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  1. Obama Web Site 'Disappears' Radical Pastor
  2. *Obama Says He Didn't Know His Pastor Was Saying What He Said*
  3. flashback....'Call to Renewal' Keynote Address
  4. Mark Steyn: Obama's pastor disaster
  5. Obama losing superdelegates due to his prolonged assocn with hatemongering Pastor?
  6. At least he got one right
  7. Hey Ron Paul supporters, and others
  8. no mulligan in florida
  9. The McCain-Hagee Connection
  10. Alan Keyes leave Republican party
  11. Phony black friends ditch Clinton
  12. *Obama About To Give Speech Over His Pastor: Is Bus Wheels In It?*
  13. McCain leads in new poll
  14. How many here will sit down and read the Obama speech?
  15. Blacks need to stop whining
  16. The Afro American block vote trap
  17. Obama talks with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  18. Obama and His 'White Grandmother'
  19. how do you describe yourself
  20. Obama grabs race issue
  21. Obamas church
  22. Some words from the son of a religious right leader
  23. Jeb Bush amused by ‘irony’ of Florida Democrat delegate dilemma
  24. Mr. Obama’s Profile in Courage
  25. 350,000 fine....
  26. The Political Perspective of the Democratic Socialists of America
  27. For truthmatters, who loves the polls!
  28. Cheney does it again
  29. Why black people vote for dems at a 90% rate
  30. To Vote or Not to Vote
  31. Obama's Church and Past Ties to Socialism/Marxism TIED TOGETHER
  32. I've Been SPAMMED By John McCain...
  33. Hussein O's Poll Numbers Seriously Dropping!
  34. Is There A Possible McCain/Romney Ticket?
  35. Wright's Rantings Won't Sink Obama
  36. From my heart
  37. Economic facts
  38. Obama supports segregation
  39. Kerry: Obama Could Help US Relations with Muslim Nations 'Because He's a Black Man'
  40. What Obama really meant...
  41. Your vote counts dems --- not
  42. Obama stereotypes white people...
  43. Obama Speech Causes Mass Weeping Epidemic in Leftwing Blogosphere
  44. O8 Election could cause a third party
  45. Richardson Endorses Obama
  46. McCain staff racists
  47. State to adjust test immigrants must take
  49. Group Looks To Re-Create Bloody 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention In Denver
  50. Huckabee On Wright
  51. Black writers oppinion of Obama speech
  52. How Barack Obama learned to love Israel
  53. Huckabee announces candidacy for American Idol
  54. Looks Like Clinton Is Done For
  55. Civil War: Split Decision Divides Democrats
  56. Obama Struggles To Limit Damage In Pastor Row As WHITE VOTERS Slip Away
  57. Oil/Gas taxes
  58. Joe Liberman VP....!
  59. flashback-Obama: Bush Ignoring Blacks' "Quiet Riot"
  60. Rezko and the Illinois Combine
  61. Another Democrat with zipper problems
  62. the culture of corruption....
  63. Obama supporter references Clinton and the 'blue dress'
  64. Group: Martin Luther King Was a Republican
  65. Top Clinton official refuses to apologize for calling Richardson "Judas"
  66. Ohio officials want to indict Rush, conservatives.
  67. Hillary finally comments on Obama speech
  68. DNC Official: Clinton Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'
  69. My thoughts on blacks*
  70. What Barack Ought To Be Thinking About
  71. Bush, Kerry, Dick Cheney, Barrack Obama, and Brad Pitt COUSINS!!!
  72. Hillary Clinton: Combat Veteran
  73. Mondale worried about super-delegate vote
  74. Clinton voters go for McCain
  75. Getting to know Obama
  76. McCain speech on foreign policy
  77. US: Saddam paid for lawmakers' Iraq trip
  78. Bipartisan group hopes to improve political climate in Calif.
  79. Hillary's litany of lies becoming almost Nixon-esque
  80. Obama: Might nearly double Capital Gains Tax
  81. Condi's interested in the Veep!
  82. Is This The Republican Ticket?
  83. Limbaugh safe from voter-fraud charges
  84. What a surprise
  85. Clinton: In The Race For The Long Run
  86. It"s Obama Who Does Not Get It
  87. Race Is On To Define McCain
  88. Thinking Out Loud
  89. Sheila Jackson Lee at odds with constituents
  90. Another Unconservative Moment from John McCain
  91. What Are Liberals Proud OF?
  92. Why Are Conservatives Proud of McCain?
  93. Chelsea Surprised By Sexist Comments
  94. The best for America
  95. *This Is How You Stiff America*
  96. Where No Republican Would Choose To Cross
  97. Can't Get More Biased Than TIME on Lieberman
  98. Barack Obama, our new appeaser
  99. Pastor preached what Obamas believe
  100. As Rivals Battle, McCain Builds November Machine
  101. 22 Questions That Obama Should Answer
  102. Congress questions "Big Oil"
  103. Who's Behind
  104. McCain's best chance to win?
  105. Hitchens takes Hillary to task...
  106. Sexism and Homophobia in Scarborough Country
  107. And the winner is...
  108. More Lies & Deception From The Man Of Change
  109. Entitlement Mentality Will Ruin America
  110. Obama and the 'L' Word
  111. Obama and 'Big Oil'
  112. Donner Party Democrats
  113. Judge kicks whites out of court
  114. Democrats have kept racism alive
  115. Obama on "soft"ball
  116. The Year That Wasn't
  117. Obama Listening To A Loser
  118. Democrats: The fix is on
  119. Rev. Wright defendable?
  120. ‘Air America’ Host Randi Rhodes Suspended for Calling Clinton ‘F****** Whore’
  121. what is the most patriotic state in the u.s.a.
  122. Typical White Person: Stereotype?
  123. Hillary owned by CBS News footage
  124. Lies and Corruption: the career of John McCain
  125. America needs more boobs in the White House
  126. Dubya's continuing crock of shit
  127. Viet Nam Vets Against McCain
  128. The Beast on Leno
  129. Obama Pledges to Fight Special Interests...at AFL-CIO Rally
  130. Obama Gets the Coveted Jane Fonda Endorsement
  131. Clinton: ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Pledged Delegate’
  133. How John McCain Could Seal His Victory...
  134. Some Superdelegates More Super Than Rest
  135. Third Party: Now is the time
  136. Clinton Charitable Giving is to Clinton Charity
  137. Obama's 'Strike Force'?
  138. Hillary still pushing Florida and Michigan
  139. List of cities most vunerable to terrorist attack in u.s.
  140. bob barr is may run as a libertarian
  141. The Ideological Animal
  142. America's Fifth Column
  143. John McCain is a nazi
  144. I know y'all are gonna get mad, but i really believe this.
  145. Lies, damn lies and G.W. Bush
  146. 2008 State of the Union address
  147. A documentary about women raping women, and the police not taking it seriously
  148. An estimated 30660 Americans Murdered by Illegal aliens since 9/11
  149. Greenspan Endorses McCain
  150. Obama's Gun Dance
  151. No campus surge for Obama in Pa.
  152. Should I vote for Hillary?
  153. Condi Rice 'actively campaigning' to be VP
  154. Are we racists
  155. Iraq debate will generate sound and fury, but not much change
  156. Obama Is No MLK
  157. Democrats Play Politics with Trade
  158. Falling Out of Love With Bill
  159. Worst candidate
  160. Oprah Missed Phil's Demise?
  161. "We Need More White People"
  162. Obama's Weakness is Weakness
  163. Democrat Version Of Bipartisanship
  164. Obama raised funds for Palestinians.
  165. "Monkey" woman is delegate for Obama
  166. Ann nails it again
  167. Obama No Longer the Anointed Savior
  168. Elections Come Down to Leadership
  169. Obama to end don't ask - don't tell
  170. President Bush addresses the nation on Iraq
  171. Bob Barr for President!
  172. Video- on Barak Obambam
  173. Obama supports BAN of ALL semi-automatic weapons
  174. If This Were The Democratic Platform, I'd Vote Democrat
  175. Does anyone remember Jesse Dirkhising? The gay community doesn't want you to.
  176. What Obama Failed to Mention: Racist Black Grandfather
  177. *Change Is Over~Rated: Jimmy Carter Used It First*
  178. Obama's Questionable Judgment
  179. Obama is a lying sack of....
  180. sI wonder if ted (i drink too much) kennedy is...
  181. The Conservative Nanny State
  182. Obama Insults PA Voters
  183. Slavery: for board discussion
  184. Obama: Not 'Any' Politician?
  185. Trent Lott: Man of the People, Fledgling Lobbyist
  186. Yeah, their called liberals
  187. Questions for conservatives
  188. Awesome Political Test
  189. A Presidential Science Debate
  190. Pennsylvania Divided - The War Goes On
  191. 12 reasons 'bitter' is bad for Obama
  192. Obama's Switcheroo
  193. Meet Obama's Circle: The Same Old America-hating Left
  194. Pelosi and Dems Out To Do Nothing on Illegals
  195. When Did Liberalism Become Socialism?
  196. Dems Have to Repackage Michelle Obama
  197. Barack Obama's Bitter Liberalism
  198. Code Pink 'Bundles' for Barack
  199. Off-the-Record Obama
  200. Female Voters Confront Obama Worship
  201. Costs soar for Mass Health Care Plan
  202. Rangel slams Mississippi
  203. Muslim Americans for Obama Video - Weird and Angry
  204. Obama slipping in polls?
  205. PA Rep proposes voluntary 'Tax Me More' fund
  206. Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?
  207. Want cheaper drugs, that are safe? you found them here
  208. If he were white, he wouldn't be where he is...
  209. How real is freedom
  210. Clinton losing ground in Penn., Indiana
  211. McCain: Hero or Traitor?
  212. Another Emmett live survey
  213. Obama's Feet of Clay
  214. Tax day: It's all in the eyes of the beholder
  215. McCain not fit to be president
  216. Obama criticizes Carter...kind of...
  217. Is that a Twisted Sister pin...
  218. Who should rule test?
  219. Hillary On Southern Working Class Whites In 1995: "Screw 'Em"
  220. Debate #2,492
  221. Barry Obama Has A Bad Night
  222. Why Hillary won't get the nomination
  223. Renaming Things
  224. Romney - "Top Ten Reasons I left the Campaign"
  225. Obama-Clinton Debate in Philadelphia Spawns Weird Economics
  226. Left Wing Blogs Upset Over Debate Questions
  227. Obama:'No more debates for me'
  228. The racist apple doesn't fall far from the tree
  229. Obama Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled
  230. The Debate Was About Convincing Superdelegates
  231. Dean: I need a decision 'now'
  232. Welcome to 2008, Everyone's Miserable
  233. Rep. Requests State Dept. Revoke Carter's Passport
  234. Purpose of taxes?
  235. "We like Mr.Obama"-Hamas leader
  236. why rural Americans might be bitter
  237. None Of The Above Campaign
  238. Obama '08 Looks Like Kerry '04
  239. Abandon ship
  240. Obama's secret weapon: the media
  241. Urine and Blood Planned for Democrat Convention
  242. Not alone in snobbery
  243. A Year Ago Today...
  244. Huffington Has New Tape: Hillary Bashing Moveon.org
  245. Obama gives Clinton the finger in front of children
  246. Baracky
  247. VP's For McCain?
  248. Hamas Endorses Obama
  249. Road Map to Defeat
  250. John McCain as Phony