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  1. Addiction, Compulsive Eating May Be Linked By Biochemical Pathway
  2. have you or someone you love ever suffered from an addiction
  3. need your help
  4. Mental illness- pcychatist now say your crazy if you...
  5. Do you suffer from Schizophonia?
  6. TAM London, celebrating critical thinking.
  7. Ouch!!! Got shots in both arms today!
  8. Look out ... your medicine is watching you
  9. Pregnant Robot Trains Students
  10. Pentagon request packs of human killer robots 2008
  11. US scientists more likely to publish fake research?!?!!
  12. The Health Care Debate, Right On The Front Page Of DP
  13. NASA finds new life
  14. Megacyclone in Montana
  15. science social control mind control film
  16. Eruption on Sun was Global Event
  17. Obesity National Security Threat?
  18. Spanish Researchers Want to Tag Human Embryos With Bar Codes
  19. Intel to intro processor with remote kill switch
  20. Device Uses Sunlight To Make Liquid Fuel
  21. Dead Birds ....
  22. Drugs known to increase violent behavior.
  23. the ultimate power chair???
  24. Internet Drivers Licence? Obama Like
  25. Scientist Are attempting to Bring Wholly Mammoth Back from Extinction...
  26. COLD FUSION It works! (again) Will it get to market?
  27. The population timebomb is a myth, new studies
  28. Alternative & free energy & other cool stuff
  29. Obama, internet "Kill Switch"
  30. Face recognition Advertising TODAY
  31. Skin Cell Gun Regenerates Cells In Just Days
  32. has anyone seen this?
  33. too much Flouride?
  34. Child brain scans 2 pick out future criminals
  35. Chit o Dear!!!! !4 million people drinkin' water with SUPER-SUPERBUGS...NOT GOOD!
  36. Mysterious Cosmic Blast a Hungry Black Hole?
  37. Great video explaining energy and peak consumption of non-renewables--M King Hubbert
  38. scientist develop method of driving computers insane
  39. Through the wormhole - Is there Life after Death?
  40. A Mini Ice Age?
  41. Does life online give you 'popcorn brain'?
  42. Progress Made in Quest fo Genome Editing for Adults:
  43. Why you should love germs
  44. As Above, So Below...
  45. flying cars/cycle & "new" VTOL engine
  46. Can you laugh at yourself? Scientists put humor to the test
  47. 9 Strange But True Health Tips
  48. How to Cope With Summer Headaches
  49. Is Earth's Stabilizing Moon A Rarity in the Universe?
  50. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
  51. Are We Alone In the Universe? New Analysis Says Maybe
  52. Hey Rev ... what do you know about HAARP
  53. What are the Health Benefits of Beer?
  54. Another study confirms heritability of IQ
  55. Quick Reference: Differences Between Modern Races of Homo
  56. A Clearer Image of Modern Human Evolution Coming into Focus, New Questions Raised
  57. Mmmmmm and Good For Your Heart!
  58. Super-Earth: Newly discovered planet could potentially support life
  59. Faster than light particles potentially found
  60. Asthmatic? EPA wants you to suffer
  61. Cut out the middleman...
  62. Cult of Global Warming Is Losing Influence
  63. Scientists Say Texas Agency Edits Out Climate Change
  64. Climategate II Hide the Decline
  65. Cold magnets levitations
  66. surogate-sperm donor kids = more problems like...
  67. Awesome Video Of Earth from space staion
  68. HIV virus used to turn white blood cells into cancer serial killers
  69. 10 tips to kick holiday stress in the jingle balls
  70. Planet in Sweet Spot of Goldilocks Zone for Life
  71. Health Insurance for me and my family
  72. Florida Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Eliminate Middle School Physical Education Requirem
  73. Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near Mercury
  74. Radioactivity: Fukushima reactors update
  75. What do people want?
  76. Holiday calendar: Sleigh ride in orbit
  77. How astronauts celebrate Christmas in space
  78. Pediatric/Adolescent BMI Screening
  79. Carbon emissions 'will defer Ice Age'
  80. Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Rise of Mental Illness in America
  81. Should "Sesame Street" Teach Kids About Breastfeeding?
  82. Could Your Personality Be Making You Fat?
  83. Cost of ICU/operations/ECMO/etc.?
  84. First U.S. Patient Gets Stem Cell Trachea Transplant
  85. Gay Men Prefer Masculine-Faced Men, Study Suggests
  86. 'Exoskeleton' Helps Paralyzed Stand, Take Steps
  87. Sleep Locks In Bad Memories, Emotions
  88. Bioethicist: Transplant denial for mentally disabled child raises questions
  89. Mental illness struck one in five U.S. adults in 2010: Report
  90. "Test Tube Meat"
  91. Real food - is that too much to ask?
  92. 10 Sci Fi techs allready here and 10 Ancient we still can't Figure out
  93. Hey, Noir..FYI
  94. End of Earth - 2013, not 2012?
  95. Solar Flares 2012: Another Storm Coming
  96. Cold Fusion: 23 years ago
  97. Key to thin? Chocolate
  98. Spider venom could lead to breast cancer cure, say scientists
  99. String Theory Calcs show information like Computer code at it's core
  100. Going to jail for blogging about your diet?
  101. It's just 127 light years away
  102. CPTSD Discussion
  103. Was just out watching the eclipse. Way cool
  104. Victim Mentality | Refuse to Be a Victimís Enabler
  105. Borderline Personality disorder and Splitting behavior.
  106. Do you think we need a more organized society?
  107. Regrow body parts
  108. Back to Eden Gardening, amzaing
  109. Undoing Health Law Could Have Messy Ripple Effects
  110. Question for Teachers about Galvanic bracelets
  111. NRO gives NASA Unuse Telecopes
  112. Global weight gain more damaging than rising numbers
  113. Dr. Ted Morter
  114. God particle ?
  115. The Medication Generation
  116. Record breaking monster, no not obama .
  117. As blood donations decline, U.S. ban on gay donors is examined
  118. Long-lasting fireworks spotted by space telescopes
  119. First known transvestite caveman discovered??
  120. Virgin Galactic spaceship to make Farnborough debut
  121. Scanner Tech that should be used for medical primarily
  122. 'Ghost Galaxies' of Early Universe Seen by Hubble Telescope
  123. Revisiting a cosmic cat's paw
  124. Excedrin Recall: When Is The Migraine Medicine Coming Back?
  125. Asteroid crashes likely gave Earth its water
  126. Penn State: Paterno & Mann
  127. H1N1 vaccines linked to Guillaine Barre Syndrome.
  128. Nanos? Is There Anything They Can't Do?
  129. New Planet Found, Smaller Than Earth, Orbiting Distant Star
  130. Propecia turned me into a woman, man claims
  131. The Poetry of Science.
  132. Why obama has destroyed out NASA.
  133. Two More Patients HIV-Free After Bone Marrow Transplants
  134. American Flags From Apollo Missions Still Standing
  135. Burned out nurses linked to infection increase among patients
  136. New flat-faced human species possibly discovered
  137. Massive meteorite crater found in Canadian Arctic
  138. Scientists Closer to Birth Control Pill for Men
  139. Plastic Bag Bans and Unintended Consequences
  140. 35 years later, Voyager 1 is heading for the stars
  141. The Pal-V
  142. Hantavirus in Yosemite: New batch of park visitors notified
  143. Cannabis stops cancer, research shows.
  144. How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us
  145. Our staggering Universe
  146. Medical issues
  147. Carpal Tunnel
  148. Italy still convicts scientists --- AMAZING
  149. Caboki, a hair loss treatment.
  150. Wrist piercing.
  151. A case for REAL Global Warming
  152. Dino tissue Carbon-14 dated to less than 40,000 years: Censored conference report
  153. Scary doctor visit today
  154. Venn Diagrams
  155. Life begins (Cradle of life)
  156. Man with largest upper arms!!!
  157. Obama care explained
  158. edX information
  159. CURE for MS?
  160. Scientists Make Fish Grow "Hands" in Experiment That May Reveal How Fins Became Limbs
  161. Scientists Reveal Single Gene Is the Difference Between Humans and Apes Read more at
  162. Un-hitching the middle class
  163. How Medicare really works
  164. Save the planet, eat insects!
  165. Gorgeous blonde has two vaginas-and she is not shy about it!
  166. U.S. mentally ill and their families face barriers to care
  167. Ten Recent Space Discoveries!
  168. Seagreen energy?
  169. micro air vehicles MAVs
  170. Great site for global warming buffs
  171. They got a live one
  172. Flu
  173. Buzz Aldrin, Axe want to send 22 people into space
  174. 3-D printers....amazing!
  175. When the Patient Knows Best
  176. Passing along costs to the consumer - anyone care to discuss this fallacy?
  177. Treating a nasty disease
  178. Evidence grows for Narcolepsy linked to Swine Flu shots.
  179. Many Women Victims of 'Contraceptive Sabotage,' Experts Say
  180. Intentional or Accidental Product Name?
  181. Reusable Bags and 'I'm So Cool!"
  182. Putting on my RED DRESS
  183. Used to be moms getting diet pills. Now...
  184. Donít Take Medical Advice From the New York Times Magazine
  185. For Jim of NYC
  186. Everything you need to know about hydrogen used by autos
  187. If you really want to learn about climate science
  188. Scary stuff
  189. Why you can't trust fringe climate groups
  190. Super conductor computers coming soon?
  191. Will Only Suckers Buy ObamaCare Insurance?
  192. 10 Most Depressing States in the U.S.
  193. Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds
  194. Dishonesty by the Feds on climate warming
  195. Scientists link two rats' brains, a continent apart
  196. Planet photographed forming
  197. First Documented Case of Child Cured of HIV
  198. Global warming is epic, long-term study says
  199. Sun stone said to be used for navigation in olden days
  200. Can any person say this is not correct?? And be telling the truth?
  201. Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France
  202. Doctor in the booth, sort of
  203. Noisiness an indicator of stupidity
  204. Important heart problem news ... Important to know
  205. What science want you believe about the pat this year... not a meteror but a comet
  206. Supercapacitor
  207. Proton size may have changed
  208. Just for Taft
  209. Just For Tailfins
  210. Earth day predictions 1970 --Every one was false...
  211. Breast-pumping mom says she was 'humiliated' by flight attendant
  212. Doc visit, strange questions...
  213. Doctors warn of 'aggressive' new sexually-transmitted superbug
  214. Meet the teenager who designed a safer nuclear power plant
  215. Thanks to socialist healthcare
  216. 6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism
  217. NASA report verifies CO2 actually cools atmosphere
  218. Psychiatrists under fire in mental health battle
  219. 'Homophobe' is a Meaningless word Created by Whiney Liberals
  220. Icy finger of death
  221. 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other
  222. Killer RFID chips. james bond like weapon
  223. What Sweden Can Tell Us About Obamacare
  224. What about Multiuniverses?
  225. Sir Arthur C. Clarke finally going to outer space on Sunjammer solar sail spacecraft
  226. Chronic Cannabis Use
  227. My turbinate reduction procedure tomorrow... oh joy.
  228. Why do people count Calories
  229. How 3D printing can build new bone
  230. Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.
  231. Scientists create human liver from stem cells
  232. Houston's space shuttle to get new name in Texas contest
  233. Interesting approach to preventing DUI
  234. Shellfish allergy
  235. AME do what a regular MD is not approved by law to do
  236. Child born with just a brain stem lives 2 years...
  237. NASA tests 3D-printed rocket engine injector
  238. Science is Dogma...
  239. I call this science of vision and blue entertainment
  240. bikini> male brain scans. history & modesty
  241. humans controls rat tail with thoughts alone
  242. Beware of this health risk!!!
  243. How can adult humans digest milk?
  244. Buying Apple Products Is an Exercise in Narcissism
  245. Is this pattern more common in women?
  246. Snake-bite victim socked with $55K bill
  247. What a rip off!!!
  248. 8 Year Old Girl May Hold Key to Immortality
  249. Cash for service, the ultimate health care reform
  250. If they're stupid enough to support Obamacare .....