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  1. My Button's Bigger Than Yours
  2. MSM and the Weather
  3. More #Winning
  4. Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 45 Years
  5. Outrage in Turkey After State Agency Says Girls Can Marry From Age 9
  6. India and Mexico Have Voter ID But Democrats Think Blacks Are Too Stupid to Get ID
  7. Protest Trump - hit by car - sue school?
  8. China and Russia deny breaching UN sanctions
  9. The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2017
  10. Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Wife Knew Of His Plot To Kill And Did Nothing
  11. Hollywood
  12. Cliven Bundy Free as Federal Judge Dismisses Bundy Ranch Standoff Case
  13. Federal Probe of Jane Sanders Deepens as Grand Jury Compels Testimony
  14. Trump Threat To Pakistan Exemplifies A “No Fear” Foreign Policy
  15. Trump is dangerous! Warmonger!!!
  16. Feds Raid 20 Chinese Immigrant "Birth Hotels" in Los Angeles
  17. Deadline For Iran Nuclear Deal Looming, Pres. Trump Expected To Refocus Sanctions
  18. Zainab murder: Riots in Pakistan's Kasur after child rape and killing
  19. Venezuela pill shortage triggers rise in teenage pregnancies
  20. Czech election: The politically incorrect president dividing a nation
  21. trump announces delivery of F-52 planes to norway
  22. trump gets the best people
  23. Some N.Korean businesses defy China shutdown order
  24. As Funny as a Screen Door in an Indian Nuclear Submarine
  25. AG Sessions Creates Task Force To Investigate Hezbollah
  26. Trump to approve Iran nuclear deal for last time
  27. "Swatting" guy charged with manslaughter
  28. Did Walmart MAGA? No.
  29. First Indictments Issued In Clinton Uranium One Russian Bribery Case
  30. Merkel Could Join Macron In Davos For Epic Clash With Trump
  31. California leads nation in poverty
  32. False incoming missile alert? Trump's fault!
  33. is this 15 year old racist?
  34. New Silk Road Season 3
  35. Shackled children found in Perris, California home
  36. Media Betray Public Trust About Trump’s Mental Health
  37. FBI Agent Shared Russia Probe Information With Christopher Steele
  38. CNN doctor contradicts real doctor who actually saw Trump
  39. Cory Booker = unhinged
  40. Trump Supporters as ‘More Unamerican’ Than DREAMers
  41. CNN’s Don Lemon Loses It After MLK’s Nephew Says Trump is a “Genius”
  42. ......Berkeley CA cops quitting en masses
  43. Apple Announces $350 Billion Investment in US Economy, 20,000 New Jobs
  44. ‘I Wish I Killed More of Those Motherf****ers’ - Illegal Alien
  45. Bay Area police forces cut ties with ICE
  46. GravyBoat's head might explode if he sees this
  47. *Apple To Bring Back $250B From Overseas, Invest $350B in USA.......
  48. Yes!
  49. 17 Fla. Sheriffs Partner With ICE To Hold Illegal Immigrants Longer
  50. Defense Dept. Report Suggests U.S. To Build 2 New Types Of Nuclear Weapons
  51. ".......Prototypes of Trump’s border wall thwarted US commandos in tests"
  52. Gov Brown reverses parole board decision to free Leslie Van Houten.
  53. 'Minnesota' Woman Attacks Minnesota
  54. Alleged CIA China turncoat Lee may have compromised U.S. spies in Russia too
  55. The beginning of the wall... looking better
  56. Even the media is pointing at Dems
  57. `Major fire at Vladivostok submarine base is a “drill”, Russian Navy says` (VIDEO)
  58. The threat Russia is perceived to be ....
  59. Turkey Expects Swift Campaign Against U.S.-Backed Kurds In Syria
  60. 8.1 Earthquake - Alaska
  61. 'America First' tariffs on imports spark Asia outcry
  62. Flores: DOJ Using 'Every Option Available' to Find Missing Texts
  63. Let's be fair to Mexico
  64. Another Trump Fan *cough cough* Heard From
  65. Dedicated to all of the Liberals, Snowflakes, and other Trump Haters.
  66. Disgusting - students demanding free tampons
  67. Keep Dreaming, Dreamers
  68. Steve Hilton: Elitist hypocrite George Soros makes a fool of himself in Davos
  69. Conservatives are more attractive than liberals, study finds
  70. Few believe when North Korea tells the truth
  71. Marine Matthew Bradford
  72. John Kerry Tells Palestinians To Stall Peace Talks Under Pres. Trump
  73. Pres. Trump Meets With UN Council On Possible Alliance Against Iran
  74. Trump Rejects Peace Talks With Taliban In Departure From Afghan Strategy
  75. 38 Yrs Old Pedophile is "Trans-Aged"
  76. Why Should 'That Room' 'Clap for The Great Dictator'?
  77. Gotta appease the cuckoo liberal fanbase!
  78. FBI Condemns Release of Memo in Rare Statement
  79. High marks all the way around for SOTU
  80. The new way to shop - Porch Pirates
  81. Jobs up again!
  82. Polish Lawmakers Back Holocaust Bill, Drawing Israeli Outrage, U.S. Concern
  83. IOC under the leadership of the United States (FBI) are in crap with their lies
  84. North Korea wriggled out of sanctions in 2017
  85. Terrorists have and use American MPADS in Syria.
  86. How the FBI is fighting back
  87. Please explain to me the difference Nunes and Comey memos
  88. Russians are grateful to Brits. Britain seizing assets of 'corrupt' Russian oligarchs
  89. 110,000 Condums Donated to Winter Olympics
  90. Legal Concealed Carry Citizen Stops Attack on Cop.
  91. Another "Breaking Headline" Chicago to Form Carjacking Task Force
  92. NFL linebacker killed by deported ILLEGAL immigrant
  93. Super Bowl Security Documents Found on Commercial Plane
  94. Kaepernick Raises $20K in Celebrity Donations for Group Honoring Convicted Cop-Killer
  95. Slovakia Will Build Border Wall – PM Says “We Will Never Accept a Single Muslim”
  96. Vladimir Putin is the third registered presidential candidate
  97. Judge Rules Bakeshop Owner Doesn’t Have To Bake Wedding Cake For Gay Couple
  98. U.S., Russia To Exchange Nuclear Arsenal Data Next Month
  99. Tennessee sheriff could be in BIG trouble after ordering shooting of unarmed man
  100. U.N. Demands Syria Ceasefire As Air Strikes Pound Rebel Areas
  101. ` ......Sheriff Clarke’s New Role Revealed!
  102. Bermuda Becomes First Country In The World To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage
  103. Trump - Most pro-life president ever
  104. France Increasing Defense Spending by 35% 0ver 6 Years
  105. `British Army releases recruitment ad featuring..............................`
  106. San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents
  107. WATCH: U.S. Warplanes Carry Out Strike On Pro-Syrian Gov’t Forces
  108. Winter Olympics 2018: Pence skips dinner with N Koreans
  109. Domestic abusers thrive in misogynist Trump White House
  110. Mehmet Simsek: Turkey wants unified, stable Syria
  111. Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire, military says
  112. Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Near Moscow; 71 Dead
  113. Breaking: Jay Sekulow Radio is Reporting... IRAN GOES TO WAR WITH ISRAEL
  114. Vanessa Trump Taken to HOSPITAL After Opening Letter With WHITE POWDER...
  115. Donald Trump Jr's wife opens envelope with white powder, taken to hospital
  116. The Olympic Gold Medal for Sucking Up to a Murderous Totalitarian Regime Goes to…
  117. Trump Budget Swaps Food Stamps for '100 Percent American' Food
  118. South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head
  119. Netanyahu Should Be Charged With Bribery and Fraud, Israeli Police Say
  120. Remington files for bankruptcy as gun sales tumble
  121. 'Numerous fatalities' in Florida high school shooting
  122. Rise In U.S. Inflation Puts Spotlight On Fed’s Powell
  123. And another....
  124. Fla. students to Trump: Stop going on vacation and fix gun laws
  125. Secret Service agent tackled a Chinese security official over the nuclear football
  126. US Army drops throwing grenades as requirement to graduate
  127. Fear deprives people of intelligence. Or is it not fear, but intent?
  128. Fake News DOES Suck
  129. For gabby, proud of her GOLDEN STATE...
  130. North Korea Says U.N. Chief ‘Picking A Quarrel’ With Sanctions Remarks
  131. Armed security guard at Florida school never encountered gunman during deadly rampage
  132. Russia. Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  133. CNN’s Drew Griffin: School Shooting Survivor Colton Haab Is Lying
  134. Everywhere else is a tragedy - still ignore Chicago
  135. Trump Kicks Kim Jong Un In The Teeth With New Sanctions
  136. Our democracy will be fixed within the next year!
  137. Dow rallies 347 points as stocks close higher for the week
  138. China rebukes US for “enacting unilateral sanctions”
  139. Communists vs Nazis - 4:3
  140. Robber Thug....messes with the WRONG WOMEN!
  141. California Democrats decline to endorse Dianne Feinstein
  142. Revealed: Two Secret Cogs In The FBI National Surveillance Machine
  143. "They beat our a----s': Russian mercenaries talk about humiliating defeat by US..."
  144. Getting serious
  145. Lavrov accuses US of psyching up EU armies for use of nukes against Russia
  146. Crazy senile House member displays his extreme ignorance of the Holocaust
  147. Dick's and Walmart stop selling guns to some
  148. Carjacking suspect was shot and killed by a man who had a concealed weapon on him....
  149. Breaking news - Vladimir Putin's annual State of the Nation Address
  150. Russia As A Rogue State
  151. White House Envoy: Ukraine-Russia Conflict Bares Threat Of Big War In Europe
  152. U.S. Hopes For U.N. Vote On New Syria Toxic Gas Inquiry Next Week
  153. Crabbing Season Getting Busy!
  154. Welcome to Sweden. Please enjoy, maim, rape and pillage freely
  155. Trump steel tariffs: EU warns it will respond 'firmly'
  156. The Brits Save Justin Beiber
  157. What is the Einstein visa? And how did Melania Trump get one?
  158. China ready to build larger aircraft carriers
  159. My wife got this today on FB and passed it to me.
  160. Putin: Give Us Evidence Of Meddling, New Cold War In U.S. Propaganda
  161. Exxon Quits Russian Arctic Projects Due To Cheaper Oil, U.S. Sanctions
  162. North Korea Threatens To ‘Counter’ U.S. Over Military Drills
  163. Estonia intends to ban the Russian Federation from producing nuclear weapons
  164. Coast Guard and Allied Agencies Respond to Adrift Barges:
  165. Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson To Visit Vietnam With A Message To China
  166. Another Russian poisoned in the UK ...
  167. If True. This Is Huge
  168. Trump trade row: EU adds to US trade retaliation list
  169. Stormy Daniels sues Trump over 'hush agreement'
  170. U.S. Navy Deploys F-35B To Pacific In Show Of Strength To China, North Korea
  171. U.S. Steel To Partially Reopen Illinois Plant In Response To Tariffs Proposal
  172. How I see the Oscars
  173. Are violent video games causing the shootings?
  174. How much more humiliation can Melania Trump take?
  175. Yountville shooting
  176. Putin condemned for saying Jews may have manipulated U.S. election
  177. Winter storm may become 3rd nor'easter to target Northeast
  178. Restaurant charges white customers £13 more than people of colour
  179. Helo Crash in East River, NY
  180. U.N. Investigator: Human Rights Must Be Part Of Dialogue With North Korea
  181. Russia Releases Video Of Recent Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Test Launch
  182. 60 Minutes team are attacked by muslims throwing punches and
  183. Saudi Arabia Must Ban Discrimination Against Women: U.N. Rights Panel
  184. Out In Africa? Tillerson Trip Leaves Hosts Nonplussed
  185. WATCH: U.K.-Russian Relations At Stake In Probe Of Former Russian Spy Poisoning
  186. Oh Gosh! Steven Hawking Passed!
  187. Muslim teen watched jihadi videos, read Koran for 'courage' before Florida stabbings
  188. Far-right activists barred from entering UK
  189. Russia election: What do young Russians think of Putin?
  190. Shaquille O'Neal - put cops in schools
  191. `This is very sad and disturbing......
  192. U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Russia For Election Meddling, Attempting To Hack
  193. U.S. Hints At Shift On Russia With Sanctions And Condemnation
  194. Exclusive: European Powers Propose New Iran Sanctions To Meet Trump Ultimatum
  195. Russia To Expel UK Diplomats As Crisis Over Nerve Toxin Attack Deepens
  196. ANOTHER Russian death on UK soil ...
  197. Coast Guard reopens public comment period for harbor bar entrances along Northern Cal
  198. Series of P.O.W. Stories
  199. Russian election cheating - caught on CCTV
  200. Czech Republic Looking To Move Israeli Embassy To Jerusalem
  201. Britain Wins Fresh EU, NATO Support Over Nerve Attack
  202. After Landslide Re-Election, Russia’s Putin Tells West: I Don’t Want Arms Race
  203. Collateral Damage: How Trump Threw Canada’s Refugee System Into Turmoil
  204. President Trump Says He Will Soon Meet With Russian President Putin
  205. Expelled Russian Diplomats Leave Britain In Nerve Agent Crisis
  206. `......Good Guy with a Gun Ends Maryland School Shooting`
  207. USCG Helo avoids drone strike
  208. Baby rapist may serve less than 2 years
  209. More cheating in Russia
  210. CA Teacher Fired
  211. North Korea's deafening silence on denuclearisation
  212. WIRE: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal Is Alive Thanks to Jared Kushner...
  213. Russian Agent May Have Limited Mental Capacity After Nerve Attack
  214. Puppy salute gets man arrested
  215. Banning assault weapons is effective — and not all that complicated
  216. You Want To Have A Serious Talk About Gun Violence? Talk About Chicago - handguns
  217. Coast Guard Helo Hit by Laser
  218. Man Arrested, Charged for False Mayday Calls
  219. Some marched, some went to kill
  220. Idiot David Hogg gives nazi salute at end of speech.
  221. ‘Gun Control Saves Lives!’ Gavin Newsom Touts Gun Control During March for Life Rally
  222. The Incoherent 'March for Our Lives'
  223. Folks REALLY worried about and want "death" changes?
  224. Shopping Mall Blaze In Siberia Kills 37: Russian Agencies
  225. Obama envisions creating 'a million young Barack Obamas'
  226. School shootings are extraordinarily rare. Why is fear of them driving policy?
  227. Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership
  228. Trump is a lying pig and a lying pig for a wife
  229. Coast Guard Coordinates Rescue of 8 People
  230. The Most Hypocritical Thing I Saw At The March For Our Lives
  231. Nolte: Trump Poll Bump Has Some in MSM Regretting CNN-ization of News
  232. Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Is Not A Fan Of Kids Pushing Gun Control
  233. Trump’s Census Change Could Give the GOP an Advantage for Years to Come
  234. Britain’s May Calls For ‘Long-Term Response’ To Russia After Spy Poisoning
  235. Utah Passes "Open Range" Parenting Law
  236. Kremlin Set To Retaliate Against Diplomat Expulsions, According To Russia’s Press Sec
  237. China Says North Korea’s Kim Pledged Commitment To Denuclearization
  238. Russia's missile deployment in Kaliningrad ups the stakes for NATO
  239. David Hogg, HS bullying & hypocritical pawn
  240. "White men with guns"
  241. Another statue gonna fall
  242. Ann Coulter Unleashes on Trump
  243. Florida Official Doubles Down On Calling Parkland Students ‘Miscreants’
  244. The leftist romance with lawlessness
  245. ".....Yeah, it passed right over the top of us,"
  246. McCabe Lied FOUR TIMES To DOJ/FBI — Twice To IG Horowitz UNDER OATH!
  247. ‘Lacks A Basic Understanding’ — Kyle Kashuv Takes On David Hogg In Epic Tweetstorm
  248. First Investigate, then Dismantle, the FBI
  249. Coastie Might Face a 31k fine for shipping her dog Home.
  250. Not to worry..... He'll be back................