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  1. Al Qaeda on the Ropes
  2. Justice Dept. Moves Toward Charges Against Contractors (Blackwater) in Iraq Shooting
  3. U.S., Iraq Reach 'Time Horizons' for Troop Withdrawal
  4. You ain't gonna like losing
  5. The Statue
  6. Proof that Evil is alive and well in this world
  7. what happened to the war in iraq....
  8. An interview with an *almost* suicide female bomber in Iraq
  9. Support For Iraq War Increases - Liberal Media Ignores It
  10. Transfer of Security to Iraqi Forces in Anbar Province
  11. Wounded Soldier Forced to Sleep in Car After Hotel Denies Him a Room
  12. Woodward: Military Brass Opposed Surge
  13. No consensus on who was behind Sept 11-global poll
  14. No victory in Iraq, says Petraeus
  15. Obama Tried To Stall Gis' Iraq Withdrawal
  16. Say it Loud, Say it Often, "Republicans are Bad on National Security"
  17. Pakistan troops ordered to open fire on US raiders
  18. French Deaths In Afghanistan
  19. US Unable To Spare Afghan Troops
  20. Judge Grants U.S. Deserter's Last-Ditch Effort To Stave Off Deportation
  21. Watch some Terrorists blow themselves up! LOL!
  22. A Stick In The Spoke Of Iranian Mullahs
  23. Contractor Says Immune From Iraq Torture Lawsuits
  24. Al Qaeda’s twenty-year plan - Know our enemy
  25. Reports Link Karzai’s Brother To Afghanistan Heroin Trade
  26. America: last man standing
  27. Bush Dodges Decision On Guantánamo
  28. N.Y. Times Iraq War Coverage Drops to All-Time Low
  29. Iraq's Prime Minister Won't Sign U.S. Troop Deal
  30. Breaking? US Hits Syrian Border
  31. U.S. Threatens To Halt Services To Iraq
  32. Tehran Arming 'Liberation Armies'
  33. US strikes in Pakistan
  34. US Attack Plotter Dead
  35. Saddam Hussein’s body was stabbed in the back, says guard
  36. Iraq wants U.S. withdrawal timetable
  37. Obama's test
  38. another commie sub disaster
  39. Secret order lets U.S. raid Al Qaeda around the world
  40. Iran Tests New Long-Range Missile
  41. Berkeley College:Arabs Attack Jewish Students
  42. Finally...
  43. NY Times reports Obama advisers uncertain about closing Gitmo
  44. National Security The Liberal Way
  45. dear Osama: we now have the bomb
  46. Israel poised for attack on Iran
  47. Post-9/11 Lull Students Study Abroad En Masse
  48. Chavez Welcomes Russian Warships
  49. Obama and Osama - Passion Verses Patience
  50. Obama Must Tread Warily in Afghanistan
  51. attack on US likely before 2013
  52. India Uses Truth Serum On Captured Terrorist
  53. Egyptian Cleric to Obama: Convert to Islam
  54. Would Obama have given up after Pearl Harbor?
  55. Pakistan's Fingerprints To India Bombing
  56. Halliburton Accused Of Supplying Rotten Food To U.S. Forces
  57. Rumsfeld Responsible for Torture, Report Says
  58. blast from the past...Clinton: Iraq Has Abused Its Final Chance
  59. Court Sides With ACLU, Strikes Down Patriot Act Gag Provision
  60. 'Taliban American' asks Bush to commute prison sentence
  61. European Countries May Take Detainees
  62. no merry christmas for the jews
  63. Rockefeller Vows Fight On Gulf War Syndrome
  64. As U.S. Succeeds In Iraq, Network TV Pulls the Plug
  65. McKinney boat fired on by IDF
  66. The World's Deadliest Conventional Weapons
  67. War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment
  68. Liberal Blogosphere Duped By 3-Year-Old 'Gaza Bombing Video'
  69. Those Brave Islamist Fighters In India
  70. 'Pin-Ups for Vets' Calendar
  71. "JOE" the War Correspondent
  72. Hillary Vows to Use "Smart Power"
  73. What Will Obama's Excuse Be?
  74. This is Torture?
  75. Obama: No Longer Important To Kill OBL
  76. closing gitmo....
  77. Iglesias To Prosecute Terror Cases
  78. Venezuela To Ask New US Gov't To Hand Over Posada
  79. War on terror
  80. Dispute Over Deadly US Afghan Raid
  81. Geraldo Vs. Glenn Beck on Gitmo
  82. Gitmo Problem Solved!!!
  83. Freed Gitmo Detainee Kills 12
  84. Sure, let's hurry up and free those in Gitmo!
  85. Holder: No Prosecution For "Torture"
  86. Iraq elections: Polls close as security clampdown keeps violence at bay
  87. The Stain...
  88. Obama Admits Closing Gitmo Could Endanger Americans
  89. Tough love: U.S. Soldier chews out Iraqi police
  90. Obama Knows More Then General David Petraeus
  91. President Obama Puts Brake On Afghan Surge
  92. Yemen To Free Al-Qaeda Suspects
  93. Falluja’s Strange Visitor: A Western Tourist
  94. 20 Dead as Taliban Attackers Storm Kabul Offices.
  95. Good For Obama
  96. The supergun that kills from a mile - against the Taliban
  97. Dems Fought The Surge - And The Surge Won
  98. 'Tough year' ahead in Afghanistan: US general
  99. Geography professor claims to have found Osama bin Laden
  100. Google Earth reveals secret history of US base in Pakistan
  101. WaPo on Gitmo Detainee Who Returned to Jihad: Was It Gitmo’s Fault?
  102. Officials: Most troops out of Iraq in 18 months
  103. Holder - Gitmo Is Well Run But We Will Close It Anyway
  104. This day in Terrorism History...
  105. Video: Taliban Threaten to Behead Pro-Taliban Canadian "Journalist"
  106. Robots Take Center Stage in U.S. War in Afghanistan
  107. The End of the Global War on Terror
  108. 130 Taliban killed in Marine raid
  109. Obama: Taliban and al-Qaida must be stopped
  110. Terrorist Cells - TRAINING CAMPS in AMERICA - actual video
  111. American jihadist calls for holy war in new video...
  112. Obama's Thinking, So Very Reminds Me of Wilson
  113. Obama Administration quietly expands Bush's legal defense of wiretapping program
  114. No Charges Against CIA Officials for Waterboarding
  115. Obama releases top secret CIA interrogation techniques
  116. Napolitano - 9/11 Terrorists Came From Canada
  117. U.S. To Release Photos Showing Alleged Abuses By American Personnel
  118. U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts
  119. Why Are Liberals No Longer Talking About Iraq?
  120. The Casualty Con - Bam Falling For Taliban Tricks
  121. The scum also rises...When will it stop?
  122. N.Y. Police: Terror Suspects Wanted to Commit Jihad
  123. Army chief says US ready to be in Iraq 10 years
  124. Some Guantánamo detainees to get laptops
  125. Poll: Most oppose closing Gitmo
  126. Lieberman, Graham Vow to Shut Down Senate if Interrogation Photos Released
  127. Miranda Rights for Terrorists
  128. free circumcisions for terrorists
  129. What's going on in iran
  130. Released Gitmo prisoner now leads Taliban forces against U.S. troops
  131. Another Dem Witch Hunt - CIA Had Secret Al Qaeda Plan
  132. Retrieve our soldier
  133. How it is
  134. How I feel about The War On terror.
  135. *Saudi: Nothing To Lose Your Head Over, Oh Really?*
  136. Patriotic Rock Art
  137. Cheney, Republicans Blast Interrogation Probe
  138. Time for Utter Outrage
  139. Did This Open The Newscasts This Evening?
  140. Revamp of Afghan military strategy
  141. *I'm Against Everything Muslim*
  142. *More muslim Plots*
  143. Great job to the Commandos and Obama
  144. *This Man Following The Horan*
  145. *muslim From Colorado Drives A Shuttle Bus*
  146. Fallen Soldier Thought Afghan Mission 'Useless': Family
  147. 7 former CIA Directors say Eric Holder Is Wrong
  148. Al Qaeda Releases New Video Predicting Obama's Fall
  149. What nice Muslims we have
  150. *Eww Darn It! muslim Gets Busted in Dallas!*
  151. Be careful around maintenance workers!
  152. Bin Laden Threatens European Allies
  153. The Body Bomb
  154. French President Tells Obama “We Live In The Real World”
  155. Shocking? Not.
  156. *Arabs Want To Take USA Down*
  157. Troop Morale Falling In Afghanistan
  158. *Irans Midget Feeling Lucky*
  159. *Police Looking For Trouble: They Know Its Out There*
  160. Obama Quietly Authorizes 13,000 More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan
  161. If Biden's Plan Prevails
  162. Kerry - McChrystal's Rewgust Goes Too Far and Too Fast
  163. *Following The Whoran muslim Style*
  164. Just a thought about all this
  165. *Everyday Pirates or Muslim Pirates?*
  166. *WTF Italy Taking Down The Cross?*
  167. *Hilary Speaks Muslim:Free Money*
  168. *Americas Better Days Are Behind Us*
  169. *We The People: Chose God, What's Happened?*
  170. Why isn't the Pentagon using this technology to protect our soldiers?
  171. *More*
  172. *Shooters Ocult Teacher Knew: Did Nothing*
  173. Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists
  174. *General Says: The Rest Of Our 3k Muslims Are Good*
  175. Sudden Jihad or "Inordinate Stress" at Ft. Hood?
  176. *Irans: Ocult Locations Being Taken Over*
  177. Bow Wowzer: Says Slow Down Hasan Case*
  178. *Coming To A Nation Near You*
  179. I need an answer from an informed liberal?
  180. *Fools Can't See*
  181. *Bag-O-Crap Hasan Should Of Been Stopped!*
  182. Lawyer: 9/11 defendants want platform for views
  183. *CWN Reports: Muslims Murder Rivals*
  184. Looking for a War On Terror Propaganda Poster
  185. Liberals Vow to 'Spank' Obama Over Afghanistan
  186. *Swiss Grow Balls: Ban Aspect of Islam*
  187. Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
  188. Obama's Afghanistan Speech
  189. Marines launch Afghan Offensive
  190. Support our Soldiers
  191. *Happy Islamicmass*
  192. Osama's family missing since 9/11 attacks found living in secret compound in Iran
  193. *Look At The Pic On This Link*
  194. *Is It Me..... Or Are They Saying....?*
  195. Tomorrow's War: Yeman
  196. *New Security: Fool Proof For Flyers*
  197. How Cool! Two Days And They've Got Us Covered
  198. Punishing The Innocent for Failure To Lead
  199. al Qaeda Leaders Behind Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.
  200. *Muslim: And You Want To Board An Aircraft?*
  201. More Drones Needed In Yemen
  202. Female Marines, Sailors Assist Afghan Women
  203. *So Allah Isn't The Same Christian God After All?*
  204. modern binary explosives
  205. Jordanian double-agent killed CIA officers
  206. *How Will We Defeat islam?*
  207. Suicide bombers?
  208. Today's The Day For Good News!
  209. *Christmas, Hannaka, Kill People On Planes*
  210. *Philly Black Mafia*
  211. Exclusive: Russia scuttles new U.N. Taliban plan
  212. *Iran About To Get Mud Hole Stomped In Its Side*
  213. What is Iran going to do?
  214. Who Will Obama Support If Israel Takes Out Iran
  215. *Muslim Attempts To Blow Up Power Plant In Texas*
  216. *Muslims In Italy Going Nuts Again*
  217. Taliban High Commander Captured
  218. *Newt Knows*
  219. *Does Anyone Else Think The Way We Fight Terrorism Is Stupid?*
  220. *Don't Set On That Vest: BOOM!*
  221. Remember Gibbs Last Week On Iran?
  222. *Military Muslims Tried It Again: Covered Up Dec.09*
  223. Did Israel Just Acquire A Strategic Bombing Capability?
  224. *Build The Twin Towers Back Again*
  225. *Muslim Headscarf In Calif: Its Begun*
  226. *IED Goes Boom!! On RAGHEADS!!!*
  227. Four jailed over plot to attack U.S. bases
  228. *Islamic Man Opens Fire At Pentagon*
  229. *Be Careful Whom You Get Into Bed With*
  230. *Obama May Of Lied To Become President*
  231. Officers: Pakistan arrests American-born al-Qaida
  232. *Man Claims To Know Where Osama Is*
  233. *Son Of Hamas Converts*
  234. *Turkey Racked By Quake: I'm Okay!*
  235. *Jihad Jane Goes Down*
  236. WTF? Israel knew about 9/11 beforehand and didn't share info?
  237. Pakistani court charges 5 Americans with terrorism
  238. *Are Those Tits Real, Or Are They Explosives?*
  239. *SHOCKER: Ayabs Unite Against Israel*
  240. Bombers kill at least 38 in Moscow subway
  241. *Muslim Boobie Bombers Blow Blood Bath*
  242. *The Swiss Love Muslims Hate Jews*
  243. Terrorist sentenced
  244. *More Muslim Shit*
  245. "Al-Qaeda" threatens to blow up (enter place here)
  246. more Obama terrorists
  247. *Islam Offended Over Cartoons AGAIN!!*
  248. *Mohammed Sick F--ks*
  249. *islam Man Behind Bomb Attempt In NYC*
  250. Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video