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  1. Tell this anti american illegal alien enabler what you think
  2. Hillary touts bill to unite illegals' kin
  3. Dem Congres at Record Low Approval
  4. Malaki says blackwater must go
  5. Supreme Court: Campaign lies (about foes) are protected free speech
  6. conterversial question for you
  7. why cant anything in politics being honest?
  8. Contreversial opinion or idea
  9. If we leave iraq tommorrow what will happen.
  10. The Tactics of Dishonest Politics
  11. Bill Clinton: Hillary wants me to restore image of US
  12. Liberals Slam Hillary For Being - Well Hillary
  13. Jeri Thompson: Not a Lawyer
  14. Hillary wants Bill to have "diplomatic role"
  15. Just a thought ...
  16. 5 Dem Pres Candidates Skip Vote on Defense Spending
  17. the sdpd is corrupt
  18. Was 9/11 an inside job?
  19. Question
  20. KKK Byrd Pays Back Moveon.org
  21. Phony Soldiers, Phony Outrage, and Phony Patriotism
  22. The Only Way to Win the Immigration Battle
  23. Sertes
  24. Oh What A Difference 12 Years Makes
  25. Obama wants to be an instrument for God
  26. Jeri Thompson: The woman behind the man
  27. Hillary Is The Queen Of Pork
  28. Thompson continues to shoot his feet off
  29. Dems Using Tax Money To Silence Conservative Radio
  30. 12 Year Old Used in Dems Radio Address Not So Poor
  31. Rush Week
  32. Anatomy of a BIG Lie: 'Phony Soldiers'
  33. Anything To Win
  34. Who made Hillary Queen?
  35. Bar low for Thompson as debate looms
  36. Tryphorgetin --- for all you Hillary supporters!
  37. Thompson, the Southern Hillary Fighter!!!!!!
  38. GOP hits Hillary's 'baby bonds'
  39. To The Leftist On THis Board
  40. Something amusing
  41. Republican debates
  42. Craig will have to settle for being gay
  43. Hillary Continues With Plan to Socialize America
  44. Marijuana
  45. Thompson stumbles out of the blocks
  46. Jimmy "Batsh*t Crazy" Carter at it again....
  47. Justification for War in Iraq - Discuss!
  48. Hillary's Very Bad Dream Video
  49. Hillary Backs Off Baby Bond
  50. Democrats Edge Away From Troop Withdrawal
  51. How about our next debate - Illegal Immigration?
  52. Next debate - Part 2
  53. Pelosi Agrees - Censor God From Flag Certificates
  54. Hillary - "I Have A Million Ideas - The Country Can't Afford Them All"
  55. Hillary's Spend-o-meter
  56. Dems Want $1 TRILLION Dolar Tax Increase
  57. Mitt Romney confronted on medical marijuana
  58. Hillary
  59. Ron Paul.....
  60. Black leader picks Hillary over Obama
  61. The GOP's 20% problem
  62. Gire - The Anti-Bush
  63. Dialogue with Democrats Now Akin to Diplomacy with Terrorists?
  64. *Obama Pins Hillary: Flip Flopper*
  65. 'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California
  66. *Obama Gathering Momentum*
  67. *Obama Doing And Saying What The Liberal Base Want To Hear*
  68. Legal or not
  69. And yet another video why George Bush is a Douchebag...Ron Paul for Pres
  70. Democratic Party Turmoil From Within
  71. Fred Thompson disappears from campaign trail, cancels events
  72. Video: Job of U.S. soldiers is killing “mothers and sisters,” says David Crosby
  73. Any takers?
  74. I’ll trade you dead babies for votes SCHIP
  75. BANNED Pres. Bush Interview
  76. Our Sovereignty lost and a global tax
  77. Cheney and Obama are distant cousins
  78. Wolrd Courts, The U.N., and U.S. Soverignty
  79. Playing Politics With Genocide
  80. American wars
  81. Bush tries to sell war with Iran
  82. Colbert for President?
  83. Their Seven Deadly Sins
  84. Showdown On The Fairness Doctrine
  85. Gore rules out Presidential bid.....(snort)
  86. House fails to override Veto of SCHIP
  87. Brownback backs out
  88. Heads Blown Off For The President's Amusement?
  89. Another democratic idiot
  90. Phelps associating himself with Thompson
  91. GOP moves to halt money for Woodstock
  92. Ron Paul Stands up for the Constitution.
  93. An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton
  94. Harry Reid shows that he is a shameless no class SOB
  95. The Liberal Compassion Mirage
  96. Fred Phelps says Thompson supports their views
  97. Flashback....President Clinton explains Iraq strike
  98. *Harry Reid Makes CWN Angry*
  99. J Jackson: The right to use Nigger
  100. Rudy expresses his support for illegal immigration
  101. Illegals Old to drive in N.Y.
  102. I know i should be surprised, but this probably goes on everyday
  103. does anyone remember or was alive during black monday?
  104. Great news for anyone with a daughter
  105. anybody know anything about this superbug?
  106. FRC Straw poll
  107. with Democrats like these
  108. A GOP Formula For Victory In 2008
  109. Tell N.O.W. To stop worrying about being called racist, and start speaking out
  110. Something Positive for young girls and women
  111. Interesting perspective on torture
  112. Debates tonight
  113. Red Alert, Friends!
  114. Tom Harkin's Iowa Steak Fry
  115. Hillary! Uncensored - Banned By The Media
  116. Gay Groups tell Obama to cut ties with truth
  117. Are Democrats too confident in 2008 election race?
  118. How do we pay down the 9 trillion dollar debt to 0 and how long will it take
  119. What do we do about social security
  120. I believe diane feinstein deserves a thank you
  121. Protestor Attacks Condoleezza Rice On Capitol Hill
  122. Go Dino!
  123. Restore the Militia for Homeland Security
  124. What is the purpose of the US Federal Government?
  125. How do we stop the spread of std's and hiv in america
  126. important article
  127. "I had sex with Larry Craig"
  128. Ted Rall, what a guy
  129. Louisiana going Red
  131. Uncle Bob Jindal: Man of No Color
  132. What are you thoughts on affimative action?
  133. What do you consider "Patriotic" & "Unpatriotic"
  134. Why is college becoming almost un-afforadable for the average american
  135. Tell this fucker, NO Rewards for illegals!
  136. No More Economic Aid For U.s. Campuses
  137. Would you support a flag burning amendment making it illegal to burn it
  138. Do you believe in H.I.P.P.A.
  139. Hillary Uncensored
  140. *Damaging Film Comes Out About Hillary's Questionable Money Being Raised*
  141. If you had to choose between obama or hillary winning the nomination
  142. Why did americans lose the ability to comprimise?
  143. why cant we just call a spade a spade
  144. Liberty: Earned v. Inherited
  145. Message to Democrats - Where do we go from here?
  146. Fred Thompson vs. the moonshiners
  147. Who's Watching The "Watchdog"?
  148. GOP Should Learn from Louisiana Election
  149. Patriotism?
  150. Who is the enemy?
  151. Edwards plans big for presidency
  152. The new Witch Hunters?
  153. If Bush resigned
  154. House Democrats Propose Tax Overhaul
  155. Moving In The Right Direction
  156. Hitlery leads the polls!!
  157. Edwards: COLLEGE FOR EVERYONE!!!
  158. Anti-Clinton video draws Web audience
  159. Democrats' Million-Idea March
  160. Do a majority of Americans demand strict immigration policy?
  161. The latest moonbat fashion must-have
  162. Commander in Chief Hillary?
  163. Media Coverage is LOST
  164. The age old question and the answer
  165. Who is the fiscal party
  167. Ralph Nader Sues Democratic Party
  168. Law of the Sea (LOST)
  169. Ron Paul On Jay Leno Last Night
  170. Clinton Gets No Love in Democrats Debate
  171. Wanna know who gets what from whom?
  172. *Hillary Takes It On The Chin Last Night: Bash-fest Worked!*
  173. Missing headlines: leftwing voter fraud guilty plea
  174. If Congress Truly Wants to Help Children
  175. Republican Party in sad disarray
  176. UN to Tax United States
  177. Media Matters Hack: Tim Russert must be stopped!
  178. Obama takes questions from 5-year-old
  179. Stop L.O.S.T. - Law of the Sea Treaty
  180. Hillary Indecisive? Please
  181. 'This Will Make voter fraud EASIER...
  182. Biden's History Lesson to Fourth-Graders
  183. We do not live in a democracy
  184. Rangel's tax plan heartens GOP
  185. Dennis Kucinich To Bring Impeachment To House Floor
  186. racist mexicans
  187. I smell bullshit
  188. Evangelicals unhappy with GOP choices
  189. Tancredo giving up seat in Congress
  190. *Parts Of Mexico Under Water: Did They Ask For USA Help?*
  191. Update Email From Team Tancredo
  192. Yeah, this guy sure loves free speech
  193. WEB EXTRA / Kerry says he’ll be ready next time
  194. A History of Liberal Disasters
  195. Never thought I'd say this
  196. Mukasey Won’t Say Waterboarding Is Torture But in 1947 the U.S. Called It a War Crime
  197. DebatePolicy Presidential Poll - REPUBLICAN
  198. DebatePolicy Presidential Poll - DEMOCRAT
  199. Fuck Cindy Sheehan
  200. Fred Thompson begging for applause
  201. Kucinich's Resolution to Impeach Cheney Stalls Other Business in House
  202. Republican second choices
  203. Debate Policy Presidential Poll - MEMBERS
  204. *Ron Paul: Says We Support Dictator In Pakistan, USA Policy Flawed He's Crazy*
  205. china
  206. some claim that President Bush shouldn't have started this war
  207. Democrats and Waterboarding
  208. Illiberal Statism
  209. So far GOOD news in Washington State's Election
  210. Iowa Debate To Exclude Lower Tier
  211. Immigration 2008: A Presidential Watershed
  212. Halting Hillary brings together '08 Dems
  213. Libs Vote Down Tax Increase for Kids Health Care
  214. Hillary Stiffs Another Waitress
  215. Paul supporters using stolen money
  216. Video: Hillary: When I’m ‘President Again’
  217. New Hampshire: Romney 32% Giuliani 17%
  218. Cheery Conservative Huckabee Shakes Up Republican Race
  219. House Dems Oppose Licenses for Illegals
  220. Rudy On A Roll
  221. A Failure to Lead
  222. John Kerry: I'm Now Prepared to Fight Off Swift Boat Veterans
  223. Global warming: The greatest scam in history
  224. House Passes AMT Bill - But Jacks Up Other Taxes
  225. Hillary's Campaign Planted Question at Forum
  226. *Hillary Begs For Some Soft Balls: Creates Her Own, Campaign Collapsing Now*
  227. *Old Man Calls For Mommy To Attack Othe Candidate*
  228. *cwn Calls For Mccain To Drop Out Now!*
  229. 50% Of Men Will Not Vote For Hillary
  230. Missouri Republican Assembly Endorses Duncan Hunter for President
  231. Hillary - Don't Believe I'm A Flip Flopper
  232. Petition From Duncan Hunter To Get The Border Fence Built That Congrees Passed.......
  233. Uncle Jay Explains The News
  234. Impeachment: The stage production
  235. Obama making less than a quarter of Senate votes
  236. Dems Plan to Load Vets Bill With Pork - Fails
  237. Dem Promises Carry Huge Price Tag and Higher Taxes
  238. Michelle Obama: Inferiority Complex Prevents Blacks From Supporting Obama
  239. Mitt: Adam and Eve looked slutty
  240. More rats jump off sinking GOP ship
  241. David Horowitz is loosing his mind...Oh wait! He already did!
  242. Edwards daughter hits campaign trail for father
  243. Kerry Spokesman Sets Limbaugh Straight on Swiftboat Smears
  244. Fight C.A.I.R. & the A.C.L.U
  245. Help the alliance defense fund defend christmas
  246. Agree with him or not John Kerry has balls
  247. Barbara Bova: If Hillary wins get ready for some interesting changes
  248. *The Flag Falls On Hillary: So Has Her Campaign*
  249. Romney and Huckabee now seen as most conservative
  250. Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans'