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  1. How Dare You! Photos of Greta Thunberg Used to Shame Office Workers
  2. Kind Mom helps with therapy for a pedophile
  3. Bundle Up!
  4. Daddy's Little Sl*t
  5. What's up with Popeyes and this damn sandwich?
  6. How Climate Activist Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Box Office Poison
  7. Nanny State: British School Bans Children from Playing ‘Tag’
  8. GLAAD Demands: Make 20% of TV Characters Gay by 2025
  9. Hong Kong
  10. The 1995 NYC Veterans Day Parade
  11. NFL’s Veterans Day Events Reveal a ‘Staggering Level of Hypocrisy’
  12. More on Jeffrey Epstein - and his murder
  13. Please Climate, Kill Earth So I Don't Have to Hear About Greta Thunberg Again
  14. County Seizes Michigan Man's Home After He Underpays Taxes by $8.41
  15. ISIS Bride Who Wanted to 'Spill Blood' of Americans Pleads to Return
  16. Corbyn critical of Al-Baghdadi's death
  17. Student President Threatened With Impeachment for Inviting Donald Trump, Jr.
  18. high school shooting leaves 1 dead,
  19. Myles Garrett...
  20. Dictator Judge Bans ICE From Arresting Illegal Aliens In Oregon Courthouses
  21. George Soros’ Foundation Calls On Fox News To Ban Commentator Joe diGenova For “McCar
  22. 366 mass shootings this year
  23. San Francisco has a "poop problem"
  24. Greggs customer demands compensation after worker joked about her visiting every day
  25. Climategate 10 Years On
  26. University and College Union Says Anyone Can ‘Self-Identify’ as Black
  27. What we need - an activist Muslim on the Supreme Court
  28. New Charlie's Angel's movie flops - blames sexism
  29. Eric Swalwell Adds His "2 Scents" To The Political Discourse
  30. U.S. Teen Allegedly Used Remote Control Car to Smuggle Meth Across California Border
  31. Washington & Lee Students Want Option to Omit Washington’s Portrait from Diploma
  32. US Congress Coercing China
  33. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted on Bribery, Fraud, and Breach of Trust Charges
  34. Female Student Breaks Down In Tears As School Board Grants Boys Access
  35. Remember all those journos who slandered those innocent kids?
  36. DOJ IG finds no poliyical bias in Russia investigation
  37. Never Block Traffic and Attack Cars Solo....................Never!
  38. Students Storm the Field at Harvard-Yale Game to Protest Climate
  39. Ocean Ramsey Encounters GIANT 20ft Great White Shark
  40. UK - Sex-Ed Program Teaches Six-Year-Olds How To ‘Self-Stimulate.’
  41. Lech Walesa Heading To Hong Kong
  42. Turkey Holds Up NATO Military Plans Over Syria Dispute – Sources
  43. US Police Have Quietly Brought A "Terrifying" Robot Dog Into Their Ranks.........
  44. British poll projects landslide for Boris Johnson
  45. 104 year old woman bags herself a buck in Wisconsin
  46. too bad House Intel Committee Democrats have focused on overthrowing President Trump
  47. Her Majesty may retire in 2 years?
  48. Terrorist attack on London Bridge
  49. Hoods attacked actress Jennifer Agostini, friends leaving Midtown bar....
  50. Economy and outlook sucks and worst black Friday ever
  51. ISIS Takes Credit For London Bridge Attack
  52. Hong Kong Says 'Thank You, USA!'
  53. KID ROCK pays off $81,000 worth of layaways at Nashville Walmart.
  54. Muslim Preacher Declares Anyone Celebrating Christmas Will Go To Hell !!
  55. Wait until the food runs out.....
  56. The Left Hates The Salvation Army. That's All You Need to Know About the Left
  57. First black Friday and $7.4 billion, and cyber Monday made $9.2 billion!
  58. Report: Enough Guns Sold on Black Friday to Arm Every Marine
  59. Greta Thunberg Warns that People Underestimate ‘the Force of Angry Kids’
  60. Japanese man, 71, arrested for 'making 24,000 complaint calls'
  61. This is what they are doing with kidnapped & trafficked children/babies folks.
  62. Pensacola Shooting Perpetrated by Middle Eastern Foreign National
  63. America Remembers Dec. 7, 1941 On The 78th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Raid
  64. United States And Iran Swap Prisoners In Rare Act Of Cooperation
  65. FBI Arrests SIX More Saudis Near the Scene of Pensacola Naval Base Shooting
  66. UN Officials are Blocking Christian Refugees in the Middle East from Getting Help ...
  67. U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Iraq Amid Protests
  68. Convicted jihadists are to be banned from Christmas markets....
  69. So This Is What Drummond Has Been Up To
  70. U.S.-China Trade Deal Cuts Tariffs For Beijing Promise Of Big Farm Purchases
  71. General election 2019: Let the healing begin, urges PM after poll win
  72. Election results 2019: Nicola Sturgeon says PM has 'no right' to block Indyref2
  73. Ukraine Still Pushing For White House Meeting
  74. North Korea Conducts Two Nuclear Tests In One Week
  75. Here's some Welcome News about Hillary and friends...MONEY, MONEY, MONEY
  76. Sigh
  77. Greta Thunberg Whines About Crowded Trains...
  78. Man Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison for Burning an LGBTQ Flag
  79. New Zealanders hand in 50,000 guns after assault weapon ban
  80. Pakistan Sentences Professor to Death for ‘Blasphemy’ Against Islam
  81. Call me "They, them or their"
  82. More From Less
  83. China, Russia, Iran, Turkey: The Beat Goes On
  84. Parishioner who gunned down Texas church shooter says he's no hero
  85. China in Africa
  86. USMC Firearm Policy Updated to Allow Concealed Carry for Self-Defense
  87. NATO’s Training Mission Against ISIS Suspended In Iraq
  88. Trump Vows To Hit 52 Iranian Targets If Iran Retaliates After Drone Strike
  89. Rose McGowan defends tweet apologizing to Iran after strike
  90. Ukrainian Jet Down In Iran
  91. Iran Hit With Earthquake Near Nuclear Development Site
  92. UK royals rocked after Harry, Meghan 'defied Queen' in quitting roles
  93. Megyn Kelly Drops ‘Bombshell’ Interview Preview With Fellow Fox News...
  94. Surveillance Video From Outside of Epstein’s Cell During ‘Suicide Attempt’ Destroyed
  95. Glacier National Park is removing "glaciers will be gone by 2020" signs
  96. Iran Apologizes For ‘Accidentally’ Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane
  97. Iran Rocked by Protests - Khamenei in Crosshairs
  98. THOUSANDS of Student Activists in Iran Risk Death to Protest Regime
  99. Teenager Breaks His Silence After Rapper Kicks Him Out of Concert For Refusing...
  100. Woman claims diaper delivery from Amazon contained human waste
  101. Why Harry and Meghan will find life even harder as non-royals
  102. Revolutionary Guard Chief Salami Denies Photo Evidence of Bulldozers at Crash Site
  103. Harry and Meghan being advised by Obama?
  104. Actor Vince Vaughn is in big trouble!
  105. Facebook Bug Undermines Greta Thunberg’s Dad Claiming She’s Not Scripted
  106. Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels: Stop Glorifying Singer Lizzo’s Obesity
  107. Iranian Cleric Calls for British Ambassador to Iran to be Chopped Into Little Pieces
  108. Iran Claims It Arrested Source of Damning Ukrainian Plane Video
  109. Nancy and Demmycrats share sad moment.....
  110. Iran’s Zarif: Only Trump and ISIS Are Celebrating Qassem Soleimani’s Death
  111. More evidence that Epstein was murdered
  112. ‘Wax My Balls’ Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv, Faces Up to Five Years for Assault
  113. Jabba the Jihadi
  114. Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of closed captioning
  115. Another mainstream media made- very special sexual pervert...
  116. Thousands Of Central American Migrants Try To Push Through Mexican Border
  117. Report: At Least 79 Dead, 130 Wounded After Missile Attack In Yemen
  118. 2 Officers Killed In Hawaii ‘Active Shooter’ Situation
  119. CDC, DHS Initiate Screenings At Major Airports To Prevent Spread Of Chinese Coronavir
  120. U.K. Prime Minister Arrives In Berlin For Summit On Libyan Civil War
  121. Iran Prepares To Launch Satellites Into Orbit
  122. Boris Says UK Has Crossed the ‘Brexit Finish Line’, Withdrawal Act Becomes Law
  123. Prison inmate charged with murder of 'Britain's worst paedophile'
  124. How do you get into a store, but can't get out?
  125. Kobe Dead
  126. How folks dressed for the Grammy's
  127. Taliban Takes Credit for Shooting Down US Plane in Afghanistan with 83 On Board
  128. Public NYC Preschool Teaches Kids They Can Pick Their Own Gender
  129. Can’t Make This Up… New York State Is Now Mandating “Stargazing Permits”
  130. How soon after a death would you re-marry?
  131. Ari Shaffir celebrates Kobe's death
  132. Russia Closes Border With China
  133. Turn Punxsutawney Phil into a robot
  134. Where did this coronavirus come from?
  135. Child Rapist to Be Released from Prison...
  136. Another London terrorist attack
  137. Best commercial during the Super Bowl
  138. This Is Concerning And Expected
  139. Why I won't buy a Tesla
  140. Lousy UK weather, currently ...
  141. U.S. Service Members Killed In Afghanistan Identified
  142. Coronavirus Confirmed In San Diego, Calif.
  143. Nicolas Maduro To File Lawsuit Against U.S. Over Sanctions
  144. Duterte Terminates Philippines Troop Pact, U.S. Calls Move ‘Unfortunate’
  145. Now, imagine she was white...
  146. U.S. To Evacuate Americans Aboard Cruise Ship Quarantined At Japan Port
  147. Pelosi Backs President Trump’s Warnings On Huawei
  148. Govmt. Steals $181,500 from plane passenger - won't give it back
  149. Great day for us rednecks!
  150. Update from Hong Kong: 71,000 infected
  151. The Swamp Overflows Its' Banks
  152. China deploys 40 incinerators to Wuhan
  153. First New York bans 32oz soda drinks...
  154. Mark Zuckerberg - nasty WTF?
  155. Teenager At Center Of Transgender Lawsuit Wants A Level Playing Field
  156. Entitled piece of crap
  157. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry say the Queen doesn't own the word 'royal'
  158. Harvey Weinsteing going to the slammer, the big house
  159. Dow Jones down -947 so far today
  160. Actor Jussie Smollett to Be Indicted on 6 New Charges
  161. Miracle on Ice is now Disgrace on Ice
  162. I Live in the SANCTUARY State of Virginia....
  163. US Bailing On Elected Pres of Afghanistan-In Favor of Taliban Choice?
  164. 83 In Nassau County, NY Being Monitored/Tested In Voluntary Isolation
  165. 7 dead - shooting at Molson's Milwaukee - guy was fired
  166. Obama demands TV stations stop airing 'despicable' anti-Biden ad from Pro-Trump PAC t
  167. Forced to remove ashes on ash Wednesday
  168. Dow drops 1,190 points, worst decline in history
  169. The Greta Thunberg 'Coronavirus Experience' ......
  170. I've Filled Europe With Immigrants
  171. 'The SNP's Dastardly Plan' ....
  172. Chris Matthews is out
  173. Was on a mission today - Failed
  174. Rosalind P. Walter, the First 'Rosie the Riveter,' Is Dead at 95
  175. Putin For Life?
  176. Afghan Opposition Inaugurate Abdullah Abdullah As ‘President’ To Contest President Gh
  177. Rocket attack on iraqi base housing us, uk personnel
  178. Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19
  179. National Emergency
  180. NASCAR to cancel races
  181. With America Shut Down, Daily Life May Change
  182. UK Will Be Added To Air Ban To US
  183. Karma for taking advantage of the virus
  184. If That Corona Don't Get Ya The Crystal Meth Will
  185. Netherlands stops weed for one month - gives ONE HOUR notice
  186. So imagine Rush Limbaugh said Hillary gave BJ to secret service agent
  187. Virus spreads in Italy even with lockdown
  188. People looting aka stealing during this outbreak
  189. Would you be one of these 45 people - OR this one guy?
  190. Son, be home for 5pm for dinner, then 9pm for lights out!
  191. HHS Hacked Sunday Night
  192. Marco Rubio: China’s Shameless Coronavirus Pandemic Propaganda Campaign
  193. Twitter nukes tweets from Sheriff, but leaves up Chinese accusations
  194. Market Crash over coronavirus panic! Dow plunges 3,000 points!
  195. "It's the end of the world as we know it"
  196. Far Left Google Gets It Right – Democratic Party Search Results Picture a Rat
  197. The Reason Why The United States Does Not Have Enough Coronavirus Testing Kits
  198. America’s Restaurants Will Need a Miracle
  199. NY bar and restaurant owners could be arrested if they break lockdown
  200. Big Brother Could Start Watching You... For Your Own Good...
  201. China Threatens EMP Attack in South China Sea
  202. Upped the $$ to $2,000 for every American
  203. California preparing for worst case scenarios
  204. Virus - this is what scares me the most
  205. Fujifilm Shares Skyrocket As China Says Its Flu Medicine Works For Coronavirus
  206. 3 family members die from virus in NJ
  207. Christ the Redeemer statue debuts gripping tribute
  208. Man beaten to death for having virus
  209. Never Trump Leader Rick Wilson Mocks Melania Trump’s Coronavirus Help: ‘Be Infected’
  210. US Virus Rate Already Down to 1.4% – When Will WHO Director Be Held to account
  211. A spot of good news on the horizon?
  212. Cops Investigate Teens Coughing on Grocery Produce During Coronavirus Crisis
  213. Austrian Army Deploys Personnel to Help Country’s Supermarkets
  214. Power industry may ask staff to live on site as coronavirus outbreak worsens
  215. Tracking The Virus and Undetected Hot Spots-Watch FL
  216. Some interesting dates in history!
  217. Kenny Rogers, Dead at 81
  218. We're in trouble here in New York
  219. Dr. Oz on new virus
  220. Suspect Arrested in Theft of 66 Toilet Paper Rolls
  221. Lent.....
  222. Google's educational Covid-19 website
  223. Not The Flu
  224. About Those Masks
  225. Flights From Coronavirus Epicentres China, Iran, Italy STILL Landing In UK
  226. Virus Rebels from France to Florida Flout Lockdown Practices
  227. Great news for ventilator issues
  228. Great news also on malaria drug - to fight CV-19
  229. Rand Paul Tests Positive For Coronavirus
  230. 'Oh Hell No'
  231. Italy - No help for anyone over 60
  232. Volunteers show acts of kindness in helping battle coronavirus
  233. Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for Coronavirus
  234. NYT Covers China's Culpability
  235. Covid-19 Stats updates
  236. Are things dropping to Flu like numbers?
  237. Well, Starting Tomorrow, Or Radical Dem Gov Put WI On LOCKDOWN
  238. Dow Jones best day since 1933
  239. 500,000 millionaires - are no more
  240. First child dies from virus
  241. Prince Charles has CV19
  242. But My Model Says I Get To Take Your Freedom And Your Money!
  243. Think Of Corona Virus As Glitter
  244. ‘Postal Service will not survive the summer.’ Lawmakers warn it could go bankrupt
  245. Shut off water and power to violators
  246. Bad, laughed anyway - Romney tests negative
  247. Russia Has A Corona
  248. Potential Cure For Coronavirus Already Saving American Lives, President Vows To Speed
  249. Kathy Griffin complaining again
  250. Thinking about no resuscitate laws