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  1. Stabbing in Germany
  2. Mexico Won’t Take Cuban Migrants, Tells Panama to Dump Them on U.S. Border
  3. 'Crazed' German knife attacker kills one, wounds three
  4. Bozo off to Hiroshima
  5. Caitlyn Jenner Experienced ‘Sex Change Regret,’ Might De-Transition
  6. Thus it Begins
  7. Texas Republicans to Vote on Seceding From U.S
  8. Race To The Bottom
  9. Congress Is OK With Unrestrained War Powers For Donald Trump
  10. SOUTH CHINA SEA WATCH: US angers China as UN ruling looms
  11. Found A British Journal I Like
  12. Coast Guard Suspends Search
  13. Driverless Trucks
  14. NYC to Fine Businesses That Don’t Use Correct Gender Pronouns
  15. Obama Raises Minimum Wage for Overtime Workers
  16. Where were you? 18 May 1980. St helens.
  17. Chinese jets intercept U.S. military plane over South China Sea: Pentagon
  18. Fallacy..Black Lives Matters
  19. Bathrooms, Declare State of Emergency
  20. Armed Man Shot by SS Outside of the White House.
  21. Thanks Obama, H Clinton, and Kerry
  22. Russia urges joint strikes on Syria rebels but U.S. reacts coolly
  23. Portland Public schools admit their religious bias in text books - #ClimateCult
  24. Terrorists in Baltimore prepare ahead of verdict
  25. The Real Agenda Behind Black Lives Matter
  26. Bill Cosby WILL STAND trial on sex assault charges
  27. Illegal Immigrants Receive 1/3 More Welfare than Legal Borns
  28. Islamic state group leader urges attacks in europe and us
  29. Transgender Illegal Immigrants - seriously?
  30. Man Who Wants To Use Women's Bathroom Complains In New York Times
  31. Memorial Day crosses removed from public property
  32. Oberlin students want to abolish midterms and any grades below C
  33. Socialism is Awesome
  34. Things Don't Go Well for a Carjacker's Attempt to Steal a Combat Vet's Motorcycle
  35. Vandals Deface Vietnam War Memorial
  36. Cincinnati gorilla killed after boy falls into zoo enclosure
  37. VIDEO: Americans Have No Idea What Memorial Day Is
  38. Freakin' bleedin hearts sicken me
  39. New petition asks President Obama to create national holiday for mixed-race families
  40. How long before North Korea can nuke a U.S. city?
  41. The world's longest tunnel opens in Switzerland
  42. Bus full of pansies
  43. Victim's father attacks serial killer in court
  44. Teacher having sex with 8th grade boy
  45. the new American Flag??
  46. When Italians immigrated to the USA
  47. Feds Secretly Releasing Violent Criminal Aliens En Masse
  48. OPEC is 'finished' as cartel hands control of oil to markets
  49. Firefighters Told To Remove American Flags From Their Trucks
  50. Muslims mark start of Ramadan, many under cloud of war
  51. This is Outrageous! Marine Vet Fired for Lowering the American Flag on Memorial Day
  52. Another Judicial Screw-Up
  53. Conscientious Objector - Drafted - Draft Dodging
  54. Anakona16 - largest E.Europe Wargame since Cold War
  55. Cubans reach FL in 'Obama boat'
  56. A Dry Run for a Northwest Megaquake
  57. U.S. Spy Plane Intercepted by Chinese Jets Over Asian Waters
  58. Sex Change Bombshell: Richard Simmons Is Secretly Living As A Woman!
  59. this generation’s almost belligerent sense of entitlement. "Special Snowflakes"
  60. Democrats hate the poor - evidence
  61. "No automatic right to carry concealed weapons"
  62. Horseback Hero: Eagle Point rancher lassos alleged bicycle thief
  63. Orlando Mass Shooting, FBI Says Shooter 'Lean Radical Islam'
  64. Obama: ‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre
  65. Condolences to the Orlando victims
  66. Again FBI had this guy "on the radar"
  67. If the shooter doesn't represent all muslims
  68. You can buy an AR-15 in seven minutes
  69. London needs a god-dmn revolution
  70. Gays for Trump
  71. Islam’s Jihad Against Homosexuals
  72. Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by ‘Moderate Muslims’
  73. Logic- lefty style
  74. Captain Clay Higgins
  75. Obama's tantrum a striking display of failed leadership.
  76. Senate bill would require women to register for draft
  77. British MP shot, stabbed
  78. Flag lowering protocol???
  79. Former Navy SEAL: The AR-15... Excellent!
  80. Arguing with a liberal about guns
  81. So much for "Britain First"
  82. 120 F Temps?
  83. Some math for the gun grabbers
  84. What Makes Obama Mad
  85. DC Court Bows to Obama's 'Net Regulations
  86. CIA Chief: ISIS Sending Operatives to US
  87. Loretta Lynch Slaps FBI: No-Fly List Can Be Used to Ban Gun Buyers
  88. Supreme Court denies challenge to state assault weapons ban
  89. Racist? Sotomayor Dissent Reads Like ‘A Black Lives Matter Manifesto’
  90. Giuliani agrees w/ Trump about profiling
  91. Judge Jeanine Pirro - "get a gun" - and also no fly list
  92. 7-Year-Old Girl Shoots An AR-15 Gun For The First Time
  93. So-Cal Fire
  94. Brexit ...
  95. Hey Ellesar
  96. Dems Acting Like Babies ... Again
  97. The NRA is NOT Giving Away Guns!
  98. Supreme Court Blocks Obama Immigration Plan
  99. Court Mulls Law Limiting Docs' Talk With Patients About Guns
  100. Good Lord! WTF?
  101. Mass shooting in Germany
  102. Big Problem for Britain - leaving the EU
  103. Dennis Miller Brexit quote
  104. Brexit losers NOW want to change the rules
  105. 14 killed in Somalia hotel attack
  106. Baltimore prosecutor rushes to prosecute...
  107. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  108. Top 5 crappy myths about 'gun violence/control'
  109. Rise of the EU Superstate?
  110. Shining example of incompetence - Benghazi Report Dissent
  111. Gun control isn't the answer. We already know how to stop the violence
  112. Concealed Carrier Shuts Down Active Shooter at SC Nightclub
  113. K-8 school teaches white students they’re born racist
  114. Robot-powered burger joint could put fast food workers out of a job
  115. Why the AR-15 is the ideal personal firearm
  116. Chilcot Report
  117. Alton Sterling shooting
  118. Cops: Mother Swung Her Baby "Like A Bat"
  119. Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral
  120. 2016 Election and Brexit
  121. 10 Dallas cops shot, at least 3 cops dead.
  122. Relations with the "sworn" friend and his people. Russia and the United States
  123. **Live Wire** Black Lives Matter Protest, Disrupt Major Cities Throughout USA
  124. Black cop's message to the BLM group
  125. Black Panther Leader Urges Blacks To Kill All White Men and Their Families
  126. Are Blacks Disproportionately Involved In Police Shootings?
  127. Obama Plans More Nuclear Disarmament in His Final Days
  128. first black Miss Alabama says Dallas shooter a martyr.
  129. OMG O-blah-blah is in Dallas
  130. Confederate Flag Controversy, Again.
  131. Dozens dead in Nice in Bastille Day attack.
  132. Michael Flynn: Nice Attack Will Reveal 'Big Connection' to Radical Islam
  133. Media Blames Truck, Not Terrorists or Islam
  134. Wear a Headscarf Or Be Raped
  135. Coup Attemp In Turkey?
  136. Too many Muslims among us believe in violence
  137. Reuters - Black Panthers - armed protest at RNC
  138. Man arrested for Facebook threats
  139. Looks Like France Wants To Arm More Citizens
  140. From Orlando to Nice: One month of madness
  141. Here we go again.
  142. Obama to police - admit their failures
  143. Sheriff Clarke pissed on CNN
  144. Freddie Gray case - 4th officer not guilty
  145. ‘Please Don’t Let Hate Infect Your Heart’
  146. Murdochs decide to oust Fox News chief Ailes
  147. Cop shot in KCK
  148. Turning the Town Blue.
  149. Calling a Palestinian a "terrorist" is like calling Sitting Bull a "terrorist".
  150. New "reparations" website to pay back black folks
  151. Ailes Out At FOX
  152. Shooting At Munich Mall?
  153. Breaking News: Reports of 19 dead, 20 injured in knife attack outside Tokyo.
  154. Priest murdered--France
  155. Charges Dropped Against All Officers In Freddie Gray Case
  156. John Wayne Hinckley Jr. Freed 35 Years After Trying to Impress Jodie Foster
  157. Woman calls police - Plastic Gag Toy "Sexually assaulted" her
  158. Restaurants: A Harbinger of Recession
  159. Sheriff Clarke Again...
  160. Louisiana's 'Blue Lives Matter' Bill Makes Attacking Cops a Hate Crime
  161. You Won't 'Belieb' How Little These Justin Bieber Fans Know About U.S. Presidents
  162. Toddler Hosts Tea Party With Officer Who Saved Her Life a Year Ago
  163. Woot! Oil Prices Fall Below $40
  164. Ohhh, Goodness
  165. 4 Released Hostages, $400 Million Paid Secretly
  166. Would Someone Please Shoot This Fag from NBC?
  167. Trump dismisses Buffett's rebuke over his business judgment
  168. Machete Attack In Belgium
  169. Muslim student suspended for homemade clock sues school
  170. Is Russia Planning Move Using Our Elections?
  171. Oh Wow!
  172. Milwaukee Going Through Ferguson?
  173. Don't stand in front of cars!
  174. Black Lives Matter rioters targeting white people
  175. Might Be Spontaneous Combustion In Sweden?
  176. Leftie candidate suggests IS negotiations
  177. Strong Cities Network the global police force
  178. Milwaukee, similar to Ferguson?
  179. Riots A Result Of "Can't Take It Anymore!"
  180. After Near 8 Years Of 'Leading From Behind'
  181. Obama's $400 Million Lie
  182. 2 weird things Happened in Europe
  183. Costs and Subsidies
  184. Sheriff David Clarke - "Black LIES matter"
  185. Lefties bang on doors, spit on Trump supporters
  186. Crossing the border
  187. American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
  188. 'GunnyTime'
  189. David Duke running for senate Again...
  190. A Sweet Story
  191. Italy 6.2 Earthquake
  192. Why The Border Shouldn't Be A Political Gambit
  193. Iran harassing US Navy ships
  194. School district bans rap music
  195. Anyone Else Looking At the 1.3B 'We' Sent Iran?
  196. American Treasure Gene Wilder dies at 83
  197. August most violent month in Chicago in 20 years
  198. Minnesota Gun Buyback Program Misfires
  199. WV Trooper Bonding With Baby Pulled From DUI Arrest
  200. Equal Rights Amendment
  201. Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students
  202. Greta Van Susteren to leave Fox News after 14 years
  203. Neighbor bulldozes man's home
  204. Iranian vessel 'harasses', sails close to U.S. Navy ship in Gulf
  205. Muslims complain about town's 9/11 memorial
  206. Not $400 million - but $1.7 billion?
  207. Harvey
  208. Ann Coulter - Rob Lowe Roast
  209. Mom and daughter marry in Oklahoma
  210. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce deal
  211. Anniversary is coming up
  212. Burkas a part of police uniform ??
  213. Syrian Refugee US Arrivals in September To Date
  214. John Hinckley released
  215. U.S. Students on Track to Learn America Is to Blame for 9/11
  216. Man stores dead Mom in freezer
  217. Ohio Police Post Photo of Adults Apparently Unconscious With 4-Year-Old in Backseat
  218. Always Good To Read Truth
  219. Interesting Time Line Regarding GW and 9/11
  220. Black Body Count Rises as Chicago Police Step Back
  221. Atheist Group Demands Texas School Paint Over Ten Commandments Mural
  222. White crime pays
  223. 'Black Rifles Matter' Sign Causes Controversy
  224. Al-Qaeda Urges Black Americans to Convert to Islam
  225. Bronx trio's planned 9/11 bomb hoax
  226. Girls sues her parents over Facebook photos
  227. You know you have too much time on your hands if...
  228. ‘transphobic’ controversial new film
  229. Maryland schools ban thousands of students without government-mandated vaccinations
  230. Hooked: A teacher's addiction and the new face of heroin
  231. A Mob Of Yale Students Bully A Professor
  232. New wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks ?
  233. Police Department Invades Local Mexican Eatery
  234. Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Soros for Inciting Race War
  235. Democracy has come to Ukraine.
  236. Domestic Bombing at Semper Fi Run
  237. 2 Explosive Devices In One Day?
  238. Air support of the coalition of the West of Islamic State militants.
  239. FBI Looking At Possible Terror Cell: Looks Like They Do Some Things Right
  240. T l m
  241. How many are aware of this?
  242. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting divorced
  243. Tulsa Oklahoma shooting, man had hands up
  244. Massachusetts law may force churches to let ‘transgender’ men use women’s restrooms
  245. 12 officers injured, fires set, as protests break out in Charlotte
  246. Breaking Reports of Chemical Attack on US Troops In Iraq
  247. Charlotte, NC
  248. EU moves to declassify Hamas as terrorists --
  249. Anjem Choudary reportedly attacked in prison ...
  250. Black Lives Matter: Does The Truth Matter?