewer Behavior Problems
  6. 10 troops, 7 American killed on deadly Afghan day
  7. Confirmed - Reuters is totally unreliable news source...
  8. FBI paid Joran VDS $25K in sting, then let him get away to murder girl in Peru
  9. universities stand to gain millions from selling info to credit card companies
  10. A Toddler walks into bar.....
  11. Obama has never spoken to BP CEO
  12. Oil Removal - It's As Simple As Hay
  13. Video - thug attacks peaceful Tea Party protesters...
  14. This is so sad and people don't realize
  15. No Biggie
  16. A Stimulus Bill For The PLO
  17. 5 NOPD pigs federal charges in lynching
  18. Man set to die by firing squad makes last appeal
  19. new Pepsi logo
  20. Virus alert!!!
  21. NAACP calls Hallmark "Black Holes" graduation card racist
  22. Obama signs executive order to control your lifestyle
  23. Democrat Congressman Goes Nuts When Asked if He Supports the “Obama Agenda”; Attacks
  24. Passionate attachment to Israel
  25. Government under pressure to open US skies to unmanned drones despite safety concerns
  26. Is Tea Party really about freedom & constition?
  27. Pelosi's New District Office Costs $18,736 a Month
  28. WTF? 6 votes apiece?
  29. Students Led To Chant "I Am An Obama Scholar"
  30. Sabra and Shatila: The unforgettable, unforgivable, Israeli massacre.
  31. Why Sharon is a War Criminal
  32. Obamaprompter's OJT
  33. Obama Met With BP Execs For 20 Minutes
  34. Head teabagger slams Bush presidency
  35. Ya think......
  36. NJ Unions Raising Dues To Fund Ads Against Gov Chrisitie
  37. Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard
  38. Seriously??? I'm not sure how i feel about this....
  39. Texas rep apologizes to BP
  40. Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base
  41. Ed Schultz's Version of Patriotism
  42. Another "rediculous liberal policy" story
  43. Daughter almost called FoxNews today!
  44. Israel's Deterrence Capacity - Dr Norman Finkelstein
  45. Ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of racism over education demands
  46. FCC in move to regulate internet
  47. We Are Not Allowed to Critize Israel!
  48. Behind the scenes
  49. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer thinks he's on a mission from God to protect Israel
  50. Fannie and Freddie To Become Penny Stocks
  51. Sad and pathetic
  52. Dem Underground Shuts Down Criticism Of Obama
  53. More borrowers exit Obama mortgage help plan
  54. Road Built By Stimulus Money Named "Barack Obama Parkway"
  55. Better Measurements For Teachers?
  56. Country of Mexico Suing State of Arizona...
  57. Stupid is, as Stupid does
  58. Utah Supreme Court rules in favor of e-signatures
  59. Another Example Of How Unions Are Bankrupting America
  60. New gun law takes effect in Indiana July 1
  61. Wow.... just wow...
  62. Handling of 'abduction' case involving teen has been absurd
  63. Edith Shain dies at 91. [Yes, you do know her]
  64. Naked Man Arrested At Library With Stolen Cheese
  65. Did Sgt Schultz's Construction Company Get Stimulus Money?
  66. Police: Calif couple tried to sell baby at Walmart
  67. Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at casinos
  68. Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem
  69. Bin Laden hunter says he'll 'absolutely' try again
  70. Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sweeping Financial Overhaul Bill
  71. Why ?
  72. Blackwater/Xe Commits Treason, Gets Paid Big Bucks for It
  73. WaPo's David Weigel Quits/Fired Over Emails
  74. Thousands protest summit in Canada; vandals smash windows, torch police cars
  75. Biden-ism #704
  76. Abortion hotline in Pakistan faces violent opposition
  77. How Many Graduates Does It Take to Be No. 1?
  78. Breaking - Robert Byrd Died
  79. Obama's race-rant Rev. rages on
  80. Not Going To Replace Those Lost Jobs-Get Over It!
  81. Do we need more Kitchen Knife control Laws?
  82. Just stop,....look,...and listen
  83. we are in trouble....
  84. whoa!! Holy crap! Did our president (gasp) MAKE A DECISION? Oil Help enroute
  85. Employees fired after missing work to protest immigration law
  86. No Pledge of Allegiance
  88. US denies secret talks with Hamas
  89. Al Gore sex investigation to be re-opened, say Portland police
  90. Ya know...
  91. Kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard to receive $20 million payout.
  92. Whistle blower to testify on oil spill worst fear:BP deliberately sinks oil
  93. A fitting Car Commercial for the 4th :)
  94. Fireworks? Really?
  95. Teachers’ Union Shuns Obama Aides at Convention
  96. No mosque at Ground Zero
  97. 1 Person Killed, 23 People Wounded
  98. NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World
  99. Former Employer Wants Me To Testify For Them
  100. Woman who stored corpses in her house just couldn't deal with death
  101. Kipling....
  102. Chicago Gun Laws Can't Protect Chicago Police
  103. All The World's Indeed A Stage: The Obama-Netanyahu Meeting
  104. New financial reform bill increases discrimination against white males
  105. Fed judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional
  106. White SF officer gets lesser sentence in death of black train rider
  107. Liberal Do Gooder - Who Cares If The Gulf's Economy Needs Drilling?
  108. Rasmussen: Investor confidence hits 2010 low
  109. Drill Here, Drill Now is benefitting a small community
  110. Shoebox Bomb Detonates At Home of Oil Executive
  111. The writings of an African activist.
  112. Mel Gibson, "racist" ???
  113. Mullets Banned in Iran
  114. As United States Collapses, Media Worships LeBron James
  115. Sweat In Your House To Save The Planet
  116. Yankees Owner Steinbrenner dead
  117. Another Town Hall Meeting gone bad...Those poor democrats.
  118. Court rules FCC crackdown on broadcaster on air curse words is unconstitutional
  119. "Four our own good" the gov't has extorted THOUSANDS from us; now we dont get it back
  120. Bristol Palin and Levi Announce Engagement
  121. No words are needed for this ! ! !
  122. 10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased
  123. Obituary Slaps Harry Reid
  124. Baruch Goldstein
  125. Unconstitutional!
  126. The damn hole is plugged...
  127. Ship Buried in 18th Century Unearthed at WTC Site
  128. Have We Entered A "Rules Changed" Era?
  129. Former Employer Wants Me To Testify For Them
  130. MD an PA Will Offer Abortions Paid For Under Obamacare
  131. Urgent! The U.S. needs your help!
  132. Quick reply
  133. An Ohio mailman has saved 3 lives in 20 years.
  134. Copyright on the Internet
  135. Should Breitbart apologize to Sherrod?
  136. AZ court hearing SB 1070 legal challenges today
  137. For Krisy
  138. Hey folks - Help keep this board around - Newspaper New Plan: Copyright Suits
  139. Another example of how Fox News can distort a story
  140. Arizona Legal Defense Fund: Keep AZ Safe
  141. major security leak uncovered
  142. Code Pink Declares War on Air Conditioning
  143. Barney Frank creates a big stink over a senior citizen discount
  144. Unintended Consequences of Sherrod Incident?
  145. Must Read of Day, Gingrich: No Mosque at Ground Zero
  146. About Race, History, and Fairness
  147. Anyone Want To Buy A Chevy Volt?
  148. Ahmadinejad Slams Paul the Psychic Octopus
  149. And People Thought Patriot Act Curtailed Rights
  150. Road Warrior-level collapse imminent
  151. Poor 'Red State' Whites Discriminated At Elite Universities
  152. An Electric car I'd LOVE to own!
  153. Guif Shores Oil Spill Update
  154. Two Lines I Never Thought I'd Read In TIME
  155. Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed
  156. Jo from Florida
  157. On Jounolist
  158. Chicago Cop's Lament Circulating Throughout The Web
  159. Fox News to move to front-row White House briefing room seat
  160. Judge lets Virginia healthcare challenge proceed
  161. $1 Million Contract Put out on Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  162. California Gay Marriage Law - did you realize this?
  163. Petreaus' Answering A Lefty Loon On The Greening of Afghanistan
  164. California gay marriage ban overturned
  165. Billionaires To Give Away Half Their Fortune
  166. Much More Hinky Stuff At DOJ
  167. More 'Unexpected' News: Unemployment Up To 3 Month High
  168. More On Stimulus Summer: Let The Good Times Roll
  169. View when planes land at lubbock , tx airport
  170. On the Mosque...
  171. Fannie And Freddie Are Still At It
  172. Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate
  173. Spain Clears Beach, Michelle Lounges
  174. Obama Choppers Six Miles For Economy Comments
  175. Are christians, christianity, evil?
  176. HT This Is For You
  177. Defiant Brit struts through Dubai mall in a bikini
  178. Jim !!!!
  179. the War in Iraq is Over ... right?
  180. Time to admit Obamanomics has failed
  181. NOPD kicks man's teeth in for sport
  182. Death penalty would have saved this couples lives
  183. Illinois Is Broke!
  184. Former Alaska Senator believed to be aboard crashed plane
  185. Gotta Love Gregg Gutfield
  186. Google & Verizon Make pack to take over internet
  187. Video: Obama refuses letter on border security from Rick Perry
  188. Canada: Man convicted of reckless driving because of the INTERNET
  189. Brewer to Obama: Warning Signs Are Not Enough
  190. Summer of Recovery Continues - Job Openings Fall For Second Straight Month
  191. I want your Money
  192. Lawmakers have little control over health care costs
  193. Current events??
  194. Who’s Your Cable Company? Comcast Spends $1.2 Milln on US Muslim “Digital” Jihad
  195. Unemployment Apps Highest Since February
  196. Atlanta yesterday
  197. Levi Johnston running for Wasilla mayor - on reality TV
  198. Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologizes for saying N-word on the air
  199. The man with info about Iraq WMD's "suddenly dies"..
  200. Bush make surprise visit to troops
  201. Maxine Walters Blames Pres Bush For Her Ethics Problems
  202. All I Want for Christmas Is a Layoff
  203. A little game: Can anyone....
  204. Marine Corps could shrink in size
  205. HUD offers interest-free $50K loans to unemployed homeowners
  206. Rightists and Israel
  207. After 6 years, no charges brought against Delay
  208. WikiLeaks: Pentagon ready to discuss Afghan files
  209. Bush greets troops at DFW
  210. I feel special NOT
  211. Totally "Unexpected" Most Unemployment Applications November
  212. Creation Museum Creates Discomfort For Some Visitors
  213. Wow Another Vacation
  214. Iraq War vet kills pregnant wife, daughter, self
  215. Civilian Contractors to Take U.S. Lead as Military Leaves Iraq
  216. Roger Clemens Indicted....ridiculous!
  217. Fla. city denies permit for 9/11 Quran burning
  218. Shareholders weigh in on Target and Best Buy’s political giving
  219. Hamas use of Civilians as shields
  220. study: Teens who take driver's ed crash more
  221. Bristol Palin coming to Louisville for teenage mothers
  222. More and more blacks are deciding to settle in the South
  223. Ron Paul...The voice of reason?
  224. NOPD uses classic Nazi stormtrooper excuse - "We were ordered to do it!"
  225. Beat Whitey Night
  226. A 578 million dollar school....really?
  227. Bedbug infestation is now epidemic in the U.S.
  228. /shrugs and hands Rider a new thread...
  229. Human Rights Audit - Proves our President is a piece of....work?
  230. Economy
  231. Brooks: The Causes of Obama Economic Failure
  232. Restoring Honor Rally
  233. NOPD Officers gave orders for summary executions
  234. another Crazy Judge ?
  235. Gideon Levy
  236. America, stop sucking up to Israel - by Gideon Levy
  237. Two Rallies.....Two Objectives
  238. FEW thoughts on Obama
  239. Israel's Illegal Annexation of East Jerusalem - by Stephen Lendman
  240. New Oil Rig Explosion In Gulf
  241. More Taser trouble:
  242. NAACP launches coalition watchdog site to ‘monitor’ Tea Party ‘racists’
  243. Education: Bubble and Other Problems
  244. Education: What's The Matter With Texas?
  245. Education: Indoctrination
  246. Education: In Pursuit of Cultural Hegemony
  247. Education: Beginnings Towards A Fix
  248. Real solutions.....
  249. Is Israel Really America's Friend?
  250. How much is too much, if any?