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  85. My dog was thirsty. But she's dumb.
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  138. Special Tribute to mothers, greatest of love they joyously share with their children
  139. poetry.
  140. "Poetry sleuth" tracks down plagiarists
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  148. Quotes... Derived from long talks given me when a child, by my father- H.D. Lindley
  149. Reflection Essay on Bertrand Russell's "A Free Man's Worship"
  150. PutinDidIt
  151. A Dark One Written, Because This Night Sleep Is Elusive And My Mind Decides To Ramble
  152. My poem "Courage of Youth, Battle of Ypres, Flanders Field" was selected by the OCR
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  154. Every Story in the World Has One of These Six Basic Plots
  155. Pleased to post this fine poem that was written by a member's heartbroken daughter
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  158. In process..
  159. My quotes written over the years about , - What Poetry Is.....
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  161. Tyr,
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  163. First poem with a new collaboration guy, one that is already a top free verse poet
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  168. Words on the need for and the benefits of Dark poetry. Blog Posted:5/1/2019 11:33:00
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  174. Flag Day Poem, Dedicated To Those That Have So Honorably Served, The One And The All.
  175. Thoreau: Epitaph On the World
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  179. Treasures That May Be Found In Destiny's New Shift
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  181. Thread on my finishing my long Achilles series after thirteen months working on it.
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  183. New Story, The Tale Of The Lying Braggart From Braggadoccius, West Texas
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