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  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nails it
  2. Study: Snobby Staff May Make Average Shopper Buy To Feel Accepted
  3. Sober driver arrested on 'trumped up DWI charges' after sheriff's deputy smashed into
  4. Word Nazi's Set New Standard
  5. All Women Like Being Catcalled, Say Buenos Aires Mayor
  6. The woman who taped Donald Sterling
  7. Parking meter officer stole $89K in coins
  8. Lerner in contempt of Congress
  9. Why this breed is controversial
  10. This Guy May Get Sued Over an Amazon Review
  11. House votes to establish select committee on Benghazi
  12. A sensei's naked truths about Senkaku
  13. ‘WICKED BLACK MONKEY’: White House Mad After North Korea Slams Obama With Racial Slur
  14. Triple Amputee Soldier and Hero Destroys President Obama in Open Letter
  15. Must See TV – Al Sharpton Liberal Icon is a FOOL
  16. Company that threatened to sue over negative review now risks closing
  17. Muslims ate my hamster!
  18. Man Robs Georgia Waffle House with a Pitchfork
  19. More California folks
  20. NCLB Changes Constitutional?
  21. H.R. Giger dead at 74
  22. Class of 2014 *cough*liberals*cough need to STFU and listen to new ideas.
  23. Containing China by reigniting Japan's military?
  24. Family of Eight Attacked by Black Mob; Media Silent
  25. How did the southern Calif fires start?
  26. 17-Year Old runing for WVA State Legislature
  27. Barack Obama’s Net Worth Has Risen 438% Since Running for President
  28. flight MH370: The Vanishing Act
  29. U.S. Charges China With Cyber-Spying on American Firms
  30. AT&T buys DirecTV for $48.5 billion
  31. Amputee War Veteran Gets a $4,000 Bill From VA
  32. Chocolate milk ban passes UNANIMOUSLY in Connecticut
  33. Corsi: Benghazi-gate can get rid of Obama and Hillary at the same time -
  34. Boston Bomber Tsarnaev's Boat Note: 'We Muslims Are One Body'
  35. Thailand's army declares military coup
  36. 50 senators to NFL: Change Redskins' racist name
  37. Change Redskins' racist name
  38. Al Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo treated better than our vets
  39. Tennessee reinstates electric chair as death penalty option
  40. China launches anti-terror drive after bombing
  41. Another Massacre .. Another Anti-Gun crusade ... ?
  42. Observing Memorial Day
  43. NY man kills his wife for cooking the wrong dinner
  44. In response to UC Santa Barbara killings, let’s ban everything
  45. Dictatorship: Men have the right to rape unveiled women
  46. Terrorist Sues Over Jail Uniform’s Violation of Muslim Doctrine
  47. Rush: The Royal Family is the largest welfare recipient in the UK
  48. Father faces child cruelty charges for teen's punishment
  49. Biker says Harley-Davidson rejected warranty claim for riding with flags
  50. American Girl Rebuts Critics After Dropping Minority Dolls
  51. International Observers Find Egypt’s Presidential Election Fell Short of Standards
  52. Veteran disrupts robbery attempt, kills one suspect
  53. Watch How Vastly Different West Point Cadets React Between Hearing Presidents Obama a
  54. Adam Carolla Stands By Claim That Gay Mafia Stifles Speech In Hollywood
  55. Obama ‘Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit’ on His Foreign Policy
  56. White Police Lieutenant Awarded $1.35 Million In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
  57. Indian teen girls gang-raped and hanged from a tree: police
  58. Seeking political gain over VA issues
  59. US confirms Syrian suicide bomber was American
  60. The woman who taped the "racist", Donald Sterling
  61. Did Obama Blow Carney a Goodbye Kiss? You decide!
  62. France restricts coverage of D-Day anniversary!!!!!
  63. Antoine Dodson CHOOSES to be straight
  64. Former mayor barred from daughter's graduation
  65. Teacher Suspended For Showing Video About White Actors Wearing Blackface
  66. Magnitude 4.2 earthquake shakes parts of Los Angeles
  67. NRA opposes Texas "open carry" rallies
  68. FBI: New Yorker from Yemen plotted to kill troops
  69. Sonic Robbed Same Day Gun Ban Announced
  70. Now Donald Sterling sued
  71. Judge wants to fight defense attorney
  72. John Kerry Naps at Obama Press Conference
  73. Dust storm kills 5 in Tehran
  74. 'Godfather of Ecstasy' Sasha Shulgin Dies After 4,000 Trips Aged 88
  75. Never Say "I Kill White People Like You" When Asked To Turn Off Your Phone Post-Takeo
  76. Couple in Afghanistan plead for help
  77. Soviet Putin
  78. If only we could...
  79. Barack Obama, the Toddler in the White House
  80. Feds Tell Georgia Food-Stamp Drug Testing Illegal
  81. School District to Give Condoms to Sixth Graders
  82. No injuries after military jet crashes in Southern California neighborhood
  83. Leave no American behind… except in Benghazi and Mexico?
  84. Russian jet dangerously buzzes US jet
  85. DCF files motion to dismiss case against family of Justina Pelletier
  86. Obama to free Gitmo terrorist ‘because he took up yoga’
  87. Married Couple Die When Their Cars Collide Head-on
  88. Hershey Sues Colorado Edible Pot Company
  89. 300 more immigrant children shipped to Arizona
  90. 'Trojan horse' Islamic schools plot --
  91. Dad Hits Teacher With Baseball Bat After 'Inappropriate' Texts Sent To Daughter
  92. Treason: Obama’s ‘Gitmo Five’
  93. Flashback, Obama: ‘I Have Never Said I Would Negotiate With Terrorists’
  94. Tracy Morgan
  95. 'Donald is suing himself and he knows that'
  96. Hero student tackles gunman in Seattle
  97. Coney Island principal bans another ‘USA song’ from graduation
  98. Right wing militants kill three in Vegas ambush
  99. Poll: Most stay-at-home dads not there by choice
  100. Ex-KGB Spy Says Russia Tricked Snowden Into Going To Moscow
  101. Iran: 'America Cannot Do a Damn Thing' to Stop Us
  102. Math was never my best subject, but...
  103. Armed St. Louis couple kill home invaders
  104. Hillary Says She Won’t Turn Over Benghazi Notes
  105. Bush Bash: Elder Ex-president Marks 90th Birthday
  106. Cops Dropped Earlier Case Against Santa Barbara Killer
  107. Islamists Advance Toward Baghdad as Iraq Asks US for Air Strikes
  108. Obama: "The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been"
  109. BIKERS TO THE RESCUE: Bikers Go To Mexico to FREE MARINE
  110. Obama Blasts GOP at High School Graduation, Tells Students To Vote Democrat
  111. Daughter of first American killed in Afghanistan learns freed Taliban leader was behi
  112. ‘Exhausted’ Obama to drive golf balls as ISIS drives on Baghdad, Twitter erupts
  113. the Bergdahl family
  114. Air Force in 'Stand Down' Position as 100 American Contractors Attacked by ISIS Jihad
  115. Ex-Muslim Sues Church for Publicizing Conversion Before Syria Trip
  116. Iraq crisis hits home for families of fallen soldiers
  117. Anyone here apply for the ACA "AKA" Obamacare?
  118. Obama Sends Troops to Protect Baghdad Embassy, Special Forces Considered
  119. For Obama, Fresh Questions About How Wars End
  120. Marine who took grenade blast for comrade to receive Medal of Honor
  121. So it Turns Out Starbucks...
  122. Video shows Albuquerque police killing homeless man
  123. 13 shot dead after attacking police in west China
  124. Cop arrested for slitting lost dog’s throat
  125. Obama's Middle East Agenda
  126. Hillary: Bill and I Not 'Truly Well Off'
  127. AAA: Iraq Civil War Pushing Up Gasoline Prices in US
  128. Christian woman freed after death sentence in Sudan
  129. FBI says 168 children rescued in crackdown on sex trafficking
  130. IRS head says no obstruction of Congress in probe
  131. Yes Dems, welcome them all
  132. U.S. top court rules against TV startup Aereo
  133. Police Are Not the Military
  134. Tragic accident or murder in hot-car toddler death?
  135. Animal? Nope, that's an insult to animals
  136. Obama wants to fund and train syrian rebels
  137. This is insanity!!!!
  138. SCOTUS Unanimously Slaps Down Obama on Recess Appointments
  139. Pelosi heads for the border
  140. Antarctic Sea Ice Growing Despite Global Warming Warnings
  141. Justices: Can't make employers cover contraception
  142. The new Caliphate has just been announced
  143. Abducted Israelis found dead in pit
  144. Obama: I'll act on my own on immigration
  145. Indianapolis woman sues police after being stopped over bumper sticker
  146. ISIS: We will ruin the Kaaba after capturing Saudi Arabia
  147. Protests turn back buses carrying illegal immigrant children
  148. How To Save College $$$
  149. Some Schools Abandoning Lunch Program, Some Now Can Count 'All Students'!
  150. But that's raaaaacist!
  151. Europe takes rehab approach to Islamic extremists
  152. China thinks it can defeat America in battle
  153. Regarding the last events.
  154. The Settlements
  155. Journalist calls out political hacks for misleading gun data
  156. Iraq says 'terrorists' seize chemical weapons site
  157. Hamas Rockets Reach Jerusalem
  158. Escalation
  159. Lois Lerner...Still innocent as driven snow? SHE ADMITTED IT in email.
  160. Hanson
  161. NSFW Lovely trash.
  162. Keep your cell phones on during movie!
  163. Terror in School - Video
  164. Okay Mr. Hitler - Obama's fascism and totalitarianism dreams flaunted
  165. Protests against Israel worldwide - Sydney Today
  166. Getting Tired Of The 'US Funds IDF'
  167. What Palestinians think of Hama's rockets
  168. Even Egyptians want to see the end of Hamas
  169. The universities.
  170. Egyptian truce plan unravels after new fighting
  171. Planned Parenthood Caught Giving Dangerous Sex Advice To “15-Year-Old Girl”
  172. One state solution - Video
  173. War is hell
  174. illegals bankrupting Texas counties
  175. More Lost Emails: FEC Destroyed Hard Drive of Ex-Lerner Employee
  176. Perhaps the Obamas would like some company?
  177. Raw Footage of Hamas Tunnel Terror Attack
  178. 20 missiles found in UN-run school in Gaza
  179. Passenger plane with 295 aboard shot down over Ukraine
  180. Hamas violates humanitarian ceasefire
  181. IDF starts Gaza ground invasion
  182. Israel accused of war crimes (UK Parliament)
  183. Outrage as France become first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demos
  184. Hamas Interior Ministry - To Activists.
  185. Islam at it again
  186. MS13 gang pouring in
  187. Yup, good example of what I said about Muslims in America
  188. Israeli officials call for cutting energy and food supplies to Gaza
  189. R.I.P. James Garner
  190. Ukraine: Rebels have taken all plane crash bodies
  191. Proof - IDF Publishes Video of Hamas Shooting from within Homes
  192. 'Our Citizens are Under Siege': Perry Sends National Guard to Border
  193. Innocent man shot by Israeli snipers.
  194. In a hospital. At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians
  195. A Palestinian Girl's Message to the World
  196. Israel uses illegal weapons in Gaza
  197. Diversity based grading
  198. Grad Rocket Launchers Discovered Next to Gaza School
  199. Just for jafar....How are things in OZ now?
  200. Done Apologizing For Israel
  201. Israel lines the streets for American killed in Gaza
  202. Ukraine / Russia conflict
  203. Hamas and human shields
  204. How many Middle East conflict threads is DP going to have?
  205. Hamas leader calls for humanitarian truce in Gaza
  206. One side wants the other dead
  207. IAF targets Wafa hospital after attacks committed from within
  208. Ban the planes!
  209. Upholding the law is Un-American
  210. Russia firing artillery into Ukraine
  211. A message from Palestine
  212. Ramadan coming to a close
  213. Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price
  214. Kid shoots an RPG on the beach
  215. Bedbugs in the Senate
  216. Putin Isolated as EU Prepares Toughest Sanctions Yet on Russia
  217. Gaza truce efforts go up in smoke
  218. The Daily Terror.
  219. Hamas Killed 160 Palestinian Children to Build Terror Tunnels
  220. Bbc interviews hamas leader ..
  221. Smiles all around. I got the hint. Betrayal won.
  222. N. Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House
  223. Illegals protest outside of White House; No fear of arrest
  224. What Palestinians think of America
  225. Israeli airstrikes within an hour, completely leveled
  226. Israel hits symbols of Hamas rule; scores killed
  227. Homeland Security Raid Home to Seize Land Rover
  228. Hamas films own terror attack attempt
  229. 72 hour humanitarian cease fire
  230. Hamas detonates suicide bomb, kidnaps IDF soldier 90 minutes into ceasefire
  231. Michelle Obama says the "blood of Africa" runs through her veins
  232. Man Rapes Little Girl for Three Years – Planned Parenthood Helps Him Cover it Up
  233. Israeli sniper boasts about killing children on Instagram
  234. 12 Examples of Hamas Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas
  235. PICTURE: Israel’s Soldiers Protect Children With Their Own Bodies
  236. UK Prime Minister on Gaza
  237. James Brady dead
  238. 'Bomb Gaza' game
  239. Thomas Sowell on Drudge and Geraldo
  240. GOP Gubernatorial candidate, Jones calls opponent ‘misogynistic jerk’
  241. 2 solutions to problem in Gaza
  242. Obama's plan to legalize immigrants
  243. Watching the news again.
  244. Israel, Hamas resume fire after 3-day Gaza truce
  245. Hamas legitimate?
  246. Four vote margin in TN-4 Congressional Race
  247. Airstrikes in Iraq
  248. Eric Holder: Do NOT Target Career Criminals
  249. Europe and Islamophobia.
  250. Bridal Shop Owners Under Fire After Denying Lesbian Couple Wedding Gowns