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  1. Grassley Chief Counsel Shuts Down Avenatti: ‘Please Stop Emailing Me’
  2. Joy Behar: GOP’s Message to Boys: ‘You Are Allowed to Grope a Woman’
  3. Capitol Police Arrest 27-Year-Old Democrat Staffer For Doxxing 3 GOP Senators
  4. FOX SHREDS Senator Coons – claims evidence of abuse against Kavanaugh
  5. Another schmuck on gun control - Lebron James
  6. 16,000 Pounds of Cocaine Seized
  7. Ignorance!
  8. Is This Insane or What?
  9. Long Range MEDEVAC
  10. Delightful!
  11. Neat Comparison
  12. Another picture that is worth a thousand words............
  13. Good speech
  14. Teacher wants Kavanaugh killed?
  15. Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years
  16. 583 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters
  17. Arm good Brazilians to kill leftist agitators and criminals
  18. USCG Multimedia Release
  19. Hillary Starts Her S*** Again
  20. Holder Being an Ass
  21. Schumer: climate change is to blame for hurricanes
  22. Trump was having racist thoughts in Kanye meeting
  23. What?
  24. Panthers Coach Rivera Says Reid Has 1st Amendment Right to Kneel
  25. Donald Trump: The Republican Party Now Includes the American Worker
  26. Protester asks GOP senator to 'apologize' to her children
  27. 5-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Assaulted in School Bathroom...
  28. President Trump's alleged affairs are 'not concern and focus of mine'
  29. Cut ties with someone over 1 meeting with Trump
  30. WHITE LIBERALS ON CNN: “Kanye Betrayed the Hip Hop Community”
  31. Melania Trump says she is one of the most bullied people in the world...
  32. HS Band Who Depicted Shooting Cops During their Performance Faces a Massive Penalty
  33. Principal replaced after forcing student to remove Trump Jersey at Football Game!
  34. Secret Service foiled Isis assassination attempt on President Trump
  35. Tennessee Democrat Bredesen Drops 14 Points in Polls
  36. Liberal Mobs Strike Again
  37. Transgender Man Identifies As DOG To Bring Him Closer To His Husband
  38. Protester during national anthem in Dallas urges fans to 'Vote Republican'
  39. Eric Holder: When they go low - we kick them!
  40. Of Course The Liberal Mob Is Real
  41. Coast Guard and Navy Team Up
  42. Warren ‘DNA Test’
  43. Husband Wrestles Gun from Wife’s Attacker, Shoots Him Dead
  44. Biological Man Wins Women’s Cycling Championship
  45. Netanyahu Threatens Hamas with ‘Very Powerful Blows’
  46. I ‘Wish All Men Were Dead’
  47. CNN: Saudis Will Admit Journalist Was Killed During 'Interrogation Gone Wrong'
  48. 'First Man' Crashes In The Box Office Following Flag Controversy
  49. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen - dead at 65
  50. USCG Rescues 3 in Alaska
  51. Sessions Barks Out!
  52. The 25 Reasons I’m Not a Democrat
  53. Donald Trump to Honduras: Stop Migrant Caravan or Lose Aid
  54. San Juan Mayor, city council offices, raided by FBI
  55. How Chemical Weapons Have Helped Assad
  56. Nevada pimp who starred in HBO series found dead
  57. New This Fall: The Preschool Hijab!
  58. Suddenly, Twitter censors are lost
  59. Speaking of being native...
  60. CNN triggered by "horseface" - but were ok with multiple segments on Trump's penis
  61. 10 Key Questions About The Khashoggi Affair
  62. How Horrible Republicans deny some their rights to vote
  63. Bolsonaro wave will power conservative projects in Brazilian Congress
  64. Medal of Honor
  65. Pres Trump Threatens to Close Southern border
  66. Man Who fought Off
  67. China Growth Slows to 6.5%; Finance Officials Try to Soothe Worried Investors
  68. Former AG Loretta Lynch: Voter ID meant to 'scare people away' ...
  69. The Story Of A Face
  70. Responders Honored
  71. NUMBER ONE ISSUE Facing Voters in November...
  72. USCG Air Station Miami Hosts Event
  73. Winter Is Coming
  74. Fishermen and USCG Rescue 15
  75. "I am Cait" Halloween backlash
  76. Honduran President Told Me Venezuela Funding Migrant Caravan
  77. The Caravan Means the Wall Will Be Built
  78. No clowns allowed
  79. Identical twins born female - are now male?
  80. ‘No Human Beings Are Illegal’ - Transgender the ‘Truest Form of America’s Freedom'
  81. Pompeo to Caravan Migrants: ‘You Will Not Be Successful getting into USA'
  82. MSNBC Host: The Real Mobs Are Those People Who Go To Trump Rallies
  83. Devices/bombs sent to CNN - Hillary - Obama
  84. Megyn Kelly Makes Tearful On-Air Apology for Blackface Comments
  85. Apparent ‘Live Explosive Device’ Targets CNN At Time Warner Center;
  86. Former Clinton Staffer Blames Trump for Clinton, Obama Attempted Bombings
  87. Fawn Released Back into the Wild.
  88. Mattis sends more troops to help against caravan
  89. Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnik Referred for Criminal Prosecution
  90. NY Times publishes Trump assassination fantasy
  91. Hoax bombs?
  92. Jumping To Conclusions Is The New Hotness. Here's Why.
  93. The migrant caravan is just making our borders stronger
  94. Florida preteen girls - planned to stab and kill classmates and drink their blood
  95. Dud Bomb Mailer Caught
  96. Army Cannot Stop Migrant Caravan; Only Wall, New Laws
  97. Brzezinski: ‘Racist Twist’ to GOP Disdain for Migrant Caravan
  98. Europe is the new Caliphate
  99. Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Being Gay 'Is God's Greatest Gift to Me'
  100. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman
  101. Stripper with a steroid problem (bomber)
  102. NBC News Hid Information that Would Have Cleared Kavanaugh... Avenatti claims
  103. Insulting Islam Now Illegal in Europe
  104. Couple folks in Ohio like terrorism
  105. Sarah Silverman: Donald Trump Has Gone ‘Full Hitler’
  106. Let's all be like California
  107. David Clarke: ’14 or 15 Thousand People Storming Your Border Is an Invasion’
  108. Wearing MAGA hat not good idea these days
  109. Seven Dead and Officers Shot in Saturday Morning Attack on Pittsburgh Synagogue
  110. How the internet "used to be"
  111. Caravan will claim asylum... but their goal is jobs
  112. Bombing Suspect Was Filled With Right-Wing Rage
  113. She Claimed A Cop Raped Her. DNA, Rental Records Proved She Lied.
  114. Bolsonaro schools lesbian feminist moron (has English subtitles)
  115. Hollywood blames Trump supporters for shooting
  116. Nitwit calls for more gun laws
  117. Should we blame Pittsburgh shooting on the left?
  118. Man defends dressing 5-year-old son as Hitler for Halloween: 'We love history'
  119. Brazil Now Officially A Right-Wing Country
  120. CG Responds to Boat Collision
  121. Military to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Southern Border
  122. Caravan Migrants Chuck Rocks at Mexican Border Police for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS
  123. Caravan Contradictions
  124. 'Nothing to Gain,' Kavanaugh Accuser Raises Nearly $1 Million
  125. Trump accuses media of stoking ‘great anger’ in US
  126. Merkel, down and out?
  127. Wikileaks' Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylum - send to USA
  128. David Hogg Mocks President Trump for Wanting Armed Security in Places of Worship
  129. Virginity doesn't even exist
  130. Don’t Insult Me As a Rabbi by Blaming Your Enemies for Some Dirtbag Jew-Hater
  131. Prosecutors to seek the death penalty
  132. Caravan migrant admits to be previously deported - attempted murder
  133. CNN fishing for "Trump blame" after synagogue shooting
  134. Liberal Pastor to Ask for 'God's Blessing' on Abortion Clinic
  135. The truth about the rage and hate climate
  136. Armed Migrants in Caravan Opened Fire on Mexican Cops, Say Authorities
  137. Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men’
  138. How is this caravan getting buses?
  139. Special Counsel and Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Accused of Rape
  140. Whitey Bulger - Killed behind bars
  141. Mexican Ambassador to U.S.: Some in Migrant Caravan ‘Very Violent’
  142. Muslims Shouldn’t “Humanize” Israelis
  143. Pittsburgh Rabbi Receives Hate Mail From Leftists For Welcoming President Trump
  144. Kanye quits Trump
  145. Central American Migrants Set Fire to Mexican Immigration Facility
  146. Crater Lake Snow!
  147. Indiana Man Contacts Police With Complaint About His Crack Dealer
  148. The Five Most Triggering Halloween Costumes of 2018
  149. Total immigration to U.S. ties all-time record
  150. No chainsaws allowed on the train?
  151. Chicago - 2,530 Shot, 469 Killed So Far This Year
  152. Workers’ Pay Rises at Fastest Rate Since 2008, Outpacing Inflation
  153. Former Sacred Heart Football Players Sue Woman over Fake Rape Claims
  154. Trump: Up to 15,000 Troops Could Be Sent to Border
  155. Stacey Dash at Walk Away Rally: ‘I Got Blacked into Voting’ for Obama
  156. Harvey Weinstein accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old virgin
  157. Lemon gets away with it - white men being terrorists
  158. Megyn Kelly's fight with NBC escalates as she accuses reporters of following her kids
  159. Nationalist --- to --- White Nationalist
  160. Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan - overturned!
  161. President Trump May Take Extraordinary Action Against Caravan and Migrants
  162. Radical Muslims Behind 84 Percent of Terror Killings in the West
  163. Race Has Nothing to Do With Normal Americans' Opposition to Illegal Immigration
  164. Poll: Media more divisive than Trump
  165. Report: There are 4 migrant caravans heading to the US border
  166. Each Illegal Immigrant Costs $70K
  167. National Veterans and Military Families Months
  168. Police: Woman Choked Innocent Man Claiming He Groped Her
  169. Boy gets dress-coded for worn jeans with an 'emerging hole'
  170. Jeff Zucker says CNN needs Trump to have an audience
  171. Muslim Migrant from Iraq Charged in Elaborate Bomb Plot
  172. Migrants File Suit
  173. Obama on Troop Deployment to the Southern Border
  174. Something Many May Not Be Aware Of... I Wasn't...
  175. Bolsonaro's son shares video saying feminist can go eat dog food from a bowl
  176. Leftist Race Slander Could Backfire
  177. Pres. Trump: U.S. Military Will Arrest Violent Migrants At Border
  178. US troops lay down barbed wire along border ahead of caravan
  179. SNL mocks Navy SEAL who lost his eye
  180. Do you generally like a blend of Reagan, Trump and Pinochet?
  181. Leftist Website Urges Readers to Cut Through Border Fences to Assist Migrant Caravans
  182. West's Old Mines - A Danger and a Draw
  183. Under Obama, the CIA Suffered a 'Catastrophic' Disaster
  184. A cop killer laughing about his crime is too much for America
  185. Gunman kills 12 in Cali bar
  186. Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day.
  187. Another Guardian Freakout Over Bolsonaro (with subtitles)
  188. The hypocrisy shines brightly
  189. Coast Guard to Host Veteran's Day Event
  190. Video recording and student complaint system to stop Marxist and homo indoctrination
  191. PTSD and Mass Shootings
  192. The Dark Side of Marijuana Use
  193. The Return of the Bison
  194. Some Charities Are Not What They Seem
  195. Michelle Obama cried for 30 minutes after Trump Inauguration
  196. Another global warmer - warmed up to the truth
  197. Avenatti - charged Felony domestic violence
  198. What's Really Behind the Jim Acosta 'Controversy'?
  199. It was all a hoax to begin with
  200. No confidence vote 'likely' for U.K.'s May
  201. Justice Department Preparing to Prosecute Julian Assange
  202. Why isn't Mexico being condemned?
  203. "Thank" kids who stood for pledge - get fired
  204. Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi's assassination: CIA
  205. Why does caravan fly home country flags?
  206. Police Arrest Far-Left Antifa Thugs - Violence in Philly
  207. Dolphin found shot dead on California beach
  208. New Mexico woman sues hospital for resuscitating her
  209. Number of Witches in U.S. on the Rise, May Surpass 1.5 Million
  210. Another 3,300 Caravan Migrants Arrive in Tijuana, Says Mexico
  211. Pirro to Kamala Harris: ICE is nothing like KKK
  212. High School Bans Expensive Coats To ‘Poverty-Proof’ The School
  213. Hancock Elevator Dropped From 95th To 11th Floor, Passenger Says
  214. Man sues British Airways for being seated next to obese passenger
  215. The DOG accused of a hate crime
  216. Migrant caravan meets hostility in Tijuana: 'Go back to your country!'
  217. Death toll rises to 76 in California fire with winds ahead
  218. If You Worked For Trump, Wouldn't You Beat Yourself To Death With A Blunt Object?
  219. Theresa May: Brexit won't be easier if I'm ousted
  220. University lecturers told DON'T USE CAPS as it frightens students
  221. White House moves to permanently ban Jim Acosta
  222. Newsweek Writer: Only AR-15 owners I know are mass murderers
  223. Stormy Daniels Says Donald Trump And Politics 'Completely Destroyed' Her Career
  224. Liberal Millennials, Not Surprisingly, Fail At Sex Too
  225. Mexicans scream at illegal immigrants - "Trump was right about invasion"
  226. Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Inaccurately Names Branches Of Government
  227. Man Rescues Cats...
  228. 'Vagina Monologues' Cancelled At University Because 'Not All Women Have Vaginas.'
  229. Female Antifa Member Allegedly Spits on, Punches Conservative Activist
  230. Michael Avenatti Dragged Her on Floor, Yelled ‘Ungrateful F*cking B*tch’
  231. Caravan migrants get "pig food"
  232. From the files of: Should not even be a law. Or "We make our own criminals"
  233. Is Thanksgiving a racist holiday?
  234. President Trump really gets in their heads
  235. White House Grants Law Enforcement Powers, Use Of Force To Troops At Border
  236. George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation
  237. Trump warns: We may close 'the whole border' with Mexico...
  238. Caravan Riders May Rush The Border En Masse to Provoke the Trump Administration
  239. If they'd killed a muslim, we'd be at WW3
  240. Fox News Apologizes for Hillary ‘Herpes’ Remark
  241. Why the lesbian kiss at Macy's Parade?
  242. Bill Maher Belittles and Politicizes Stan Lee’s Death
  243. When You Thought Racist Cries Were Beyond...
  244. Kimmel Scolds Celebs for Nonstop Trump Bashing
  245. Deal with Mexico would make asylum seekers wait outside U.S. border
  246. Boris Warns Brexit Plan Akin to Titanic Heading Toward Doom
  247. Assange Lawyers Blocked From Entering Ecuadorian Embassy
  248. The Criminal West- told by, east muslim child
  249. Theresa May signs "worst deal in history"
  250. Apparently it IS an invasion