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  1. Official text of the U.S. Constitution
  2. Requested forum
  3. The First Amendment
  4. The Second Amendment
  5. Uh Oh
  6. The Fourth Amendment
  7. The Third Amendment
  8. The Sixth Amendment
  9. Civil Rights Act of 1964
  10. The Seventh Amendment
  11. The Eight Amendment
  12. The Ninth Amendment
  13. I have no idea WTF the Constitution is good for.
  14. The Tenth Amendment
  15. HC Law
  16. Did Anyone Else See Scalia On Fox News Sunday?
  17. Proper role of government..
  18. Sharia law: A threat to our Constitution, yes or no?
  19. Do States Have A Right of Succession?
  20. States need to start their own volunteer militia's!!
  21. Free Speech and Citizens United
  22. Is Obama guilty of Treason??
  23. Nineteenth Amendment
  24. Ultimate power
  25. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
  26. New 2nd Amendment Proposition By Conhog
  27. Poll results on second amendment
  28. Who is up for a little extra-judicial capital punishment?
  29. Change from how I knew it till now
  30. How my second amendment protects the rest of the bill of rights
  31. Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’
  32. Here is why.....
  33. NYPD Commissioner admitted that cops target minorites in stop & frisk
  34. Police told to choose: Gun control or Constitution!!!!
  35. Which ones havent Obama attacked and shown utter contempt for?
  36. Scalia: Trying to protect the Fourth
  37. Justice Scalia criticizes 'moralist' judges
  38. A U.S. Constitution for Our Dystopian Present
  39. Congress obama stole your damn purse and flips you the bird too!
  40. Obama usurps the Constitution and spits on Congress.
  41. The 2nd amendment has no room for grey area
  42. About impeachment.
  43. Smith v. Maryland: twisted to give gov't cover from the 4th
  44. Ed Corsi's Life of Political Crime
  45. Gun rights video's....
  46. 2nd Amendment... gun facts...
  47. An old but good one WRT 2nd amendment....
  48. National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy
  49. CA anti-gun lawmakers still at it...
  50. Petition or removed the EO ...
  51. High School AP history book ....
  52. Ladies accosted by police for open carry in an open carry state...
  53. Kerry to sign UN arms treaty...
  54. Your rights are disappearing.
  55. Letter to obama on Constitutional rights
  56. Americans Have Lost VIRTUALLY ALL of Our Constitutional Rights
  57. Watch how our Constitutional rights are voided by these ffing people.
  58. Obama Uses Mideast Chaos To Attack Our Constitutional Rights
  59. Umbrella Men: Neville Chamberlain and Barack Obama . Historical warning ..
  60. Which amendments do you really fight for...
  61. Do we have a right to defend against BAD police?
  62. Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Search and Seizure
  63. Constitution Check: What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns?
  64. Ninth Amendment -A safety net that insures our Non- Enumerated rights ...
  65. Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps
  66. Wyoming firing squad? No, says state senate.
  67. Do not assimilate is not the American way!
  68. A look at Friday’s three gun cases in front of the Supreme Court
  69. What're We Fightin' For?
  70. A Republic if you can keep it.
  71. Traitor that maequerades as a "messiah" Saviour...
  72. The Nevada cattle standoff and the First Amendment
  73. University stops students from handing out Constitution
  74. A college finally does something right.
  75. Why I am PROUD to be an American...
  76. NYPD Sends Out Official Memo Telling Officers They’re Allowed to Be Photographed
  77. Experts: Obama walks fine line on strikes
  78. Scalia defends keeping God, religion in public square
  79. Why Our Constitution Has Endured
  80. Why is the Obama Administration so contemptuous of the Constitution
  81. Crumbling Constitution
  82. College students claim they were threatened after handing out Constitutions
  83. Shredding the Constitution: Obama’s attack on the media
  84. Right Granted By Whom?
  85. Court: Police CAN Force Users to Unlock iPhones With Fingerprints
  86. Will the Right's Fake History Prevail?
  87. unlimited access to communications of every American
  88. James Madison, Federalist Paper #62, 1788
  89. NSA has hidden spyware on most Harddrives...
  90. Shop at Kroger....it is safer.
  91. N..S.A. Phone Data Collection Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules
  92. Drug Patrol Disguised As Immigration Agents to break the 4th
  93. Cops upset over picnic where folks share food freely
  94. Police State
  95. Has the Fourth Amendment become meaningless?
  96. George Will Gets It Wrong
  97. An unprecedented House lawsuit against President Obama
  98. Justice Scalia warns that the US Supreme Court is causing the 'destruction of our dem
  99. Obama Readies Biggest Reach of Presidential Power Yet
  100. Why do you need a gun?
  101. Implied Consent
  102. Why did they have a BOSTON TEA PARTY?
  103. Judge upholds Seattle's 'gun violence' tax
  104. The Supreme Court has often dealt a big blow to presidents in their second term.
  105. The Right to Assemble, or Not
  106. Constitutional Originalism
  107. What the Constitution has to say about the Supreme Court vacancy
  108. how old is the constitution??
  109. National sheriffs’ group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defian
  110. Could Texas secede from the United States, if it wanted to?
  111. Harvard Law Professor Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazis
  112. Should we abolish the 1st admendment?
  113. old news: TSA "constitutionally" searching cars
  114. Trump isn't kidding about Hillary, and the 2nd amendment. Her followers say so..
  115. Patriotism
  116. 12TH Amendment, Presidential Elections
  117. For WE THE PEOPLE....January 20, 2017 Finally Arrives
  118. Justice Ginsburg laments partisanship in speech at Stanford
  119. Why President Trump Won’t Be Indicted For Obstruction of Justice
  120. Happy independence day to all!
  121. Trey Gowdy says FOUR words that apply to the entire Constitution
  122. Sheriff Joe Surprised to Learn He Confessed to Crime
  123. NY Top Court Says ‘Private’ Facebook Photos Can Be Disclosed
  124. Best Video EVER Of Man Speaking Against The Nazi HOGGS Of GUN CONTROL...
  125. Rough Week For The Dear Leader's Shill On The High Court
  126. One of the most Honest speech's I've heard in years. Senator Sasse
  127. Even if the DEMS get back their Majority in the House of Representatives..
  128. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at 86, dreams of serving many mo
  129. Supreme Court Weighs Second Amendment Showdown After Mass Shootings
  130. 'The People's Justice:' After decade on Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor is most outspo
  131. Federal judge rules that immigration law is unconstitutional
  132. Senate GOP writes letter to the Supreme Court, pledging not to allow Dems to 'pack th
  133. ‘The Supreme Court Is Not Well. And the People Know It.’
  134. Tucker Carlson: Gun Buybacks Would Lead to ‘Civil War’
  135. Liberal Supreme Court justices vote in lockstep, not the conservative justices
  136. NYC anti-discrimination measur levies fines up to $250,000 for saying 'illegal alien
  137. Judge Jeanine: The only constitutional crisis right now is the lawless attempt to imp
  138. Americans Should Remember the Ninth Amendment
  139. Federalist Papers #65 On Impeachment...Good reading.
  140. The Espionage Act of 1917-1918
  141. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hits back at Trump's calls to stop impeachment: 'The pres
  142. Ken Starr says the impeachment of President Trump is a 'nasty lesson' in how not to >
  143. Freedom of Speech vs Law/Rules
  144. Dallas Police Say They Will No Longer Respond To Calls about Theft
  145. The Dems in Congress should read the Constitution. I Didn't make this Up.
  146. US Supreme Court Unanimous in Anti-Harboring Case
  147. Wisconsin Supreme Court: Stay-At-Home Order Unconstitutional
  148. Obamacare/Affordable Care Act
  149. The Insurrection Act...Information.
  150. How the Supreme Court Could Paralyze Biden’s Administration With One Decision
  151. Ammo Co. Tells Libs to Pound Sand
  152. Biden's First Judicial Nominees a Sign of What's to Come | Opinion
  153. The Dems have useful idiot puppet chipping away at the 2nd
  154. Supreme Court takes up major Second Amendment case
  155. New permit-less open and conceal carry law in Tennessee, July 1st.
  156. I now have a new-found respect for Justice Breyer
  157. The Supreme Court just handed down disastrous news for unions
  158. Media singing a different tune now that it's a Democrat abusing presidential powers
  159. We should all worry about what YouTube did to Rand Paul
  160. Constitutional powers Presidential Drug Mandates question
  161. Vaccine passport platform is identical to china’s social credit system
  162. California's COVID gun store shutdowns ruled illegal
  163. Supreme Court's Sotomayor calls Texas abortion case a 'disaster' in blistering dissen
  164. How January 6 Is Being Used to Crush Dissent...
  165. Question for the Legal (or just Wannabe) Types RE: Presidential Power
  166. Speaking of Dumbass Leftwingtools and AR-15s
  167. Democrats introduce constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United campaign fina
  168. ‘Open season’: Washington couple push for Supreme Court unrealized gains ruling
  169. Can You Say 'No' When Asked to Tell the Truth in Court?
  170. Freedom of Speech - Disobey
  171. Supreme Court to consider ‘quadrillion-dollar question’ in major tax case