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  1. your tax dollars going to insurgents?
  2. Two Seahawks 'draft' President Bush
  3. This is why the USA will never see a Land invasion from a foriegn enemy
  4. Poverty rate drops
  5. A new balence in the Senate
  6. Larry Craig - Democrat Senator busted for homo sex
  7. immigration raid
  8. Texas governor wants more immigration
  9. foley, craig, gannon, when will libs just stop?
  10. Mexico Should Pay For Illegals!
  11. Amnesty for illegals would bankrupt Social Security system, says analyst
  12. When Illegals Go Berserk Will Your State Be Prepared?
  13. FBI seeks two men behaving oddly on Washington ferry
  14. The New Mccarthyism -- Liberal Witch Hunts By The Democrat Congress
  15. I think I smell a rat
  16. Wrongly accused Olympic bomber dies
  17. Edwards asks for us to give up SUV's
  18. Woman Gives Birth in McDonald's Restroom, Tries to Flush Baby Down Toilet
  19. Soros hit with a fine
  20. Colo. school bans tag on its playground
  21. What a bunch of clowns!
  23. This is scary.......
  24. Russia plans manned Moon mission by 2025
  25. Nifong found in contempt
  26. Guess what...
  27. Democrats Attack Pro-Troop Group!
  28. My MAF Newspaper Interview For The September 3rd Rally
  29. Venezuela Seeks to Crack Down on Odd Baby Names
  30. Know your "enemy"
  31. Pakistan Bridge Collapse -
  32. Another Illegal Rapes And Murders A Mother
  33. As 9/11 Draws Near, a Debate Rises: How Much Tribute Is Enough?
  34. NKorea to Declare Nuclear Programs
  35. Edwards proposes MANDATORY doctor visits, universal health care
  36. "wasting" renewable energy??
  37. California heat leaves 14,000 without power
  38. Decision Time..Where will you be on Sept. 15th?
  39. Principles of Economics
  40. There is no excuse for breaking the law, and the homeless issue and illegal aliens...
  41. the story of the generals
  42. Gay rights group to Jerry Lewis: Apologize for slur
  43. Socialized medicine and privacy issues
  44. Convicted Peeper sues to get his Porn Back
  45. Criminal-Craig may not resign..
  46. Luciano Pavarotti has died
  47. DarkTurk - stay away from the silly bugger's thread
  48. British see Global warming as scam to tax more
  49. the real Gulianni
  50. 51% of US want bush investigated over 911
  51. The Meximericanada highway
  52. ManU 1959....911 poll
  53. Britain Tells US Winning Battles And Losing War Is Bullshit
  54. Arrests put state Democrats on defensive..
  55. Muslim ambassadors: 'Sweden needs to change its laws'
  56. Police break up anti-war meeting in Washington
  57. Minister says child porn was for "research"
  58. Convert to Christianity to have peace
  59. Craig family values
  60. No jailtime for coke distribution
  61. Poor People Suck? Um, Yeah, Actually
  62. Ga. Voter ID Law Upheld by Federal Judge
  63. G.I. Joe to Become Global Task Force in Movie
  64. The Unbearable Lightness of Fred
  65. Laws target teen drivers' cell phone use
  66. MoveOn.org Calls Petraeus a Traitor
  67. Mexican Trucks In Maine!!!!!!!! Fire The Cannons!!!!!!
  68. stay the course and brain function
  69. Sen. Lantos (D-CA) calls Gen. Patraeus a liar on Senate floor
  70. Nazis family values
  71. Cindy Sheehan arrested at Petraeus hearing
  72. Must see video tribute to 9/11
  73. Lugar questions Iraq policy
  74. 9-11 is tired of your tears
  75. new poll finds 62% think war is mistake
  76. UNCIVIL LIBERTIES:Michael Savage’s Commentary on September 11, 2007
  77. Details emerge in W.Va. torture case
  78. Firearms Refresher Course:
  79. Putin Dissolves Russian Government
  80. Students not allows to wear USA "Flag Clothes" on 9/11
  81. Germany's President is a wimp - USA talks Bombing of Iran
  82. Putin dissolves the Russian government
  83. Africanized Bees heading for New Orleans
  84. 9/11 Zogby poll was commissioned by Iran
  85. Obama offers Iraq plan
  86. Romania and Ukraine - old conflict
  87. Angry air travelers plan 'strand-in' in Washington
  88. Chicago Man Sues after Prostitution Arrest
  89. Watch 20/20...Friday 9/14
  90. Livin-in-sin Boyfriend arrested for sexually-assulting, then HANGING little girl
  91. Minus the War Profitteers, What Would This War Look Like?
  92. Vietnam Memorial defaced
  93. Philly seeks 10,000 BLACK men to guard streets
  94. Token Fraud
  95. Mass Exodus? NYPD Losing Many Young Recruits
  96. Police: Mom Fed Daughter Applesauce Spiked With Prozac
  97. Police: Simpson cooperating in armed robbery probe
  98. Doctors refuse to fix builder's broken ankle unless he quits smoking
  99. Supporters, Protestors Go Head to Head
  100. More than 190 arrested at D.C. protest
  101. Colin McRae Dies
  102. Greenspan states the obvious
  103. Anti-US Group Gets Tax Exempt Cash Illegally
  104. heehee.....
  105. Universal Auto Insurance?
  106. Screw The Mexican Fox: Back Stabber, Let Mexico Keep Its Workers!*
  107. Universal Life Insurance?
  108. Universal Paycheck
  109. Universal Food Stamps?
  110. Universal Oral Sex?
  111. Universal Health Care?
  112. Harvard Portrait: Howard Gardner
  113. 220 years ago today
  114. Universal universal joints?
  115. OJ in prison orange
  116. Bureaucracies?
  117. No wonder the left loves Hugo
  118. Let him speak
  119. Heckler tased at a John Kerry event - LOL!
  120. Maybe the refused to get off the shed? Does -Cp have a sister in Texas?
  121. Darwinism and welfare
  122. A Language dies every two weeks
  123. Assistant U.S. attorney charged in child sex sting
  124. Knicks Coach: "F***... White People"
  125. *Will OJ Simpson Dodge Another Bullet?*
  126. 911 could have been prevented
  127. Just for TM, who loves polls so much!
  128. U.S. May Escort Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero
  129. town gears up for racial protests
  130. New Neo-Nazi Organization
  131. voting agains the constitution
  132. Those Whiney troops dont need time off
  133. This epitimizes "White Trash"! LOL
  134. Does this make anyone else's blood boil?
  135. Americans giving up friends, sex for Web life
  136. immigration law...done right
  137. two students shot at Delaware State
  138. God answers law suit
  139. Canadaian Dollar equal to that of U.S. dollar now..
  140. Couple who wanted baby sue over having twins
  141. Researchers spread liberal mythology
  142. Why should Israel have to give up their Country....
  143. O.J.'s #1 Fan
  144. why is this man being allowed to enter the US
  145. Biofuels spread more "greenhouse" gasses, according to study
  146. ask yourself this question
  147. Another racial attack
  148. Flashback..How Columbia U Welcomed The “Minutemen”
  149. Free Speech
  150. Jena 6 show remorse...ya right
  151. Investigation finds Nuclear Power Plant Guards - Sleeping
  152. Anyone else here wanna Help Kick this guy's ASS?!?!? OMG
  153. GM on strike
  154. Transcript of Ahmadinejad being confronted at Columbia
  155. Democratic Party Maintains Solid Image And Reputation
  156. The rising tide of the Blackwater problem
  157. House Votes to Expand Insurance for Kids
  158. How much Cash is too much to have?
  159. Speaking of Blackwater...
  160. *I'dd Rather Dan Rather STFU, But That Won't Happen*
  161. *Chelsea Has Got To Be Ugliest Daughter Of A President*
  162. $600,000 To Fix a Problem...
  163. This guy is just one wierd fella
  164. More cases of Government Abuse - Big Brother
  165. Nice
  166. 45 million uninsured...
  167. Boulder High students to protest Pledge of Allegiance
  168. Eleanor Was Certainly The Ugliest First Lady
  169. Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby
  170. haha
  171. First Jell-O, now Santa
  172. Phony Patriots
  173. Belgium fracturing
  174. More trouble for Krongard
  175. Media consolidation
  176. L.A. County calling for lights-out hour
  177. Bush was AWOL
  178. 185,000 have sought VA treatment so far
  179. Slappy Thomas On The Radio
  180. U.S. Embassy condemns Iraq division plan
  181. I have figured out what is going on in this country
  182. Grambling president orders 'hanging photo' from Jena Six protest off student newspape
  183. MoveOn.org's thin skin
  184. "Top Military leaders are a disgrace to those they lead"
  185. Tunnels under the boarder
  186. Glenn's oil plan
  187. Senate Dems go ballistic, misquote, attack Limbaugh on Senate floor
  188. I like to rub it in a bit - sue me!
  189. More Phoney Soldiers
  190. Folsom Street Fair Not For Children
  191. Giant Serpents in Chinese lake
  192. Restoring truth back to the people
  193. Anti-war veterans target Limbaugh
  194. The next great protest song
  195. The real truth about Blackwater
  196. San Francisco supervisors condemn Savage
  197. Whoopi Goldberg: Pelosi Admirer Extraordinaire
  198. The Phony Senators Write a Letter
  199. US aims to welcome 12,000 Iraqi refugees this year
  200. Carter goes batsh*t crazy in Darfur
  201. Media Matters - matters to who?
  202. For a second I thought this was Pale
  203. 729 days
  204. U.S. Vet Removes Mexico Flag flying over USA one in Reno!
  205. Lawmaker shows porn to students
  206. Juan Williams, Fox News and the NPR Conundrum
  207. Clear Channel CEO, Mark Mays, responds to Harry Reid
  208. A real patriot who knows how to react with class
  209. Secessionists meeting in Tennessee
  210. "Latest news stories" forum discontinued
  211. Rush Makes His Case
  212. Islamic tolerance of others!!!
  213. Danny Bonaduce and Jonny Fairplay Brawl at Really Awards
  214. Obama refuses to wear American flag pin
  215. Operation Stolen Valor
  216. Dems desperately fabricating "attacks": was Rush's deferment fake?
  217. News stations can legally lie all they want.
  218. An economic history study
  219. The military blames Blackwater
  220. 110,000 Jobs Added In September
  221. Fox calls Bush a "windshield cowboy"
  222. SF confronts anti-military image
  223. People of Deceit
  224. "Can't Blame White People" by Bill Cosby
  225. Tony Snow on Letterman Last Night
  226. They are watching you
  227. The scum also rises...
  228. Polls
  229. What would you choose?
  230. Bush Bragging About His Failure
  231. CA Libs - No Smoking In Your Own Apartment
  232. Schools Should Show Gore's Political Film in Appropriate Context
  233. Can the US collapse like the Soviets?
  234. Bush wants to save killer of two teens
  235. I can only wonder...
  236. Did I freaking miss something?
  237. How About A Little Quiz?
  238. Anti-gay comments could cost you seven years in jail
  239. County Clerks Refuse To Issue Driver's Licences to Illegals
  240. Tree-sitters' leader launches bid to recall Berkeley mayor
  241. Alexandria VA Ready To Serve Illegals
  242. Bush tries to halt execution of killer
  243. Hillary proposes another vote-buying scheme: free 401k's with $1,000 from the govt
  244. Nobel Peace Prize
  245. New Webzine... for Whites
  246. Thank You Dianne Feinstein
  247. D.C> appeals gun ban ruling to the Supreme Court
  248. More Coruption from Washington State - their Land-Grab Games..
  249. Clinton Judge Blocks Hiring Of Illegals
  250. Budget Deficit Drops Again - Tax Cuts Bring In More Revenue