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  1. Idiot Cops
  2. Mass. politician teams up with unions for TSA to be stricter with passengers
  3. Obama Finally Goes to Israel
  4. Pew Study: MSNBC is a Left-Wing Opinion-Mill, Fox News Far More Balanced in Reportage
  5. Cheney marks 10 years pretending there was a reason to invade Iraq
  6. New Commercial Features Illegal Aliens Asking For ‘Affordable Healthcare’
  7. Changing times allow Brazilian women to assert themselves
  8. Pakistan girl shot in the head attends school.
  9. Homophobic Expressions Are Now Reason For Prosecution In Mexico
  10. Bay of Dead Pigs
  11. Let's talk about a REAL hero
  12. The Cheney liars are up to their old tricks
  13. Teacher's Union Lost 70,000 Members Last Year
  14. California: How about a retroactive tax grab, plus interest?
  15. News from the Education Front
  16. Idiot Civilians
  17. Police Brutality - cops hold down a already-restrained guy, while one beats him
  18. More bad cops
  19. Idiot military
  20. Idiot idiots
  21. Crooked judge
  22. Denied Saudi request , murdered soon afterward.
  23. James Holmes, Muslim Now Really?
  24. A Woman's Scron
  25. Obama campaign arm retweets Yoko Ono photo of Lennon's bloody glasses
  26. Copper wire thefts
  27. Obama Compared the Palestinians to Canada?
  28. local news all done locally?
  29. IRS Star Trek Video
  30. Wide range of potential outcomes on gay marriage
  31. Think Our Immigration Policy is Nuts?
  32. Twinkie the Kid - a real spring story
  33. Are these FAIR sentences?
  34. Had anyone noticed when Obama turned his back to Iraq?
  35. This girl is sure a stalwart. Such a story
  36. Health care gone terribly wrong
  37. Joe Weider, titan of body building died at 93!!!
  38. Obama Spoke in the Shadow of a Huge Yasser Arafat Banner
  39. Teacher To Be Fired For Abortion Views
  40. The Dream of a World Without Oil
  41. Street gangs vs. Islamic terrorists
  42. High Court Wades Into Race Debate
  43. Money; Inflation and debt
  44. Gay marriage -- the constitutional debate
  45. And you wonder why they are fighting?
  46. School Bans the Word ‘Easter’
  47. Skipping an Abortionist's 'House of Horrors'
  48. Democrats join push to dump Obamacare tax
  49. Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians
  50. Talking about school vouchers
  51. Christie calls for investigation of NJ agency's response to boy-with-gun photo
  52. Supreme Court appears likely to strike down DOMA
  53. Gay marriage and it's affects on Churches
  54. This link was on the front page of a very popular browser
  55. Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion
  56. Choosing The Wrong Target
  57. Today on BBC
  58. The Unification starts , just as I said it would under obama's agenda.
  59. What a way to go out
  60. Bank of Cyprus big savers to lose up to 60 percent
  61. The Myth of Global Warming Coninues
  62. Love this one
  63. AIG and the economy by the real expert
  64. Frig, now this will get the Democrats chattering class shooting their mouth off
  65. Jim Carrey slams Fox as "Media Colostomy Bag"
  66. Time to ban Wal-Mart?
  67. Ga. city council votes to require GUN OWNERSHIP.
  68. Six arrested in bribery probe of New York mayoral race
  69. UN goes for the guns
  70. Saudi Arabia Declares Destruction of All Churches in Region
  71. 5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the $
  72. Does "gay" mean act like opposite sex?
  73. Today is Autism Awareness Day
  74. Jesus Portrait Taken Down In Ohio Middle School
  75. Help me save my TARDIS from my HOA!!!
  76. North Korea approves merciless nuke attack on USA
  77. Obama administration pushes banks to make loans to people with low credit scores
  78. Man - or woman?
  79. Road Rage
  80. Spokane Grandmother Of 10 Holds Burglar At Gunpoint At Her Home
  81. Most of us use gasoline
  82. HOA and rights of owners
  83. Topics
  84. The Korean thing, explained in pictures
  85. Why US Cities Are Failing, but Austin Might Not.
  86. Bullseye from 1,000 yards
  87. Judge orders morning-after pill available without prescription
  88. It was predicted the Feds would take the guns / close gun stores
  89. Do you feel lucky today?
  90. Rising number of divorces blamed on wives' drinking
  91. Won't let me date your 13 yr old daughter? Bang, you're dead
  92. Fracking is GOOD, not bad
  93. Obama backs down after China warns..
  94. 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
  95. No wonder India cannot move forward
  96. (Whew) that's ONE way to cut lazy fed employees - Diplomat killed
  97. RIP Margaret Thatcher
  98. Falkland Islanders mourn Thatcher as their liberator
  99. Army Reserve training material: Evangelicals, Catholics are extremist groups
  100. Dad Locked Out of Daughter’s Swim Practice to Accommodate Muslim Sensibilities
  101. Arkansas Senate passes unemployment drug testing bill
  102. The Racists Are Out to Get Beyonce and Jay-Z
  103. Is Michael Jordan rich
  104. Abortion Worker - Babies Sounded Like A Little Alien
  105. Law Enforcement Officials Overwhelmingly Against More Gun Control
  106. Make a porno to look back on? WTF?
  107. Why Thatcher Wouldn’t Succeed in Our ‘Lean In’ Culture
  108. Sequester - therefore no White House tours...
  109. Insulting the emir in Kuwait might cost you $1 million
  110. Homeless burrow holes to prevent police harrassment turns out to be temporary fix
  111. What a NUT
  112. Most on D.C. welfare don’t look for work
  113. School: Americans Don’t Have Right to Bear Arms
  114. Firefighters Held Hostage Outside of Atlanta
  115. Example story for Robert - Manchester police investigate string of BB gun shootings
  116. Milton On Thatcher
  117. I hope this guy can stay out of incarceration
  118. Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short
  119. Teenager commits suicide after photograph of her 'being gang-raped' goes viral
  120. Huh? They're Only 'Fetuses'
  121. Alison Redford of Alberta on Keystone
  122. Tailfins, please translate this news story
  123. Yeah, that NYC soda ban would probably backfire
  124. Sometimes, rouge cops get what they deserve.
  125. What is the difference in this government vs communist government?
  126. Professor Tells Students Republicans are Stupid and Racist
  127. and again the schools are crossing a line
  128. Illegal Will Not Stand Trial For Second Degree Murder
  129. RIP Jonathan Winters
  130. Sprawling New NSA Data Center Has Critics Asking: Whose Data?
  131. If you lose your job in a low benefit state
  132. Gold tumbles ... what does it mean?
  133. Fun games for North Korea
  134. Kerry says U.S. ready to 'reach out' to North Korea
  135. Who thinks this teacher was treated properly?
  136. What Justin Bieber wrote in the Guestbook at Anne Frank House
  137. Saw this today
  138. Dear Gun Mfrs – Come to Maine
  139. Florida Police Officer Fired for Bringing Trayvon Martin Targets to Shooting Practice
  140. Chavez mini-me squeaks by amidst fraud allegations
  141. Michigan judge holds self in contemp.. after his smartphone disrupts hearing
  142. Multiple casualties reported after two explosions at Boston Marathon
  143. 101 years ago today
  144. Jordan extremist praises Boston bombing
  145. Columnist disliked Margaret Thatcher...
  146. Bud and Lou on Private and Public Sector Unions
  147. How we deal with armed robbers Down Under
  148. This shows how ignorant some are about the 2nd amendment
  149. Nation's biggest movie theater chain cuts workweek, blaming ObamaCare
  150. UN begs for help to secure muslim radicals win in Syria!
  151. Obama recycles same lying talking points about Boston attack as he did Benghazi !!
  152. Main media wants no part of this Kermit story
  153. Al Qaeda published bomb instructions (type used at Boston)
  154. Professor Arrested for Profane Rant at Pro-Life Students
  155. The Banality of Bias
  156. "Help"judicial style: More charges, increased bond
  157. Egyptian Cleric: Boston Bombing Was Meant to Deliver a Message
  158. Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: ’2nd amendment must go’
  159. Letter to Obama containing suspicious substance intercepted by Secret Service
  160. 'Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American'
  161. Wife of ex-judge confesses in Texas DA slayings
  162. Explosion At TX Fertilizer Plant
  163. What the Boston Marathon terrorists really don't get...
  164. We should Ban Pressure Cookers; and Marathon Bombing Discussion
  165. Persons of Interest in Boston.. Pics released
  166. Misspelled "HONORED" in this lying propaganda.. IT'S NOT SPELLED "B-E-T-R-A-Y-E-D"
  167. 7 Gun Control Facts That Are Actually Myths
  168. Our National Anthem at Boston Bruins game
  169. Mississippi entertainer charged in ricin scare
  170. "Ching Chong Lee" is worth a cool $$$ million!
  171. Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
  172. Brittney Griner coming out is no big deal, and that's a big deal
  173. Maybe half barge into the USA
  174. 4 UK men jailed for toy-car terror plot
  175. FL college instructor fired after handing out voter pledge cards w/image of Obama
  176. April 24 coming up for Californians
  177. Impeach Obama threat
  178. Teen afraid to leave house after being portrayed as Boston terrorist
  179. 1 Boston Bomber dead, 1 on the run
  180. Illinois jumps to second worst unemployment rate among all 50 US states
  181. Are Bostonians wishing they had guns at home?
  182. Koran Teacher in East Kalimantan Arrested for Raping Student
  183. Electric car not there yet
  184. Pre-teen North Koreans trained as soldiers
  185. Boy scouts ending gay ban - only for scouts
  186. Afghanistan: high expectations of record opium crop
  187. Over 20 Tons of Heroin Seized in Afghanistan
  188. Abiding by lockdown is letting the terrorists win?
  189. Proposed regulations already killing food truck businesses in D.C.
  190. After Gun Debate, Media Credibility Is Shot
  191. FBI Hunting Twelve Strong "Sleeper Cell?"
  192. Mosque Tsarnaev Attended Gave Money to Two Terrorist Charities Which Govt. Shut Down
  193. 8th grade student suspended, arrested over NRA T shirt
  194. This Is Literally the Worst Way to Start a TV News Anchor Career
  195. Cameras vs. police officers... what's the difference?
  196. Man used baby as shield in police standoff
  197. Legality of red light cameras
  198. Full text of the criminal complaint against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  199. Oh no- one of my faves has died.
  200. Because we just haven't been able to take enough of your money...
  201. Queen Elizabeth has met the past 11 US presidents
  202. Britain's Sharia Councils ...
  203. FAA facts
  204. Americans as Likely 2 Be Killed by Their Own Furniture as by Terrorism
  205. Puerto Rican Teen Refuses To Pledge Allegiance To The American Flag
  206. Do Liberals Really Care About People?
  207. Did Syria use chemical weapons?
  208. Big Coincidence Regarding Bombings
  209. GOP Lawmakers Hope to Combat Ammunition Stockpiling by Gov’t Agencies With AMMO Act
  210. Alleged Police Brutality on 16 year old
  211. The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever: AGAIN!
  212. Egypt needs a loan
  213. Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls
  214. Anyone catch this?
  215. Not Catholic Nor BSA, Is It News?
  216. Dubai Rapist Gets His Butt Kicked by U.S. Female Sailor
  217. Eco nuts not happy with this report
  218. If an Abortion Failed, We'd Leave the Infant to Die
  219. 6 men plead guilty to planning terrorist attack in England
  220. Jeanine Pirro slams Jihad Mom
  221. Man spends $2,600 on carnival game, leaves empty handed
  222. Flier Says He Was Detained Over Unflushed Toilet
  223. Obama wusses out on Syria
  224. Only a lefty could remain anonymous under such circumstrances
  225. If Koch Brothers Buy LA Times, Half of Staff May Quit
  226. Gullible College Students Sign Petition Banning Pressure Cookers
  227. Iraq War vet armed with rifle thwarts gas station break-in, police say
  228. US Economic Stats, Not Good. Change The Formulas
  229. Really? How Is The US Doing With Education?
  230. 3 More Arrested In Boston Bombing
  231. Climate Change will turn women into hookers!
  232. Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith
  233. All Aboard! Americans Pile On The Disability Train
  234. Against getting involved in Syria
  235. WWII vet who provided flag on Iwo Jima has died
  236. Population of USA / CA
  237. World needs real leaders.
  238. Saudi Human Trafficking in Virginia?
  239. Depression; over or not? Alarming banks closing list
  240. Global Warming Slames Central US
  241. School District Mandates Failing Grades After Five Absenses
  242. Liberals Riot in Seattle on May Day
  243. Israel bombs Hezbollah-bound missiles in Syria: official
  244. Israel Again Hits Syria: Target "A Scientific Research Center"
  245. interesting article about the Fed Reserve (really interesting)
  246. Man pleads not guilty in shopping cart sting
  247. The Very Real, Very Massive Cost of Amnesty
  248. Pentagon Paying China — Yes, China — To Carry Data
  249. And the Christian-phobia gets more absurd practically every day
  250. Rush Limbaugh Reportedly Considering Major Radio Shake-Up