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  1. Venezuela's Ex-Top Secret Cop In US-Talking
  2. Caged Obama, Hillary on parade float causes stir in South Dakota
  3. WTF is Wrong With These Politicians?
  4. 3500 Migrants Apprehended over 3 Days in One Texas Border Sector
  5. “I’m Not Going to the F**king White House!”
  6. Isis attempt for our border?
  7. Progressive Church Indoctrinates ‘Youngest Disciples’
  8. "Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash
  9. Vimeo bans Project Veritas
  10. Beto O’Rourke Says ‘Trump Is Responsible’ For Death Of Two Foreigners
  11. Horrible motorcycle crash in New Hampshire
  12. Snopes is full of shit
  13. Authorities seize thousands of weapons and explosives...
  14. Trump escalates spat with ‘forgotten president’ Jimmy Carter Politico By Anita Kumar
  15. Pow/Mia flag changed for pride flag
  16. Second NY School Threatens to Call CPS Over 'Non-Compliance'
  17. Meanwhile, In Hong Kong
  18. Five Charged in Texas Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery Scheme
  19. Freak hailstorm buries Guadalajara, Mexico
  20. Woman lives on "Breatharianism"
  21. What's Up With Pence, Putin, Dead Russian Submarine?
  22. Disaster!
  23. Black family fires contractor who shows up to job with Confederate flag on truck:
  24. Mini-AOC has to hide from liberals
  25. Largest earthquake in decades hits Southern California
  26. Dubai vs. Liberal MSM
  27. Mass Chinese Re-education
  28. Nitwit ice cream licker busted
  29. Hope of a 'World Without America'
  30. Check out these Twitter messages
  31. 7.1 Earthquake So. Cal.
  32. Betsy Ross flag issue
  33. Iran threatens retaliation after UK seize Iranian oil tanker
  34. Amazing!
  35. China lake Naval Air and Research...
  36. Festival: $40 if you are white - $20 if you're black
  37. Those Emails From Britain
  38. JP Morgan Chase $1.3B Cocaine Bust?
  39. Ah, The Sunk Russian Submarine Really Making News Now
  40. Death Of Free Speech: Casualties Of Socialism With Chanel Rion
  41. Carjacker dies after being chased down by parents in Philadelphia, police say
  42. Chicago Mayor Permanently Bans ICE From Accessing Police Databases Ahead Of Raids
  43. U.S. Elderly women kicked out of Burger King for telling manager, 'Speak your Mexican
  44. Eeeeyouch!
  45. Tropical Storm Bearing Down on New Orleans
  46. Another anti-Trump Darroch claim !!
  47. UK’s Johnson Would Meet Trump To Negotiate Trade Deal After Becoming Prime Minister:
  48. Breaking: The Gator In Chicago Caught!
  49. Nuclear Deal Parties Not Ready To Launch Dispute Mechanism Against Iran, Prefer More
  50. Stanford launches investigation after noose found on campus
  51. Measles or Ebola?
  52. Holy Freakin' COW... The Way Amazon Treats It's Workers...
  53. Iran Intercepted Another Tanker-UK
  54. Dang, walking in her future!
  55. 33 Dead In Japan After Man Ignites Anime Studio, Authorities Investigating
  56. Iran is Really Pushing it.
  57. Trump-supporting Miss Michigan stripped of title over ‘racist’ tweets
  58. Migrant Death Rate - Horror grows sharply under Trump
  59. Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland...
  60. Millenials
  61. This pisses me off to no end
  62. UK wasn't prepared - and initially failed?
  63. Area 51 On Facebook Turns Capitalistic
  64. UK Next Week, IF Iran Crisis Not Settled
  65. Country Hacking
  66. Hong Kong-Many Flying The Union Jack
  67. Iran Arrests 19 For CIA Spying
  68. Boris Johnson Has Officially Won Over Jeremy Hunt For Prime Minister
  69. MBGA Make Britain Great Again!
  70. Accident then fire in China, man ignores women inside
  71. Britannia rule the waves...
  72. Shock Video: DC Tourist Savagely Beaten, Stomped, Spit on by Gang of Youths
  73. PROOF that Politifact are leftists & liars
  74. Free Money
  75. Wake Up or Be Wiped Out
  76. Moscow Problems
  77. Google Says ‘Christian’ Unacceptable Keyword — ‘Muslim’ Okay
  78. President Trump: North Korean Missile Tests Do Not Pose Threat To U.S.
  79. "Showing Up" Is 1/2 the Battle
  80. Spain’s Socialists Fail To Form Government As Left-Wing Podemos Pulls Support
  81. Wrongful Arrest of Christian street preacher
  82. Gilroy Garlic Festival - ALL weapons of ANY kind banned
  83. Someone was shot - hurry up! Gun control!
  84. Our NATO Ally, Turkey
  85. New leader on Billboard charts - 17 weeks at #1
  86. President Trump Gives World Trade Organization Policy Ultimatum
  87. 10-year-old boy charged with assault after dodgeball injury
  88. Baltimore is NOT rat infested as Trump tried to claim
  89. Protest on the freeway - then get hit by a car - and then sue?
  90. OBL Son Dead?
  91. Spider Reality
  92. Iran Vows More Terror Attacks, Hopes President Trump Loses In 2020
  93. El Paso TX shooting.
  94. WMD Canada To China
  95. What is 8chan?
  96. China declared currency manipulator
  97. Banning semi-automatic weapons
  98. Hannity Nails It
  99. Movie: Deplorables.
  100. Britain Nov. 1st Election?
  101. ISIS Is Resurging: Pentagon
  102. Being European, Doing What They Do
  103. Epstein Took The Easy Way Out
  104. Had dirt on Bill Clinton, dead to suicide,hmmm..
  105. Things Could Be Worse-You Could Live In Finland
  106. Protesters March on Equinox, Members Said Gym Still ‘Packed’
  107. Gun Control?
  108. New Focus On Epstein's Pedo Ring Shifts
  109. Gun control and your freedom...
  110. Snopes and Politifact
  111. Surveys and Opinion Polls
  112. Landmark Agreement on Klamath River.
  113. Good Lord! The Gender Nonsense Has Crossed To the Absurd
  114. Massive Cocaine Bust.
  115. Peter Fonda Dead At 79
  116. China Revising Its History Through World Universities?
  117. Suicide Bombing At Afghan Wedding
  118. Los Angeles Is a Sh*thole...
  119. The Oppressive Palestinians
  120. US Smart Enough To Fear Iran?
  121. England Bans Its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims
  122. City sues to remove Confederate monument, citing free speech
  123. England 5% Residences Have AC?
  124. Rosneft To Sell Oil Products In Euros To Avoid Possible New U.S. Sanctions.
  125. G7 interested. Russia does not.
  126. My congrats to Brits. Good choice!
  127. China As Loan Shark In Africa
  128. Russia floating nuclear power station sets sail across Arctic
  129. U.S. Оil Еmbargo on Venezuela Bring $900mn Profit to Russian Companies.
  130. Sometimes It's What We Don't Hear About
  131. Japan Steps Up To Help US In China Trade War
  132. Trump Caught Off Guard As Iran’s Zarif Lands In G7 Summit Town
  133. What happens if you get into a fight with a transgender person?
  134. Major Fentanyl Shipment from China Seized in Mexico
  135. Man wore Obama hat, got assaulted badly
  136. Does The Media Have The Power To Cause A Recession, Crash The Economy?
  137. CBP Releases Drone Footage Of New Section Of Border Wall
  138. Imagine: Turkey and Russia Have A Problem
  139. Amazon Fires: How Hollywood Celebrities Are Spreading Misinformation on Social Media
  140. NOT satire, this is for real. Insanity in Seattle
  141. Watch your stocks!
  142. The story of an abused dog horrified people nationwide. It was all a hoax.
  143. Ilhan Omar stole my husband, DC mom claims in divorce papers
  144. Make jokes - about people angry about jokes
  145. The Queen agrees to let Boris Johnson shut down Parliament...
  146. The "Final War" between Israel and Iran
  147. Preparations for Dorian:
  148. Dems,Libs, Socialists- And Their Drive To destroy History
  149. ‘Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground,’ ‘Stop War on Nature’
  150. Hurricane Dorian
  151. Heightened security in Boston for 'pro-straight parade'
  152. At Least Five Dead in Texas Mass Shooting; 21 Reportedly Injured
  153. 02 September
  154. NOAA corrects global warming knuckleheads
  155. If you're a rapist in NY - just target the drunk women
  156. What is an attention whore?
  157. Not Odessa - 25 Shot, 7 Killed, During First Half of Labor Day Weekend in Chicago
  158. Man loses his marbles in his own yard
  159. Oh, Lord
  160. Seventh illegal immigrant accused of sex crimes in Maryland county in 5 weeks
  161. Honor Killing - then Tlaib blames the Jews for it. WTF?
  162. The lazy assertion that Hurricane Dorian is caused by climate change
  163. Cop Alleges Police Chief Offered Promotion in Exchange for Sex with Wife
  164. This is just how stupid California is
  165. Iran Offers to Honor Nuclear Deal in Return for $15 Billion in Payments
  166. Report: Midland Shooter Acquired Gun Privately, Seller May Face Charges
  167. Oh.My. This one is a lost cause
  168. Mother Charged After Calling Transgender Woman A Man On Social Media
  169. These roosters need to go to jail!!
  170. Aussie Vegan Sues Neighbors Over Smell of Backyard Barbecue
  171. Relief for Bahamas
  172. - Them Wallyworld Sold Out To Dem Party Leftists!
  173. 73 Percent of Republican Students Have Hidden Their Politics over Fears about Grades
  174. Fake News Frenzy.
  175. Is Xi Losing The Mandate of Heaven?
  176. #Timberunity
  177. President Trump Says Israel Has No Reason To Spy On His Administration, Dismisses Rep
  178. Former NFL player, business robbed/wrecked by MAGA thieves
  179. BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsibushi , Mercedes anyone ever notice
  180. Venezuela timeline
  181. Take this Canada
  182. Looks Like Climate Skeptics Are A Tough Crowd
  183. Storm Area 51 Idiocy
  184. Camp Pendleton Marines Charged With Smuggling
  185. Recommended Knowledge and Response...
  186. When the Culture War Comes for the Kids
  187. Uplifting environmental news
  188. A Good Story Before More Political Rubbish
  189. Another hate hoax lie
  190. Inquiry Incites Infighting at Fox News, With Hosts Hurling Insults Across Time Slots
  191. Bull Elk Attacks
  192. The Johnson/Arcuri Affair.
  193. Good Grief!
  194. Another hate accusation busted
  195. Antifa, now in Canada
  196. Virginia Police Officer Suspended... for doing his job
  197. School Inserts Birth Control Implant Without Parental Consent
  198. WWII Era Bomber crashes
  199. Robert De Niro is firing back at an "absurd" lawsuit brought against him by a former
  200. Immunity for Diplomats Wife
  201. Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong
  202. 100s of transgender youths who had gender reassignment surgery wish they hadn't...
  203. Coast Guard awards Silver Lifesaving Medal
  204. High School Football Player Stops to Salute Anthem
  205. Rifles, shotguns, handguns...
  206. $300 could buy a LOT of people a haircut
  207. 12 year old girl arrested for a "finger gun"
  208. Widespread Ignorance
  209. 'Greta Thunberg Snubbed for Nobel Peace Prize' By Big Oil
  210. Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed to Death in Prison
  211. Trump-Hating Open Borders Advocate Killed by Criminal Illegal Alien
  212. An interesting look into Pete's mind
  213. ‘Teach Students How To Think, Not What To Think’
  214. Queen Elizabeth Tells Parliament That Going Thru With BREXIT Is Her “Priority”
  215. Stupidity at 35,000 feet
  216. Even When Given What They Want, It's Never Enough
  217. Sick Bit*ches
  218. Excellent Story
  219. Police chief: misgendering others is a form of abuse
  220. Another Huge Drug Bust!
  221. Turkish Bank Laundering Iranian Money-In the US
  222. NASA Conducts First All Female Spacewalk
  223. Jane Fonda arrested (again) at climate change protest — and Sam Waterston joined her
  224. Some don't welcome Greta in Canada
  225. Menstrual Inequity
  226. Actions have consequendces
  227. UConn students ARRESTED for 'ridiculing' speech
  228. America at its Finest:
  229. ISIS Leader Trapped
  230. Quick recovery for soldier in Baghdadi raid
  231. "........controversial haunted house: ‘A torture chamber under disguise"
  232. NK Fires Something Towards Japan
  233. I Never Heard About This Kidnapping
  234. Shuri Castle Destroyed
  235. Good Story
  236. The Rock, Trump headline UFC card without a title fight..........
  237. See, I Told You Guns Were Bad
  238. City of Brotherly Love... The Sistas Are Another Story
  239. 14yr old girl calls abuse hotline on own parents
  240. "Wife defending husband and daughter kills home intruder with assault rifle"
  241. Woman busted faking cancer for attention
  242. My heart hurts ...
  243. 'Even on My Worst Days, I'M KILLING IT'
  244. Voters Nix ‘Martin Luther King Jr’ As Name
  245. Sex Offender Groped Princess Ariel, Cops Say
  246. ABC story, Epstein and the hot mic
  247. `..............Not to speak ill of the dead, but was the kid blind?`
  248. 7-Year-Old Whose Mother Insists He's a Girl Just Went to School as a Boy
  249. More crap, BS and "threats" from Facebook
  250. Facebook removes all mentions of whistleblower