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  1. Audit - Obamacare Will Increase The Cost Of Insurance
  2. Tax the sick: Obama’s new plan
  3. They Should Have Read "The Godfather"
  4. Steve Wynn Schools Jennifer Granholm on How to Create Jobs
  5. Rachel Maddow - "This is Cracking Heads Time"
  6. Dr's Punished For Treating High Care Patients Under Obamacare
  7. When you hear people speaking in public, do you ever 'call them' on their claims?
  8. Pelosi Key to GOP 2010 Playbook
  9. Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine
  10. Libs hail Obama as "whiner-in-chief"
  11. January 16, 1984
  12. Where is he now, when we need him?
  13. Baucus Plan Will Lower Wages
  14. In 2010 Dems Will Run Against Bush
  15. GOP senator's protest grinds the Senate to a halt
  16. How can "history call" someone who never listens?
  17. Painting the White House Red -- Obama FOX-Basher Anita Dunn Praises Mao Tse-Tung (Vid
  18. Obama Video: 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes
  19. Anita Dunn & Mao
  20. Compassion vs reality
  21. Ooohhh, Dangerous Blogger
  22. Now This Bodes Well For 2010
  23. *Which Party Is Better To Protect USA From Islam?*
  24. Restore the Constitution
  25. The Broken Common Bond
  26. Poll: Mexicans say Mexican-Americans Owe Loyalty to Mexico Over U.S.
  27. Federal Deficit Reaches All-Time High of $1.42 Trillion
  28. 30,383 "saved or created" jobs thanks to stimulus
  29. outstanding!!!
  30. Oh Those Tea Party People!
  31. The Nation's Climate Change Solution: 'Make the Recession Worse'
  32. We have all been lied to
  33. Easy-money mortgages still provided, by the feds
  34. Bill extends 'kid' coverage to age 27
  35. Sarah Palin is hitting the mark again!!!!!
  36. Obama Care Halloween Video
  37. How Screwed Are We?
  38. MSM Believes What They Want To Believe
  39. Glenn Beck Installs Red Phone for White House
  40. Biden: This Is A Depression
  41. Good Grief… ANOTHER Mao-Praising Obama Czar Caught on Tape (Video)
  42. Cops Called When Reporter Acts Like A Reporter
  43. Chicago Times=obama accomplishments
  44. White House Cites Opinion Shows as Basis for Fox News Complaints
  45. House healthcare bill under $900 billion: Pelosi
  46. CNN Poll: Half the country disagrees with Obama on issues
  47. Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room
  48. Dems eye insurance industry's antitrust protection
  49. Bailout watchdog expects much to remain unrefunded
  50. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) wrongly interprets Constitution again
  51. Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage
  52. They’re ALL Communists
  53. *McCain See's Anger: No Surprise There*
  54. Debate style issues
  55. Pay Czar Slashes Pay For Execs
  56. GOP senators in favor of rape?
  57. Dems seek cover to boost debt limit
  58. Breaking New Polling Outcomes
  59. Something to worry about with govt bailouts and control
  60. Unreal. White House Bans FOX News from Press Pool Interview — Then Relents After Prot
  61. Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama
  62. Conservatives roar; GOP trembles
  63. White House Gives Up On VA Gov Race
  64. Palin endorses Conservative over Republican
  65. MSNBC has identity crisis
  66. *Obama Speaks Muslim: Free Money*
  67. Video: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness
  68. Remember A Couple Weeks Ago? Obama Speaking To Gays?
  69. Those Insurance Companies 'Obscene Profits'
  70. welcome to Vietnam 2
  71. They are expendable
  72. It's only "news" if liberals say it's news
  73. Health reform written behind closed doors
  74. The Spending Rolls On
  75. A few general questions- Media
  76. Barney Frank - Democrats are trying on every front to increase the role of government
  77. Politics as Tribe
  78. Another Obama Failure
  79. Dems On Defense In 2009 Elections
  80. Dems $3.6 Trillion Gas Tax Increase
  81. Pelosi: Health care 'public option' needs new name
  82. Dismantling America
  83. Lieberman Will Fillibuster Healthcare With Public Option
  84. Imagine
  85. Probably Not Good News For Administration
  86. Amtrak Losing $32 per Passenger
  87. Is Reid's "Public Option" DOA?
  88. Voter fraud in Troy, New York ...Maybe ACORN
  89. New Senate plan: States can opt out of receiving HC, but not out of paying for it????
  90. White House Surrenders To Fox News
  91. You won't find anything more powerful concerning our country
  92. Clunkers: Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car
  93. Alan Grayson Runs and Hides From Fox News
  94. Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands
  95. The collapse of America much like Russia
  96. are you gender biased, are you racist
  97. NJ Democratic Party Mimics ACORN
  98. Couric Advises GOP: Stay Away From Fringe Players Like Palin & Rush (Video)
  99. Glenn Beck -- Behind The Blue Curtain -- FOX News
  100. House Health Care Bill Mandates Study Of Mental Health Outcomes of Abortion, Adoption
  101. Pelosi Closes ObamacareCeremony To Public
  102. Health bill: 42 studies, 214 mentions of taxes
  103. MoveOn.org Backtracks in 23rd District Election
  104. Pelosi's death care bill
  105. Gore Vidal Obama 'Too Intelligent' for America; Vidal Adds He Wanted to 'Murder' Bush
  106. *WTF? Muslim Stamps?*
  107. Grayson: FOX News is stalking me
  108. "Death Panel" measure survives in new House health care bill
  109. Tune in tomorrow to hear a health care reform plan that will prove to be the game cha
  110. Glenn Beck With Lord Monckton and John Bolton On Global Climate Treaty (1)
  111. Michelle Bachman on Pelosi Health Care Bill: "This Is the Crown jewel of Socialism"
  112. NJ Court rules that Americans have no right to buy a handgun
  113. BREAKING: Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign
  114. "Obama! We Have A Problem...
  115. Promises to Keep: Candidate Obama vs. President Obama
  116. About Tuesday
  117. Rush Limbaugh interviewed by Chris Wallace
  118. Dem Strategist Whines About "Being Ganged Up On"
  119. Obama plays more golf in 9 months than Bush in over 2 years
  120. White House Visitor List Includes Rev Wright and Bill Ayers
  121. Newt is a Republican first and a Conservative last
  122. Corzine fading in New Jersey?
  123. Awesome!… Mike Pence Releases: “Let Your Voice Be Heard” (Video)
  124. Gibbs: Doesn't know if White House has reviewed govt Healthcare for Constitutionality
  125. NYT Sends A Warning?
  126. Forewarned Is Forearmed
  127. Grass roots Republicans move to retake party
  128. a look at 2010
  129. GOP should dump the neo-cons
  130. Maine says NO to queers
  131. Washington state blocks same-sex "marriage"
  132. If Dems had won yesterday, would they be insisting it wasn't a referendum on Obama?
  133. The best moment of last night's election returns
  134. 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama
  135. Last Night A 2nd Amendment Sweep
  136. House healtcare plan requires monthly abortion premium
  137. Obama's response
  138. Unemployment hits 10.2 %
  139. California to withhold a bigger chunk of paychecks
  140. House Passes Health Bill
  141. 5 Myths About the Economic 'Recovery'
  142. Who is Steve Max: Ward Churchill Meets Rahm Emanuel
  143. Dems On A Roll
  144. Dems Spending Continues As Revenue To The Government Drops
  145. "Uninsurables" Must Wait 6 Months Under Obamacre
  146. Barney Frank/Ed Schultz In Liberal Lovers' Quarrel
  147. 'Fuzzy math' could drive health bill cost higher
  148. Dems Reject 11 Amendmeents Requiring Congress To Enroll In Obamacare
  149. Another Obama Double Standard
  150. Questions our big-govt central planners can't answer
  151. Obama wants Exit Strategy for Afghan ??
  152. WARNING: This post contains facts.
  153. Dems Want Jail Time If You Refuse Obamacare
  154. Obama Fails To Defend America - Again
  155. Obama's World Record
  156. Trying KSM in civ court in NYC, like trying Japanese pilots who attacked Pearl Harbo
  157. Chinese greet "Oba Mao" with flaming statues, fakes
  158. No Problem With China or NK
  159. New car from Government Motors
  160. another wow bow by Obama
  161. Recipe for making a Liberal
  162. What if George W. Bush had..............
  163. What stops mass murderers? A gun.
  164. Texas teabaggers take aim at GOP incumbents
  165. What Obama's bow in Japan really meant
  166. who is the most crazy liberal organization
  167. Bernie Goldberg On O’Reilly: Liberals Detest Palin Because They Detest Middle America
  168. Notice how people who can't refute Csvs, try to insult... by calling them gay? ("Teab
  169. A rare example of a sensible intelligent black American
  170. How I Saved or Created 4,730,400,003 Jobs
  171. See the St. Paul ‘happy-slapping’ video that has police and citizens outraged
  172. oops
  173. KKK Byrd sets longevity record
  174. Union Threatens City Over Scout's Volunteerism
  175. Obama: Job creation not goal of Dec. 3 jobs forum
  176. Cash For Codgers
  177. Obama says it: There's a chance he won't run in 2012
  178. Giving thanks for capitalism
  179. Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions
  180. Psalm 109:8
  181. You don't need to carry a gun personally, police will protect you
  182. Married couples face extra tax in Senate health care bill
  183. Only Uncle Toms Vote Against ObamaCare
  184. The Stump Turtle?
  185. Does anyone believe Palin will run in 2012?
  186. Ron Paul Wins Lifelong Fight
  187. Chris Matthews "Obama To Darned Intellectual"
  188. Another Obama Success
  189. The Evolution of Hispanic Identity
  190. "Reconquista"
  191. Liberal bloggers showing up at Sarah Palin book signings.
  192. Why do Dems really want to give KSM a civilian trial in New York City?
  193. Your New One-World Government: Hopenhagen
  194. This man is awesome
  195. NPR - Was Internet Complicit In Fort Hood Shooting?
  196. Does Pres Obama Embrace Weakness?
  197. Question For Obamacare Supporters
  198. Anti-Obama billboard stirs controversy
  199. Sen Landrieu Blames "Partisan Republican Bloggers"
  200. Cloward-Piven Government
  201. Rep. Kucinich (D-OH) says everyone,including bin Laden,should get "same basic rights"
  202. Thanksgiving: Deliverance from Socialism
  203. The female genie
  204. Fred Thompson: Afghanistan Is Lost
  205. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford faces 37 ethics charges
  206. *CWN Reports: Robert A. Hall*
  207. Constitution Revolution 2012
  208. Katie Couric Rhymes A Health Care Message
  209. Obama Approval Hits All Time Low
  210. Finally - a SNL skit that shows Obama for the fool he is..
  211. Documentary film seeks pro-consumption conservative
  212. The Spender In Chief
  213. Fort Hood hearing focuses on homegrown threats, ‘political correctness’
  214. Dems - Tax Increases Create Jobs
  215. Lieberman Digs In on Public Option
  216. MSNBC and TIME - Bush Decade 'Hell,' Obama Decade Better
  217. Educate me Agnapostate...
  218. Holy shit Man from maine!!!
  219. Obama's Thanksgiving proclamation
  220. video- ‘Hide the Decline’: ‘Minnesotans for Global Warmth’ Skewer ‘ClimateGate’
  221. Obama and Palin gaffes
  222. Daily Kos - Reason to Oppose Taliban is They Are Not PC
  223. The Competing Narratives of Barry and Sarah
  224. Environmental activists seek green Black Friday
  225. Now the Disabled Targeted By Dems Via Obamacare
  226. Our policy on Iraq and Afghanistan should be...
  227. Second Amendment Misinterpreted
  228. Voter ID - again
  229. White House Party Crashers Linked to Obama’s Radical Pal Rashid Khalidi
  230. I Finally Get It
  231. Mr. Speaker...
  232. Must See Historic Videos: Why They Hate Me — Part II
  233. Four police murdered in WA coffee shop: Should the 2nd amendment be repealed?
  234. Western lifestyle unsustainable, says climate expert Rajendra Pachauri
  235. New Math for 2010
  236. Howard Dean: The debate on capitalism and socialism is over
  237. Chris Matthews calls West Point the "Enemy Camp"
  238. Is The Left Obama's Biggest Problem?
  239. Bombshell UN Documents Outline Plan To Use Climategate Crooks In “End Run” for NWO...
  240. Critics not invited to White House's 'jobs summit'
  241. Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low
  242. Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic
  243. Joe Biden - Afghanistan a Nuclear Threat and Under Siege By Radicals
  244. Henery Waxman - Government Will have to Takeover America's Newpapers?
  245. Celebrate Diversity! (videos included)
  246. Cadets Asked To Be Enthusiastic During Obama's Speech
  247. If Taliban said they'd leave by 2011,wouldn't we regard that as victory for our side?
  248. Should Ben Bernanke be confirmed to chair the Federal Reserve for four more years?
  249. Michelle Malkin Rips Apart NY Times Obamacare Column
  250. How Political Correctness Kills