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  1. Texas shooter's father wants his son seen as "a victim"
  2. Palestinian President Abbas Hospital Stay Extended
  3. Berlin far-right supporters outnumbered by counter-protest
  4. Oklahoma Shooting
  5. Media Slams Trump for Tweet!
  6. news we get here is libs/leftists destroying history
  7. France grants honorary citizenship to hero 'Spider Man' migrant who saved 4 year old
  8. Gunman Kills Female Police Officers - Allegedly Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’
  9. Yup, we saw it coming, ban the knives!
  10. On off On again NK talks
  11. Hamas - terror attacks into Israel
  12. Teen Tyrant David Hogg Targets President Trump With Proposed Die-In at a Trump Hotel
  13. Hate-Filled Liberals Attack Ivanka Trump For Posting Picture With Her Son
  14. 'Roseanne' Canceled at ABC Following Racist Tweet
  15. Romney: Trump's Policies Better Than Expected, But He's No Role Model
  16. Ramadan Rage
  17. Russians knock off another Kremlin critic
  18. Ironic - Man tries to kill unborn baby
  19. Barr Was Right About Soros Being A Nazi...
  20. US demands of NK
  21. Political Islam Rising In U.S. Amid European Calls To De-Islamize
  22. UN Envoy Haley To Block ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Anti-Israel Resolution
  23. Sally field.
  24. German Muslims Accuse Bavaria Of Double Standards Over Crucifix Order
  25. US tariffs: Allies retaliate with levies on jam, lamps and sleeping bags
  26. Five people die in US romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak
  27. Report: WH To Call On Latin American Nations To Ban Venezuela From OAS
  28. Trump-Names-Douglas-Fears-as Homeland-Security-adviser
  29. Israeli policeman strangles a child to death
  30. Supreme Court - Rules in favor of bakery against homozealous hateful states
  31. Greatest Challenge Civilized World Faces Today’ Comes from ‘Militant Islamic States’
  32. Boulder Just Banned Ownership of AR-15 Rifles
  33. Wasserman Schultz screamed at house officials to kill hacking probe...
  34. You go, Israel
  35. CNN’s Don Lemon Reacts To Record Low Black Unemployment By Taking A Swipe At Trump
  36. Ayatollah Khamenei Threatens to “Eradicate” Israel...
  37. Media Calls Supreme Court 7-2 Decision in Favor of Christian Baker a “Narrow Win”
  38. Over 1,000 Shot in Gun-Controlled Chicago Year-To-Date
  39. Would you hire a child molester?
  40. Worlds oldest person wishes she was dead
  41. What REALLY Happened to Melania Trump?
  42. Obama Soothed. Trump Stirs. How 2 Presidents Have Tackled Racial Flare-Ups.
  43. ICE raids Ohio lawn and garden business, arrests 114
  44. Trump chides Trudeau about Canada burning down the White House in 1812
  45. The Art of Virtue Signalling a Non-Apology
  46. Warren Buffett on Strong Economy
  47. Pompeo: Kim Jong Un told 'me personally he is prepared to denuclearize'
  48. RIP: Anthony Bourdain - Dead from Suicide
  49. Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live
  50. Exclusive: Nearly 1,800 Families Separated At U.S.-Mexico Border In 17 Months Through
  51. G7: Trump isolated on trade and Russia as leaders meet
  52. Iranian Regime Admits to Facilitating 9-11 Attacks on US
  53. Justify!
  54. Anschluss II, No Thanks Says Austrian Chancellor
  55. Should We Feel Sorry For George Soros?
  56. I told Gunny not to screw around with snakes.
  57. Bill Maher: We Need a Recession to Save Us from Trump
  58. 5 Women Who Lied About Being Raped
  59. Ramadan Rage: Jihadists Have Killed, Injured 1,365 with One Week to Go
  60. Twitter CEO apologizes for eating chicken
  61. Driver allegedly poops on another man in fit of road rage
  62. First Lady Melania Trump
  63. Pompeo says Trump can offer North Korea security assurances unlike any in the past
  64. Bill Clinton: Norms of ‘What You Can Do to Someone Against Their Will’ Have Changed
  65. Kim flies his toilet over to Singapore with him... WTF?
  66. WhatsApp tragedies
  67. Juanita Broaddrick responds to Bill Clinton on sexual assault
  68. Charitable giving in US tops $400 billion for first time
  69. America's happiest seaside town: Ocean City, N.J.
  70. ‘Defecating’ school superintendent requests full surveillance video of alleged deed
  71. Bode Miller loses his 19 month old daughter
  72. Michael Cohen expects to be arrested soon
  73. North Korea’s Chamber of Horrors: Oppression, Slavery, and Starvation
  74. Joy Behar interrupts Meghan Mccain's tearful Krauthammer tribute to slam Mcconnell
  75. Gay Americans are arming themselves to stay alive
  76. Question for Gunny
  77. Connection?
  78. Have You Seen The Video Trump Showed Kim?
  79. Mexico more corrupt than ever
  80. Immigration Power Struggle Going On Within EU
  81. Comey Broke From FBI Procedures in Clinton Probe, Watchdog Finds
  82. Taliban Claim U.S. Violated Their Free Speech
  83. Sarah Sanders, Raj Shah planning to depart the White House
  84. Well, Here's Another Issue ....
  85. Man Arrested After Bringing Meth To Police Station To Have It Tested By Cops
  86. Lawmakers disagree over how to solve family separation at the border
  87. Report: Peter Strzok Vowed ‘We’ Would ‘Stop’ Trump from Becoming President
  88. John Cusack - Trump a ‘Fascist’ and ‘They’re Putting Kids in F**king Cages’
  89. Let Me Clear Up an Issue
  90. Comey Used Private G-Mail...
  91. Does Sarah Sanders make policy?
  92. Drone on foreign soil does it's job again!
  93. Where were the dems and media when...
  94. Great International Effort in Rescue!
  95. MSNBC: Law Enforcement Officers Are Nazis and Trump Is Running Concentration Camps
  96. Obama’s silky lie and FBI bias in the Clinton investigation
  97. Why Fox News Is No. 1
  98. Black woman busted lying about cop sexually assaulting her
  99. 71% of liberals would rather see NK peace fail, because Trump would gain popularity
  100. Children at borders - impoverished American children
  101. List of Peter Strzok's criminal acts
  102. The Swamp Rules To Protect The Swamp
  103. An example of a potential 'Hate Crime' .. ??
  104. Outrage grows as families are separated. Will Trump change his policy?
  105. Democrats and Black America
  106. The media and "mistakes" about Trump
  107. The toll of illegal alien criminals
  108. McCabe Refuses to Testify at Senate Judiciary Hearing
  109. U.S. approves $1.3 billion sale of artillery to Saudi Arabia
  110. Faux liberal outrage over border detentions
  111. Liberals triggered when Trump hugs American flag
  112. Confederate general name will be changed to Barack Obama Elementary
  113. Kylie Jenner accused of being "transphobic"
  114. Report: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Escorted Out of Headquarters
  115. David Hogg Relaunches Advertiser Boycott Against Laura Ingraham
  116. Mexico: U.S. ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Violates Human Rights
  117. The 5 Worst Illegal Immigration Arguments
  118. The border (faux) outrage continues
  119. Pundits, activists celebrate harassment of female DHS secretary
  120. More Trump/Russia Collusion?
  121. Hungary Leads the Way
  122. Office of First Lady calls secret service on Peter Fonda.
  123. Trump says he'll be 'signing something' on detained children
  124. Today's teens less likely to smoke, drink, take drugs or have sex
  125. Crowds put up with heat, electrical outage to see Trump in Duluth
  126. It's Official, Europe Has Gone to the Dogs
  127. RICO Suave
  128. World Bank Endorses Anti-White Land Reform In South Africa
  129. Surprise, Surprise Fake News Busted In Less Than 24 Hours
  130. Wilkommen auf Deutchland
  131. Trump flips again, says North Korea is an "extraordinary threat"
  132. Sarah Sanders asked to leave Virginia restaurant
  133. USCG, China Team up.
  134. Familiar Names Investigated Russia’s World Cup Bid: Steele, Comey, Mueller
  135. I See The 2018 BET Awards Are On...
  136. Try to off yourself in NYC?
  137. Antwon Rose shooting
  138. Harley-Davidson
  139. US traffic Enforcement is awful
  140. Democrats gear up for a fierce and probably losing fight against Trump’s court pick
  141. Capital Gazette shooting - 5 Dead
  142. Canada Hits Back On U.S. Tariffs; Mnuchin Denies Trump Wants To Quit WTO
  143. Iranian Mullahs Discover the Key to Support from Europe
  144. Calling Out Prejudice By Being A Bigot
  145. Indigenous Mexicans Spurn Presidential Vote With Blockades, Bulldozers
  146. African dust forecast to move into South Texas
  147. Antifa's Glass Jaw
  148. Love Those Eastern European Politicians
  149. Mexicans: We want a worse economy and a more controlling and corrupt government!
  150. Trump urges passage of FART Act
  151. Adios, Brian Ross, with your "erroneous" report.
  152. Why you NEED an AR15 - if you blame the weapon, you should praise it too
  153. Coast Guard Opens New Forward Operating Base
  154. WHITE Brits Soon To Be MINORITY In Birmingham, U.K.
  155. Nunes Slams Schiff
  156. Hundreds Of Migrants Are Being Sent Back To Central America Under The Trump Admin.
  157. Obama Traded U.S. Passports For Nuclear Deal With Iran
  158. China Issues U.S. Travel Warning Amid Trade Tensions
  159. Exclusive: China Presses Europe For Anti-U.S. Alliance On Trade
  160. Pompeo To Visit Mexican President-Elect; Discuss Immigration, Trade
  161. Assassinations of Philippine mayors
  162. Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, To Be Removed Next Week
  163. World Trade Organization Concerned Over Trump Admin. Trade Policies
  164. China: ‘We’re Ready To Retaliate Against U.S. Tariffs’
  165. U.S.-Iran Tensions Rise Over Oil Route As EU Tries To Save Nuclear Deal
  166. Consider It a 6th Trimester Abortion
  167. 1st the black community & now the hispanic community - unemployment records
  168. Maga hat attacker arrested, faces jail time
  169. Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Lack of Civility
  170. Another muslim killing group, worse than Boko Haram...
  171. The right has everything they do protested. Violence is NOT acceptable in any manner
  172. More tolerance from the left
  173. Trump faces backlash after his tweet about Thai cave rescue
  174. Ignorance of the Left
  175. Some People's Children
  176. The Latest Numbers On Firearms Ownership Worldwide
  177. Neat Story...K-9 Receives Protective Vest
  178. President Trump visits the UK
  179. More Democrat BS blamed on Russia
  180. California City Will Experiment with $500/Month Universal Basic Income
  181. Omaha Residents Rushing to Remove Signs Urging People to Report Illegal Aliens
  182. Piers Morgan grills anti-Trump protester over immigration hypocrisy
  183. Pedophiles believe they should be a part of the LGBT community
  184. What Trump gave up
  185. Nato?
  186. Peter Strzok - lying smug sack of sh*$
  187. Melania high fives veteran - steals the UK's heart
  188. President Trump Touts Bilateral Ties With The U.K., Supports May Amid Brexit Talks
  189. Oh no, Trump walked in front of the Queen!
  190. Just Gotta Wonder
  191. Those racist, misogynistic republicans
  192. This is how the liberal democrats roll
  193. San Diego chainsaw attacker is illegal alien who has been deported 11 times
  194. Religion of Peace Finds a More Effective Tactic Than a Russian Dossier
  195. Black Live Matters Finds Another Innocent Victim of Police Brutality to Riot For
  196. Ex-CIA director off the rails after Trump meeting with Putin
  197. US Files World Trade Organization Cases Against 5 Countries Over Retaliatory Tariffs
  198. Busted!
  199. We are Indigenous
  200. Rachel Maddow: It’s Time for Americans to Face ‘Worst Case Scenario’ on Trump
  201. Immigration Lawyers Freak as DHS Allows Agents to Enforce Long-Ignored Laws
  202. Russia ready to send request of Browder $400,000 donations to Democrats
  203. Donald Trump: ‘Haters’ Infected with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’
  204. Clueless Michelle Obama Trashes Trump as “Mediocre”
  205. CNN Claims “Russian Bots” Behind #WalkAway Campaign
  206. Mansour: If You Think U.S. Intel Is Never Wrong, I Have Some Yellowcake for You
  207. Texas Overtakes Iran
  208. People hate what Obama and Hillary did on Russia - when they're told Trump did it
  209. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump's Putin press conference
  210. Watch the Oh-So ‘Sacred’ Intelligence Community Lie, Lie, Lie
  211. 'Boy or girl?' Parents raising 'theybies' let kids decide
  212. Whoopi Goldberg ‘Got in My Face,’ Yelling ‘Get the F**K out of Here’
  213. Roseanne Clears the Air on Her Valerie Jarrett Tweet
  214. The Ghost Soldiers of Afganistan
  215. And We Thought Valerie Jarrett was the Iranian Sleeper Cell in the Obama Regime
  216. Look Who's Honoring the First US President From Kenya
  217. I Would Love to see Them Try:
  218. No opposition to death penalty from UK ....
  219. President Trump To Iran’s Rouhani: Never Ever Threaten The U.S. Again
  220. End "botched" brexit, labour's corbyn calls on britain to back his vision
  221. Police Use Bean Bag Rounds And K-9 To Subdue Armed Man
  222. Denver Post Runs Letter to the Editor Demanding Trump's Execution
  223. Those Who Deny History Prefer To Repeat It
  224. AP spins story, but this person was illegal AND committed a DUI
  225. Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids, ‘Irresponsible Breeders’
  226. Dang, Phoenix area folks are melting!
  227. Israel shoots down Syrian warplane as Golan frontier heats up
  228. Waiter who got customer barred for ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ message - lied about all
  229. Trump hails start of dismantling N. Korean missile site
  230. Ninth Circuit Rules We Have A Constitutional Right To Open Carry For Self-Defense
  231. 94 year old WWII vet has a request for the president...
  232. Donald Trump: ‘Sad’ that Michael Cohen Taped His Clients
  233. Ga. State Rep. Resigns After Shouting N-Word on Sacha Baron Cohen Show
  234. ‘Fake News’ Is Not a Fake Term
  235. Oh, So This Is Why Around Half Of Liberals Can't Stand Being Around Trump Supporters
  236. Dem Congressman Accuses Media of Making Ocasio-Cortez Into 'Some Kind of Deity'
  237. The Rat
  238. VICE Admits: Twitter Is Shadowbanning Conservatives, Mainstream Republicans
  239. Trade Deal a ‘Major Win for President Trump,’ ‘Major Concession’ by European Union
  240. sometimes i am embarrassed of the people in my country.
  241. Hope none of y’all have stock in Facebook
  242. Excuse Me?
  243. Britain: Land of Lost Hope and Faded Glory?
  244. Flashback: Economic "experts" predicted 4-percent growth would never happen
  245. Stupid Summertime 'Master Mariners'
  246. Therapists seeing patients with Trump Derangement Syndrome
  247. Was There More to the Canada Shooting than Meets the Eye?
  248. This is Ineresting
  249. Not Good at All
  250. Kroger ban on Visa