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  1. Dem Rep. Admits She Wants National Gun Registry
  2. Shots fired from world's first 3D-printed gun
  3. Daughter Found With 3 Women Missing for a Decade
  4. Catholic school fires teacher after name of same-sex partner appears in obituary
  5. Class doesn't make the news
  6. 1/3 of america believes a revolution is coming
  7. RAF Museum to raise Nazi bomber from 1940 Blitz out of English Channel
  8. What are these guys, like 10 years old???
  9. bostonian talk about lockdown
  10. It looks like the Democrat can't even beat Mark Sanford
  11. Cops Told Naked Women On Dog Leashes
  12. 2nd Grader Suspended for Making ‘Gun Noises’ With a Pencil
  13. Female Egyptian TV Host Removes Headscarf, Berates Cleric Who ‘Peddles’ Islam
  14. Assad's Army shoot old man in the leg and shoot anyone who tries to help
  15. A good reason to allow guns on campus
  16. Obama to step down over the Benghazi cover up
  17. China Refuses to Confirm Okinawa Island Belongs to Japanese
  18. Gun crime has plunged, but Americans think it's up, says study
  19. Hillary Clinton's Big Benghazi Lie
  20. The Verdict Is In and Jodi Arias Is Guilty!!
  21. Obama's Chicago Under Emanuel, the 'Tough Visionary Mayor'
  22. Another Abortion Butcher Caught On Tape
  23. Union-backed 'bill of rights' for guards under fire after sex-and-drugs bust
  24. Obama had to give the order to stand down
  25. MSNBC's Hayes Gloats Over Kidnapping and Murder Stories
  26. ATM hackers stole $45M
  27. Funny Indian vs. Musharraf Video
  28. cops mistake tomato plants for POT
  29. OK; they can catch a Nun who is 83, but can they catch illegal aliens?
  30. Cleveland kidnapper may face death penalty
  31. Boston Bomber Buried
  32. Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference
  33. Eating Mexican Food Offensive to Mexicans?
  34. First responder in Texas explosion arrested for having explosive device
  35. Solyndra on Steroids
  36. CBS News President and WH Official Tied to Benghazi Scandal Are Brothers
  37. GM to build $1.3 billion Cadillac plant in China
  38. Happy Day To All The Wonderful Mothers Here
  39. 150 miles north of me; look at this
  40. Pakistan election: Nawaz Sharif set for victory
  41. Let's idolize a terrorist
  42. China, Taiwan protest fatal shooting of fisherman by Philippines
  43. WA State and Gays Gang Up On Florist For Not Selling Them Flowers
  44. Governors: Time to end the drilling moratorium
  45. Greece’s youth unemployment rises above 60 percent
  46. Maine governor: So, can we back off on all of these wind initiatives yet?
  47. So it begins
  48. 19 Wounded in New Orleans Shooting
  49. They do want to confiscate your guns
  50. McDonald's adding 3 new Quarter Pounders to menu
  51. On the other foot - denying security requests
  52. More Scandals
  53. Muslim Cleric Condemns Dead SEAL Team VI Warriors
  54. Obama admin.gives wind farms a pass on eagle deaths, prosecutes oil companies
  55. Immigrant custodial workers sue bosses for not instructing them in Spanish
  56. US Shale Shirfts Global Power Balance
  57. Limbaugh: “I live rent-free” in President Obama’s head
  58. New Hampshire city sues Robin Hood, Merry Men over feeding parking meters
  59. Politico: “D.C. Turns On Obama”…
  60. al-Qaeda black flag flys over Syrian city...
  61. Video attacks Abercrombie & Fitch
  62. Reporter claims IRS harassment after tough Obama interview
  63. Obama ousts IRS chief -- who was planning to resign anyway
  64. Too Soon To Post In 'War On Terror" Thread?
  65. Boston bombing suspect wrote message in boat
  66. Scandals.....smh = (shaking my head)
  67. Very sad day
  68. Middle East Employers & Slave Filipinos
  69. Another police/rights video
  70. Idaho man charged in Uzbekistan terrorism plot
  71. New Orleans shooters captured
  72. 2nd Amendment Activist James Kaleda Ejected from Gun Control Hearing
  73. Blacks Have a Criminal Mentality
  74. French Households Taxed More Than 100%
  75. The Top 10 Most Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the US
  76. Obama going after Fox News
  77. Huge tornado hits Oklahoma City suburb
  78. I Read this Story and a Little Bit of Awesome Leaked Out...
  79. OK 37 Killed and That Toll Will Likely Rise
  80. NYPD to up presence after bias killing of gay man
  81. The Umbrella Platoon
  82. Okla. tornado survivor finds dog buried alive under rubble
  83. LAPD officer accused of lewd acts on two girls due in court
  84. My dream car has been sold - Eleanor
  85. Texas judge says lesbian couple can't cohabitate
  86. MSNBC's Ratings Fall to Seven Year Lows - Fox News Rises
  87. Sen. Boxer blames tornadoes on global warming
  88. Berezovsky 2.0
  89. Tsarnaev friend killed in Orlando by FBI
  90. How the Obama Gun Boom Pushed the Fortune of Two Brothers to $1.2 Billion
  91. Statutory Rape Laws
  92. No good deed goes unpunished
  93. A new low for NYC?
  94. Savage Terrorist Attack in SE London
  95. In Stockholm: Shades Of France
  96. Bridge over Seattle area river collapses; cars in water
  97. New York sheriffs voice opposition to strict gun law, seek to join lawsuit
  98. 3 views of having a bad day
  99. Vegan, Vegetarian? Bottom Line The Child Starved To Death
  100. Obama's want to be son isn't so squeaky clean
  101. Obama appoints Holder to investigate Holder
  102. Axelrod Blames Republicans for Washington Bridge Collapse
  103. Port Authority releases photo of One WTC workers at dizzying heights
  104. Teacher Fired for Praying During Oklahoma Tornado
  105. Pakistani Lesbians in UK Claim Asylum
  106. I just cant figure out the Liberal mind set
  107. Last living man born in the 1800s
  108. What is a "racist look"?
  109. Britain -Police Arrest Twitter And Facebook Users If They Make Anti-Muslim Statements
  110. Australia: Mass Murderer kills 11 in Arson Attack
  111. Worker suspended for wearing poppy to honor soldier
  112. Adam Kokesh surprised no one here has posted anything about this guy yet.....
  113. High School Teacher Faces Discipline for Informing Students About Their Rights
  114. I love this....a student pointing out the obvious that most are not seeing.....
  115. No Incentives To "The Sky Is Falling?"
  116. Labor big a real heavy sleeper
  117. Houston's unemployment rate falls below 6%
  118. The Chicago Way
  119. Illegal Aliens Already Eligible for Retirement Programs
  120. Obama To Spend $700 Million In US Tax Dollars For Russian Helicopters For Afghan Air
  121. Obama to Muslims: Tell me what you want
  122. California pit bull owner charged with murder in fatal mauling
  123. The comments are better than the story
  124. The sky is falling
  125. New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes?
  126. Happening Now: Tornados in Oklahoma City Area
  127. Just wondering what you guys think of this TV ad
  128. Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, suspended 10 days
  129. Four Houston firefighters die fighting blaze
  130. Palestinian Mass Grave uncovered in Tel Aviv
  131. Muslim Prayer Coming to a School Near You
  132. It get's dumber and dumber
  133. A Liberal finally notices the obvious about "gender equality"
  134. Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, then suspended 10 d
  135. Knockout game
  136. U.S. Embassy in Cairo warns tourists away from Giza Pyramids
  137. UN Small Arms Treaty May Be Signed Under Cover Of Darkness Read more: http://freedom
  138. Louisiana homeowner fatlly shot by armed intruders....
  139. Atheists Seek Removal of War Memorial Honoring Fallen U.S. Vets
  140. Wait for it.....
  141. This is freedom...............This is Water...
  142. San Joaquin Valley in California
  143. Is this going too far
  144. June 06, 1816
  145. Paris Jackson suicide attempt
  146. As we were saying...
  147. Obama back, stinking up the bay Area again
  148. Limbaugh Boycott Collapsing
  149. Piss poor planning...
  150. Smirk on his face towards the end....
  151. Democratic senator calls for Holder to resign
  152. Brazilian ad campaign seeks to increase tourism
  153. Speaking Of Education What's Wrong Here?
  154. Atheists Slam High School Valedictorian For "Inflicting" Prayer Upon Graduation Audie
  155. Another Example of Liberals Never Being Happy Even When They Get What They Want
  156. Texas shows how its done........
  157. Germans create lithium-ion EV batteries that could last for over 25 years
  158. What Government copyright office says is fair use
  159. New E-1 Settlement Report
  160. Group of ******* in Australia claim that British soldier Lee Rigby deserved to die
  161. The whistleblower of the NSA recordings
  162. Judd Gregg on Spending
  163. Elementary school beginning toy gun turn-in program
  164. There’s No Other Way to Say It: Islam S**ks
  165. Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic
  166. Arrested 396 times
  167. What the fuss is about / Boundless Informant and Prism
  168. Friends of Syrian Jihad..
  169. WashPost Runs Front Page Story On Jury Selection In George Zimmerman Murder Trial
  170. Global Warming Plateaued Last 15 Years Despite Rapid CO2 Rise
  171. Australian Liberal National Party in Sexist attack on PM
  172. Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years
  173. Plan B
  174. SCOTUS Genetic Patent ruling
  175. Veteren checks and the IRS
  176. How to get out of jury duty
  177. RACISM: New Jersey City Bans Saggy Pants and Butt Cracks On Boardwalk
  178. Hand grenades 'rare - but they're out there'
  179. Texas Gov. Perry signs 'Merry Christmas' bill into law
  180. War: USA Military Support for Syrian 'rebels'
  181. Flood Insurance bulletin
  182. CBS probe finds computer of lead Benghazi reporter was hacked
  183. Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying 'One Nation Under Allah' Read
  184. The Obama Family Trip to Africa to Cost $60 to $100 Million
  185. Teacher at Catholic school loses job over ex-husband's actions
  186. More news on the religion of peace and love
  187. Treason from the US Gov't
  188. Yet more insanity
  189. Will California Let Boys Use Girls Locker Rooms?
  190. "Turkish game" on "Grand Chessboard"
  191. Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights
  192. Liberal College Students Sign Petition to Make Spying on Fox News Legal
  193. Syria troops fight rebels near Shiite shrine
  194. You Don’t Have the Right to Remain Silent
  195. Obama bombs in Berlin: a weak, underwhelming address from a floundering president
  196. Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
  197. Journalist who brought down U.S. general is killed in Los Angeles car crash
  198. Freedom of Speech, alive and well in the UK
  199. Nebraska Boy Scout group short on bullets gets windfall
  200. New Iranian President Tied to 1994 Bombing
  201. All-women jury chosen for George Zimmerman's trial
  202. Will anything come of this?
  203. Can 40% reverse socialism in Brazil?
  204. Wedding Gift Sparks Epic Text Battle
  205. Warning the is very Graphic not for the weak of heart
  206. FBI can't have most wanted lists?
  207. U.S. charges Snowden with espionage
  208. Principal Remains on Job after Threatening to Blow Up Staff
  209. Bloomberg’s Group Outrageously Honors the Boston Bomber
  210. Israel, - way to noneexistence
  211. IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address
  212. Child-rape suspect: She 'seduced' me
  213. WikiLeaks: Snowden going to Ecuador to seek asylum
  214. Trouble in a Sharia paradise...
  215. Nixon was a saint compared to Obama
  216. Transgender 6-yr-old wins civil rights case to use girls' bathroom at Colorado school
  217. Who watched Nik Wallenda cross the canyon?
  218. Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to jail in prostitution case
  219. Irish Official Rips into Obama's hypocrisy
  220. A Iraq combat vet talks about The safe act in NY
  221. Obama’s 100 Million Dollar Family Vacation…
  222. Finally a star with a brain what a shocker
  223. Supreme Court strikes down key part of Voting Rights Act
  224. Senate passage of immigration bill on track
  225. Israel, and the simple truth
  226. Prosecution witnesses back zimmerman
  227. Boycott: Will you watch nfl football if it pimps obamacare?
  228. Screw ObamaPhones, The New Immigration Bill has ObamaCars for Youth! Read more: http
  229. Weiner thrusts into the lead
  230. High Court invalidates Defense of Marriage Act
  231. Stalin phenomenon
  232. Texas woman set to be 500th execution in state
  233. After abortion setback, Texas GOP set to try again
  234. Rep. Duckworth Deplores Witness for Claiming Veterans Disability
  235. N.C. Commissioner Has No Regrets in Seeking ‘Non-White Male’ for Public Position
  236. Conn. governor revises history, legislates Wright Brothers out of first flight
  237. Star of "That 70's Show" Arrested for DUI
  238. White America are you afraid yet?
  239. Gay man adopts partner to avoid tax penalties
  240. Iran: Syrian crisis prelude to coming of Mahdi
  241. Putin: Pot calling the kettle black
  242. Yet another great day for the states star witness in the Zimmerman Trial
  243. Turkey - Tirk direction or it a terrible word - Pan-Turkism
  244. Bloomberg: If sparklers are legal, the terrorists will win
  245. Lil’ Wayne Is a Flag Stomping Coward
  246. New White House Study Finds… Guns Save Lives!
  247. EDL leaders arrested for "obstruction"
  248. Another gang rape in Egypt
  249. Starnes: I Got Banned From Facebook
  250. I hope George Zimmerman has LifeLock