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  1. U.S. ‘Is Not the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’
  2. BLM calls for banning of confederate groups and flags
  3. Online Shaming After Charlottesville
  4. What or who is next?
  5. Protester who took down statue arrested
  6. Aryan Brotherhood crackdown nabs 89 scumbags
  7. Canada: ZERO Rights To Self Defence - Home Invasion Victim Charged With murder
  8. On slavery in America and Oppression/Racism today
  9. Saw this on FB
  10. Chief Justice Taney Statue ordered removed
  11. How about we remove this statue ?
  12. Oregon Gov Signs Most Progressive Abortion Legislation in History
  13. WTF? And now for the dead at a cemetery?
  14. Rushmore, Monticello, Mt. Vernon...
  15. Folks the left support non-stop
  16. Antifa Protesters Crash Heather Heyer’s Funeral - with bats
  17. 12 more monuments for Democrats to consider
  18. Next: Mississippi flag
  19. "Bad Apple": Cop Mocks Victims of the Charlottesville Car Attack on FB
  20. List of All the Confederate Monuments They're Attempting to Remove
  21. Police Contradict Terry McAuliffe’s Claim
  22. Vandals Hit Ben Carson’s House
  23. Terrorism In Barcelona? Van Gunshots?
  24. Muslims usual murdering but news we get here is libs/leftists destroying history
  25. Total Solar Eclipse Could Impact Trump
  26. Two cops shot and killed in Kissimmee Florida
  27. You're less free on an American flight than on the streets of Havana
  28. Hmmm
  29. If the Monuments Must Go, Don't Forget These
  30. Cop killer member of extremist group?
  31. Limiting Immigration: It’s Not Just For ‘Racist’ Republicans
  32. Boston Antifa Thug Calls Black Cop: “Stupid A$$ Black Bitch!”
  33. Alt-Left "Oink Oink, Bang Bang"
  34. Jerry Lewis, Comedy Legend, Dies at 91
  35. Another Icon of the Greatest Generations Paw
  36. the key role of Africans in supplying the Atlantic slave trade.
  37. Anyone Right Under The Eclipse?
  38. Two White Women Harassed for Wearing MAGA Hats at Howard University
  39. The POPE is TRULY a RADICAL Leftist...
  40. The Solar Eclipse Is Racist
  41. Robert Lee Torn Down...
  42. SALON, Getting A Jump on Trashing President Trump...
  43. Lawsuit... "thug" is racist?
  44. Charlottesville was partly my fault
  45. California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns
  46. Oooops, can't have Revolutionary War statues either!
  47. Trump Is Trying To Commit Hitler-Like Genocide
  48. Jesus and Mary down now too, to be more inclusive?
  49. Kindergartners Traumatized by 'Transition Party' for Transgirl
  50. Even in the Face of Natural Disasters...
  51. Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement - Antifa
  52. Black-clad anarchists storm Berkeley rally, assaulting 5
  53. Here's the double edged sword
  54. How to destroy your kid without killing him? Just kill his sister and mom
  55. This Will Be The Story For Weeks After The Hurricane...
  56. BREAKING: Hope I'm Reading This Wrong
  57. What has America become?
  58. Houston police focus on saving lives, battling looters
  59. Patriots Movement from Charlottesville send out message...
  60. No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All!
  61. WaPo Gives Stunningly Accurate Account Of Antifa Attacks On ‘Peaceful Protestors’
  62. Gender "X" on id's?
  63. Woman calls cops: didn't like the quality of the meth!
  64. CIVILIANS in America Aren't an ARMY...
  65. I support Price Gouging. Here's why....
  66. Harvey - saddest story ever :(
  67. Is THIS racism from a lefty group?
  68. Kathy Griffin retracts apology, rips backlash over gory Trump photo shoot
  69. Hurricanes -- Something to Ponder
  70. Higher Education: Will They Learn?
  71. Port Conditions After Harvey
  72. Has China ever hoped to teach NKorea the same lessons as India?
  73. No more Fox News in the UK ...
  74. Planned Parenthood
  75. They've lost their minds
  76. Harvey Rumor Control
  77. Cleveland Police Officers and EMT Refuse to Hold US Flag at Game
  78. Utah nurse wrongfully arrested
  79. Disneyland caves to transgenderism
  80. Looks Like NoKo Has Done 6th Nuclear Test
  81. Well This Isn't Supposed To Be The Narrative
  82. North Korea Earthquake
  83. We Believe in the 2nd Amendment and Will Carry You Out of the County in a Body Bag
  84. Teacher Makes Students Remove Trump Apparel, Says It’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ Slogan
  85. Tale of Two Presidents: Donald Trump versus Barack Obama on Louisiana Flooding
  86. “I Had a Different Opinion of Him, Now I Think He’s a Wonderful Man”
  87. Trump attacked for declaring prayer day for Harvey victims
  88. Breaking CNN news...
  89. The hypocrisy of antifa
  90. A New Way to Transgress: 'Invisibility Microaggressions'
  91. Fire Season
  92. People Are Seriously Mad that Taylor Swift Hasn't Condemned Trump
  93. Fathers go away
  94. Houston Proves Everything the MSM Says About Our ‘Divided’ Country Is a Lie
  95. The media and DACA, and some (most) you don't see
  96. Nikki Haley to UN: North Korea's Kim Jong Un 'Begging for War'
  97. First grader sent to office for 'misgendering' fellow student
  98. Gas - Shortage - Prices/Gouging
  99. Who Wouldn't Shop Here?
  100. Hurricane Irma
  101. Truth Suffers in Defense of Antifa
  102. 3 Part Series: Rape Charges On Campus Obama
  103. Name campus building after cop killer?
  104. Black Parents Sue School, Claim Bullies Abuse Daughter for 'Acting White'
  105. ‘Transgender Propagandists’ Committing ‘Child Abuse’
  106. There Is No Such Thing as a 'Deserving DREAMer'
  107. God Bless America
  108. In North Dakota, Trump Gives Nod to Democrat Senator Heitkamp
  109. Another category 4 on the heels of Irma
  110. DOJ To Supreme Court: Making Gay Wedding Cake Would Violate Baker's Rights
  111. Isis - "May Allah Drown the Enemies of Islam"
  112. Trans Boy Transitions To Girl — Then Back To Boy
  113. Protest Showdown Between Antifa And Patriot Prayer Results In Arrests
  114. 9/11–We Forgot
  115. Conservatives Mock LA Times for Saying Berkeley Is 'Bracing' for Shapiro
  116. "I can hear you"
  117. Kelly replies to Gutierrez, who called him a "disgrace to the uniform"
  118. Scumbag looters arrested
  119. Laura Ingraham getting her own show on Fox.
  120. UN Passes Mega-Ultra Toughest-Ever North Korea Sanctions, Again
  121. Equifax screws 143M americans
  122. American Flags Trashed At University’s 9/11 Memorial
  123. MSNBC Anchor Recalls Night Trump Won: I Was ‘About To Throw Up’
  124. Breitbart’s Steve Bannon to Speak at Upcoming Berkeley Free Speech Week
  125. Radiation Detected From NOKO Tests
  126. China looks at ending sales of gasoline cars
  127. Leaked Images Show Armed Mexican Cartel Smugglers Crossing into U.S., Feds Confirm
  128. NYT Reporter Says She Knows People ‘Still In Therapy’ Over Clinton Election Loss
  129. Navy SEALS will provide security at 'Free Speech Week'
  130. Terrorist attack, or criminal attack/action?
  131. William Ury: Getting to Yes by playing both sides
  132. Trump's mismatched suit
  133. Thomas Jefferson is next to come down
  134. UC Berkeley Poll: 53% of California Democrats Oppose Free Speech
  135. NYC: Jewish mom, daughter beaten up at Queens subway station
  136. Piers Morgan Absolutely Evicerates Hillary Clinton
  137. NOKO Sent Another Missile Over Japan
  138. Venezuela's president advises malnourished citizens to breed rabbits and eat them
  139. Another London Rail Attack
  140. Perhaps It's Too Soon To Say Brick & Mortar Stores Are Dead
  141. Female CNN Anchor Freaks Out When Clay Travis says he's for 1st Amendment and BOOBS
  142. I'll be back
  143. OK, Paris Agreement Just Might Be OK For the US
  144. What if...
  145. Calling into question O'reilly assault
  146. UN Speech
  147. 7.1 Earthquake Hits Mexico City
  148. Woman Says Hobby Lobby’s Cotton Display Insensitive Toward Blacks
  149. North Korea's nuclear blackmail
  150. All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be
  151. 8-Year-Olds Take a Knee to Protest National Anthem
  152. White House: Trump Is Sending Rescue Teams To Mexico After Earthquake
  153. Melania Gives Speech at UN About Protecting Children – Liberals Trash Barron
  154. Antifa Professor: 'Off the Pigs'
  155. Fla. Teacher Tells 11-Year-Olds to Call 'Them' the Gender-Neutral Pronoun 'Mx'
  156. Saturday morning truth from comics
  157. Trump is against those kneeling in the NFL
  158. Another WTF at a school, and yes, it's in Cali
  159. Marriott refuses to cancel conference booking by anti-Muslim hate group
  160. 2 Florida Childcare Workers Allegedly Taunted, Tormented Boy With Autism on Video
  161. How about those Steelers?
  162. So, Has The US Declared War?
  163. Donald Trump criticised for silence over Puerto Rico disaster
  164. Al Green to force impeachment vote over trump NFL comments
  165. Trump - and his response to Puerto Rico
  166. I Think This is a Good Idea...
  167. Terminate All Federal Government Support to NFL
  168. Kneeling to pray
  169. ‘Freedom of Thought and Speech’ Are Under Attack
  170. Defy immigration officials? You're fired!
  171. Communist West Point Graduate Called Mattis An ‘Evil, Vile F***’
  172. Taliban Tries To Kill Mattis During Surprise Afghanistan Visit
  173. CNN fake crap
  174. Antifa Teacher Arrested Again. This Time For Battery
  175. Pantihose smuggler....a real WINNER
  176. If Border Wall Goes Up, Statue of Liberty Must Come Down
  177. The cost of illegal immigration
  178. Now it's a beach ball, it's scary.
  179. Black students demand frat turned over to them
  180. Action taken Against the , NFL ALLOWING THIS KNEE TAKING CRAP.
  181. False in Exchange for Pardon
  182. Athletes don't kneel are white supremacists
  183. Best mail in a long time!!
  184. Trump Stops Air Force One from Taking Off to Speak with Injured Police Officer
  185. Librarian sends books back to Melania - racist propaganda
  186. Sewer mouth steals MAGA hat and loses her mind
  187. Federal Judge Smacks Down DOJ Lawyers Protecting Hillary
  188. Teacher at Public School Kneels in Classroom During Pledge of Allegiance
  189. Antifa plans civil war
  190. Kids kneel - season canceled and coach suspended
  191. Democrats praise Tom Price resignation....
  192. Hood rats for cheerleaders - in high school?
  193. Kaepernick Donated $25,000 to Cop Killer Fund
  194. Assange has "absolute proof"
  195. I am once again an NBA fan
  196. Now a 1st grader kneels in school?
  197. Now Betsy DeVos is a white supremacist too
  198. There Are No Oppressed People in America
  199. When the Method Overwhelms the Message
  200. Islamic Convert Convicted of Oklahoma Beheading Wants Death Penalty
  201. High School Football Players Kicked Off Team For Protesting During Anthem
  202. ‘buried by islam’...
  203. All that kneeling ignores the real cause of soaring black homicides
  204. Vegas Shooting - 50+ Dead, 500+ injured
  205. French court rules girl, 11, 'consented' to sexual relations with man, 28, sparking o
  206. Puerto Rico - Local Government Is Preventing Supplies From Getting to People
  207. Celebrities Rush to Call for Gun Control After Las Vegas Mass Shooting
  208. CBS Legal Exec Fired For Vegas Shooting Hot Take
  209. Tom Petty dead at 66
  210. The video Antifa, ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN, and most MSM liars do not want us to see.
  211. From the mouth of a guy paid to protect the Seahawks...on Mike Bennett and kneeling
  212. Blacks vs. Police
  213. Anheuser-Busch and the NFL
  214. Basic Math about Planned Parenthood puts writer in place
  215. Social Security Numbers Should Go
  216. Gender Was Invented in Order to Control Reproduction
  217. 6 Things to Know about Mass Shootings in America
  218. NRA Funds Domestic Terrorism
  219. The Left Is Now Unhinged
  220. Why ‘thoughts and prayers’ is starting to sound so profane
  221. Millions of NRA Members should be put To death
  222. Time to release JFK assassination files?
  223. Repeal the Second Amendment
  224. Las Vegas shooting: Iraq veteran who stole truck to save victims publishes text conve
  225. The wisdom of a 3rd grade dropout
  226. TSA Agent Asked For actresses Number
  227. Las Vegas Gunman Made ISIS Tape, Says Former Trump Campaign Official
  228. Trump's economy
  229. Hillary Clinton Blames GOP and NRA
  230. Trump Expected to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal
  231. Car Hits Peds In UK; 3 Arrested for Times Square Terror Plot
  232. San Juan mayor
  233. HOW is this a burden?
  234. 7 dumbest celebrity reactions to Vegas shooting
  235. Teacher blames shooting on Trump
  236. VP Pence bails on NFL game when players kneel
  237. Trump or the media?
  238. A watermelon by itself - is it racist?
  239. Blatant Falsehoods from ABC about the shooting
  240. Jerry Jones - we will respect flag - or players will sit
  241. Hypocrites over at the NFL
  242. Eminent domain for the Wall
  243. "Nov 4 It Begins"
  244. Twitter supports fired ESPN host
  245. More coming from Veritas soon...
  246. 3 women accuse Weinstein of rape
  247. Mattis to Army: ‘Stand ready’ if North Korea diplomacy fails
  248. Judge Mathis
  249. Slave owner mentality
  250. Another - making players stand is like slavery