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  1. Where did CNN, NYT and MSNBC get this new title "Survivor" from?
  2. Knife Violence on the Rise in Germany
  3. Roseanne Barr Takes on Jimmy Kimmel: Liberals Went Crazy, I'm Still The Same
  4. What The Laura Ingraham Boycott Is Really About
  5. Army of Illegal Migrants Is Marching Its Way Through Mexico to U.S. Border
  6. Fordham Punishes Coffee Shop Manager for Kicking Out Pro-Trump Students
  7. Bravo, Ted Nugent
  8. Just click here and WATCH....
  9. London murder rate is HIGHER than New York's for the first time ever
  10. Students Stage Walkout in Support of Second Amendment
  11. Here’s The Wounded Warrior’s Response To David Hogg
  12. Black woman gets 5 years prison for voting on probation
  13. Mexico Is No ‘Pińata,’ Election Front-Runner Says After Trump Tweets
  14. South Africa Advances ‘Anti-White’ Policies Amid Rise In Farm Murders
  15. Britain And Russia Lock Horns As Moscow Cuts UK Diplomats
  16. UN Security Council Agrees On Largest Sanctions Package On NK Sea Smuggling
  17. Kremlin Says Trump Suggested Putin Visit The White House
  18. White House criticises China for $3bn tariffs on US imports
  19. Piers Morgan: Ban All Semi-Automatic Guns, ‘No Civilian Needs One’
  20. Fox News Stands By Ingraham, Slams ‘Agenda-Driven Intimidation Efforts’
  21. Breaking...Police in California respond to possible shooter at YouTube offices.....
  22. Michael Ian Black Blames NRA for YouTube HQ Shooting
  23. Chicago - going to confiscate assault weapons - high capacity mags
  24. Donald Trump Jr. Drops a Twitter Truth-Bomb After YouTube Shooter Identified
  25. Caravan Organizer to Migrants: ‘Trump Wants to Hit us With Nuclear Bombs’
  26. Parkland Students Protest Clear Backpacks With Tampons And $1.05 Price Tags
  27. Top 10 Reasons Liberals Reflexively Blame the NRA for Shootings
  28. More Than 1 Million Illegal Aliens Have Received California Driver’s Licenses
  29. Woman Shares Her Opinion On Black Kids Being Killed By Cops
  30. 2nd-Grader Brings Home Paper From School Detailing White Privilege
  31. The Alliance Sans US In Syria
  32. Woman Shares Her Opinion On Raising Kids On iPads
  33. U.S. Slaps Sanctions On Putin Cronies For Russia’s ‘Malign Activity’
  34. President Trump Calls Out The World Trade Organization For Favoring China Over U.S.
  35. China Speaks Out Against Recently Signed Taiwan Travel Act
  36. At Least 6 Victims In One Day Of London Stabbings
  37. `Diversity makes you stronger.......................................... `
  38. Crimean bridge from Russia to Crimea
  39. `Does PetSmart have a problem? .......`
  40. Outrageous! Sinful!
  41. Trump blasts russia and iran for supporting 'animal assad'
  42. As U.S. And China Trade Tariff Barbs, Others Scoop Up U.S. Soybeans
  43. Can China Win the Trade War in One Move?
  44. Our governments want to disarm us #fascism - London cracks down
  45. Poison Gas is the new issue
  46. Ill downs-person removed from flight - Moneygrubbing fam: SUE!
  47. Seattle: "If people LIKE it, but government doesnt get paid, lets outlaw it!"
  48. I am the majority - some common sense finally
  49. Hamas Sending Gazans to Their Deaths Just For Headlines, Top PA Cleric Charges
  50. California Senator Introduces Bill to... force fact checkers for websites in Cali
  51. Would war with syria make us safer? Must watch
  52. "Dont touch my Car"....Road rage...
  53. Russia urges u.s.: Refrain from syria plans you are developing
  54. Defense minister: Israel will likely have to go it alone on syria
  55. Tehran, jerusalem trade threats over attack in syria
  56. Amid syria tensions, russian jet flies low over french warship
  57. Fallout from the turkey-iran-russia meeting
  58. Russia Will Bomb U.S. Missile Launch Sites If Trump Attacks Syria, Ambassador Warns..
  59. Trump's Response to Moscow: "Missiles Will Be Coming"
  60. Chemical attack: Opcw findings released
  61. News roundup 4/12
  62. Thousands Demand U.S. Let White South Africans Emigrate.......
  63. Syrian chemical attack: 'It's the fault of the British'
  64. **Breaking The US has just made the decision to strike Syria....
  65. Here’s Why Chemical Attack In Syria’s Douma Is Just Another FAKE Of White Helmets
  66. Pres. Trump Conducts Strikes In Syria
  67. Syrian Air Defenses Shot Down American Missiles
  68. Responses from around the world about Syrian attack
  69. Increase in Russian Trolls Detected
  70. Women Hitting The Wall Part 1 - MGTOW
  71. Barbara Bush In Failing Health
  72. Study: 2/3rds of Millennials Do Not Know What Auschwitz Is
  73. R. Lee Ermey, USMC
  74. Now that its apparently okay to violate attorney-client privilege...
  75. Mexican presidential front-runner thinks Trump's view of the country is correct......
  76. Food Stamp Usage Drops Over Half-Million In A Single Month!....
  77. Is DOJ Obstructing Congress in the Trump Surveillance Case?
  78. Parkland Student Activist David Hogg Teases Another Boycott: ‘Stay Tuned’
  79. Canada's Liberal party considers decriminalization of all illicit drugs
  80. The Point of the Hannity Controversy Is About Hurting Trump and Anyone Close to Trump
  81. Joe DiGenova on Comey: Single-Handedly Destroyed the FBI...
  82. 10 Indications That Western Society Is Collapsing
  83. Here we go...National Guard at Border May Be Armed for Self Defense ....
  84. Muslim Professor Cheers Death of Former First Lady Barbara Bush
  85. A racist jumping on Starbucks as racists
  86. Cool Headed Pilot Lands Crippled Airliner
  87. CNN beat out by cartoons
  88. Transgender Woman Booked Into Male Section Of Jail During Protest
  89. 911 Operator Crenshanda Williams Gets Probation .. Hanging up on Thousands of Callers
  90. Getting crazier.... 2 Florida Deputies Shot Dead While Eating At Chinese Restaurant
  91. Pro-Gun Parkland Student Dings Obama Essay: 'Seems Asinine and un-American'
  92. How Trump Can Win Big in North Korea
  93. More progress on North Korea
  94. Just awful...anytime...anyplace...anywhere
  95. olamayorclay
  96. DiGenova on Memos: 'Comey Should Go to Prison'
  97. Actress Allison Mack, arrested on sex trafficking charge
  98. Liberal logic- {(ignorance +stupidity)x dumbass} squared !!
  99. "......Violence in Khan’s London ‘Like South Africa’, Predicts ‘Summer of Carnage’"
  100. School Paper Attacks Gun-Toting Trump Supporter
  101. Students shocked that Obama also sent troops to border
  102. STILL - all that scream about guns - continue to ignore Chicago
  103. Verne Troyer dead at 49
  104. "Yeti Coolers Cuts Ties With The NRA Without Explanation...."
  105. 'You Don’t Like Us, Mr. Trump? Then Hand Over the State of Florida'
  106. Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy
  107. Trump absence leaves everyone happy at Barbara Bush funeral
  108. Antifa Members Arrested for Refusing to Remove Masks
  109. More Joy Reid Anti-Gay Writings Discovered — MSNBC Host Claims Site was Hacked
  110. Assault Weapons Should Not Be Walking the Streets of a Civilized Country
  111. Kanye West Declares He's Seen the Conservative Light. ....
  112. 10 dead, 15 wounded when van hits pedestrians (Toronto)
  113. >> Anti-Gun Control Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Questioned By School Security ...
  114. Making Mexico Great again?.........
  115. Former President GHW Bush admitted to hospital.
  116. 18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Made Around the Time of the First Earth Day
  117. British Politicians Declare War on Knives
  118. Doubting Xenophobes Bites Swedish Woman In The Ass
  119. Report: McCabe Issued Stand-Down Order on Clinton Email Investigation
  120. Teacher Who Called Fox News ‘Fake’ And Told Child To Google Trump’s Lies
  121. Fox crushes the competition
  122. Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists
  123. "Trouble in Paradise: NBC’s bet on Megyn Kelly not paying off......."
  124. Capsized ACOE Survey Boat.
  125. Cosby guilty On all counts.
  126. Joy Reid suspended by Daily Beast
  127. NY Gov. Cuomo: ICE Enforcement Is ‘Alarming … Frightening … Has to Stop’
  128. CNN Sucks
  129. North, South Korea Commit to Denuclearisation in Historic Summit
  130. Things get worse for Joy Reid
  131. 5 Facts About Mass Shootings That The Gun Control Fanatics Don’t Want You to See
  132. Liberals say not in my back yard
  133. Looks like Joy Reid is scared
  134. Plea Deal For Woman With Gun In Body Cavity
  135. How Bill Cosby's defense team's vicious strategy backfired
  136. Nuclear war talk
  137. Tucker Carlson Demands CNN, MSNBC Apologize 'For the Entire Last Year'
  138. Gay Activist Slams 'Homophobic Psychopaths' in Trump Administration
  139. Pope Francis: Ban All Weapons
  140. James Woods Destroys Gutter ‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf in Epic Tweetstorm
  141. Let’s Embrace Our Blubbering and Make Cry Closets Happen
  142. Netanyahu To Speak At 1 EST
  143. The WHCD and 6 Other Ways the Media Revealed Its Moral Depravity Last Week
  144. Deputy Foreign Minister Appears To Signal Iran’s Imminent Withdrawal From Nuke Deal
  145. Conservative Audience Rejected #NeverTrump Website
  146. "Crip" alert for Kanye West
  147. 'I can't believe Trump is pro-life. I'm pretty positive Eric is an abortion.'
  148. Kathy Griffin: 'You Can’t be Kanye West and Really Believe in MAGA'
  149. What Israeli Spies Just Pulled Off on Iran is Absolutely Nuts
  150. Roseanne On People Mad That She Supports Trump: ‘I Don’t Give A F**k’
  151. Orpah
  152. Man mauled by South African lion, graphic video shows...
  153. Another Mall fight - over fast-food order
  154. The First Person Pompeo Thanked After Being Sworn In Shows How Different He Is...
  155. Federal Judge Questions Government Power To Put US Citizens On Secret ‘Kill List’
  156. Here Is Why North Korea Will Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons
  157. Grade Schooler FLIPS OFF GOP Representative During Photo Session
  158. WHCA dinner will turn Americans tired of the hate to Trump's side
  159. B r e a k ing: ..... Us detainees released by north korea
  160. Parkland victim's mom gets break on shocking $36G bill for charter flight
  161. Danger in NorCal
  162. Seattle displays its marxist ways - and brags about it
  163. Rudy Giuliani in the news
  164. Black Male Support for President Trump DOUBLES IN ONE WEEK Thanks to Kanye West
  165. If only the liberals could
  166. How Berkeley college handles Republicans
  167. Corporate 1st Quarter Earnings Are Best in a Quarter Century
  168. ‘We Are Moving Closer and Closer to the Surveillance State’
  169. I Wonder If The moslems Mess With These Guys in England?
  170. Is China Trying to Goad Us Into a War?
  171. Here's what you should know before suing cops
  172. Murdering Creep Got Caught!
  173. Immigration is a right - #noborders
  174. Losing black voters? Let's lets brainwashed kids vote!
  175. Devin Nunes Says He's Pressing to Have AG Jeff Sessions Held in Contempt of Congress
  176. Alyssa Milano - what a hypocritical shithead
  177. Berkeley Task Force Blames Victims for Violence at Riots Last Year
  178. Trump To Announce Decision On Iran Nuclear Deal Tuesday
  179. Oliver North to Become NRA President
  180. The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think
  181. New York AG resigns
  182. ‘If Mueller Doesn’t Have Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion Shut it Down Now’
  183. McCain is pretty much done
  184. Everyone should take implicit bias training
  185. Watch the lava flow in Hawaii
  186. Another scumbag busted lying
  187. Trump decides to exit nuclear accord with Iran
  188. From the files of: she needs to die. Mother pimps out 5,6 y/o daughters
  189. From the files of: Grown-ups who are dumber than a box of rocks. And liars
  190. The Latest: Pompeo returning with 3 Americans detained in NK
  191. Are muslims liberals?
  192. What Next for Iran?
  193. Sally Kohn on Trump Supporters: ‘No One Is Just Who They Voted for’
  194. What if our congress did this?
  195. Obamas Have Slammed Trump A Dozen Times Since Leaving The White House
  196. Boy Scouts Lose Almost HALF A MILLION Members...
  197. Awkward: NYT Rips Pompeo for Being AWOL
  198. ‘God Bless America, the Greatest Nation in the World’
  199. UK Proposes Six Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against Religion, Transgender
  200. Dead Whales Washes Ashore In San Fran Bay.
  201. Not Proportional: Good!
  202. Five Most Wanted ISIS Leaders Captured
  203. Gina Haspel Has The Most Insane CIA Resume Of All Time
  204. Release of hostages was staged
  205. Woman Kicked Off Harry Potter Ride for Being Too Fat
  206. Sexuality “Expert” Says Babies Should Give Consent for Diaper-Nappy Changes
  207. The broken record speaks, and a shocker...
  208. Trump DHS Secretary Schools Democrat Senator On Immigration: “It’s A Law…”
  209. Singapore Prepares For North Korea Summit
  210. Can't A Brother Catch A Break In This Racist Country?
  211. Mullen: Chance Of Military Conflict Increases If Summit Talks Fail
  212. ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Stabbing Spree In Paris
  213. Rhetoric Over U.S. Exit From Iran Deal Rises Amid Sanctions Threat
  214. Volcano in Hawaii
  215. Surabaya church attacks: Indonesian family of bombers 'had been to Syria'
  216. Iran Threatens To Do What The Lap Dog Media Refuses To Do
  217. The Suicide of Europe
  218. Finland: 23yo can have sex with 10yo and it's not rape. No proof 10yo was "forced"
  219. at least 52 Palestinians killed by Israelis as embassy opens in Jerusalem
  220. And Here We Go With NK?
  221. White cop profiles black driver - caught on video
  222. The Difference Between Christians and Muslims
  223. WATCH: South African Black-Majority Gov’t To Seize White-Owned Urban Properties
  224. EU, Iran Meet To Preserve Nuclear Deal — Europe Vows To Keep Deal Alive
  225. Sharp Increase Of Violent Crime In Europe Despite Strict Gun Control
  226. Top eu officials agree joint stance on iran deal, u.s. Trade
  227. Turkish Banker Sentenced To Prison For Helping Iran Evade U.S. Sanctions
  228. U.S. Pushes Mexico To Accept Asylum Seekers
  229. The ROYAL Wedding
  230. Pyongyang Rescinds Invitation To S. Korea Journalists Covering Test Site
  231. J.J. Watt...
  232. China Launches Satellite to Explore Dark Side of the Moon
  233. Boater: File a Float Plan!
  234. U.S. Will Not Recognize President Maduro’s Reelection, May Sanction Venezuela
  235. Afrikaners Aim To Counter Gov’t Land Grabs, White Genocide
  236. U.S. Toughens Stance On Iran, Lists Sweeping Demands
  237. Why North Korea is destroying its nuclear test site
  238. FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION On the Rise in the UK
  239. Texas School Shooter
  240. Woman: Cop sexually assualted me! Penetrated me! BodyCam: Nope.
  241. Stolen Valor - Stolen Money. Bad guys get caught
  242. Get your concealed carry permit.
  243. Air Force members guarding nukes took and dealt LSD
  244. President Trump Cancels Rocket Man Summit
  245. International Probe: Kremlin Complicit In Downing Of MH17 Over Ukraine
  246. BREAKING: Shooter Killed by Armed Citizen...
  247. Assange's refuge in Ecuadorian embassy 'in jeopardy'
  248. Iran Threatens To Pull Out Of Nuclear Deal If Economic Incentives Not Protected
  249. South Africa’s ‘White Genocide’ Is A Mass-Migration Lesson To California
  250. Texas Town Crowdfunds Rebuilding Effort for Damaged Veterans Memorial