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  1. Special Bulletin from the Pentagon
  2. Glenn beck tonight
  3. Name a teddy bear "Muhammed" - off with your head.
  4. "Message to the Peoples of Europe” new film by Sheikh Osama Bin Laden
  5. Savaging The Savages: Many See Islam Clearly*
  6. 'axis Of Idiots'
  7. Check it out SAUDIboy!
  8. National Intelligence Estimate: Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003
  9. Anti-war exhibit wins British art prize
  10. Israel No Nuclear Threat To Neighbors, Says Gates
  11. US Troops Are Winning in Iraq - When Will Dems Admit It?
  12. British Doubt Iran Report
  13. A Gitmo trial beats judgment at Nuremberg
  14. Goose Creek
  15. Hard Corps - A great story
  16. Turkey Hits PKK From Air and With Artillery
  17. Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise
  18. Our Friends, The Pakastanis
  19. One World Government
  20. Interrogation: Anti-Bush Overreaction
  21. 250 Iraqi Detainees Claim Torture By US Forces
  22. Dems Cut and Run From Surrender Date Again
  23. Is the Mission Complete?
  24. Come to America and experience our " enhanced techniques ".
  25. Holy Night
  26. I dont ever wanna hear another word, about how america is not a moral nation
  27. *Egyptian Muslim Imam Caught Making Bomb In The Philippines: Claims Its A Mistake*
  28. Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Bhutto's Death
  29. Interesting shift for al Qaeda in Pakistan
  30. Learning the Lessons of the Past, Again
  31. Long Picture
  32. What's Happening
  33. Lessons From the Surge
  34. 2007 Deadliest for US Troops in Iraq
  35. PRIVATE POLL: Question; Do You Think We Should Get Out Of Iraq, Or Stay There?
  36. Lets not forget about the wounded
  37. Why the Bush Administration is losing the "war on terror"
  38. NY Times Accuses Troops of War Crimes
  39. Vionlence, Killing, Bloodshed, Non-stop, With No End In Sight...
  40. Iran's Provocation
  41. Major Joint US-Iraqi Operation Begins
  42. Bribes' free top Taleban leader
  43. President Bush calls Iran 'threat to world peace'
  44. One Year Later...
  45. Bush: Iran threatens world security
  46. Anti-war Soros funded Iraq study
  47. Bush sets arms sale to terrorist nation
  48. You might be a radical Muslim if:
  49. Bin Laden's braided peacenik son on a mission
  50. Clashes Kill Nearly 50 in Southern Iraq
  51. Bin Laden's son to father: Change your ways(Video)
  52. Do you support torture?
  53. Do you support child molestation?
  54. Saddam Interrogator says "Saddam Faked WMD's"
  55. Stupid Suicide bomber falls down stairs
  56. US Shift Seen to Pakistan, Afghanistan
  57. Conterversial Opinion
  58. Ready to quit Afghanistan, Canada PM tells Bush
  59. Osama Bin Laden dead????
  60. Poll is Osama Bin Laden dead or alive??
  61. we face a war on terrorism at home every day
  62. Support these patriots, by simply making a phone call
  63. Al-Qaeda leaders admit: 'We are in crisis. There is panic and fear'
  64. *Get Gitmo Radicals Dead Pres. Bush: Don't Leave Office Without It*
  65. Bill Clinton Pardoned Terrorists? Yes He Did...
  66. the dem controled senate approves spying on the american people...
  67. On Iraq: The Political Front
  68. Our Friends, The Saudis
  69. What About Those 'Benchmarks'?
  70. Purported Al Qaeda Video Shows Prisoners Burned Alive
  71. On Extremists Sunnis In Iraq
  72. Old Front & Enemy Made New
  73. Pre-war statements made by democrats regarding Iraq.
  74. Damn Those Warmongering Euros
  75. Have You Forgotten?
  76. status of the war
  77. Prince Harry and the Media
  78. *Peace Process? What Peace Process? You're Nothing But Terrorists!*
  79. *Chavez Getting Ready For Ass Beating: Time Is Right*
  80. Evidence suggests Chavez gave FARC $300M
  81. Very Graphic video~ Islamic Terror -Live Beheading
  82. *Arabs In Gaza, You Might Want To Vacate The Area For Awhile*
  83. *This Day And Age: Still Fuzzy Surveillance Cameras*
  84. Hamas hails 'heroic' Jerusalem attack
  85. How do you negotiate
  86. Support the Troops by Untying Their Hands
  87. Which Intelligence Agency is the best?
  88. AP: Water makes US troops in Iraq sick
  89. Terror Plots Targeting Beijing Olympics, Jetliner Foiled in China
  90. Yahoo Reports On Nothing
  91. its a fucking puppy, whats wrong with this country?
  92. Pentagon report on AQ ties to Sadam
  93. Group of Iraqis Asks UN to Take Over
  94. Afghan war trend worse than Iraq: U.S. trainer
  95. 'Islamophobia' a threat to world security, say Muslim states
  96. Severed fingers of 5 hostages delivered to U.S. officials in Iraq
  97. League of Arab States, Revised Arab Charter on Human Rights,
  98. Iraq War Fades Out As TV Story
  99. We will stand
  100. "mainstream media" distorts Iraq casualties
  101. Bush remains clueless on Iraq
  102. Osama bin Laden to release new message
  103. An Anniversary...
  104. AP Orgasmic!
  105. Critical cease-fire in Iraq unravels as U.S. death toll mounts
  106. Sadr In For A Bit of 'Negotiating'
  107. Here We Go Again... The Start Of McCains "100 More Years"...
  108. Bush: Progress in Iraq Is Real
  109. Iraqi Prime Minister Says No Retreat
  110. Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English)
  111. So, WTF Is Going On In Iraq?
  112. 'Standing up' Iraq army looks open-ended
  113. Video-Child Stabs President Bush to Death on Hamas TV Puppet Show
  114. Truce calms Iraq but weakens PM
  115. Senior Taliban Commander Captured
  116. Why Continue War in Afghanistan?
  117. Wow! I Think This May Prove MM and Myself Correct
  118. Vets for Freedom Hope to Impact Media and Political Class
  119. Democrats want oil surplus to be spent in Iraq reconstruction
  120. And There You Have It, From General Petraues Himself...
  121. Gates: Iran boosts support for militias
  122. Michael Yon KNOWS Iraq-Are We Winning?
  123. 1,300 Iraqi Troops, Police Dismissed
  124. Bombings Kill Nearly 60 In Sunni Areas Of Iraq
  125. Mohamed/Obamed? That Is The Question*
  126. Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'
  127. Questions no one can answer about Iraq
  128. And it just keeps getting deeper...
  129. A Million Iraqi Dead?
  130. White House Cautions Against Restricting Aid To Iraq
  131. Shia Death Squads Target Iraqi Gays
  132. Another Anniversary...
  133. The half-won, half-lost war
  134. AQI and mahdi army teaming up?
  135. if you follow liberal logic
  136. Report: U.S. May Send 7,000 More Service Members to Afghanistan
  137. No Worry Christians. The Jews Provide Armageddon.
  138. statue of our fallen......
  139. Iran?
  140. U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes
  141. War funding
  142. Politically Correct Terror Terminology
  143. Web Site Sympathetic to Terrorists Blasts FOX News for Profile
  144. Iraq party: Punish U.S. soldier who shot at Quran
  145. War on Iran soon?
  146. Democrats and Our Enemies
  147. NY Times Admits Progress In Iraq
  148. Boy, 12, Beheads Man
  149. Al Qaeda in Iraq Is at Its Weakest
  150. 1 NATO soldier killed in Quran protest
  151. Two Tales of an Ambush
  152. US ambassador: Al-Qaida close to defeat in Iraq
  153. Congress vs. Iraqi success
  154. When Cries of Islamaphobia Become Too Much
  155. 'Miracle' Marine refused to surrender will to live
  156. US Defends Imprisonment Of Children In Iraq
  157. FBI Warns: New al-Qaida WMD Threat
  158. McCain: Obama Will Not Meet With Gen Petraeus
  159. Hezbollah a bigger threat????
  160. Terrorists Are On The Run
  161. Al-Qaeda's terrifying vision of a devastated America in the wake of a nuclear attack
  162. Iraq, One Picture at a Time
  163. WaPo: Where Is the Good Iraq News?
  164. WOULD Obama or Hillary get us out of Iraq?
  165. Even Andrew Sullivan Is Cautioning Obama
  166. 9-11 mastermind wants death penalty
  167. Iran to sue infidels
  168. "Infidel most wanted" card deck
  169. Israel warns Iran: enough
  170. Al Qaeda's PR Man in America
  171. For those who think we must talk with terrorists and understand them.....
  172. Things Improving In Afghanistan? Finally?
  173. why are we wasting time, money, and lives
  174. A sensible argument
  175. the children of Jihad
  176. US Soldier Refuses To Report For Duty In Iraq
  177. McCain: It Can Be Tough To Be Proud Of The USA
  178. Where is Murtha's Apology?
  179. Dems Cave On War Funding - Again
  180. Israel tunes up for attack???
  181. Ahmadinejad: US tried to kill me
  182. battle of the poppy fields
  183. Latest Evidence of Saddam Al Queda Connection
  184. Mideast Could Burn If Iran Attacked
  185. Israel vs. Iran -- what are the options?
  186. Europe fears Obama on Iran
  187. Voters say McCain better suited to handle Iraq than Obama
  188. terrorists after Saudi oil wells
  189. Gitmo hits the road
  190. Scientists find 'law of war' that predicts attacks
  191. I am John Doe
  192. U.S. cause of Middle East problems
  193. How To Skew The WOT
  194. death penalty sought for USS Cole mastermind
  195. The Hunt for bin Laden - stalled
  196. Obama 1st priority: END THE WAR ON IRAQ
  197. Iran slams 'pvt ryan'
  198. Saudi's: ok to have sex with children
  199. Afghan civilians killed in U.S. air strike
  200. WHY was the US able to remove uranium from Iraq?
  201. Iraq raises idea of timetable for US withdrawal
  202. War With Iran?
  203. Optimism grows in Iraq as daily life improves
  204. Iran missile launch photo a hoax
  205. Bodies of 2 missing US soldiers are found in Iraq
  206. Obama's Iraq Plan: Mission Impossible?
  207. Iran may allow US office in Tehran
  208. Some things to look for in the future
  209. Iraq Invaded To Help Secure Israel
  210. Testimony of 9-11 Suspects May Damage National Security
  211. Chris Matthews Pissed Surge Is Working
  212. gwb To Negotiate With Known Islamic Extremists!!!!
  213. U.S. troops Abandon Afghan Base Where 9 troops Died
  214. Father hopes son's death helps change Afghan policy
  215. Obama meets the General
  216. Why Condi Rice Is Not My Favorite
  217. COIN For Diplomats
  218. One Soldier's Opinion On Barack's Visit
  219. US Soldier Lost His Personal War With Terrorists
  220. Despite Success Obama Would Still Oppose Surge
  221. Is Now the Time to Begin Withdrawal from Iraq?
  222. Antiwar activists split over Obama's troop plans
  223. Obama Wants to Shrink One War, But Expand Two Others
  224. A Very Lucky British Marine Gets George Cross
  225. Analysis: US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost
  226. Defining Victory In Iraq
  227. Iraqis purge of of Al-Qaeda
  228. Al-Qaeda chemical expert 'killed'
  229. Obama Quietly Visits Wounded War Vets
  230. Obama's Secret Rescue Mission
  231. Afghanistan more deadly for U.S. troops than Iraq so far in July
  232. NYT Complaint: Not Enough Photos Of Mutilated American Soldiers
  233. No Difference or Little
  234. A Look Back: What Democrats Were Saying About The Surge
  235. Pacifism: The Last Refuge of Hypocrites
  236. Shock: Pakistan Needs Work
  237. War on terror doesn't work!
  238. Got One Big One
  239. Therapist: Anthrax Suspect Tried To Poison People
  240. No Deal On Election Bill, Bomb Kills 12 In Baghdad
  241. Defense jContractor KBR Bans Personal Cell Phones
  242. UN report on iraq, 2 weeks before invasion.
  243. Reconciliation at Iraq's Ground Zero
  244. Bin Laden's former driver guilty in terror trial
  245. Battle For Basra: UK Made A 'Deal' With Sadr
  246. Very Mixed News With Al Sadr
  247. Car Bomb Kills 21 In Iraq Market
  248. Evidence Exists: Iran supporting AQ in Iraq
  249. Pakistani Taliban Repel Government Offensive
  250. Mata Hari of Al Qaeda