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  1. Mollie Tibbetts case
  2. Coast Guard rescues crew of Tractor Trailer
  3. How Dare a Dean of Journalism have a GOP Friend
  4. Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Minds of the Twentieth Century
  5. British Court of Appeals Decides Operating Gulags Not a Good Look
  6. Their Best Defenders are Their Accusers
  7. Eureka CA Coast Guard Days!
  8. 155,965,000 Employed in June
  9. Facebook rejects candidates video about Cambodia
  10. The angry left is 'totally distorted by their rage', inability to 'topple' Trump
  11. Massive CA Wildfires
  12. " Tony Bennett... Left my heart in San Francisco............."
  13. If the KKK had its own country
  14. Joe Rogan simplifies and details the issue with mass immigration
  15. 57 People Shot, 6 Fatally, in Chicago Over Weekend
  16. Way to go France!
  17. ‘Moral Disgrace’ That Dem Party Has ‘Become the Champion of Illegal Immigration'
  18. Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify ban Infowars' Alex Jones
  19. North Korea urges US to drop sanctions
  20. Amish man starts "Uber" ride service with his horse and buggy
  21. Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Restoring Sanctions on Iran
  22. Minnesota's minimum wage hike cost teenagers thousands of jobs
  23. Leftists riot in 3 cities - no mainstream media reporting
  24. Here's what the left doesn't get about America
  25. Black Conservatives Speak Out Against NY Times Hiring ‘Racist,’ ‘Vulgar’ Sarah Jeong
  26. Saudis Threaten Canada With Another 9/11 Amid Diplomatic Crisis
  27. Rouhani Open To Talks With U.S. As Iranian Economy Collapses In Face Of U.S. Sanction
  28. Planned Parenthood Claims Forcing Taxpayers To Pay For Abortion Is 'Economic Justice'
  29. Rosie O’Donnell at White House Protest: U.S. 'Has Never Been in Worse Shape'
  30. U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy: Big Tech ‘Must Do More Than Take Down’ InfoWars
  31. How dare you think of protecting your home and family
  32. Trump pays attendees for his rallies
  33. With all of the dirtbags in Hollywood
  34. Immigration vs Illegal Immigration
  35. Concealed carry guy murders man for shoving him
  36. Facebook Wants Your Bank Info, Corporations Push Financial Blacklist Gun Control
  37. The Atlantic Explains Why Sarah Jeong’s Brand of ‘White-Bashing’ Is on the Rise
  38. Alex Jones is removed, and terrorist garbage can stay
  39. Infowars - now Mailchimp and LinkedIn ban them
  40. After Infowars - Some would want to stamp out Fox News next
  41. The Police Were Not Policed
  42. Candace Owens: ‘Leftist Media Is Inciting Violence and Hate’
  43. Really attractive woman - sex abuser
  44. Boris Johnson .. Burkha wearers look like letterboxes
  45. Why media sucks sometimes -why we fall for it
  46. Top Ten Reasons to Be Nostalgic for Obama
  47. Trump will defy legal and political advice
  48. Twitter shadowbanning
  49. Watch This Video...
  50. What a Bust
  51. Injured Bear Cub
  52. Nikolas Cruz Interrogation Video
  53. Abolish ICE, No borders, Close prisons
  54. Street Artist Covers Hollywood Walk of Fame with 50 Trump Stars
  55. Offer to debate someone - means your sexist
  56. Elementary school puts pledge of allegiance back into morning meeting after backlash
  57. Washington Post conducts massive fact check on Ocasio-Cortez
  58. Professor calls out white NFL players
  59. Democratic Congressional Candidate from Minnesota Divorces Her Brother
  60. Lame accusation of violence
  61. DNC Serves WikiLeaks With Lawsuit Through Twitter
  62. Man shoots friend over online political debate
  63. Prosecutors: Son of prominent Imam was training children to commit school shootings
  64. Interesting Use of a Sno-Cat
  65. Bizarre!
  66. More Twitter bans
  67. Social Media Banning
  68. Today's "protesters" in Charlottesville and DC - explanation needed
  69. Chinese Collusion Good, Russian Collusion Bad
  70. Tough Rescue
  71. If you met Obama face to face
  72. Embattled Agent Peter Strzok FIRED By The FBI
  73. ‘No Borders! No Wall! No USA at All!’
  74. Bridge Collapse - Genoa, Italy
  75. OK, New Mexico is Officially a Lost Cause
  76. What Happens When Transgenders Become the Flavor of the Month?
  77. August 14 1945
  78. Another Westminster attack
  79. Lena Dunham, marking her date of hysterectomy by posting nudes
  80. First transgender nominee moves forward
  81. Trump and his golf playing
  82. Players Have a ‘Right to Protest During the Anthem’
  83. Omarosa and the N word
  84. $3.5 trillion into the economy because of Roe Vs Wade?
  85. Twitter's 'Trust and Safety Council' Is Working Overtime to Ban Conservatives
  86. R E S pect! Aretha Franklin passes away
  87. Army Brigadier General speaks out against John Brennan
  88. John Brennan started the Spygate Scandal?
  89. Chris Watts case - disturbing
  90. Peter Stzrok starts a gofundme page?
  91. Shadow Ban: PragerU Reveals Immediate 99.9999% Drop in Facebook Reach
  92. Visit Germany, or Not Visit Germany... That Is The Question...
  93. Will CA EVER GTFO of people's lives? Mandating Kids meal options
  94. Call a terrorist "sick and depraved" - removed from FB for "hate speech"
  95. CNN, the tolerance & bias
  96. Trump goes off on social media
  97. Maher blasts liberals over Jones censorship: 'Supposed to be for free speech'
  98. Netflix's Wolf Fired Like a Dog
  99. Tech Tyranny: conservative sites...
  100. 8.2 Quake Fiji Islands
  101. Liberals angry, illegal arrested while taking pregnant wife to hospital
  102. Black Business Ownership Under Trump Jumps 400% in ONE YEAR
  103. The real Russian collusion, the ignored version
  104. One very big corrupt club
  105. Retirees Shouldn’t Get Security Clearances
  106. This Should be Interesting
  107. Tragedy. Heart-broken. Beautiful Life lost :(
  108. Defending Your Position by Calling Out the Black Guy? (Oh, he's a lefty. never mind)
  109. First Stormy Daniels Now This Clown?
  110. Clinton Body Count Victim Reaching Out From the Grave
  111. Who is Lanny Davis Working For?
  112. Get Ready to VOMIT...
  113. Reality Winner
  114. Same old Islamic jockeying for power ...
  115. Supreme Court decisions could curb campus censorship
  116. McCain discontinues his treatment
  117. Giuliani: If Trump were impeached 'the American people would revolt'
  118. The group that the left silently support
  119. Robin Leach Passes
  120. U.S. Couple Murdered by ISIS Fell Victim to Left’s Fantasy World
  121. CNN’s Jim Sciutto Busted for Two Fake News Scoops in One Week
  122. Judge won't allow videos out that are "bad" about planned parenthood
  123. Flashback: Obama Offered $150,000 Bribe to Silence Crackpot Hate Preacher Jeremiah
  124. CBS producer caught spewing racist filth on Twitter
  125. Midterm Meddling: Tech Giants Gather to Discuss ‘Election Protection’ Strategy
  126. Trump on South Africa - and liberals cry foul of course
  127. Scumbags rip off veteran via gofundme donations
  128. Anti-Brexit scaremongering ....
  129. Verizon Throttles Data From First Responders
  130. Fifth-grade student in North Carolina disciplined after calling his teacher 'ma'am'..
  131. A Side of Pres. Trump People Do Not See
  132. Let Us Kill The WHITE MAN...
  133. Oh, Wow! Is There No End...
  134. Vatican ambassador calls for Pope Francis resignation
  135. Lanny Davis Admits He Was Peddling Bogus Info About Russia Collusion
  136. A message to the left
  137. Trump angers DC, after flag no longer at half staff for McCain
  138. I told you these knives needed to go!
  139. Claims that immigrants are needed to do the jobs that Americans won't doesn't hold up
  140. A Heck of an Endorsement...
  141. Boom!
  142. "Secret" Chamber in Mt Rushmore
  143. Locals In Medford OR Give Back
  144. WTF is wrong with "Peta"
  145. College bans 9/11 memorial citing Muslims' feelings
  146. Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt Blocked by Judge
  147. 10 Border Walls No One Talks About
  148. Another Obama Edict...
  149. This is Bullshit
  150. Pres Trump Cuts Aid to Palestinians...
  151. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, AAH, AAH!
  152. Mueller; A Good Synopsis
  153. Just Do it
  154. List Of FAKE NEWS CNN's LIES And Bungled Stories...
  155. Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They Comfort Me
  156. Resist! European Style
  157. Como Se Dice, Shithole?
  158. Salisbury Novichok attack: new war of words.
  159. "Common Sense These Days...
  160. @Drummond... Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities...
  161. TWITTER SUSPENDS BENGHAZI HERO After Criticism of President Obama!
  162. President Trump May Use Military to Build Border Wall
  163. Hurricane Florence
  164. Future Dem candidate for 2020
  165. Trump: The worst racist of all time
  166. GoFundMe Couple Blew $400,000 They Raised for Selfless Homeless Man
  167. Celebrating a booming economy
  168. Today marks 17 years since the events of 9/11
  169. First place in Britain to completely quit fags!
  170. Scarborough hit for saying Trump hurts 'dream of America' more than 9/11 terrorists
  171. Local school reinstates paddle policy
  172. Kavanaugh protesters hate freedom of speech
  173. Another "never forget"
  174. Disgusting
  175. Shots fired....Officer down.....
  176. Frying Pan Cam
  177. In Case the "Mueller Investigation" is Succeeding
  178. The Match We've All Been Waiting For
  179. Another angle of WHY we "never forget"
  180. Police Officer Shot Multiple Times; CCL Holder Engages Shooter....
  181. Good Rescue!
  182. Sen. Corey Booker is a Global Inspiration
  183. Next Week Could be Interesting
  184. Come on Pete!
  185. The Little One in This Is Delightful
  186. Warsaw feels like Paris in the good years, before it became a ‘Third World shithole’
  187. marines-come-running
  188. Another Darwin Award Candidate!
  189. Another High Quality Citizen!
  190. Italy Has Woken Up...
  191. Fired - for stating that women don't have penises
  192. Now it's the UK with the "white privilege" problem
  193. Crazies have descended upon DC
  194. Kavanaugh’s Young Daughters getting death threats?
  195. Every Witness Named by Kavanaugh’s Accusers Sides with Kavanaugh
  196. Flashback: Chuck Schumer Pledged to ‘Oppose Kavanaugh with Everything I Have’
  197. More demands and attempted delays from Dems and Christine Ford
  198. NY's Gillibrand is an idiot
  199. Now the girl scouts in the UK too? oy vey
  200. Ted Cruz chased from DC restaurant by screaming Kavanaugh protestors
  201. And now Avenatti's crap falls apart
  202. Even Scarborough butts heads with Joy Behar on The View
  203. Bye Bye Bill Cosby
  204. Models With Three Breasts Hit Milan Fashion Runways
  205. Dunkin' Donuts will now just be "Dunkin'"
  206. Another attempted delay in the making?
  207. CNN: If Dems Retake Senate ‘Payback for Merrick Garland Will Be Swift and Total’
  208. Good job Polish brothers....!
  209. Attention Mr. Mueller, Des Moines Register Colluding With China in Iowa Gov. Election
  210. 4 people sign affidavits corroborating Dr. Fords story
  211. More of Blasey Ford's story falling apart
  212. This Was Not Intended to be a Houseboat!
  213. Welfare for Refugees Cost Americans $123 Billion in 10 Years
  214. Every Known Allegation Against Kavanaugh is Either Deeply Flawed or Outright False
  215. So how many heard about the retraction of another accuser?
  216. Kavanaugh Assault 'Seared' in My Memory
  217. Who Really Believes Kavanaugh Is a Rapist?
  218. Sen. Hirono Fundraises Off of Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing, Then Backpedal
  219. Judiciary Committee Republicans' addresses, phone numbers released on Wikipedia
  220. SEC Sues Elon Musk, Seeks to Bar Him from Running Tesla
  221. Ken Starr: ‘I Believe Brett Kavanaugh’
  222. Grassley snaps on Democrats demanding an FBI investigation
  223. Prosecutor Mitchell wouldn't move forward with Kavanaugh case
  224. This week on Kavanaugh
  225. "Believe them" - "I believe them" - "I believe her"
  226. Great newsweek, CNN comes in 10th place!
  227. Pelosi fundraising email calls republicans "despicable"
  228. Christine Ford Caught in MAJOR LIE
  229. This is royally FU&^$d up of Bill Maher!
  230. Left Turns to Homophobia to Attack Lindsey Graham: ‘Closeted Idiot’
  231. Moments In Time:
  232. Sen. Kennedy to Feinstein: 'You Should Hide Your Head in a Bag'
  233. Another one unloads on the left!
  234. The Kavanaugh hearing proves yet again the US hates women
  235. Voter Support for Kavanaugh Grows
  236. Kanye West says he was ‘bullied’ over Trump support at ‘SNL’ taping
  237. 'Protestors' Who Confronted Flake Over Kavanaugh Vote May Have Ulterior Motives
  238. Bad to be white
  239. The Most Desperate, Hypocritical Sh*t I From the left Today
  240. Sheer barbarism !!
  241. Actress Ellen Barkin: Trump Should Be ‘Removed… Not Just from Office’
  242. Trump tells reporters: 'I consider you a part of the Democrat Party'
  243. Nanny sues the mother who fired her after sending a racist text
  244. Fight for Mother Rus- er,,, Britain?
  245. Allen West: US Increasingly Moving Away from Rule of Law, Toward Mob Rule
  246. Kavanaugh Supporters Should Be Killed/Multilated
  247. FBI investigation finding nothing
  248. Libel? NBC News Manufactures Text Messages Story to Claim Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath
  249. Snoop Dogg Calls Kanye West an ‘Uncle Tom’
  250. Mail Delivered to Pentagon Tests Positive for Ricin Poison