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  1. GRAPHIC: Outrage erupts over cops killing dogs
  2. I am a hunter and will not hesitate to shoot:' Man arrested for trying to break into
  3. DeMint: Al-Qaeda Bigger Threat Than Pre-9/11 Because Obama Is Weak
  4. Virginia gun crime drops, as state’s firearms sales soar
  5. Obama Partying While Advisors Meet on Terror Threat
  6. Kass: Was police killing of 95-year-old necessary?
  7. Mayor Bloomberg: New York Gun Crimes are Virginia’s Fault
  8. Who has watched Abby Martin
  9. Is this not national news?
  10. SIGN WHAT? Petition Releasing All Illegal Aliens from Prison, No Matter What Crime Co
  11. Charlie Rangel: 'Tea Party is a Bunch of White Crackers'
  12. Obama Promises Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists Jobs In Egyptian Government
  13. Communication Intercepted Between Terror Leaders, Obama Withdraws Special Forces From
  14. AdTech Ad Gun Sales Soar In Virginia – And Crime Plummets
  15. Eyeing China, Philippines gains U.S. ship in military upgrade
  16. Would you eat it?
  17. Japan unveils largest warship since World War II
  18. George W. Bush undergoes procedure for stent after blockage discovered
  19. Calif. Returns Husband’s Guns That Were Confiscated After Wife’s Voluntary Mental Hea
  20. Florianopolis, SC and Newark, NJ - World's Frendliest and Unfrientliest Cities
  21. Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat
  22. “We Have Plenty Of Money If We Just Loot More People”
  23. Rep. Gohmert: Embassy Closures Make US Look 'Like a Bunch of Cowards'
  24. The pampered, good life of Fort Hood shooter
  25. Germany: Muslims break into couple's home and beat pregnant woman, killing her unborn
  26. Detroit PS Teacher Accountant Guilty of Money Laundering and Fraud
  27. Immigration reform would boost value of homes, Obama tells Phoenix crowd
  28. Mystery lights: 'There's more! They keep coming!'
  29. Professor keeps job after shocking secret unearthed
  30. Obama Releases 5 Terrorists Yet Leaves America’s POW Hostage Behind
  31. In a world where freedom of choice reigns, in liberal states like New York and Washin
  32. Gun Myths Gone In Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20
  33. “Most Muslims Are Peaceful” (great Video)
  34. Community turns against seven teachers and a board member who showed support for a p
  35. Sorry Ladies, I will never buy you a drink again!
  36. Anniversary Of Massacre Of Navy SEALs Ignored By President Obama
  37. To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, policies like yours killed my Aunt -
  38. CT Senator: 2nd Amendment Not Guaranteed
  39. BREAKING: Marine Vet Allowed to Keep His Guns and Home
  40. ABC, CBS and NBC Overlook Obama's Gaffe-tastic Performance on Leno
  41. Russian man turns tables on bank
  42. Alec Baldwin to Host Weekly Show on MSNBC
  43. Fort Hood Shooter Still Receives a Military Paycheck
  44. Report: 3D-Printed Rifle Successfully Fires 14 Rounds
  45. The Latest Beltway Investigations
  46. Officially The NYPD Has NO Duty to Protect and Serve
  47. Obama The Dictator
  48. Al-Qaida Gloats Over Middle East Embassy Closures
  49. Obama Promises Additional $195 Million in Syrian Aid (Bringing the Total Over $1 Bill
  50. Taxpayers Foot the Hefty Bill for Obama’s Talk-Show Tour
  51. Will Obamacare Be Used To Punish Gun Owners?
  52. Next year: days off without pay could pay big
  53. Brand new leather Jackets -you tuibe
  54. Christians Beheaded in New Jersey
  55. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio orders deputies to carry AR-15 style rifles and remain arm
  56. Jihadist On “Mission From Allah” Paints Face In Oakland Raiders Colors & Fatally Stab
  57. Responsible Citizens Celebrate Starbucks with Gun Appreciation Day
  58. Americans Renouncing Citizenship Surge 66%
  59. Reid Gets Called Out by the Sole Black U.S. Senator
  60. Burglars with a conscience.
  61. Wonder Why Your Kids/Grandkids Don't Know History?
  62. A CEO with neither perception nor results, WOW!!
  63. Gay Couple Seeks Spousal Privilege in Murder Trial
  64. Oops: Detroit “Misplaces” $1 Million Check
  65. Store owner pulls gun on thieves, may lose lease
  66. Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control
  67. Firearms Company Leaving NY Due To Anti-Gun Laws
  68. Obama Honors only himself, which makes me Ovomit!
  69. Obama warns disabled veterans prolonged sequester could put their benefits in jeopard
  70. This Weekend, 'Sluts' Will March Through DC
  71. N.Y. police's 'stop-and-frisk' tactics violate rights, judge rules
  72. Johnny Cash Sings The Obama Blues
  73. Reid Admits: Obamacare Will Eliminate Private Insurance
  74. Jihadist leader to U.S.: 'Islam is coming'
  75. Rodeo Clown Wears Obama Mask, Crowd Cheers For Bull to Run Him Over
  76. War On Drugs: Air Force Floods Miami With Cocaine
  77. Chinese students coming to US middle schools? It's starting to happen
  78. State Department Blasts Enemies of Islam
  79. A group of bills moving through California's assembly and senate--including one to cr
  80. Holder Rolls Back Laws From Reagan's 'War on Drugs'
  81. RNC Fights NBC and CNN Over Production of Hillary Clinton Specials
  82. TN judge orders 7-month old name changed from Messiah
  83. Proposed federal rule could put ‘big brother’ in your driver’s seat
  84. A Message to Obama From a Liberal Gun Owner
  85. Obama Tells Schools Not To Discipline Black Students For Bad Behavior
  86. ObamaCare cap on out-of-pocket costs delayed
  87. Israel army shoots down rocket near Egypt border
  88. The Punishment for Reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia
  89. Ashton Kutcher At Teen Choice Awards
  90. Islamist Nour Party to help shape new Egyptian constitution
  91. Dad: Son 'sorry' for beating white boy on bus
  92. Guess Who Obama Put in Charge of Investigating the NSA?
  93. Transgender Student Law Makes Unisex Bathrooms, Teams Norm
  94. Muslim Brotherhood claim: We've got 'goods on Obama'
  95. New revelation explains why no Benghazi air support?
  96. Attorney for Benghazi Whistleblower: 400 US Missiles Stolen In Benghazi
  97. BOOM: Paula Deen is Exonerated of BS Racial Claim, Let the Lawsuits Begin!
  98. U.S. congressman: Yes, we could impeach Obama
  99. Florida Cop Fired For Calling Trayvon A “Thug” On Facebook
  100. Hillary Clinton attacks Voting Rights ruling
  101. Morsi supporters torch three churches in Egypt, reports say
  102. Obama nominates former lobbyist to head FCC
  103. Cocktails and Self-Segregated Black Liberals
  104. The Unsavory Truth About Violent Young Blacks & the Media
  105. CNN raises alarm over Ted Cruz eligibility
  106. NAACP Calls For DOJ, Secret Service To Investigate Rodeo Clown Wearing Obama Mask
  107. She made $91 Million "empowering" women, now seeks FREE talent
  108. NMSC People who don’t speak English must be included on juries
  109. Obama has more excuses than he has scandals concerning the myriad of problems in the
  110. It Would Be A Hillary-ous Tragedy
  111. HATE CRIME: Trial for Black Woman Who Killed White Boy with Blow Torch Begins
  112. Obama 'a god' in rodeo-clown controversy
  113. Ft Hood Shooter's Defense: 'Was Helping My Muslim Brothers'
  114. Justice: Retired Army Vet Gets $15,000 From City After Being Threatened By Police
  115. No way! Look who's wearing Obama mask now
  116. Attorney for #Benghazi Whistleblower Says 400 Missiles Stolen During Attack!!
  117. USA Today Finds Home Solar Panels Not Cost-Effective
  118. Muslim Brotherhood A Reasonable Organization Of Community Organizers
  119. Snowden began downloading documents on NSA program nearly a year earlier than thought
  120. Obamacare troops planning home visits
  121. More Fast and Furious Weapons Show Up at Violent Crime Scenes in Mexico
  122. HATE CRIME: Man Ordered to Apologize for ‘What White People Did to Black People’ at G
  123. Muslim group plans march on D.C, on 9/11/2013
  124. Egypt considers outlawing Muslim Brotherhood
  125. New Jersey Gov. Christie vetoes .50-caliber rifle ban
  126. Knew This Was Coming
  127. 36 killed as Brotherhood members try to escape prison truck
  128. The Radical Racist Background of Obama & We’re Not Talking About Barack
  129. Duck Dynasty: The Pro-God, Guns, Family and Capitalism Reality Show Rules the Ratings
  130. Colion Noir Explains California’s Crazy Gun Laws!
  131. Duck Dynasty Star Kicked Out of Trump Hotel
  132. Apple Kill Switch 4 Mobile Devices 4 “Covert Police or Gov't Ops 'blackout'"
  133. Million Muslim March Planned in DC on Anniversary of 9-11
  134. Messin' with Putin
  135. Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan Rankles Vets; 'The Butler' Protests Underway
  136. SHARIA DON’T LIKE IT: Muslims Force Chicago PD to Scrap Counter-Terror Training
  137. The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain
  138. 'Mock Obama Day' may never end
  139. “Forced” home visits: Obamacare is not the real problem
  140. No Pork Included in Public School Indoctrination
  141. WICKED: Woman Tied Disabled Cousin to Urine-Soaked Bed and Lived Off Her SS Checks
  142. Is This Document The Smoking Gun Of The United Nations’ Disarmament Plan For America?
  143. Air Force Veteran Relieved of Duty Over Refusal to Affirm Homosexuality
  144. Northern Colorado???
  145. Black teens kill white man 'for fun'
  146. Skewed sentences: Life "fondling minor" -50yrs murder -10 yrs incest w 17yr old
  147. “Obama HATES White People,” Says Governor Of Maine
  148. Another reason California is so fucked up...
  149. Washington still sucking up ammo supplies
  150. Gabby Giffords’ Anti-Gun Group Caught Accepting Illegal Contributions
  151. Planned Parenthood Awarded Hundreds of Thousands of TaxPayer Dollars to Promote & Enl
  152. Obamacare Preview: Teachers Funding School Supplies Out Of Their Own Pockets
  153. UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites Obamacare
  154. Egyptian military crackdown unravels Muslim Brotherhood
  155. 3 members of 1972 Dolphins skip White House event over differences with Obama
  156. U.S. soldier Manning gets 35-year prison sentence
  157. After Autistic Boy Gets Demand He Be Euthanize , Community Rallies
  158. Welfare pays more than minimum wage
  159. Big Brother cops crush push to impeach
  160. Breaking: Obama Has 3 More Sons
  161. Bikers to counter Muslim march
  162. School shooting in Atlanta foiled
  163. “Duck Dynasty” Star Blasts Abortion Culture: “What in the World Happened to Us?”
  164. Pistol-Packing Private School Takes Aim at Bad Guys
  165. A Benghazi Memorial in DC?
  166. Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman
  167. Charles Nenner to Moneynews: US Headed for Recession and It's 'Going to Be Bad'
  168. Obama’s Brother Finance Officer for Muslim Brotherhood
  169. Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US
  170. German IT says Windows 8 too ‘dangerous’ to use
  171. Senator: Obama 'perilously close' to impeachment
  172. Obama’s HHS: Now Hiring for the Obamacare Police Force
  173. Jesse Jackson, White House Tepid Responses on Lane Murder Spur Race Debate
  174. This Homeland Security Employee Is Preparing for a Coming Race War
  175. Something Wrong Here: New York City Once Again Favors the Criminal
  176. Two black teens beat and kill white, 88 year old WWII vet
  177. Is Obama Good for Black Americans?
  178. WWII vet, beaten by black teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies
  179. So, Paula Deen is Ruined, and for What?
  180. George Zimmerman Visits Florida Gun Maker Kel-Tec
  181. U.S. Egyptians to Rally Against Media Bias and the Muslim Brotherhood
  182. "Kudos" For Andrea Hernandez
  183. Obama at NY Town Hall: ‘I’m a Testament’ To Racial Progress
  184. No Teleprompter: Obama Screws Up During Speech, Is Called Out by Shouting Crowd
  185. Court Officer Sexually Assaults Then Arrests Woman, Judge Does Nothing
  186. 11-Year-Old Girl Flees Yemen To Avoid Forced Marriage: ‘I’d Rather Kill Myself’
  187. MSNBC Host Looks Ridiculous As She Dons Tampon Earrings On-Air To Defend Abortion Rig
  188. Racist? No–Just Acknowledging the Black Race Toward Guns & Violence
  189. 17 Years After Gun Bans in Australia …Police Say Gun Crime is Out of Control -
  190. Those With “Nothing To Hide” Should Still Fear Gov Spying
  191. Centers For Disease Control Give Gun Supporters Positive News
  192. France cannot take any more taxes, government admits
  193. US arrests man 'with uranium for Iran in shoes'!!!!!
  194. IRS now targets American Legion
  195. Why Is It Not Racist When A White WWII Vet is Beaten to Death by Two Black Men?
  196. Al Sharpton On Chris Lane Killing: ‘Nothing To Protest,’ Wasn’t ‘Racial’ & ‘System Wo
  197. Oklahoma suspects 'on same track' as Trayvon
  198. Black Unemployment Blamed On Slavery
  199. Al Gore: Global Warming Deniers Are Like "Homophobes," Racists, Alcoholics, and Smoke
  200. Feds drop demand for baptism permits
  201. US Prepares for Possible Cruise Missile Attack on Syria
  202. Two Million Bikers Plan Their Own 9/11 March to Washington D.C.
  203. MLK III Says Trayvon Murdered Because of Skin Color
  204. Bathroom Wars: Transgenders Get Flushed
  205. NSA officers sometimes spy on love interests
  206. Syrian rebels's false flag attack.
  207. Black mob on rampage fractures cop's skull
  208. Impeachment group crashing 9/11 Muslim march
  209. Woman Who Stopped Potential School Shooter Should be Fired!
  210. Dear Black Thugs: You’re Making It Hard For White Devils to Believe You’re Innocent C
  211. Pat Buchanan: ‘Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in
  212. Rally with Obama stokes talk of another Biden presidential run
  213. Ark. Gun Activists to Carry Weapons Through Streets to Defy Ban on Open Carry
  214. Holder: I Wouldn’t Be AG Without 1963 Marchers
  215. Rhode Island Lost $1 Billion in Personal Income from 2000 to 2010
  216. More murder whtitey by blackie!
  217. Where is the damn proof??
  218. Just when you thought you'd heard it all...
  219. NY fed. appeals court: Use of 5th Amend. right to counsel can’t be proof of guilt
  220. Obama’s Secret Deal with Mexico: Spend Tax Dollars to Help Illegal Immigrants in the
  221. Rodeo clown wants to shake Obama's hand
  222. Obama says his father served in World War II
  223. Syrian Rebels to Christians: Flee or Die
  224. SCREW THEM: Spokane Cops Blame WWII Vet’s Death on ‘Fighting Back’, Says No ‘Racism’
  225. Intended Knockout Game victim shoots back
  226. Will This Pizza Man Get Fired For Defending Himself On The Job?
  227. About that violent gang, the 'Obama Boyz'
  228. Hell yes. Hope this is true!!!!
  229. Shocking Legal Battle: Convicted Rapist Wants Visitation Rights With Child
  230. Black mob-in-training bullies white girl, 3
  231. What Do You Consider A Police State? Read the rest of this Liberty Alliance article
  232. Christian Photographers Under Fire For Refusing To Shoot A Gay Wedding
  233. The Race to Blur Obama’s Red Line
  234. Amish Girl and Freedom Dying of Cancer
  235. California Rounding Up Legally Purchased Guns
  236. Black Male Felon Arrested In Unprovoked Attack On Elderly White Male, Said Shouldn’t
  237. Smith and Wesson trumps faulty stun gun
  238. The 'Obama Boyz' Gang
  239. Syria, clean up your own mess Mr President
  240. Hasan: It's In The Jury's Hands Now
  241. Scary: Remote texters can be held liable...
  242. Iran: 'Thousands of missiles' to rain on Israel
  243. Russia: US Syria Intervention Will Lead to 'Catastrophic Consequences'
  244. PAGING MR. SHARPTON: Black Teen Rapes and Robs 93yr. Old Woman, I Say ‘Death Penalty’
  245. Four African-American Men With Hammer Brutally Attack White Man At Home Depot
  246. Woman who gouged out eyes of Chinese boy sought
  247. 4 Teens Enter Closed Store And Leave With Merchandise
  248. America Assists al-Qaeda in Removing Bashar al-Assad
  249. MLK Anniversary Speaker Compares Supreme Court Justices to KKK
  250. Mcdonald's Employees strike for $15/hr and Unions