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  1. New bill would fund war in two stages
  2. The #1 issue in the '08 elections
  3. Gravel for Prez!
  4. Dean on Electoral College System: ‘Get Rid of It'
  5. Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill
  6. The Growing Public Trough
  7. Hate Crimes Are Stupid
  8. Obama's Misstep
  9. Senators Need to Know You Support Making English the Official Language
  10. Considering the Spin Going On, I Hesitate At Posting This
  11. Listening To The Generals On The Ground
  12. Why do you hate Capitalism?
  13. Bush says he's OK with Iraq benchmarks
  14. Bush Told War Is Harming The GOP
  15. Who is Barack Obama?
  16. Democratic budget plan takes shape
  17. Do we really believe in Democracy?
  18. Rudy re-affirms abortion rights stance
  19. DNC chair Dean says party needs to invite young evangelical Christians
  20. Mrs. Obama becomes a stay at home mother
  21. A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan
  22. Mayberry Machiavellis
  23. Bush Supporters are WRONG!!
  24. Piece of Crap, Joined at the Hip, bush Attack Dog...
  25. Clinton Says Bush Governs 'For the Few'
  26. What are the $$ Candidates $$ hiding ?
  27. Another American Century or Another American Civil War?
  28. Loosechange debunked
  29. was it voter fraud.....
  30. Romney believes voters will accept a Mormon
  31. Gay Marriage
  32. It's Time For Liberals To Start Supporting America!
  33. Why Dems Hate Wal-Mart?
  34. Bush 33 : Congress 29
  35. Trump for President
  36. The Romney, Kerry connection..........
  37. Stop the lies
  38. House Overwhelming Rejects Bush Plan For Unfettered Mexican Trucking In US
  39. The next American president should disengage from the Middle East
  40. Tancredo
  41. The Perfect Immigration Solution
  42. People of "color"
  43. Registered Republicans- would you vote for Ron Paul?
  44. McCain's death blow
  45. Saw a clip of Ronald Reagan last night
  46. Harry Reid Cartoons
  47. the point of debates
  48. Huckabee fights to reach top-tier status
  49. Immigrant bounty program
  50. White House 2008 rankings: The Republicans
  51. Ted Kennedy on Immigration
  52. The 27% problem
  53. The Pot calling the Kettle Black (Carter on Pres. Bush)
  54. Pelosi defends Murtha vs. GOP reprimand
  55. Could this be any more hypocritical?
  56. Senator wants pre-K for all 4-year-olds
  57. Hillary's Big Secret
  58. McCain's getting nasty
  59. Edwards charges $55,000 to speak to UC Davis students about poverty
  60. Second Life for Study Group
  61. A Gay Republican Org.
  62. US senator calls for American troops in Darfur
  63. Campaign Finance Reform Disqualifies John McCain
  64. Hillary's Theme Song
  65. Political experiment wants YOU!
  66. Dems plan Iraq bill minus timeline but with benchmarks, and raise Minimum wage.......
  67. So this is what PBS does with our taxes
  68. House Roll Call: Murtha reprimand
  69. I'm so glad I tossed my Mac 7 years ago...
  70. Fred Thompson being courted, is he conservative though?
  71. Damn George...
  72. With friends like these...
  73. Bush: If The Iraqis WereTo Say Leave, We Will Leave
  74. Hearing sought over linguists' discharge
  75. Paul says Guiliani not qualified
  76. I am moving to mexico
  77. Bush makes power grab
  78. The Second American Civil War: What It's About
  79. Would You Favor Division of America Along Red-Blue Lines?
  80. Many signs point to Fred Thompson '08 run
  81. Clinton explains 'no' vote to CNN
  82. Appeals court bars Cheney foes from West Point
  83. Senate Immigration Bill is a Sellout, Not Reform
  84. Castro Blasts Bush About Iraq War Funds
  85. Democrats hail 'sweeping' lobby reforms
  86. Lt. Governor Krolicki broke 3 state laws, audit reports
  87. Edwards critical of veteran support
  88. Edwards bashes Iraq bill & Clinton, Obama comment on Iraq 'no' votes
  89. Clinton Iraq vote: CNN's full interview
  90. Americans Oppose Recent Immigration Bill
  91. Throw the Book At Libby
  92. What? ANOTHER BILL?
  93. John Edwards is calling on people to protest the war on Memorial Day..
  94. I Remember..by Fred Thompson
  95. Mitt on 700 club
  96. With all these candidates
  97. Bush Lies, People Dies, Americans Must Dig In,,,,,Or Dig Out
  98. Jeff, Your academy mind needed...
  99. Have you read"Armed Madhouse" by Greg Palast?
  100. Debate Policy President
  101. The Liberal Nation: A Story
  102. Analysis: Change vs. experience could be key to 2008 race
  103. Democrats courting fickle superdelegates
  104. Half a Million Dollars
  105. Hillary finally admits she's a big freaking socialist
  106. Obama would tax wealthy to pay for universal health care
  107. Hillary supporter snubs Romney
  108. Liberal Hypocrisy
  109. U.S. imposes new sanctions against Sudan
  110. It's time for rightwads to stop betraying America
  111. Sources: Thompson to take big step toward White House
  112. your next president
  113. Anger over immigration plan surprises GOP senators
  114. And Now They Tax
  115. Another Reason to Hate the Immigration Bill
  116. Duncan Hunter '08
  117. Liberman talks to the troops...
  118. The Real Hillary's Raw Socialism
  119. Schneider: Can Thompson play the role of Reagan?
  120. Candidates intensify efforts to grab Latino vote
  121. Pare Amnistia Ahora! The Cero Peso Campaign
  122. Fred Thompson forms Presidential exploratory committee
  123. Romney to the Rescue
  124. Help celebrate John Edwards birthday!
  125. Religion and politics hand-in-hand in 2008 race
  126. Political Correctness run amok
  127. CNN on the Knoxville Rally Against Genocide
  128. The Patriots
  129. Democrat Debate
  130. Aide implicates White House in "caging" scam
  131. He just doesnt know when to stop does he?
  132. liberals sit on command........
  133. Republicans should support Hillary's candidacy
  134. Democrats find God
  135. Video: “Where’s the fence?”
  136. No habla english - too bad
  137. Judge Favors GOP Loyalists
  138. Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill
  139. Culture of corruption continues...for Democrats
  140. Not So Much Unfair, As Dangerous
  141. Fred Thompson is on hanity and combs tonight
  142. Obama warns of 'quiet riot' among blacks
  143. Youth "correctional" camps
  144. You Have Got to listen to this video of Harry Reid.........
  145. The Republican debate on CNN
  146. Immigration deal survives GOP threat
  147. USS Liberty veterans demand congressional investigation
  148. Foundations bankrolling advocates for aliens
  149. Amend the Constitution?
  150. Fred Thompson website...
  151. Immigration Bill Suffers Setback in Senate Vote
  152. Bill Would Change Bathroom Doors
  153. Ann Coulter Unloads Both Barrels on Open Borders/Amnesty
  154. Immigration Bill Fails Crucial Test Vote
  155. Is George W. Bush stupid, or just rigidly inflexible?
  156. Rep. Jefferson pleads not guilty to bribery charges
  157. Taxing the rich.....to give to the poor....
  158. The Bill Clinton Legacy
  159. Liberals comparing Bush to Hitler
  160. Protesting the Protestors
  161. Gingrich Warns of GOP Losses in 2008
  162. Why the Senate Immigration Bill Failed
  163. Cheney to have heart defibrillator replaced
  164. Picking pizza as a prelude to the Presidency for Democrats
  165. Bush 'in awe' as he talks to pope about Iraq
  166. Bush urges senators to try again on immigration
  167. Dean: If we don't end war, Democrats could lose power
  168. Immigration Bill Ideas
  169. short time for immigration bill
  170. Bernstein dissects Hillary Clinton
  171. Senate votes to study treatment of Germans in U.S. during World War II
  172. Death Penalty Deters Crime
  173. Social Inequality
  174. Video: Dennis Miller goes nuclear on Harry Reid
  175. Securing our Borders and Preserving American Civilization
  176. Bush: Immigration bill will work
  177. Specter to vote no confidence on Gonzales
  178. Poll: Clinton takes charge in New Hampshire
  179. Jeb Bush
  180. Email I just got on the Immigration Bill..........
  181. Court rules against home care workers
  182. Our Next President:
  183. Compassion Versus Reality
  184. Senator Sessions is the S@#$
  185. We're So Lucky To Have Those Reformers In The Majority!
  186. Bush: Immigration bill will enforce borders, workplaces
  187. Romney surges ahead in New Hampshire
  188. Don't Know Much Biology
  189. The Regime Against the Nation
  190. Dobbs: Give it a rest, Mr. President
  191. White House officials subpoenaed in U.S. attorneys probe
  192. Giuliani offers reform agenda but provides few specifics
  193. Votes at Stake: Proposal would change voting system
  194. Approval of Congress lowest in a decade
  195. Republicans Are Bad, Democrats Are Worse, Politically
  196. Secure the border first
  197. Goonions Told to Sit Down, Shut Up
  198. Romney as President will lead to death camps
  199. Fred Thompson, Gaining In Polls Without Spending A Dime...
  200. Draft Newt '08
  201. Americans ARE NOT stupid
  202. Presidential contender nicknames
  203. Fred Thompson faces scrutiny on abortion
  204. Immigration Update
  205. After Bashing Big Oil... Hillary Sells BP & Exxon Mobil Stock
  206. Lott to talk radio: Shut Up
  207. Amnesty Bill’s Worst Provisions
  208. Republicans derail Clinton's White House
  209. Video...What the Dems. said about Iraq then..
  210. type in trent lott.com, see where it takes you...
  211. Senator Kennedy's Response to me on Immigration..........
  212. An email I just got on Gay Rights.
  213. Illegal immigration: A modest proposal
  214. Kennedy says immigration reform critical to national security
  215. Fred Thompson & Thatcher -Reaganesque?
  216. If Anybody Lives In These States......
  217. Despite promises, few in House make earmark requests public
  218. In some US cities, a revived push to let immigrants vote
  219. Powerful interest groups stymie Democrats' energy bill
  220. The Senate is playing dirty tricks with the amnesty bill..
  221. Republican candidates snub Bush
  222. Fred Thompson's Remarks to Policy Exchange in London
  223. Info on Illegal immigration from the LA Times
  224. Mr. President, tear down that fence!
  225. South Carolina treasurer indicted on cocaine charges
  226. Inducted into CAUCASION Journalist's Hall of Fame
  227. Rep. Waters: Republicans Dead in Water
  228. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Switches Party -Again
  229. Obama, Edwards, Richardson criticize others on war
  230. Good News about CAIR
  231. Gas Taxes to be raised???????
  232. Bush vetoes bill aimed at promoting stem cell research
  233. Hispanic Leaders Call Latest Immigration Bill 'A Step Backward'
  234. Tancredo's Army Against Amnesty
  235. Up To Date Low Down On How Your Representatives Are Voting On Amnesty...
  236. Congressional Democrat approval down to 14%
  237. Bill Clinton steps into spotlight in wife's campaign
  238. Bush administration opposes change on immigration bill
  239. Gee, Imagine that - Journalists give more to dems
  240. Lott feeling backlash over radio salvo on immigration bill
  241. CNN Contributor Advises Democratic Presidential Candidates to Emulate Jesse Jackson
  242. Email I received on the Shamnesty bill..
  243. Senators vote to boost car fuel standards
  244. Bush says new nuclear plants needed
  245. McCain not worried about latest poll numbers.
  246. Stem cell research supporters fight back
  247. SENATOR CLAIMS: Clinton, Boxer Conspiring to Rein In Talk Radio
  248. Estimated Numerical Impact Of The Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill
  249. SHOCKING And UNBELIEVABLE Amendments To Amnesty Bill Already Passed!
  250. Commentary: Border security talk a bluff for bill's critics