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  1. Dr. Dre's daughter gets into USC - all on her own he says
  2. Former SS Agent Busts.
  3. And yet ANOTHER caravan is on it's way
  4. Hollywood responds - and the past
  5. The MASS BRAIN WASHING of Germany...
  6. CNN Jeff Zucker says they "only reported facts" on Russia collusion
  7. Leader Of New Zealand Mosque Blames Jews For Christchurch Massacre
  8. Avenatti bonds out in Nike case, now remanded in California case
  9. Tribute Flag Returned to Family of Fallen Marine
  10. Another DA stopping police from making arrests - on several crimes
  11. Russian Collusion - Chronological list of events
  12. Yell at Arby's manager and spit on her - she kills you!
  13. Cardi B - "I used to drug men and rob them"
  14. Michael Avenatti defends himself after arrest
  15. Chicago police release all evidence in Jussie Smollett case
  16. Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness Week.
  17. I hope they sue and get MILLIONS of dollars from Police/Child Services
  18. Pres Trump Moves to Cut Aid to Central America
  19. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez falsely claims Republicans amended Constitution to kick FDR
  20. Germans debate Govt control of your body after you die.
  21. The jihadist schoolboy dubbed 'Osama Bin Bieber': killed by Isis
  22. American muslim applauds stoning
  23. "Lock her up" - should have been censored? WTF
  24. Samantha Bee Rips ‘Unplanned' movie
  25. Britain's Version Of 'Medicare For All' Is Struggling With Long Waits For Care
  26. Julian Assange Will Be Expelled Within “Hours to Days”
  27. Man thinks he's a dog, so acts like one
  28. Woman who fell from Las Vegas roller coaster is ‘double amputee’
  29. ADOPTION ROCKS ...what a nice story......
  30. New Gillette Ad Celebrates Obesity
  31. Ugh!
  32. Parents Sue San Diego School District For Trying to Force Pro-Islam CAIR Propaganda
  33. How Testosterone-Fueled Trans Athletes Are Erasing Women in Sports
  34. Japanese Form of Therapy Beats Stress By Taking You Back to the Womb.......
  35. Be careful of what you ask for .......
  36. MAP: Health officials warn of possible measles exposure in San Francisco......
  37. Netanyahu scores yet another big win
  38. These sex slaves are setting fire to the burqas they forced to wear by ISIS Video
  39. Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy
  40. Oregon man goes to jail after raping small dog
  41. Click on the "like button" and now you're screwed!
  42. Idiotic "anti-vaxxers"
  43. On US-Mexico border, militia vow to patrol until 'wall is up'
  44. Parents who bribed for their kids...
  45. It’s called a UNIFORM. It’s called RULES. It’s called PROCEDURE!! Don’t like it??...>
  46. Marines Singing "Days of Elijah".....
  47. This is what PATHETIC looks like....two Rejected Failures that just don’t get it!
  48. Typhus outbreak in Los Angeles....
  49. Gun Use Surges in Europe, Where Firearms Are Rare......
  50. Watch: An armed man pulls out his handgun to ward off two younger men........
  51. America sure can be backwards: Freedom! But "Please drive like an old person"
  52. Notre Dame - Paris: It burns :(
  53. Actress Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty in College Admissions Scam
  54. American flag themed police cars
  55. Boys come in girls room, girl knees in crotch - SHE gets expelled
  56. Cher is an idiot
  57. WHY is there a video of person at one of the the 2 towers half an hour after the fire
  58. They call it a 'religion of peace' .....
  59. Brexit?
  60. Are There Any Limits to Illegal Immigration?
  61. Sanctuary Shithole
  62. Muslim men - how to beat your wives
  63. Woman burned to death for reporting sexual harassment
  64. Where is leftist Hollywood today?
  65. GOP Senators Demand Re-opening Clinton E-mail and Security Investigation
  66. Oh-oh
  67. Surge In Muslim Migration Sees Spike In Attacks On Christians In France
  68. Dear Abbey type stuff
  69. Astonishing what Trump has done with this economy....
  70. 2 men who love their country ..................
  71. Trump Honors Wounded Warrior
  72. Pakistan demands removal of picture
  73. Sri Lankan churches bombed
  74. Female Athlete Speaks Out Against Transgender Equality Act
  75. FBI Arrests Leader of Militia Group Stopping Illegal Aliens in New Mexico
  76. Holy Criminoly, talk about your money hungry wives!
  77. Iranian parliament labels entire US military as terrorist
  78. No Border Problem liberals?
  79. Texas couple sentenced for enslaving West African girl for more than 16 years
  80. Updated Info on the USCG's Rescue 21 System
  81. Sick muslim govt. in Saudi Arabia tortures and beheads 16yr old
  82. BBC and Attenborough Accused of Fake News Misinformation on ‘Climate Change'
  83. Whiteness is terrorism
  84. Must Have Been Pissed He Couldn't Vote For Bernie
  85. These people need to be dealt with
  86. Ilhan Omar blames United Stated for Venezuela crisis
  87. Good Cold Water Safety Tips...
  88. Founding Fathers under attack: Students demand Thomas Jefferson statue removal
  89. This is a Great Program
  90. GG
  91. Tick Season is Coming
  92. End of women's sports as we know it
  93. Spill gravy on laptop, go to jail
  94. ‘Crush the Treacherous Ones,’ ‘Chop Off Their Heads,’ ‘Subject Them Torture'
  95. What Could Have Caused This? CNN to Cut as Many as 300 Staffers
  96. Former US resident turned ISIS bride - threatens to murder reporter
  97. "Like, what is a garbage disposal really for"
  98. Nikki Haley Reminds Ilhan Omar Who Instigated Latest Round of Violence in Israel
  99. Twitter Suspends Ocasio-Cortez Parody Account For Being ‘Misleading’
  100. Christian Woman Sentenced to Death Under Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Is Freed
  101. NBC Bemoans Trump Pardoning U.S. Soldier, Cheered Obama Releasing Manning
  102. I don't like the sounds of this AT ALL - Muslim Ramadan
  103. Twitter Suspends Account That Tracks Violence Against MAGA Supporters
  104. USCG Stresses Boating Safety
  105. Gender Dysphoria Mania, This Is Why Why We Need To Treat It Not Enable It
  106. I Do Not Like This Guy Much....
  107. Nice Program
  108. Teacher tries to convince 8 year old they are transgender?
  109. Law and Order: SVU
  110. Social Media Is Cracking Down on Anti-Vaxxers
  111. Alyssa Milano calls for 'sex strike' until women have 'legal control' of their bodies
  112. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Features Morbidly Obese Bikini Model
  113. Offering 'thoughts and prayers' after shootings is 'bulls--t'
  114. This is Neat!
  115. Texas Officials Illuminate Crosses After Atheists’ Call for Removal
  116. More spread of measles - yikes!
  117. Google Search Results Overwhelmingly Favor Mainstream Media
  118. Twitter bans psychologist for not conforming to demands
  119. Thanks to Jussie, no more "Empire"
  120. Julian Assange Rape Case Reopened; WikiLeaks: Here Are 'The Facts'
  121. Is there a crisis at the border? Read these 31 facts
  122. Steal, and then be surprised when being arrested
  123. Now Alyssa Milano says she is pro-life
  124. So a radical muslim travels to Canada...
  125. Joy Behar: Let's Pass a Law Requiring Republican Men Get Sterilized
  126. New Zealand Prime Minister, French President Head Anti-Online Extremism Summit In Par
  127. The GOP Is 'A Terrorist Organization'
  128. Jill Filipovic: Dear Pro-Life Men, Please Cut a ‘Half Inch' Off Your Penis
  129. Emily Ratajkowski on Southern abortion bans
  130. I don't understand abortions...
  131. U.S. Urging Talks While ‘Holding Gun’ At Iran: Iranian Military Official
  132. Philippines Recalls Diplomats From Canada Amid Ongoing Garbage Dispute
  133. Las Vegas police release video of woman pushing elderly man from bus
  134. Grumpy Cat is dead
  135. Facebook continues purge of the right
  136. Armed Forces Day....
  137. Do Illegal Immigrants Cause a Rise in Crime?
  138. WordPress.com Blacklists Blogs Critical of Islam
  139. Facebook has a "hate agents list"?
  140. Remember that no drinking 32oz soda in New York?
  141. Venezuelan Military warns it is ready to slaughter US troops
  142. Woman with Fake Gun Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot up School
  143. Doctor Could Be Fired for Asking Muslim Woman to Remove Veil
  144. Schwarzenegger gets drop kicked!
  145. ‘We’ve Lost Control of the Border,’ Says Border Patrol Agent
  146. Sinaloa Cartel-Linked Meth Ring Busted in California
  147. Man Arrested on Terror Charges After Discussing Bombing Trump Tower
  148. The Lowdown On The Upcoming EU Elections, UK Style
  149. Pro-Choice Activists Swarm Pro-Life Student: ‘Go the F*ck Home!’
  150. Avenatti charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels
  151. Anti-Vax Movement Spreads To Pet Population
  152. Pelosi: Anti-Abortion Laws About ‘White Guys’ ‘Fear’ of Women
  153. Perfectly healthy dog euthanized
  154. Donald Trump Awards Medal of Valor to Police Trooper Shot 12 Times
  155. Game of Thrones - Sexist, Racist & anti-handicap
  156. "Pro-lifers deserve to be shot"
  157. The Anti-Vaxxers Spreading Measles in Portland Should Be Arrested
  158. My 401k is low - it's climate change's fault!!
  159. Autistic student got two Title IX violations, for fist bump and selfie?
  160. NY Times: ‘Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives’
  161. Julian Assange charged with violating Espionage Act in 18-count indictment
  162. Prime Minister Theresa May Announces Resignation
  163. Camping Company CEO Risks Jail For Flying U.S. Flag Over Store
  164. Only Two Things Protect America–The Grace of Almighty God and the US Military
  165. Study: Media Hiding the Facts on Ongoing Immigration Crisis
  166. Reddit too?
  167. Serious accusations about Martin Luther King
  168. Memorial Day
  169. Britain... Absolutely OUT TO LUNCH... MIND NUMBING Stupidity...
  170. Navy pilots report unexplained flying objects
  171. Journalist racially profiled and abused
  172. Women’s March wants Trump banned from Twitter
  173. By Friday, Missouri May Be First State With No Abortion Clinics
  174. would you support Britain using Force to leave the EU?
  175. Travel up to 2,000 miles just to go to jail
  176. So you legally own a gun...
  177. Tattooed model mocks arrest warrant in Australia
  178. Part of the invasion
  179. Hamas Leader Admits Group Receiving Iranian Military and Financial Support
  180. 75 Fifth Anniversary of D-Day
  181. Iraq sentences all 11 French IS suspects to death
  182. Spotted Just Now in Londonistan
  184. Guards of the northern borders
  185. Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair,”...
  186. Japanese NGOs remake geographical maps
  187. woman falls from zipline - breaks spine
  188. Queen Elizabeth On Meeting President Trump
  189. A despondent liberal
  190. Russian Propaganda
  191. London will soon be home to the world’s most frightening hotel pool
  192. Sickening Saudi Arabia
  193. WHAT is WRONG with people today?
  194. Liberals who got lost moving
  195. Julian Assange bad shape, can't walk, can't speak
  196. Christian baker sued again
  197. Dykes and Queers
  198. Jon Stewart is a douche cannon BUT
  199. Prelude to the next World War?
  200. New paint scheme for Air Force One?
  201. Tyranny Masquerading as Tolerance
  202. Project Veritas reports on Pinterest, gets suspended on Twitter
  203. Abuse victims: Here's a dull knife for your protection
  204. Report: Obama Admin. Purged ICE Records
  205. Flag Day
  206. Mini AOC strikes again!
  207. Trivia Point - GI Bill of Rights.
  208. CA Farmers Furious Over High Speed Rail Line
  209. U.S. Army Birthday!
  210. Michigan Shiite Imam Teaches “Wife Beating” | VIDEO
  211. Prison made weapons
  212. Netherlands: 'End of life clinic' aka suicide clinic
  213. Target System-Including All Registers Are Down
  214. OJ Simpson - still a dumbass
  215. Why we don't hear about certain issues w/ Ilhan Omar
  216. New regulations and bans on guns - crime goes up
  217. Here's a list of hoax 'hate crimes' in the Trump era
  218. FLASHBACK: ABC's ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015
  219. Harvard Rescinds Admission To Conservative Kyle Kashuv
  220. Supreme Court dodges dispute over christian baker, same-sex wedding
  221. Trump Heights
  222. Lid is Coming Off on Clinton E-mail Abuse
  223. 6.4 Earthquake In Japan, Tsunami Warnings Issued
  224. Now Kyle Kashuv likened to school mass shooter
  225. Another president down the drain
  226. How often are North Korean's at war?
  227. Special Prosecutor Approved In Smollett Case
  228. The metoo movement & more
  229. Erasing America
  230. Jesus would support abortions
  231. Raids on illegals to start on Sunday
  232. Dominican Republic and Americans killed - coincidence?
  233. Dummies walk through military range
  234. OK to call a black person a coon
  235. NBC Hails Teens ‘Rewriting Rules of Gender,’ ‘Educating’ Parents
  236. U.S. Coast Guard Reminds Boaters of Etiquette
  237. USCG Targets Illegal Vessels
  238. “Black People Can Be Exhausting”
  239. About Climate Change, Social Issues Studies, Etc
  240. Racist comments about Muslim sixth-graders' class photo
  241. Mexico stops more from crossing border
  242. Women Can Also Be Sexual Predators
  243. 11th American dies in Dominican Republic
  244. One Of Those "Tough" Leaders Heading For Hard Times?
  245. CPS investigation for no vaccines
  246. Google censors video about Google
  247. "The White House Is Afflicted From Mental Retardation"
  248. Live cop shooting on social media sites
  249. Mom shoots guy down at party - he shoots her in return
  250. Over 100,000’ ‘Concentration Camps’ in U.S.