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  1. South Carolina Shooting: 9 Dead
  2. The damage of the EU was estimated at 100 billion euros.
  3. Wittnesses turn a blind eye.
  4. Black activists fear ‘race war’ amid Charleston shooting
  5. Widow Receives Nasty Note Over Her “Relentlessly Gay” Rainbow Yard Lights
  6. Moscow is seething. A great rally against Putin.
  7. The President of Estonia compared Ukraine with burglar-blackmailer
  8. The 'Roof Manifesto' Why?
  9. Church killings reignite debate on South Carolina flying Confederate battle flag
  10. New Orleans police officer killed while transporting suspect
  11. China's audacious territory grab!
  12. Ten shot, one killed, at Detroit block party
  13. American Sunnis
  14. Ten-Dolla Holla
  15. The Awakening
  16. Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag
  17. Marines looking to deploy on foreign ships because the U.S. doesn’t have enough
  18. Obama Says “We are not Cured” of Racism; Uses “N” Word
  19. Charleston comes together to mourn shooting victims
  20. Humor or not? Putin plot? Russia spreads 'Free Texas' mantra.
  21. Japan's Itochu Returns Stake To Samson Resources
  22. Statement from Sons of Confederate Veterans
  23. California Stinkin'
  24. Drummond!!!!!!!
  25. Westboro Baptist Church
  26. Police: 2-year-old girl left in car, dad charged with murder
  27. Exxon-Mobil stops production near pipeline spill
  28. Obama Celebrates Ramadan In The East Room of The White House...
  29. President Is “Angry,” Wants “Shift” in Attitude Toward Guns
  30. The Racism, The Manifesto and The Flags The Media Ignored….
  31. If its good enough for U.S. citizens, it's good enough for allied heads of state.
  32. Brazilian town celebrates Confederate heritage
  33. Freddie Gray's Death Ruled An Accident
  34. Not So Fast
  35. Well and at what here Putin, as the debts must be paid back in time&
  36. Alabama Gov. Bentley takes down state flag
  37. CNN Can't Decide Whether It's Gun hunting or Flag hunting
  38. A black viewpoint on the Confederacy
  39. United States to nominate Ukrainian President Poroshenko for a Nobel Peace Prize
  40. Confederate Frenzy: NY Film Critic Calls for Banning of ‘Gone With the Wind’
  41. Black Panther Ex-Chairman: ‘Complete’ Charleston’s Slave Rebellion’s Plan to Kill All
  42. Black Activists in Detroit Blame Democrats for Violence
  43. The 30,000-pound bomb that could be used against Iran's nuclear facilities 'boggles
  44. One of These Days
  45. Terrorism Beheading In France
  46. Al Sharpton to protest Brooklyn street named for Confederate army leader
  47. We should just kill the black people
  48. Gunmen kill 27 in attack on Tunisian resort
  49. Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide
  50. Ex-Russian PM & intel chief Primakov dies at 85
  51. Anybody seen this?
  52. Baltimore police open probe into new shooting of unarmed black man
  53. Woman removes Confederate flag in front of SC statehouse
  54. Does Anyone Understand Greece and EU?
  55. Churches forced to perform gay marriages?
  56. YEEhaw! This side-effect of the gay marriage ruling will make liberals EXPLODE
  57. Argentine judge orders seizure of Falklands drillers' assets
  58. Walmart Refused To Make His Confederate Flag Cake, See What Happens When He Asks For
  59. Oh Drummond!
  60. It's Monday-Greece
  61. U.S. Citizens Sign Petition to Ban American Flag
  62. Memphis Mayor Wants to Literally Dig Up Confederate General and Move Him
  63. Congratulations Democrats!
  64. The LoveWins Crowd
  65. Texas Liberals Sign Petition to Remove ‘Racist’ George Washington Statue
  66. Is Balu-ga a henchman?
  67. Not Buying Obama’s BS – Black Leaders Praise NRA, Support Constitution, Denounce WH R
  68. Activists Plan to Burn American Flags
  69. Obama’s America: Look what our troops are being FORCED to do for Islam’s holy month
  70. Shoot Them
  71. Is "too big to fail" the cause of Greece financial collapse?
  72. Not A Joke
  73. Why this black defender of the Confederate flag says slavery was ‘a choice’
  74. Russia's heroic war against .. YOGA ...
  75. I Work For Less
  76. Are The 4th 'Alerts' Real?
  77. Newt Gingrich predicts Georgia’s flag “may well be changed” again
  78. Another historic black church burns in South Carolina
  79. Does the Confederate flag represent history or hate?
  80. Video shows US citizens willing to ban American flag
  81. I live for a long time, but I can not remember such a humiliation.
  82. Happy Canada Day, Said1, Gnostic Bishop and others
  83. A Hero
  84. Black Man Arrested Posting White Supremacist Messages
  85. Active Shooter At DC Navy Yard
  86. CNN Anchor and Husband Shoot/Kill Robber
  87. Burn flags to protest police, then get saved by the police
  88. Gun Owner’s Strategy ‘Kills’ New Registration
  89. Majority Americans see Confederate flag as heritage/pride
  90. Boy's "Honk for the USA" draws the police
  91. Accused rapist sues Columbia for anti-male harassment
  92. This Cop Knew He Was Being Recorded – He Beat and Tortured a Handcuffed Man Anyway
  93. Support Grows for States to Ignore the Federal Courts
  94. New Constitutional Amendment
  95. Donald Trump
  96. Brazilian Evangelicals set up a 'sin free' version of Facebook
  97. Holiday misadventures
  98. Do You Know This is NOT the Confederate Flag?
  99. Parents Demand School Board ‘Opt-Out’ Of Sex Ed & Gender Identity Lessons…Then The Ro
  100. 60% "No" Vote In Greece
  101. NASCAR to fans: No more Confederate flags –
  102. Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing
  103. 70% Americans Believe Press Is Intentionally Biased
  104. US sissy have withdrawn becuse of dehydration
  105. China's Economy-A Big Greece?
  106. Farage: The European Union is dying before our eyes
  107. Mysterious Sounds Above Earth.....
  108. Disturbing video shows Florida State QB punch woman in bar incident
  109. Officials: US jets scramble to intercept Russian bombers off California, Alaska coast
  110. 54 Wounded And 10 Killed In Chicago As Liberals Bitched About The Confederate Flag
  111. The Big Apple Has Maggots
  112. Need I say More?
  113. "US to cut 40,000 soldiers from Army"
  114. Texas demands its gold from the Feds
  115. `White Cincinnati man beaten half to death by black mobs on 4th of July 2015`
  116. UAL, Now NYSE Shut Down For 'Computer Glitches'
  117. Another blow against freedom. new zealand hates freedom
  118. Baltimore mayor cans police commissioner
  119. UNcivil Unrest......
  120. Is "Something Happening Here?"
  121. Confederate Flag - SC to the South
  122. 'Nothing to debate': Second Amendment, legal gun in my purse saved our lives
  123. Illegal accused of killing 18-year-old, burning 3-year-old alive
  124. Saudi Arabian media practices exposed by Reporters Without Borders
  125. Is Jared a child perv?
  126. >>> Anytime...Anyplace...Anywhere...PART 2 <<< XXX
  127. Lol, hope I don't offend anyone! Oh wait, I don't care :)
  128. `Whitehouse silent as Kate Steinle laid to rest
  129. Seriously, No Words!
  130. So if you're a dumbass wetback
  131. Support grows for officer suspended for refusing to kill orphaned bear cubs
  132. Investigator: Oklahoma Wal-Mart manager helped steal $75,000
  133. Equality For Your Neighborhood
  134. Hold Your Breath
  135. MTV and An Illegal Alien to Air a Show about What it means to be White
  136. As Always, Pushing The Step Too Far
  137. **** > 6 teens accused of murder in New Mexico man's shooting death
  138. ‘I'm wiping my "butt" with your sh-t flag': This Black Chick Does The Unforgivable
  139. Child Abuse: Oregon Now Allowing 15-Year-Olds to Undergo Sex Change Surgeries without
  140. Top drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escapes
  141. `The Kurds are good RPG shooters!`
  142. If Every American Saw This 3 Minute Video, Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Stand A Chance
  143. Why Colt Went Out of Business
  144. *Rhode Island Beach Blast: Strange......
  145. New Horizons Pluto Flyby at 750am EST
  146. Mob of Blacks Descend on Car with Mother of Two, Shatter Back Window, Yell Racial Slu
  147. NYC reaches $5.9 million settlement in chokehold death case
  148. Male manager caught on tape hitting female employee
  149. Pentagon officials announce plan to lift transgender ban in military
  150. APNewsBreak: Jail's clerical error acknowledged in South Carolina church shooting gun
  151. Hardship in Greece strengthens UK eurosceptics
  152. Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts
  153. Most disliked State in the USA:
  154. Get Well Soon, Bush 41!
  155. This nailed how I feel these days
  156. James Holmes Verdict Reached
  157. War on words? Democrats propose ban on 'husband and wife'
  158. The Big One
  159. The More Things Change...
  160. Whatever Happened to Us?
  161. Seattle debates Sharia law-sanctioned housing
  162. O'Malley apologizes for saying 'all lives matter' at liberal conference
  163. White Lives Matter
  164. Tomi Lahren - on Tenn. and Islam
  165. Obama Embarrassed By How Charleston Shooter Obtained His Gun
  166. Green Beret loses Silver Star because of some desk-sitting Army secretary
  167. `Obama looks to ban Social Security recipients from owning guns.....`
  168. The White Rodney King
  169. Did You See That?
  170. Muslim Free Zone
  171. Shameful
  172. Threat to US servicemen in UK
  173. Texas Town Erupts Over Plan for Muslim Cemetery
  174. Obama Ripped for Not Honoring Tenn. Victims; Congress, Trump Lower Flags
  175. Obama Won’t Defend Recruiting Offices – But Armed Citizens Will & Do!
  176. The Russian answer to the U.S. squadron of Tu-22 in Crimea.
  177. Italy forced to recognize gay marriage.
  178. Your Tax Dollars At Work
  179. Florida gun shop a 'Muslim-free zone.' Is that legal?
  180. The United States of Secession
  181. Saudi Arabia's King Salman backs Israel over Iran nuclear deal concerns
  182. US weapons found at Luhansk airport storehouse earlier controlled by Kiev military
  183. Allen West slams Obama, and does it hard...HARD....
  184. Crimean referendum helped avoid Ukraine scenario — French lawmaker
  185. Russian Air Force to start exercise in East Siberia on Friday
  186. Platinum is cheaper than gold, a freak situation
  187. Official: 2 dead in movie theater shooting, including gunman
  188. "July Fourth message from Russian bombers......"
  189. Gay Pride Event Bans Cross-Dressing because It Might Offend Transgender People
  190. French lawmakers say Crimea’s return to Russia legitimate
  191. Ukraine's new police on charm offensive in Kiev - government's first visible reform
  192. President Obama is wrong-again
  193. Muslim Man’s Epic Rant Against the Islamic State Goes Viral [Video]
  194. Gun Sales Surge in Chattanooga after Shooting
  195. Activists fighting uncivil behavior in Mexico
  196. Should LCDR Timothy White Be Prosecuted for shooting back?
  197. Sandra Bland
  198. Obama: Guns a Greater Threat than Terrorism
  199. Has Marilyn Mosby been bluffing in Freddie Gray case?
  200. Outrage after professor tweets US more 'brutal' than ISIS
  201. Serial Killer
  202. `Donald Trump is crushing everyone in New Hampshire`
  203. Los Angeles bans large capacity ammo mags
  204. Magnitude 6.3 earthquake rattles south-central Alaska
  205. Road Rage in Florida
  206. Is it Flight MH370?
  207. Delegation of Italian MPs: Crimea’s referendum was legitimate
  208. Moscow says National Endowment for Democracy aimed at destabilization of situation
  209. Kate's Law
  210. The guy in this news story handled it wrong
  211. PISSED OFF MARINE: Just Sent A Message to Obama That You Gotta Hear
  212. BLACK THUGS: Knocked Out Ten Teeth from White Girl’s Mouth, Left Her Unrecognizable
  213. Minimum Wage Increase Increases Economic Activity
  214. "ROWDY" Roddy Piper dies at age 61
  215. Ukrainians together with British got crazy.
  216. Video: Reporter Booted Out of Black Lives Matter Rally for Being White
  217. Russian Defence Minister: Rolls by Chinese military cooks are ‘delicious’
  218. UK plane crash kills members of Bin Laden family
  219. Russia prolongs lax migration rules for Ukrainian citizens
  220. Cop Shot
  221. Allen West: Navy to prosecute Chattanooga hero
  222. Protest at Stone Mountain
  223. Ted Rall Dropped From LA Times
  224. UK/France Also With Border Problems
  225. PLO Vs US Terror Victims
  226. Getting SWAT Raids Under Control-A Start
  227. Hearing
  228. Eliminate the Competition
  229. Liberal Eyes
  230. Farrakhan: We Must Rise Up and Kill Those Who Kill Us; Stalk Them and Kill Them
  231. UN: Jail Parents Who Spank Their Children
  232. Rachel Dolezal’s Shocking New Confession Will Leave You Really Confused
  233. ME Men Intimidating Military Families
  234. Cops Munching MJ Candy Bars Weird Defense
  235. How NOT to land an SU-35
  236. Ukrainian tent-circus continues it's show.
  237. France will pay compensation worth €1.2 billion to Russia for cancelled Mistral deal.
  238. Hundreds of people demanding impartial monitoring
  239. Russia-China joint military drills to help counter new threats.
  240. Bottom Feeder
  241. Putin Orders Destruction Of Food From 'Enemies'
  242. MP says: use anti-terror laws on teachers who say gay marriage is ‘wrong’
  243. "A bunch of white kids creating a disturbance. Shameful. Where are the cops ?"
  244. Russia hacks Pentagon computers: NBC, citing sources
  245. Florida mom, sons found with slit throats victims of Wicca ritual killing
  246. Huge theft fail
  247. Holmes Avoids Death Penalty
  248. ~ "Megyn Kelly, Fox News under fire on social media with allegations of bias" ~
  249. 7 years after Georgian aggression against South Osetia.
  250. Punishing Work