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  1. Russia moves to decriminalise wife beating ...
  2. Kremlin says Russia has no plans to get back to G8
  3. S-400 air defense missile regiment to assume combat duty in Crimea
  4. CNN is like watching an Obama infomercial
  5. Twitter Deletes Donald Trump’s Twitter Account: “We Will Not Tolerate Racism & Hate”
  6. Iceland is ready to contribute to organization of meeting between Putin and Trump
  7. "In Russia, in the 68th year of life died suddenly, U.S. Ambassador John Tefft."
  8. Kaliningrad has offered Lithuania a brick for the erection of a fence on the border
  9. Kremlin: Russia is not going to groundlessly accuse other countries of cyberattacks
  10. Kremlin agrees with Trump that NATO is 'vestige of past'
  11. Kremlin does not confirm reports that US invited to Astana talks on Syria
  12. A tempting offer? -Wikileaks
  13. Topol-M missile fired from Plesetsk hits hypothetical target in Kamchatka
  14. Russian combat engineers defuse over 20,000 munitions in Aleppo
  15. Russia's space agency to replace Soyuz spacecraft that will be launched to ISS
  16. Putin accuses outgoing US administration of attempting to undermine Trump’s legitimac
  17. Lavrov believes US wanted to use IS, Jabhat al-Nusra to overthrow Assad
  18. Impeachment
  19. Authorities: Trooper was shot by driver he sought to help
  20. NBC hacked the election
  21. Putin: Those who ordered fake report on Russia’s Trump dossier worse than prostitutes
  22. Crimea’s head invites French presidential contender Le Pen to visit peninsula
  23. Chinese Foreign Ministry: Beijing ready to boost cooperation with Moscow
  24. Kremlin: Issue on Crimea status not matter of discussion for Moscow
  25. Obama: Constructive Relationship With Russia Is in America’s Interest Good Joke. LOL
  26. Russia, Turkey conducting first joint air operation against Islamic State
  27. Russian observers to monitor elections in France, Serbia
  28. Ukraine’s Savchenko expelled from Rada security, defense committee
  29. Iran strongly opposes US participation in Syria talks in Astana — leader’s advisor
  30. Upgraded Night Hunter's weapon systems to surpass all foreign counterparts — designer
  31. Russia’s new active protection system to shield T-72, T-90 tanks from US TOW missiles
  32. Lavrov says EU countries’ leaders openly interfered in US election campaign
  33. Russian expert calls Trump’s statement on nuclear disarmament impromptu
  34. President Trump's speech
  35. Russia hopes Trump administration will send Mideast expert to Astana talks
  36. More People At National Mall For Women’s March Than Attended Trump Inauguration
  37. Ashley Judd
  38. Trump's Press Secretary Slams the MSM
  39. This is Bullshit!
  40. Probable hypothetical - Trump.
  41. Texas governor threatens funding cut over sanctuary cities
  42. Trump discussed Iran with Benjamin Netanyahu , invited BN TO EARLY FEB. VISIT
  43. Rogozin calls "dangerous incident" UK botched missile launch
  44. Russia’s anti-ballistic missile defense system to be upgraded by late 2017
  45. US Sent $221 Million to Palestinians in Obama's Last Hours
  46. U.S. Army Deployment to Europe Encounters Logistical Challenges LOL
  47. Analyst believes China’s missiles near Russian borders targeted against US
  48. Balu worry about your own country
  49. Trump willing to work with Russia against ISIS
  50. Sperm, Craigslist, Lesbians & Welfare : What Could Go Wrong?
  51. Lost his Marbles:
  52. Lavrov warns West will have to pay dearly for stoking revolutions in Middle East
  53. Proposal would establish California as separate nation
  54. Real Hotel Keys and Paper Ballots
  55. Conversation btw Putin, Trump may give head-start to Russia-US dialogue, says expert
  56. Crimea for Dummies
  57. Kremlin says 'it's not our business' to comment on Trump's entry ban
  58. Putin and Trump may meet before July G20 summit in Hamburg
  59. Russian top diplomat comments on first Putin-Trump conversation
  60. More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S.
  61. Putin Taking On Ukraine Again
  62. Tsk tsk, those unfeeling Italians
  63. Iranian 'Trial Run' On US Ship Attack?
  64. Russian aviation watchdog regrets MH17 crash investigators delay probe deadlines
  65. Stoltenberg says NATO, US want dialogue with Russia 'based on strength'
  66. Iran and The 'Travel Ban'
  67. Thousands of dossiers on French presidential contenders available in archives
  68. Administration: Iran Is 'On Notice'
  69. Lavrov expresses hope for better Russian-US relations in message to Tillerson-source
  70. Boy Scouts Cave In to Fags
  71. Putin: Kiev needs money, aggravates situation in Donbass to show itself off as victim
  72. Russia's secret shield: Perimeter, aka Dead Hand
  73. Iran’s missile launch gives the Russian-U.S. honeymoon its first crisis
  74. South Dakota Republicans repeal anti-corruption law
  75. background check for mentally ill repealed
  76. Easing of US sanctions paves way for setting up anti-terror coalition
  77. Trump Hammers Iran With New Sanctions
  78. Planned Parenthood Staff Members Admit Ultrasounds ‘Only for Abortions’
  79. ‘Global Warming’ Data Manipulated Before Paris Conference
  80. "Any negative polls are fake news"
  81. Atomic Weapons 101
  82. Third World salaries paid to Russian workers
  83. Betsy DeVos confirmed 51-50
  84. Coffee Shops to hire veterans
  85. Police Officer: Speak out on Migrant Crime: get investigated
  86. Remember folks testing 2nd amendment carry?
  87. Sessions confirmed
  88. Well It Looks Like EU Might Have A Problem
  89. Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are 'definitely' terrorists
  90. Julian Assange may get evicted...
  91. Drug lord Chapo's sons say ex-ally attacked them
  92. What would some choose here? Capitalism or Socialism?
  93. Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election
  94. KKK leader killed
  95. McCain bashes Trump
  96. Exposing Soros : US Taxpayer Funds to Create Liberal Thugs
  97. “Muslim Terrorism” Does not Exist
  98. Day without immigrants
  99. Last night in Sweden...
  100. Venezuelans now waiting in lines to eat garbage - see photos in news story
  101. Russia's ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies
  102. Milo Yiannopoulos. Well
  103. Obama Presidential Library...
  104. Germany to Tap Migrant Phones to Tackle Asylum Fraud
  105. Live free or die...
  106. How to avoid immigration arrests
  107. Sharia Law MF'ers harrass good folks in Minnesorta
  108. Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes has passed away at age 66 after a brief illness.
  109. Provide Hope - really thank you...
  110. ......Muslim Preschool Teacher FIRED for Tweeting “Kill Some Jews”
  111. You can't make this stuff up
  112. Not Just Climate Change: Fake Science
  113. If you want to see Communist indoctrination first hand, here's a source
  114. About That Radioactive Cloud Traversing Across Europe
  115. Da Oscars
  116. Father of slain Navy Seals wants investigation into "stupid mission"
  117. Dumb....Just Dumb!
  118. China to cut 500,000 steel and coal jobs this year
  119. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from campaign probes, Russia questions
  120. O.K. This I DO NOT Like!
  121. Trumpcare!
  122. Anyone Have Thoughts On Wikileaks and Intelligence Releases?
  123. Starbucks Stock Rating Drops 80 Points After Announcing Opposition to President Trump
  124. President Temer Lauds Women's Supermarket Skills on IWD - Viva Brasil!
  125. Iran Has Been Put ‘On Notice’; Time to Show U.S. Means Business
  126. Why to vote Democrat: Book Of Blank Pages
  127. Good News For US/AK Not So Much For ME
  128. Head shot: SAS sniper kills ISIS decapitation boss with single bullet to the head....
  129. Welcome to "HOLLANDISTAN".......
  130. Judge rules that Syrian refugee can enter US in first defiance of Donald Trump's new
  131. Current situation on Russian forums (boards) as to the forthcoming film about Putin
  132. It is interesting. What will happen in the USA? 'Prohibition of debts in America'
  133. RIP Captain Dara Fitzpatrick
  134. Powerful...sent by a friend:
  135. Red, White & Blue is racist once again
  136. Admiral arrested in "sex for secrets" scandal
  137. GOP Intel chair: No evidence of wiretapping
  138. Snoop Dogg pushes your buttons
  139. Trump immigration ban trumped again
  140. Teacher quits after Islamic students threaten to behead her
  141. He was a good boy...and wanted to be a Doctor....
  142. Hail! Hail! Chuck Berry: Remembering a Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Dies
  143. Leftist students to silence their opposition
  144. Amy Schumer Blames 'Alt Right'
  145. US Pays 22.1% of NATO Budget; Germany 14.7%; 13 Allies Pay Less Than 1%
  146. Half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported
  147. Mark Cuban - healthcare is/should be a right
  148. Latest Snowflake Outrage: Wonder Woman Has No Armpit Hair
  149. The Blaze Suspends Tomi Lahren
  150. Now London suffers its latest terrorist attack
  151. The Ally That Isn't
  152. Russia, China and refugees
  153. Smartphones dirtier than toilets
  154. It's Not Healthy Being A Putin Critic
  155. Atlanta family battling state over right to name daughter Allah
  156. Convicted Terrorist Who Organized “Day Without Women” To Be Deported
  157. Trump honors medal of honor winners
  158. Hollywood & Healthcare
  159. Women's rights - Shariah law
  160. I figured it out!!
  161. Marine Veteran Becomes First Double-Amputee Cop
  162. "Springfield homeowner pulls gun on armed invaders....."
  163. Commercial spectator sports: what's the psychology behind the success?
  164. No gender
  165. I Am SOOO Glad
  166. ‘Virtually Uncovered’–NYT Admits CNN And MSNBC Are Ignoring Rockville Rape
  167. Ex-terrorist who led Women’s March just received a big fat dose of American justice..
  168. Huma Abedin ‘Working Hard’ to Save Marriage with Anthony Weiner
  169. WTF is this trend of harpy Anglo woman bosses killing work-from-home ?
  170. Which was the better president? Obama, or Bush?
  171. The Debt Ceiling Fast Approaches. Another Govt. Shut Down?
  172. `.......Three less democrat liberals to vote in the next election`
  173. Congress gives ISPs the right to sell your web browsing and app storage history
  174. ...... bikini airlines
  175. A Liberal, Obama Staff member SPILLS it all. IGNORE if you hate TRUTH.
  176. Is Islam different from other religions? This author suggests it may be.
  177. Too Many White Students
  178. Minsk Protest - maybe a good idea? tax the under-employed
  179. President Trump's 2nd immigration of Muslim suspension judicially blocked
  180. North Korea Very Upset With McCain
  181. Mexican Attorney General Charged With Drug Trafficking at San Diego Border
  182. SpaceX: Elon Musk, reuseable rockets, reducing $costs, &...
  183. Political parties in the U.S.: net benefit? net detriment?
  184. April 1 - a good day to enjoy some quotations ...?
  185. Political Fairness? Should the Dems. block the senate Gorsuch vote?
  186. Explosion hits metro in Russia’s St. Petersburg, at least 10 feared dead — source
  187. Senator Rand Paul (R) gets President Trump's ear on healthcare
  188. More people are leaving NY
  189. President Trump Donates First Quarter Salary
  190. April 4, 2017: deadline for bids on "I'm gunna build a wall."
  191. More Chemical Weapon Use In Syria
  192. This is Absolutely Disgusting!
  193. Trump signs away some of YOUR Internet privacy rights
  194. No problem.......Ya got'ta do what you got'ta do.
  195. Trump policy will cripple tourism, business
  196. N. Korea sends missile into Sea of Japan
  197. Russia bans money transfers to Ukraine via foreign payments systems
  198. Forced gender segregation
  199. Pepsi and Kendall Jenner
  200. Uranium One
  201. Barry Manilow
  202. What do current public opinion polls tell us about policy merit?
  203. Don Rickles, Legendary Insult Comic, Dies at 90
  204. Russia bans 'extremist' picture of Vladimir Putin as a gay clown
  205. This Is Just Plain DUMB!
  206. US Fires At Least 30 Tomahawks At Syria
  207. Russia's military support of Assad regime
  208. Stockholm: Large Truck Driven Into Group of Pedestrians
  209. PolitiFact: Guess Kerry Was Wrong
  210. Who will "blink"? Putin? Or Trump?
  211. The USA is a State-terrorist Media: Trump offered to kill Kim Jong UN
  212. Russia, China: Is Trump Crazy?
  213. CNN: Who and Why New Attacks On Syrian Airport?
  214. Unreal: Woman Threatens To Report UBER Driver of Rape
  215. Oh My! CNN Wasn't Expecting This From Syrian Refugee
  216. Measles Cases Surge In Europe
  217. A few military comparisons
  218. Arrests of illegal criminals jumps 250%
  219. Defeating IS is 'first priority' in Syria: Tillerson
  220. How Do You Solve A Problem Like NK?
  221. ISIS Attacks Coptic Christians In Egypt
  222. How will humanity end? With a bang? With a whimper? Or ... ??
  223. About Justice Gorsuch
  224. It's Monday, Thus Begins 'What's Next?'
  225. At our forums Russians are laughing at inadequacy of Americans - Proposals as to G7
  226. Anyone Else Been Following The Increasing Coverage Of The Nut From WI?
  227. China has moved 150,000 troops and medical supplies to its North Korean border
  228. Putin: Russia has data on new provocations planned against Syrian authorities
  229. How to jerk an MD off an airliner, without going to jail ...
  230. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to run for office in Iran again ...
  231. Sweden's Biggest Newspaper : We Have To Ban Cars
  232. Unacceptable: VA Heads Should Roll
  233. I'm Liking Nikki Haley More and More
  234. Omg omg omg
  235. Wow! Trump Has Save NATO
  236. Do you support the MGTOW movement?
  237. Boy, don't be naughty or else the bogeyman will get you!
  238. Lavrov-Tillerson meeting round-up (this clip is a FULL version with FULL translation)
  239. Closer Friends?
  240. Japan Voices Concerns Regarding NK
  241. Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson
  242. President Trump drops "the bomb" on ISIL
  243. Proof That Syria Used Chemical Weapons; Jury Still Out On Russia
  244. US should keep in mind Russia’s reaction to airstrike on Syria, expert says
  245. Which is the more conservative position? What is conservatism?
  246. Oh My! LOL!
  247. It's As If DP Is A Mini-Me Of Tillerson/Russia Meeting!
  248. The right thing to do, in any permanently tenured position?
  249. BREAKING: There's A Report That NK Tried To Launch A Missile
  250. Maxine Waters rallies Tax March crowd for Trump's impeachment