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  1. obama's healthcare may soon come to pass
  2. Definition of marriage
  3. Obama plans fundraiser in Las Vegas
  4. Kudos to Trump!
  5. Change ?
  6. Report: One-fourth of overseas votes go uncounted
  7. Why do we hate each other now?
  8. ACLU vs Obama
  9. Obama lies continue...
  10. Where's the complaints about the war?
  11. Pelosi - "Bush Misled Me"
  12. Looks Like Pres Bush Was Right On Another Issue
  13. Obama Administration to Cheney: Request Denied
  14. Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
  15. List of Liberal Flip Flops
  16. Strange definition of goals for success, by Obama
  17. Excellent yard sign, to further the cause of "gun control"
  18. Do you believe Panetta or Pelosi?
  19. Graham: CIA was 'Loose With The Facts' About Interrogation Briefings
  20. Notre Dame President Catches Heat For Obama Invite
  21. Fox news bows to the pressure
  22. The Facade, Crumbling?
  23. if you cant beat um, join um
  24. I'm A Flip-Flopper
  25. Another reason why I love my Steelers!
  26. Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker
  27. Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich
  28. Was the koolaid poisoned?
  29. Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican
  30. Jim Webb - No GITMO Terrorists in VA!
  31. Mildly disappointed
  32. Democrats Concede on Guantanamo Bay
  33. Barack Obama = Cliff Huxtable?
  34. Do Liberals Still Want The Country To Be Like CA?
  35. Empathy Versus Law
  36. Responsible credit-card users to “subsidize” deadbeats now
  37. Rove approves of Obama
  38. Pelosi VS the CIA
  39. Paid Vacation Act
  40. Cheney Rips Obama On War On Terror
  41. House rejects probe into Pelosi CIA claims
  42. Schwarzenegger to ignore the will of the people, again
  43. A big thank you to all veterns
  44. Sotomayor nominated to SCOTUS
  45. Now Burris Perjury?
  46. Supervisor Asks Woman To Take Down American Flag during Memorial Day
  47. National Sales Tax...
  48. Another Blue State Drives Away Millionaires
  49. Sotomayer Was Wrong 60% Of The Time
  50. Obama’s Transportation Secretary Says He Wants to ‘Coerce People Out of Their Cars’
  51. Are Chrysler closings targeting Republican Donors?
  52. Presidential Fundraising Trips Leave Taxpayers With Hefty Tab
  53. actual results of stimulus plan....
  54. Ed Schultz to Rush: No “Racist, Sexist or Derogatory Comments about the President”
  55. Presidential comparison quiz:
  56. $7.42 per person in shovel ready stimulus projects
  57. How Is The Country Better Off After 100 Days?
  58. Nader: McAuliffe Offered Money To Avoid Key States in '04 Race
  59. Creationist stripped of state post in Texas
  60. Would Judge Sotomayor Qualifiy as a Juror?
  61. interesting video debate on Gay Marriage Debate
  62. Pelosi Does It Again
  63. White House Lifts Ban on Lobbyists
  64. Bush vs Obama
  65. If You Operated Obama's Teleprompter - What Would You Have Him Say?
  66. Pravda: American capitalism gone with a whimper
  67. The $74,000 Obama date we paid for....
  68. Obama asks which public records you want to see
  69. would you disown your kid if they were gay
  70. GA Denied Purging Voting Rolls OF Dead People and Illegals
  71. Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate
  72. Obama Willing to Consider Tax on Employer-Paid Health Benefits
  73. Do You Still Want Obama To Succeed?
  74. 20 years ago today
  75. BNP TV Launches New “Muslim Sex Grooming” Video Series
  76. Double Standard
  77. Are Liberals stupid or are they subversive?
  78. interesting
  79. issues/political tests
  80. CBO - Obama Healthcare Plan Will NOT Save Money
  81. Another 345,000 People Enjoying Hope and Change
  82. Obama's diss Sarkosy's dinner invite on D-Day anniversary..
  83. MSNBC - "Obama Is A God"
  84. obama speaks on the holocaust and current middle east
  85. Craigslist Controversy Opens many debate topics!
  86. 2 former drug dealers tied to Murtha-backed firm
  87. Don Rickles Roasts the Dems
  88. Why I support Marriage Equality
  89. Looks Like The NYT Is Covering For Obama Wanting To Execute Some At Gitmo
  90. Obama: 'Time to deliver' on health care
  91. Think twice about 'green' transport, say scientists
  92. Rasmussen - Obama Approval Down to 53%
  93. Hugo Chavez Mocks Obama for Nationalizing GM
  94. Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs
  95. Barack Obama and the CIA: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?
  96. Poll: Few Iranians see US favorably, despite Obama
  97. Right-wing party second in Dutch EU vote
  98. Harbinger of Things to Come?
  99. Obama: America's Gorbachev?
  100. It's time Perestroika
  101. Obama tells businesses to drop dead
  102. Arnold suggests a 15% flat tax for CA
  103. CA considers eliminating Welfare
  104. SNOPES: Open Email Letter to Obama True
  105. Voters Now Trust Republicans More than Democrats on Economic Issues
  106. The States Are Throwing A Different Kind Of Tea Parties?
  107. Jon Voight - Bringing An End To This False Prophet Obama!
  108. Videos: British National Party makes political history Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons
  109. Obama: It's OK to borrow to pay for health care
  110. Rick Santelli Takes On Obama Again
  111. The Road To Banana Republic Continues
  112. Candidate Obama VS President Obama
  113. MSNBC Host VS John Ziegler
  114. Rev. Wright Says 'Them Jews' Won't Let Obama Talk to Him
  115. right wing terrorism
  116. Administration: Rein in pay in US private sector
  117. Sotomayor: Never thought about rights of unborn
  118. Give a retired person a break
  119. Oops... the NEW Miss Calif says marriage is only man/woman, too
  120. *Looks Like Lettermen Turned Into A Dirtbag*
  121. The Obama governing stragety
  122. Jobless Hit Record, Liberal Media Calls It A ‘Drop’
  123. Frankly Rude: Barney Cuts Haines Interview Short
  124. 10% of stimulus package is consumed by fraud
  125. obama is a dirtbag
  126. video-Everyday Normal Republicans (With Special Guest: Zo!)
  127. very funny
  128. still libertarian
  129. which website do you reccomend for finding political issues and deciding how you feel
  130. obama is...
  131. domestic terrorists: a real threat from all sides of the political spectrum
  132. Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown
  133. what are you for and against
  134. Obama says Healthcare will be "Revenue Neutral"??..
  135. Are You Surprised Obama's Economic Policies are Not Working
  136. Dick Durbin nailed on stock trades with insider information
  137. ABC allows Obama control on 6/24/09
  138. Obama's Eligibility One More Time
  139. *Social Medicare Does Work, For Elderly*
  140. *Politics Of The Price Of A Gallon Of Gas*
  141. Obama Says U.S. Jobless Rate to Reach 10% This Year
  142. Obama Poll Sees Doubt on Budget and Health Care
  143. Boxer Demands to be called "Senator"
  144. Obama Has Had Some Successes
  145. What a Difference One Year Makes
  146. Newt Gingrich
  147. Olive Garden pulls Letterman ads
  148. July 4th tea parties
  149. Gangster Government
  150. Obama's Senior Moment
  151. Bachmann says she won't complete 2010 census
  152. Strong Support for the "Public Option"
  153. We The People - Stimulus Package
  154. I wrestle with myself all the time
  155. McLiberal praises obama 1st 5 months
  156. How Is That Hope and Change Doing?
  157. Presidential Approval Drops to New Low
  158. Jib Jab Obama Video - A Classic
  159. Libertarian vs. Republican (Emmett vs. Crin)
  160. Comments On Libertarian/Conservative Debate
  161. 46 Million Uninsured 'Americans' Includes Almost 10 Million Foreigners
  162. Boxer Demotes Herself From ‘Ma’am’ to ‘Senator’
  163. Obama's Press Conference-Day B4 The Infomercial
  164. Health Care For America Rally - Chicago - Rep. Jan Schakowsky (9th, IL)
  165. Anyone Surprised With This?
  166. Obama Thought He Had Problems...
  167. Dems To Vote On Climate Change Bill This Friday
  168. Will You Watch The Obama Infomercial Tonight?
  169. Obama Campaign Ad Comes Back to Haunt Him
  170. Why can't Republicans keep it in their pants?
  171. *Obama On Tonight:Healthcare*
  172. Dems Want Freddie & Fannie Lending Rules Relaxed AGAIN!!
  173. This is what the Democrat party has become..
  174. Obama Health care NOT Optional
  175. Obamercial: If HC Were 'Most Important' Think Ratings Would Be A Given
  176. Obama Wants to Let Those Pesky Geezers Die
  177. Spanish energy model is not without problems
  178. Utah senators taking on 'anti-oil administration'
  179. PROMISES, PROMISES: Gays bemoan go-slow approach
  180. Cap and Trade Call to Congressmen
  181. Obama flys in another Chef for Luau
  182. Conyers Backs Off Probe Of ACORN
  183. Do it!!!!
  184. Congressman Asks for Moment of Silence for Jobs Lost to Cap-and-Trade on House Floor
  185. President Obama Grilling with Bobby Flay
  186. The Obama Deception - Full length version
  187. incredibly inspirational
  188. Nationwide Protest against Obama’s Cap and Trade
  189. Yes, she called us terrorist..
  190. Is modern marriage obsolete?
  191. Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis
  192. Axelrod: Obama Won't Rule Out Middle-Class Tax Hike
  193. Chambliss blocks regulatory pick over animal lawsuits
  194. Libertarians reach out to gay, lesbian Democrats picketing DNC fundraiser
  195. homeowners to be given a get-out-of-debt-free card?
  196. Love Paying Taxes?
  197. Cifta treaty
  198. Shocking video of NY Democrat sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance
  199. Bids soar past $15,000 for alleged proof of president's Kenyan birth
  200. MSNBC Advocating Unemployment Benefits For Illegals
  201. Flashback: Obama Says Cap And Trade Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket
  202. Reparations Disclaimer on Slavery Apology Stirs Backlash Among House Dems
  203. Pelosi Won't Give Public a Week to Review Text of Health Bill
  204. Ron Paul Wins Support to Audit Fed Reserve
  205. ‘Not Bad for Six Months,’ Obama Says of His Presidency
  206. Obama's Numbers Tanking
  207. Conservative Radio=Terrorism?
  208. Kaptur (D-OH) gets "Sweetener" to vote for Climate Bill
  209. Even Rachel Maddow is sayin' WTH on this one..
  210. Video: Two Trillion Tons - Sung by the Ghost of Tennessee Ernie Ford
  211. The Obama Victim Tour Begins
  212. Barney Frank: Let's spend TARP profits before taxpayers can get them
  213. Helen Thomas Goes Ballistic On Gibbs
  214. Both The Right And Left Agree
  215. Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage
  216. Congress’s Travel Tab Swells – And a Good Time Was Had By All
  217. Hyperinflation Nation: 11 trillion in debt and 55 trillion in obligations
  218. voter registration change
  219. Palin to resign as Alaska governor
  220. Obama's Huffington Post: "Palin Will Run in '12 on More Retardation Platform"
  221. birthday sex
  222. Palin to be Indicted?
  223. Palin Links Resignation to 'Higher Calling'
  224. The Lefts Smearing Of Gov Palin Continues
  225. Conservatives Winning on Issues, Losing On Candidates
  226. Biden Thinks Patriotism Is Corny
  227. Biden: `We misread how bad the economy was'
  228. Colin Powell Getting Buyer's Remorse?
  229. New York Times Barbie Attacks Again
  230. L.A. Latinos celebrate the Farce of July
  231. Boehner: Where are the jobs?
  232. Obama - Well, we are out of money now ! !
  233. Al Gore likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis
  234. Sarah Palin: Why She Resigned
  235. Yikes! Obama screws up story of how he met michelle
  236. A Bit of Good News Out of PA: This Is 'Change'
  237. Obama’s Approval Rating Tanks in Ohio
  238. As The Economy, So Follows The Polls
  239. Disputes put health care timetable in doubt
  240. Abortion pill used in a quarter of US abortions
  241. michael jackson is dead
  242. MSNBC Calls Obama A Liar!!!
  243. Liberal Media Pushing For Another "Stimulus" Bill
  244. In Health Bill, Billions For Parks, Paths
  245. Fix the Economy
  246. Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08
  247. Do ya think our Pres was in the "Dog House" after this pic? :)
  248. News sites swap Obama's birthplace like magic
  249. Dem Leader Laughs At Idea Of Reading Obamacare Bill Before Voting On It
  250. WH Reporters Party With Obama