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  1. Obama/Clinton
  2. McCain campaign run by lobbyists
  3. Change? More of the Same-Chicago Style
  4. Obama's Unique Appeasement Style
  5. Obama Scares Seniors On Social Security
  6. You Can't Soak the Rich
  7. Obama's Vulnerable On National Security
  8. Negotiating Isn't Appeasement
  9. Liberalism, Conservatism, and Five Monkeys
  10. Obama and his lobbyists
  11. Daily Kos Photochop Depicts Michelle Obama Being Tortured by KKK
  12. Hillary Has Huge Win In KY
  13. Can Barack Appease Hillary's Base?
  14. Pres Bush Vetos bloated Farm Bill
  15. Dear Barack: You're wrong about small towns
  16. mcain vp meetings....
  17. McCain supports illegal immigration
  18. Reagan's would-be assassin aided by top Obama adviser
  19. Democrats and Our Enemies
  20. Dems Bash Big Oil
  21. 'Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message'
  22. George Soros Says The World Should Pick Our President
  23. Kennedy Talked, Khrushchev Triumphed
  24. Hussein Gropes Hillary...
  25. Florida Democrats file suit against Dean
  26. Investigators Release Reports on Obama's Communist Connections
  27. 62% of Voters Prefer Fewer Govt. Services with Lower Taxes
  28. McCain rejects evangelical leader over Nazi remarks
  29. Tell these basterds there is no other side to illegal immigration
  30. Hauser;s Law
  31. How Stupid Must One Be?
  32. McCain rejects minister's endorsementStory Highlights
  33. Is there anywhere online, that offers non-based looks at your local election issues?
  34. Obama spars with McCain on GI Bill
  35. America...a morally bankrupt, imperialist power
  36. Hillary Locks Up Title in Crushing Second Consecutive 30+ Point Blowout in Kentucky
  37. Hillary evokes RFK assassination in SD
  38. Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs Feed 'Xenophobia, Hate Crimes'
  39. Are You Voting For Obama, And Why?
  40. Planet of the arabs
  41. What Does Hillary Want?
  42. Obama: "I Seek Daily to Imitate His Faith" ...Until Today
  43. YES, You Can Blame The DEMOCRATS For The Fortune You're Spending At The Pump
  44. Obama's VP pick?
  45. Democrat Admits Democrats Lied About Stopping War
  46. Tom Harkin: McCain's Military Upbringing 'Can Be Pretty Dangerous'
  47. Hollywood Rewrites History…Again
  48. Do you eat at Subway? Homeschoolers need not apply.
  49. where have all the good political satire videos gone?
  50. Marriage and Equal Rights
  51. Ann Coulter hits it way out of the park again.
  52. 3rd Party Barred again?
  53. why isnt this discussed and ignored by the media?
  54. New poll suggests Obama has big problem with white voters
  55. Bob Barr wins Libertarian Nomination
  56. Who Is Bobby Jindal?
  57. McCain's Dishonesty On GI Bill
  58. Facebook group
  59. The film "Recount" draws protests from Democrats
  60. Peacekeepers Abusing Children
  61. The "Reasonable Profits Board?"
  62. Dead Troops Remembered by President Who Had Them Killed
  63. Obama, the Closer
  64. Obama: My uncle liberated … Auschwitz?
  65. Pork Projects Thrive in Democrats' Spending Scam
  66. Dubya a political albatross
  67. Typical liar obama
  68. Scott McClellan: traitorous surrender monkey!
  69. How Proud The Dems Must Be.......
  70. Can Obama Revive the Dead Horse of Socialism?
  71. Dems Seek To Avoid Meltdown
  72. The Violent Folly of Humanitarian Interventionism
  73. Woman suffering from housing Crisis.
  74. The Method to Hillary's Madness
  75. obama v mccain
  76. Obama Supporters - Don't Count Every Vote
  77. Hardball Obama
  78. I need your help
  79. Barack Obama’s Unlikely Supporter: Rupert 'Fox News' Murdoch
  80. Obama's Church: Hillary Cried Because White Supremacy Failed
  81. Political correctness allows gay couple to molest boys
  82. Clinton Supporters To Protest In DC
  83. How Smart Is Obama?
  84. Race and Politics
  85. Hillary's Hundred Hussy Hullabaloo
  86. John McCain: Seriously Impaired?
  87. My my.... the DNC is imploding....
  88. 2008 Libertarian Platform
  89. Delegates seated, given half a vote
  90. Obama Resigns Church Membership
  91. This Woman Is Pissed!
  92. NY Issues Tax Warrent Against Keith Olbermann
  93. Clinton's backers: We won't 'roll over'
  94. Did Michelle Obama Rail Against "Whitey"
  95. Bill Klinton stuck on his self
  96. Fears grow that Obama can't win
  97. Hillary Supporter Yells "GD the Democrat Party"
  98. Bill Clinton: 'This May Be the Last Day I'm Ever Involved in a Campaign of This Kind'
  99. Study shows Republicans love ketchup
  100. Hate and Racism Run Deep in Obama Church
  101. Liberals Like To Cheat On Their Taxes
  102. Lieberman-Warner’s Window Dressing Reveals Largest Pork Bill in U.S. History
  103. Klansman Hospitalized
  104. Obama's homosexual partner Larry Sinclair
  105. McCain opposed gay marriage amendment
  106. Fairfax County VA welcomes illegals, but threatens to sue the Army
  107. What I'm Hoping For...
  108. Pres Bush To Veto Global Warming Bill
  109. Clinton never loses
  110. Dream ticket in the making????
  111. Obama Clinches
  112. A Disaster, Getting Worse
  113. Photo quiz
  114. Time for a change
  115. Obama on gun control
  116. So who's out?
  117. Hillary, Obama's Supreme Court Pick?
  118. California court says gay marriages can proceed
  119. Barry's Friend Rezko GUILTY!!!
  120. offficial: Clinton Will Drop out
  121. Barack and Hillary: History In The Living
  122. We're gonna make some money, We're gonna make some money
  123. Just 17% Say Federal Government Represents Will of the People
  124. what will you do?
  125. the dead still vote
  126. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter Signs Transgender Bill
  127. Obama Scriptures for June 5, 2008.
  128. Bush misused Iraq intelligence: Senate report
  129. Thomas Sowel article on Obama's record
  130. The true conservatives come out
  131. the most important issue.....
  132. Obama campaign rep STUMPED on legislative accomplishments
  133. The Obama Rally, from Two Angles
  134. Unveiled: Democrats’ Racist Past
  135. McCain or Obama? Obama or McCain?
  136. EDITORIAL: Barack Obama in his own words
  137. CBS: Obama’s ‘Fist Bump’ With Michelle ‘Is Generating A Lot of Buzz’
  138. Latino voters favor Obama
  139. im officially an independent Voter
  140. Dems to push Obama's goals with bills in Congress
  141. Where Obama stands on abortion....
  142. Is anyone really qualified?
  143. Is Obama an enlightened being?
  144. Obama First in More Ways Than Any U.S. Presidential Candidate
  145. Obama-Carter and the Military
  146. Ternment is too largehe Libertarian Party
  147. The Wife John McCain Dumped
  148. McCain's support of terrorism
  149. Obama
  150. my vote
  151. Obama is a 'mack daddy'
  152. Why McCain will get the young male vote
  153. Viet Nam veterans against McCain
  154. McCain, Obama on the issues
  155. Political Issues
  156. How Can ANYONE Vote for Obama?!?!?
  157. U.S. to erect more "virtual" border fences
  158. McCain is an Alcoholic, Child-Molesting Leprechuan
  159. what political party do you belong too or agree with
  160. Barack Obama sets up internet 'war room'
  161. the DNC convention: a train wreck ???
  162. Obama is a Muzzy and Unamerican!!!!!
  163. 5% are screwed!
  164. Obama Could Debunk Some Rumors By Releasing His Birth Certificate.
  165. Obama the smoker
  166. Osama VP former military????
  167. California Senate to Consider Sweeping Restrictions on Ammunition Sales!
  168. Republicans for Obama Website...Hmm...
  169. Stimulus payments result in record May deficit
  170. Ethics war heats up as key Obama advisor resigns
  171. My gosh, have you heard of any of these parties?
  172. Fox News outclasses itself again
  173. Obama Fatigue
  174. what does being a conservative really mean?
  175. Obama wants payroll tax on incomes above $250,000
  176. Perception Is Reality and Reality Bites
  177. Has Congress Gone To Far?
  178. A 7-year-old evaluates the candidates!
  179. Typical
  180. Clean Out The Congressional Asylum
  181. Get Osama Before I Leave Office, orders gwb
  182. McCain Renews Support For Brazil. Is Hugo Chavez Next?
  183. Ex GOP Boss Admits Oral Sex With Sleeping Man
  184. US soldier refuses to report for active duty in Iraq
  185. The U.S. government: working hard for India, china & saudi arabia & mexico
  186. Im voting for them!
  187. Obama promises and stereotypes black voters
  188. obama naive when it comes to war on terror
  189. Obama advisor: Looking to Pooh
  190. The Bush Legacy, As Seen From London
  191. Gore's Home Energy Use Climbs 10% Over Last Year
  192. "It's not good for Muslim Americans to be associated with Obama"
  193. Are Democrats Dumber than Dolphins?
  194. Obama could win vote, lose election
  195. Barack Obama: A Man of His Word...
  196. War - the political and reality
  197. Chicago Tribune Using Obama Teeshirts to Sell Subscriptions
  198. McCain: Having Failed History He Is Doomed To Repeat It
  199. Hagel is an idiot
  200. Obama Considering Gates As Defense Secretary?
  201. The Greatest Document Ever Written In DP
  202. Obama the racist brought race FIRST again
  203. as i was reading another post, i had a thought
  204. Osama: give bin laden a fair trial
  205. What McCain and the GOP stand for
  206. The skeletons in McCain's closet
  207. Less Driving = 'Bad News' of Lower Gas Tax Receipts
  208. The Osama and Saddam legacy, as seen from the world
  209. McCain's energy policy gets it!
  210. A New Social Contract
  211. West Answers Obama:Run as a Man and Leader
  212. Obama's Propagandistic Iconography: the Making of a Messiah
  213. Who Pays Taxes
  214. FISA Bill Finally Passes
  215. Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear
  216. Proof MSM is Conservative
  217. Obamanomics
  218. An American Energy Initiative for the 21st Century - Part I
  219. You take the high road and I'll....
  220. Obama Moves To Reintroduce Himself to Voters
  221. Socialism, Marxism, Communism & Obama
  222. Will McCain address his collaboration with N. Viet Nam?
  223. Obama's many lies
  224. Obama's intellectual dishonesty
  225. The Elitist playing with the Presidential Seal
  226. An American Energy Initiative for the 21st Century - Part II
  227. what should obama's slogan really be?
  228. whats wrong with civil unions?
  229. I just dont believe that a woman has a right to murder her un-born child
  230. Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say
  231. post any quote by any president
  232. Bush 'war crimes conference' to convene in Mass
  233. Barack Obama: "Friends"
  234. Even John McCain hates America, well sorta
  235. Some Ron Paul Supporters See No Liberty In Bob Barr. Why Are They Wrong?
  236. Is McCain really that stupid?
  237. How about a McCain-Clinton ticket?
  238. GOP campaign strategy
  239. Obama's Proposals
  240. Obama's Racism - In His Own Words
  241. McCain heading for huge butt kicking in November
  242. If You Can't Beat Them - Silence Them
  243. Dems craft a populist summer plan
  244. Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Tied at 45%
  245. why im glad most young people dont vote
  246. I found obama's running mate in 08
  247. how would you describe obama
  248. I found obama's father!
  249. how to speak democrat
  250. The dark side of John McCain