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  1. Donald Trump to Mexico: Migrants ‘Are Not Coming into the U.S.A’
  2. The Anti-American Americans
  3. Rihanna Accuses U.S. of ‘Terrorism’ for Spraying Tear Gas at Border
  4. Bette Midler: This Climate Crisis Is ‘Trump’s 9-11’
  5. "Balls!".................
  6. Melania and the WH start unveiling Christmas decorations
  7. Missionary's body...Indians say "too dangerous!" to get his body
  8. Trump’s critics were dead wrong about the caravan after all
  9. DHS: Majority Of Caravan Migrants Are Not Eligible For Asylum In U.S.
  10. Hypocrisy: Outraged Networks Ignore Obama’s Tear Gas Usage Against Illegals
  11. Chief Patrol Agent Schools CNN Host About Tear-Gassed ‘Asylum Seekers’
  12. Mexico Begins Deporting 98 Caravan Migrants After Border Rush
  13. Why They Want to Replace White People
  14. Congresswoman-elect Kátia Sastre - No regrets killing bandit in the street
  15. PA Hunters Rescue Buck Deer From Frozen Lake.
  16. "God Bless America......."
  17. Interesting. What are they worried about?
  18. ‘Screw that Joy Behar Bitch’
  19. Incoming congresswoman defends fired CNN commentator
  20. Earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska
  21. Caravan Migrants in Tijuana Announce Hunger Strike to Demand Asylum in US
  22. Top Five Media Lies on the Migrant Caravan
  23. President G.H.W. Bush Passes.
  24. The truth behind the migrant caravans
  25. Woman accidentally executed?
  26. Pres 41's Motorcade at Sendoff in Houston
  27. How One Marine's Dream Became a Foundation of Hope
  28. AK Earthquake Recovery : Getting It Done!
  29. Now that's what I call Gun Control...
  30. Similarities...My Dad and GHWB
  31. Out of their minds
  32. What do you want to become of Mexico?
  33. Turkish president praises Venezuela’s leader in 1st visit
  34. If you don't pay....We'll take it away!
  35. IF Climate Change is a threat, would you support banning private jet travel?
  36. Terrorism in Turkey
  37. Brazil's nondiscriminatory approach to terrorism
  38. Should Turkey Support Russia's Putin?
  39. The Suicide of Europe
  40. There WILL be a military coup in Venezuela, declares Brazil's VP-elect
  41. Given treatment of Islam, would the world be a better place with a stronger China?
  43. Least Educated State: CALIFORNIA
  44. Is Mexico superior to Turkey?
  45. Some lefties offer Ginsburg their lungs!
  46. Logging...
  47. New USA/Brazil right-wing social network arrives with Bolsonaro wave
  48. Farah
  49. The hatred of liberals - triggered by the wall
  50. Democrats Destroy Another 108 y.o. Institution With Their Perverted Sexual Agenda
  51. She's a Ding Bat
  52. Praise from CIC.
  53. Countries with border walls and barriers
  54. Vet Who Has Raised $17 Million for Border Wall Promises Announcement Next Week
  55. USCG Searching for 2 Missing People
  56. GHWB in a Letter
  57. The jailed "journalists" in Turkey - Lies
  58. Tax up to 70%! Ocasio-Cortez
  59. Dems still want populated places like LA, SF, NYC and such to decide...
  60. Moscow Accuses U.S. Of Detaining Citizen, A Day After Former U.S. Marine Arrested
  61. Women On Top
  62. BBC intervenes in mosque petition bid
  63. STUNNING UPDATE: Mother of Jazmine Barnes Lied to Police
  64. The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2018
  65. National Emergency Act
  66. Life Imitates Politics
  67. Acosta Proves Border Fence/Wall Works
  68. CNN busted again - for not giving a hoot about the "news"
  69. Caravan Forming In Honduras, Could Be Larger Than Previous Attempt
  70. Sounds Like The UK Might Face A Government Shutdown Of It's Own
  71. Centennial Anniversary of a Disaster
  72. Don't Know If Anyone Here Has Heard of This Story, But it's Good New to Wisconsinites
  73. CG Interdicting Illegal Migrants, Drugs
  74. Our Skin is an Organ
  75. Bill Introduced to Pay Coasties During Shutdown
  76. USCG on the Job .
  77. Sorry to inform you...
  78. 376 busted coming through tunnel in Arizona
  79. Letter Sent
  80. Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’
  81. Catholic HS kids harass native indian, veteran of Vietnam
  82. Media plays the "gotcha" game
  83. Woman brags about abortions - "I don't give a F**k!"
  84. France Builds Trump-Style Wall to Stop Illegals Getting to Britain
  85. Complete shutdown of teens wearing maga hats?
  86. 321,384
  87. "Blowj*bs for anyone who punches Catholic kids in face"
  88. MAGA hats are new KKK hoods
  89. Journalist Fired After Wanting Covington Catholic Students And Their Parents ‘To Die’
  90. Twitter - Threats to Murder, Physically Assault Minor Teens, but conservatives banned
  91. What is a man? A response to Gillette
  92. Lucy keeps pulling football away from Charlie Brown, aka Liberals
  93. Media miscues in the Covington school issue
  94. CNN’s Angela Rye: MAGA Hats Are as ‘Maddening’ and ‘Triggering’ as a KKK Hood
  95. Black people say that the NFL is racist
  96. Kate Hudson Raising Her Daughter ‘Genderless’
  97. 'I'm A Ma'am … Suck My D***!'
  98. Build wall without emergency funding?
  99. Stupid ......Guy...(Leftist)
  100. Off-Duty Coast Guard Employee Rescues Surfer
  101. Government does too little to stop illegal immigration
  102. New caravan of 12,000 gearing up to come to our border
  103. Footage of the Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber Crashing at Olenegorsk AB(Murmansk Region)
  104. Missouri school ponders white-only racism workshop
  105. Congressional perks
  106. The 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2018
  107. Texas venue denies gay wedding at their establishment
  108. The solution to NK’s woes... more poop
  109. Ice
  110. New Element Discovered....
  111. Well, crap !
  112. Shit, we only have 11 years til we all die!!
  113. Mom posts open letter about guy on her flight...
  114. The country will be taken over by Mexico in 12 years if we don’t build the wall!!!!!
  115. Where we’re headed?
  116. Women and men topless the same?
  117. Now even Mary Poppins is a racist!
  118. L.A. Times Columnist: MAGA Hats Are Like Wearing Blackface
  119. Documents show CNN tipped off about Stone arrest
  120. Wonderful..
  121. The Left Continues To Eat Its' Own
  122. Speaking Truth To Power, The Virtue Signaling Edition
  123. We're The Ones We've Been Waiting For: Take #586,985,393,134
  124. Apple won't help authorities with access to terrorists phones
  125. Second Amendment Sanctuary County!
  126. AOC To English translator
  127. Jussie Smollett
  128. INSANE: Woman Arrested and Locked Up For Calling A Transgender Person...
  129. Professor Says Trump Has Won Immigration Fight
  130. Kamala Harris Supports ‘Some Type of’ Slavery Reparations
  131. I Was a Transgender Woman for 8 Years - and I Regret It
  132. History Shows That Big, Beautiful Border Walls Work Extremely Well
  133. Was This a Setup? Unhinged Man in Trump MAGA Hat Attacks Media at El Paso Rally...
  134. Darin ... hope this isn't you!
  135. After Days Of Silence Rep Ocasio Cortez DOUBLES ON Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitic comments
  136. And He’s the Smart Democrat?… O’Rourke: “Walls Don’t Save Lives, Walls Take Lives”
  137. El Chapo found guilty on all counts at trial
  138. New BBC employment terms ...
  139. Rosie O’Donnell Pens Bizarre Anti-Trump Poem: ‘Ur Going Down Donald’
  140. Vegan Cory Booker: This Planet “Can’t Sustain” People Eating Meat
  141. Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Likes’ Magically Go From 1,500 to 17,000 in 10 Seconds or Less
  142. Netflix receive their income tax bill for 2018
  143. Thanks for nothing, liberal schmucks
  144. Raise your hand if...
  145. This millennial job interview is so accurate
  146. Hollywood Freaks over Trump’s Plan to Declare National Emergency...'
  147. Ann Coulter: ‘The Only National Emergency Is That Our President Is an Idiot’
  148. Remember Star/Military Mom and Dad at convention?
  149. Colin Kaepernick News
  150. Salon: Trump Has ‘Wrecked Our Sex Life’
  151. Sheriff Joe: Trump Should Get Award from Congress for Border Wall Money Management
  152. Illinois Shooting Occurred in Gun-Free Zone
  153. Colorado State: Saying ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ Is Offensive, Degrading
  154. British Jihadis !!
  155. Cold Water, Warm Hearts
  156. Make Media Great Again
  157. CBS' Lara Logan Just Exposed Leftist Media Bias. Again.
  158. 'Insane' to Make Women Compete Against Transgenders 'Who Biologically Are Still Men'
  159. Covcath student Nicholas Sandmann sues Wapo for $250 million
  160. 7-Year-Old Boy Raises $5K for Trump's Wall, Gets Branded 'Little Hitler'
  161. Professor: MAGA Hats Will Someday Be Viewed the Same Way as KKK Hoods
  162. Fry his Ass!
  163. Putin says his calls for US to calculate are not a threat
  164. Virginia governor cancels first stop on listening tour after blackface controversy
  165. LOL! CNN Preps Viewers for Likelihood Mueller Report Won’t Provide...
  166. 'El Chapo' juror says panelists regularly broke judge's order...
  167. Ohio Music Shop Owner Posts Sign Turning Away Trump Supporters
  168. Jussie Smollett's Hate
  169. Terrence K. Williams Hospitalized With “Fractured Neck and Spine” After Live Tweeting
  170. Students call police on Pepe the Frog
  171. 30-Foot Border Wall begins construction in California
  172. Our solution
  173. Here's a round-up of Jussie Smollett's worst tweets about president Trump...
  174. Trump must release tax returns - or he won't be on ballot!
  175. 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Owes 4 Groups of People More Than an Apology
  176. From Trayvon to Jussie — Poll Shows Media Hoaxes Killed Race Relations
  177. R. Kelly Turns Himself in to Chicago Police
  178. Pompeo Rejects ISIS Bride’s Lawsuit: ‘She’s Not Coming Back’
  179. As Venezuela Conflict Escalates, Pence Heads to Colombia
  180. Hypocritical Hollywood actors and friends come to town - Oscars
  181. Transgender runners still dominate
  182. Transgender activist accused of burning down own home in hate crime hoax
  183. Wake Forest Students Demand Dean Be Fired...
  184. Very Damp.
  185. Woman assaulted man sporting MAGA hat. Now ICE is looking to send her packing
  186. Otto Warmbier - Trump covers for Kim
  187. Poll: Majority of Americans Favor a Border Wall over a Green New Deal
  188. Netanyahu to stand trial for bribery and breach of trust
  189. Rick Harrison
  190. Terry Crews may be my hero this week. "Single parent kids are missing something"
  191. Britain Opens First Transgender Prison After Sex Attacks at Women’s Jails
  192. NJ High School Bans Prom Limos Because Some Students Can’t Afford Them
  193. Greenpeace Co-Founder: AOC Is a ‘Pompous Little Twit,’
  194. "Birthstrikers" fear global warming so much they are refusing to have kids
  195. SW Oregon Weather
  196. 2 Girls Rescued
  197. Border Rush May Hit 100,000 Migrants in March
  198. Queen Latifah backs Jussie Smollett after alleged hate crime hoax
  199. Court Rules Father Cannot Halt Daughter's Trans Hormones or Even Call Her a Girl
  200. World’s saddest elephant dies after 43 YEARS
  201. Trans athletes are making a travesty of women’s sports
  202. Colorado Drops Case Against Christian Baker for Refusing to Make Transgender Cake
  203. Twitter CEO Dorsey - some truth comes out
  204. Exactly what I said would happen
  205. Forgery Ring Busted
  206. Taco Bell employees captured on video beating up complaining customers are fired.....
  207. "White silence = Violence" - WTF???
  208. And The Hits Keep Rolling In!
  209. Chelsea Manning Jailed After Refusing to Testify in WikiLeaks Case
  210. Return of the Condor
  211. Dont mess with me...respect my space and no Pictures!!!
  212. High School Student Suspended for Responding to LGBT Pride Flags...
  213. FBI - Celebs charged with fraud in buying their children’s admission to top colleges
  214. CNN hit with $275 million defamation suit by Kentucky student
  215. Woman attacked by jaguar says Arizona zoo should consider 'moving fence'
  216. 400 Migrants Crossed into Arizona Border Sector in 48 Hours, Say Feds
  217. More magaphobia - slashed tires for no reason
  218. New Mexico compound inhabitants indicted on terrorism, kidnapping charges
  219. BREAKING: Rockets fired at Israel
  220. Gambino mob boss rubbed out in New York
  221. Antifa Planning ‘Halloween Party’ Protest at Tucker Carlson’s Home on Friday Evening.
  222. Crater Lake NP Hurting!
  223. New Zealand’s PM describes Christchurch mosque shootings as terrorist attack
  224. For Anyone Living in the SE USA
  225. Where is the worldwide outrage and mourning for Christians in Nigeria...
  226. New Zealand Eyes Stricter Gun Laws After Mosque Killings
  227. Sarsour ‘Triggered’ When People Who Criticized Ilhan Omar Now Offer Condolences
  228. New York State voters overwhelmingly oppose illegals getting drivers licenses
  229. Coming Soon: Americans Will be Prosecuted For Critical Posts on Islam
  230. Speaking of people ignoring the slaughter or Christians
  231. President Trump Unwittingly Busts Twitter
  232. Judge Rules Illegal Alien Who Used Fake Federal Document...
  233. Love the SC
  234. Model claims Miami hotspot told her no ‘fatties’ allowed
  235. Why aren’t we deporting illegal aliens who already have deportation orders?
  236. How much $$$ are you willing to give an online "friend" you haven't met yet?
  237. More little punks triggered by a hat
  238. Use wrong tranny pronoun? Jail, fine or investigation
  239. Youtube bans man that 'outs' folks who use "stolen valor"
  240. More proof of "shadowban" from Twitter
  241. Meathead speaks again
  242. Nowhere to put illegal immigrants, some being released
  243. Border problems - ask those on the front lines
  244. Illegals driven to border in Mexico, then simply crawl under the fence
  245. College Students Say 1st Amendment Shouldn’t Protect hateful, offensive...
  246. ShariaLaw. Barbaric behavior towards women. Why would ANYONE advocate for this ....
  247. Could easily be true
  248. 100,000 released in 3 months
  249. Ten Arrested in Islamist Plot to “Kill as Many Non-Believers as Possible”
  250. Muslims - "raise hell and make people uncomfortable"