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  1. NY Police Request Mayor Not Attend Their Funerals
  2. Hostages held in Sydney cafe, Islamic flag seen in window: local TV
  3. Just Saying, Brilliantly
  4. An Example Of My POV Regarding Facts
  5. I'll ride with you
  6. Gunman, two hostages killed as police storm Sydney siege cafe
  7. Half believe CIA interrogation methods justified: poll
  8. Taliban Hits Pakistani School
  9. `I Liked This Parable ..........................`
  10. `In Germany, anti-Islam voices grow louder, worrying leaders`
  11. This Sounds About Right, Which Is So Wrong
  12. Aussies Looking At Why Crazy Was Able To Act
  13. NYC protesters chant for 'dead cops'
  14. EU changes Hamas designation ...
  15. The Nine Ways To Destroy Your Life and Everyone Around You
  16. The obligatory BS stories about Cuba begin
  17. It's SOOOO important NOT to overpay your taxes this year
  18. Dog faces death after owner's will states that he be euthanized, buried with her
  19. 8 children killed in northern Australian city
  20. Liberal nightmares inside; tactical kids - miniMilitia?
  21. DOJ: Employers Can’t Discriminate Against Transgendered
  22. War on Christmas again
  23. Internet Sales Tax
  24. `Obama vows U.S. response to North Korea over Sony cyber attack`
  25. St. Louis prosecutor says shooting witnesses lied under oath
  26. Prosecutors: Mont. man was setting up traps for burglars
  27. Christmas Chicago Style: Mayor Rahm’s Son Robbed Right In Front Of Family’s Home
  28. Two New York cops shot dead execution style 'in revenge for Eric Garner': Gunman crep
  29. Obama Apologizes to Castro
  30. `3 men arrested in shooting death, robbery of Dallas mom`
  31. Believe us, OR ELSE!
  32. `***Sharpton: Our city is hurting from the vicious murder of two NYPD officers`
  33. Anti-intellectualism is taking over the U.S.
  34. TWO NYC COPS ASSASSINATED BY BLACK THUG: Sharpton’s, DeBlasio’s And Obama’s Race War
  35. Al Sharpton playing the victim?
  36. North Korea experiencing severe Internet outages
  37. 'Economic justice' group justifies execution of NYC cops
  38. ` North Korea goes completely offline: Report `
  39. `Entitlement Society Run Amok: WILD BRAWL Breaks Out Over Tab (Frantic 911 AUDIO)`
  40. BREAKING: Black Gang Issues Order… Murder All White Cops
  41. `You can leave your hat on...RIP Joe. .....`
  42. `Holder Condemns Murder of Officers`
  43. `Iran hails US-Cuba thaw as proof sanctions don't work`
  44. Ferguson Protesters Chant “Pigs in a Blanket” After Two NYC Police Officers Executed
  45. Black Students With Failing Grades Demanding A Free Pass
  46. Sony Changes Mind On Christmas Release, Again
  47. "Protestors To March On 5th Ave At 5pm
  48. WI NATIONAL GUARD ON STANDBY After Officer Cleared in Shooting
  49. Gun Control Ad Tells Kids to Steal Their Parents’ Guns & Bring Them To…School?!
  50. `Man Pulls Gun At McDonald’s After A Cheeseburger Is Missing`
  51. `Pennsylvania police find head on rural road, seeking body to match..................
  52. Stormy weather could snarl Christmas Eve travel plans for millions
  53. Protesters flood New York City streets despite mayor's call for moratorium
  54. US sending new deployment of forces to Iraq
  55. Al Sharpton's race rhetoric hurting America?
  56. Biden to attend funeral for murdered NY police officer
  57. St. Louis County police officer kills man who pulled gun, authorities say
  58. Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized, office says
  59. What's to blame for the state of race relations in US?
  60. Obama Wanted And Damit They Got It
  61. Oprah: white people must die
  62. LA police investigate song mocking dead black teen at ex-cop's party
  63. `JetBlue to fly Law Enforcement to NYC for funeral...............`
  64. `The Thai's are reaching for space................................`
  65. `Passenger tossed after flipping out over staff’s ‘Merry Christmas’`
  66. Russia — Condom Campaign
  67. Protests for second night after shooting near Ferguson
  68. `Off duty officer & wife beaten up after fender bender`
  69. Time for Sharpton to give it a rest?
  70. Is US gearing up for offensive against ISIS?
  71. Update on bakery owner whose shop was destroyed in Ferguson
  72. Eric Garner's daughter posts address of NYPD officer
  73. Most scandalous stories of 2014
  74. Police: Teen shot dead by shopper in attempted robbery had missed out on limited-edit
  75. N. Korea calls Obama 'monkey' in hacking row
  76. Setting Whites On Fire: The New Knock Out Game?
  77. `Armed Thug Shot By Good Samaritan`
  78. advocated for peaceful demonstrations in Ferguson charged Saturday with setting fire
  79. These are not “peaceful protests”: They want a race war that will lead to communist r
  80. If I Was to Write a Letter...
  81. Oh those evil LEO's
  82. `It’s Time To Play Cowboys and Communists`
  83. `Texas man uses firearm to stop assault`
  84. Were you affected by cyber terror attacks on gaming?
  85. Ferguson Protesters Sing: “Deck The Halls With Rows Of Dead Cops”
  86. `Yea....though I walk through valley......`
  87. 2-year-old accidentally kills his mom in Wal-Mart
  88. BREAKING: Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo dead at 82
  89. This is where we are: Thanks "progressives" for f'ing up society
  90. ...because only POLICE should have guns!! They're TRAINED after all...
  91. Example why we should avoid taxing online sales
  92. `A true champion of the common man`
  93. `NBPP calls for lifting weights and going to the gun range..............`
  94. New map of Middle East causes controversy
  95. Suburban Atlanta police chief says he was moving gun when he shot his sleeping wife
  96. I love a story with a happy ending
  97. Survival
  98. Gun Control
  99. Lawsuit: Guns seized after veteran, decorated cop seeks treatment for insomnia
  100. BlackLivesMatter Protests White People Eating Brunch
  101. `Conservatives rebel against Boehner`
  102. Germans protest against anti-Islam rallies
  103. Kerry Lied: National Gun Registration Is Part of the UN Small Arms Treaty
  104. `Suicide - by - Cop... Replica Gun... Suicide note left for cops.................`
  105. `Immigrants snap up new California driver licenses`
  106. Run Hillary Run
  107. Group seeks new grand jury in Ferguson police shooting case
  108. California breaks ground on bullet train project despite opposition, as price tag soa
  109. 12 killed and four critically injured after gunmen attack Paris office of French sati
  110. `She calls her machete ‘Rufus’ and she used it to stop a burglar................`
  111. BREAKING NEWS: Anti-terror police surround building in hunt for three suspects ....`
  112. Somewhere outside of I-285 will be hiring a new fire chief
  113. Radical imam Anjem Choudary on Charlie Hebdo attack
  114. 13 United Airlines flight attendants file federal complaint against company over firi
  115. A look at the reluctance to call out radical Islam
  116. Where is US policy to fight the Jihad?
  117. Another hostage situation in Paris
  118. Paris terrorists dead after hostage stand off
  119. `The West must choose identity or extinction...................................`
  120. Bill Maher: Hundreds Of Millions Of Muslims Support The Paris Shooting
  121. `Obama lawyers go to court to fight Redskins over team name`
  122. `Police: 4 people shot in botched robbery at Kansas gun shop...................`
  123. `Peters' Plan to Fight Terror: 'Leave Behind Smoking Ruins & Crying Widows'`
  124. `Best video of one of the Paris raids yesterday.....................`
  125. `Sheriff Arpaio invites Rev. Al Sharpton to undergo use of force scenario`
  126. Are they crazy??????
  127. Millions unite against terrorism in historic French demos
  128. `The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons That Muslim Terrorists Thought Were Worth Killing Over`
  129. ISIS Has Declared A War On Drugs. Now Heavily Armed Drug Lords Are Banding Together T
  130. Talking About Anti-Semetism In France/Europe
  131. `saudi fatwa: No snowmen!`
  132. Peters: 'Cowardness of western media' after Paris attack
  133. Centcom Social Sites Hacked Claimed By ISIS
  134. No Go Zones
  135. Is Europe Going To Get Lost In 'Anti-Islam' v 'Anti-Islamacists' Issue?
  136. Hanson: Multiculturalism v Western Civilization
  137. Cover Of Charlie Hebdo Due Out Wednesday
  138. America’s First Islamic Government: A Muslim Only City-State on American Soil
  139. If You Haven't Seen The New Video
  140. Dutch Muslims who 'don't like freedom' can f*** off
  141. `Walmart Bows to Political Correctness, Makes Big Change-Accommodate Muslims`
  142. `MUSLIM PREACHERS Plan TEXAS Rally To Defend the Prophet Mohammad Against..........`
  143. `Muslim prayer call At Duke U......`
  144. Ted Nugent Says: Save the planet: Kill the Muslim Third Reich
  145. Colleges/Universities Out of Control: Men Are Monsters
  146. `Former Gitmo detainee just opened first ISIS base in Afghanistan....`
  147. Belgium
  148. Something To Think About?
  149. `A whole new level of "my baby didn't do nothin'"`
  150. `This Will Be The Whitest Oscars Since 1998.....`
  151. Land of the Free?
  152. Ann Barnhardt, fearlessly…Cut the Crap: The problem is islam, and it has to be exterm
  153. Again, Something To Ponder
  154. Teen Bonnie and Clyde: Stolen Pickup Truck Found Abandoned in Georgia
  155. `......Sargent's Pass...`
  156. My workplace DOESN'T look like America
  157. `..............................Nothing to do with Islam.......................`
  158. Free Speech and Thought In Our Universities
  159. Doogie Howser Wannabe Busted At Hospital
  160. Visa waivers could help terrorists enter US, Homeland Security chief says
  161. Mother Charged With Burning Newborn Baby To Death
  162. `Maniac Wielding Machete Kicks Down Neighbors Door (video)`
  163. `So Where is the ACLU and the Freedom From "Religion" Folks?
  164. French TV fact checks Fox coverage of Paris shootings
  165. What Obama won't admit in State of the Union address
  166. Japan PM says country 'fighting against time' to free ISIS hostages
  167. Non-PC UK school forced to close ....
  168. Will There Be Blood In The Streets?
  169. ` reporter: Isis plans on killing ‘hundreds of millions’ in ‘religious cleansing’
  170. Obama: 'It's Time to Close Gitmo'
  171. England and EU
  172. On Religion
  173. Ferguson shooting - Feds are clearing Darren Wilson
  174. Yemen's Government Removed By Terrorists
  175. `Politician wants to ban human shaped targets`
  176. `Boehner invites Netanyahu to speak to Congress on Iran sanctions............`
  177. `Kansas Senate bill would let any legal gun owner to carry without permit`
  178. Saudi King Abdullah Dies
  179. Wisconsin sheriff: ‘Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from’
  180. `ISIS Says Japanese Hostages Were Executed -Video in Production.............`
  181. `How Obama Answered a Question About the ‘Po-Po’................................`
  182. `.....A citizen (subject) in the UK wants his guns back................`
  183. `Live and Learn......`
  184. Wow! NYT Does A Non-Snarkey Article On Megyn Kelly-FOX
  185. `Food stamp benefits cut off for thousands...............`
  186. Obama On Russia, SOTU
  187. Krauthammer on Israel/Iran and Obama
  188. Muslim Woman Sues Police For Forcing Her To Remove Hijab
  189. `GLOBAL WARMING ALERT: ......Blizzard to dump over 2 feet of snow on NYC`
  190. Anchor Gives Obama The Finger and looses her job
  191. Retiree Benefits
  192. Memories of a concentration camp
  193. College football players convicted of sexual assault
  194. Enforcing Required Immunizations
  195. TED NUGENT: What Nugent Just Called Obama Will Cause Libs To Throw A Hissy Fit
  196. Muslim woman says police made her remove Islamic scarf
  197. `We will cut off your head in the White House...ISIS threatens to behead Obama`
  198. Muslim Heritage My A**...
  199. Immigration Limits
  200. `Get outta here you low-life scum!!`
  201. Peter King reacts to US stance on prisoner exchanges
  202. `How do you say 'kiss my ***' in Somali?`
  203. Chris Kyle Was Trying to Warn Us about Obama Before He Died, This Video Captured His
  204. John Kerry fined $50 for failing to shovel snow outside home
  205. Serious questions about Saudi Arabia
  206. `Israelis make up their minds, spit at Obama........`
  207. Maybe I Won't Hang Up On The Next Telemarketer
  208. `Israeli Officials: Obama has Given Iran 80% of What they Want in Nuke Negot`
  209. Choose To Vaccinate
  210. Bobbi Kristina found unresponsive in tub
  211. `7 Facts About America’s Disability Check Explosion........`
  212. Why Tom Brady's fourth Super Bowl title may mean the most to him
  213. Go Sable!
  214. `...............minimum wage: poetic justice...`
  215. Obama Quietly Adds 5.46 Million Foreigners To Economy
  216. A liberal watches "American Sniper"
  217. This Guy Defines "Work Ethic"
  218. Was Chris Kyle’s killer a converted Muslim?
  219. "HE’S GOT A GUN!” Florida Man Tackles Concealed Carrier, Is Arrested for Battery
  220. `Seattle: Muslims demand teacher be fired for showing Muhammad cartoons`
  221. `Jordanian Pilot reportedly burned alive by ISIS...................................`
  222. `Attorney General: Final Report On IRS Probe To Come Out Soon................`
  223. How America can destroy the ISIS terrorists
  224. Border Patrol agents say gun sharing puts lives at risk
  225. Final Doom
  226. More black babies killed by abortion in New York City than were born
  227. ISIS has totally screwed up this time
  228. Liberal thinking......Can't make this story up......................
  229. `Well now`............NBC News' Brian Williams admits he wasn't on aircraft in Iraq``
  230. `......BOOM! Benjamin Netanyahu Just Exposed Obama on Live TV [VIDEO]`
  231. Grand Juries
  232. The UAE
  233. ``Obama Prayer Breakfast People Committed Terrible Deeds In Name of Christ``....
  234. `iranian commander: The 'Americans are begging us for a deal' `
  235. `...........People Jailed for Owing Less Taxes Than Al Sharpton`
  236. Krauthammer Nails The Obama Problem
  237. This is why CA University system is scary
  238. Shooting in Bourne Mass
  239. Clumsy African dictator can't buy a break
  240. `Rev. Graham to Obama: Unlike Christ, Mohammed ‘Killed Many Innocent People.....`
  241. Obama's Comparison of ISIS Militants to Medieval Christian Crusaders
  242. ``EPA`` proposes restrictions for new wood stoves.....................`
  243. The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House
  244. `Teenager charged for shooting in mall near Pittsburgh...........`
  245. I Know I've Said Plenty About Foodstamps Over The Years
  246. Dissatisfied illegals can now have Border Patrol agents punished
  247. Vigilance
  248. Unsafe Cars
  249. Connecticut begs super-rich residents not to leave
  250. `.....Bloomberg Suggests Banning Young Minority Males from Gun Ownership`