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  1. Do you agree with taxpayer funding for the 9-11 monument?
  2. Speaking of the stone ages
  3. God bless America
  4. 9-11 2001 alqeada U.S. enemies 9-11-2012 alqeada U.S. Allies
  5. Netanyahu admits sanctions and timelines may work.
  6. American Embassy and Consulate invaded
  7. Oopsie! Another Amerian Killed
  8. This Is "Good News" In Obamaland Today
  9. Obama brags about killing Bin Laden, then warns not to provoke anger?
  10. ‘It Makes Me Sick’: Actress in Muhammed Movie Says She Was Deceived
  11. The Blaze is now on Dish!
  12. Terrifying Is The Correct Word
  13. Did You Hear About The Other Chicago Area Teachers Strike?
  14. The "anti-Muslim film" is too awful to take seriously
  15. Anti-Muslim Movie Maker a Meth Cooker
  16. China, testing the waters....
  17. Muslim Botherhood trying to calm things down
  18. Why These Kids Get a Free Ride to College
  19. Obama notifies Congress of troops sent to Libya, Yemen
  20. 'This Does Not Represent Us': Moving Photos of Pro-American Rallies in Libya
  21. Words have meaning as does deliberate avoidance of certain words..
  22. And God looked upon the earth....
  23. Hillary and Speaking of Bizarro World
  24. The Failure That Is Obama's Foreign Policy
  25. The importance of female heroines and role models
  26. Armada of ships amassing ...
  27. Guy pisses while obama talks crap!!
  28. Regulations kill jobs again
  29. Who are the 47 percent who pay no income tax?
  30. Meet the Israeli "Defense" Forces
  31. BBC Rrofessor makes students sign pledge to vote obama and dem =ticket!
  32. France shutters embassies, schools over new Muhammad cartoon!
  33. New York subways to post anti-Jihad ads!!
  34. For the love of god, make it stop
  35. Chick-Fil-A , Gay marraige fight abandoned..
  36. China getting ready to....
  37. UK soldier unexpectedly gives birth in Afghanistan
  38. How NOT to being about an economic recovery
  39. Muslims fight back!
  40. Israel Has Gone To The UN
  41. Here is how Islam responds
  42. HERE is a typical Obama voter, but NOT an Occupier
  43. Rush bemoans the shrinking male penis
  44. Afghanistan bans Pakistan newspapers
  45. U.S. bars 20 Iranians officials from UN Assembly!!
  46. Always check public records before you run a sob story
  47. Georgia jeweler: Buy a diamond, get a free gun
  48. Sulfuric acid thrown in face of woman in San Diego
  49. Every Time It's Put To A Vote...
  50. Katie Couric's 'Eating Disorders' Mirror My Own
  51. Are you kidding me!!!????!!!!
  52. France set to ban the words 'mother' and 'father' from official documents
  53. So, some Muslims say Iran doesn't threaten Israel...
  54. Oil and Refineries
  55. Israelis shrug at Netanyahu's urgent warnings on Iran
  56. Abu Hamza: BBC apologises to Queen ...
  57. China brings its first aircraft carrier into service, joining 9-nation club..
  58. Madonna , vote obama he is a black muslim in the WHITEHOUSE COMMENTS..
  59. How do you defend or criticize freedom of speech?
  60. Man Crushed by Steamroller On Orders of Chinese Officials- Warning- Graphic
  61. Libyan president: Anti-Islam film had 'nothing to do with' US Consulate attack
  62. Its already started here, censoring to protectr muslims..Proof..
  63. U.S. officials knew Libya attack was terrorism within 24 hours sources confirm..
  64. This is the egypt that obama gave us!!!!
  65. Iranians fooled by The Onion
  66. Did East St. Louis secede from the Union?
  67. 1%er or 99%er?
  68. U.S. immigration to treat same-sex partners as relatives
  69. Why Would 6 Girls Beat A Mentally Challenged Woman?
  70. Its started, muslims demand extradition of Islam criticisers!
  71. More Moham movies are coimng!! Hurrah..
  72. India on the rise, still knows how to cut costs.
  73. Two Guns sell for over half a million dollars-Bonnie and Clyde.
  74. Gallup Jobs Creation Report
  75. Israel has ally in Iran attack!!
  76. Obama buys prison after being denied funds by Congress, another end run around Congre
  77. Lunch is mandatory
  78. I wish to discuss PBS
  79. Teacher bullys conservative student for her shirt & kicks her out of class...
  80. Colonial sins return to haunt world powers.
  81. Cilfornia Gas Stations Shut as Oil Refiners Ration Supplies..
  82. A BBC scandal in the making ?
  83. Get your 100W incandescent bulbs while you can
  84. Foxconn denies China iPhone Plant hit by strike.
  85. Obama nearing 1 billion dollars in his bid to buy the Office .
  86. In Germany, Turkish Muslims Hope for Muslim Majority
  87. No more garage sales, legally???????????
  88. Americans ignore risks, go try to interfere with U.S. drone strikes!
  89. Breaking--China spying using Phone gear sold to U.S.
  90. After drone, Israel deploys missile defense unit
  91. Child malnutrition eliminated in Cuba, In U.S. nearly a quarter of children hungry
  92. Sandusky Gets 30 to 60 Years
  93. Lest We Forget TSA
  94. State Dept Busted In Another Lie
  95. Obama and UN lied about film causing Embassy attack
  96. Lara Logan Gives Speech On Taliban & Al Quaeda
  97. We need a new forum labeled political crooks...and here is our first contestant
  98. School uses ID chips , BigG testing monitoring its citizens 24/7..
  99. Any thoughts?
  100. Texas man faces criminal charges for cooking dead bird without a license
  101. Amanda Todd maybe her story will make a difference....
  102. Aready started here, sympathy and UK muslim terrorist SPECIAL TREATMENT.
  103. Felix Baumgartner freefalls 24 miles to Earth
  104. Muslims protest google, bad news for google..
  105. President obama disgraces the sacrifice made by man's fallen son!
  106. Attempted murder on the High Street!
  107. THIS IS relevant
  108. Gary McKinnon: extradition to US blocked ..
  109. Free liam mcarty!!
  110. obama calls for Reintroduction of Assault weapons ban!
  111. Keynes lit up
  112. Catalonia planning to secede from Spain
  113. El dictador barbudo finally silenced!
  114. Senator George McGovern Has Died
  115. New Manson murder probe could bring closure for families
  116. Obama builds factory so workers can goof off
  117. NJ mom charged with making terrorist threats for confronting bully
  118. Morsi mouths ‘Amen’ as Egyptian preacher urges ‘Allah, destroy the Jews’
  119. Pussy Riot Band in Prison
  120. Obama betrays victims of Terror Attack-Fort Hood
  121. Free market at work
  122. Trump: $5 Million for Charity if President Gives Up More Records
  123. Colin Powell endorses Obama Again!
  124. Ted Turner: It's Good Soldiers Are Committing Suicide
  125. East Coast braces for '$1B' storm
  126. ok correct me if I'm wrong but.....
  127. This gives new meaning to "Sandy Hook, New Jersey"
  128. Gore's Current TV Up For Sale
  129. Spain Joblessness Breaches 25%
  130. NY police spy on muslim college students!
  131. County’s Democrat Of The Year Convicted Of Felony Theft
  132. Some Climate Scientists Trying to Connect Hurricane Sandy With Global Warming
  133. Would Prop. 30 really drive millionaires out of California?
  134. Civil Wars Are The Coming Rage
  135. Darkness Descending In Britain!!!!
  136. Ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Buddhists underway
  137. Obama and Biden Indicted
  138. The insanity of Gender Identity
  139. Amazing how many of these guys claim to be innocent
  140. Nyc marathon, now??
  141. Bloomberg says NO to National Guard because they carry guns
  142. Job gains stall in Canada, but strong U.S. numbers boost the loonie
  143. Queens residents arm themselves in the post-storm blackout from looters
  144. If you think OUR elected officials are pathetic
  145. Redskins rule favors Romney
  146. Last night on NatGeo "Seal Team Six"
  147. Incredible "before and after" photos of Jersey shore
  148. Woman arrested for attempting to vote twice..-obviously a dem..
  149. Next Crisis for Sandy survivors: Finding a place to live
  150. Watch for more job losses should Obama win
  151. Obama wins Electoral Vote, Romney wins Popular Vote?
  152. She (D) admits the Media is in the tank for Obama
  153. It's morning again in America
  154. Greek society in free-fall
  155. Are you glad the election is over?
  156. If Romney won, would you be gloating now?
  157. Having trouble accepting the election results?
  158. New SHOPPING MALL teaches economics
  159. Was Valerie Jarrett telling the truth?
  160. Pinning the tail on the donkey or how to make the rich look like scums
  161. Obama's Katrina
  162. Boehner wants immigration reform program
  163. Free market principles at work
  164. Ted Nugent tells it like it is!!!!!
  165. Okay, the Occupiers Get Points For This One
  166. NY and Fed Are Failing In The Sandy Aftermath
  167. Democrats ... make up your minds please
  168. Build a city then destroy it
  169. Thanks to Obamacare Restaurant Workers Are Working Less/Losing Their Jobs
  170. Wonder What That "Financial Cliff" Is All About?
  171. Déjà Vu
  172. Sao Paulo gang attack causes more deaths than Sandy
  173. Gay Minor-Sex Scandal on Sesame Street Starring Kevin Clash, Voice of Elmo
  174. High School Hockey Teams Told to Dump National Anthem
  175. Republicans Gone Wild!
  176. Terrorist dog freed by muslim appeasing Brits..
  177. Recent Grads May Never Recover from Recession
  178. Now you can explain housing crisis
  179. DOW down....900 points in a month
  180. Hamas military chief killed in Gaza air strike
  181. François Hollande in freefall
  182. Ireland Abortion Scandal: Death of a Pregnant Woman Prompts Soul-Searching
  183. Latino Poverty Rate Climbs to 28%
  184. Rat kill, kill 'em all.
  185. Housing crisis
  186. Euro zone falls into second recession since 2009
  187. Connecticut Income Gap Widens
  188. Florida man tasered by police trying to prevent fire from spreading to his house
  189. Can Free Enterprise Overcome Obamacare?
  190. U.S. needs to STAY OUT of any Israel vs. Hamas conflict
  191. Gaza Man Caught Faking Injuries to Create Anti-Israel Media Bias
  192. No more Twinkies
  193. REPORT: HUFFPO publishes Kremlin propaganda...
  194. Hostess to close, lay off 18,500 after 'crippling' union fight
  195. The simple reason why the Middle East is always in turmoil
  196. Why acts of Charity was the free market principles in action
  197. Gunstore owner bans obama voters from buying weapons in his store.
  198. 56% of Britons Would Vote To Quit EU
  199. Hamas Barbarity Again Against 'Its Own' People
  200. Union Thugs VS Wal Mart On Black Friday
  201. Gifts and tax consequences
  202. CSPAN features Robert Greifeld on how to fix this mess
  203. Number of vacant job positions at a four-year high
  204. Moody’s Revokes France’s Prized ‘AAA’ Credit Rating
  205. MSNBC Host Wishes You A Liberal Thanksgiving
  206. USA and Mexico to sign water deal, money transfer scheme..
  207. Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot
  208. Judge denies bid for Nativity displays in Santa Monica
  209. Obama refuses to give back Baghram prison
  210. Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers
  211. Omg seriously !!!
  212. I was basically
  213. Another example of an armed society causing a polite society
  214. Violence in Egypt as Morsi gives himself unlimited power!
  215. Black Friday craziness!
  216. Destroyed roller coaster could be Jersey Shore tourist attraction
  217. Small Business Saturday
  218. WTF? Charles County family finds dead baby in attic
  219. 13 Year Old Creates App To Give More TIme For Sheltering
  220. Larry Hagman dead at 81
  221. Turkey admits to skirting Iran sanctions
  222. NYC storm victims homes looted for Thanksgiving
  223. The Red Cross
  224. Since we have a few Daily Mail readers on the forum...
  225. Children removed from UK couple because of thier political stand on leaving the EU
  226. A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law
  227. Food Stamp , free, free, free at last!!!!
  228. Hoping the Kids and Grandkids Will Bail Us Out of Debt?
  229. Choose Your Partners Carefully
  230. UN Trying Once Again To Control Internet
  231. PRAVDA Calls Obama Supporters "Illiterate & Ignorant"
  232. 'Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama'
  233. Sexism In Education
  234. Drudge Report
  235. War on men
  236. Men becoming children
  237. Mexican Beauty Winner Traveling With Cartel Dead
  238. Lindsey Stone loses her job
  239. Star Calls Show ‘Filth,’ Begs People to Stop Watching
  240. Notice where austerity tax increases hit
  241. Signs of global warming
  242. Backyard Chickens?
  243. Crime Stats: ppl more likely to be killed by hands and feet than by 'Assualt Rifle'
  244. Still hunting for her
  245. Higher Education Under Change?
  246. PM: The 11 Most Important Guns
  247. When Teaching Crosses With Economy
  248. The Governing Class and the Decline of America
  249. well Folks...They Caved....
  250. A Very Good NYPD Cop