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  1. Revolution Muslims Message to America
  2. German Engineering vs. Muslim Terrorist Technology
  3. what's wrong with Britain ??
  4. No mosque at Ground Zero
  5. KSM Trial Decision Put Off Until After Midterms
  6. High Court: Americans Can’t Help Terrorists
  7. NY Times - Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority
  8. Dying Lockerbie bomber 'could survive for 10 years or more'
  9. Civilian Deaths Rise As Afghan Fight Intensifies
  10. On Gitmo: From Some Detainees Perspective
  11. top secret america --
  12. Mill & intell people est 500 Al Quida left in Pak&Afg.
  13. American Terrorist?
  14. Pentagon/U.S. can't account 8.7 BILLION in Iraqi $ 4 rebuilding? Trillions missing
  15. Mosque Near Ground Zero gets green light
  16. Things are getting worse for our boys in Afghanistan
  17. ACLU files suit for terrorists
  18. Honor Killings
  19. Child Terrorist tortue confession AOK judge says
  20. Islamification of Britain
  21. Ground Zero Mosque: Shariah law ???
  22. too late to strike Iran ???
  23. U.S. paying Taliban Protection money in Afghanistan?
  24. What If Saddam Were Alive Today?
  25. what do you think of this
  26. Captured: the War in Iraq
  27. Tailban and AlQuida threat overblown?
  28. 12 year old muslim beheads man
  29. Obama's Secret Prisons: Night Raids, Hidden Detention Centers, the "Black Jail," etc.
  30. Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West.
  31. Obama's Afghanistan strategy: Don’t listen to the generals
  32. America's Holy Crusade against the Muslim World - by Michel Chossudovsky
  33. Inhumane Treatement Of Terrorists at GITMO
  34. Abraham Lincoln on unconstitutional US wars of invasion
  35. Various War Quotes
  36. Causes of Terrorism -
  37. Feds Sound Travel Alert
  38. Civilian Casualties: Theirs and Ours - By William Blum
  39. Killing Other People's Children - By Lawrence McGuire
  40. France Arrests 12 in Anti-Terror Sweeps
  41. Has The Muslim Brotherhood Declared War On US?
  42. Germany Going Islam
  43. LOS ALAMOS leaking like sieve. nuke secrets? maybe, plutoium? maybe
  44. Domestic Terrorism in United Arab Emirates
  45. Gates Chanels Gaffer: "We'll never leave Afghanistan.."
  46. WikiLeaks’ 400,000 Iraq War Docs Reveal Torture, Civilian Deaths
  47. People can think like Nazis and not even know it
  48. My, My It Seems Wikileaks Also Show That All Those Intelligence Agencies Were Right
  49. Saddam rules over cell with Iron Fist
  50. French troops on the run again
  51. Sharia Law or suffer consequences?
  52. Libs Claim Pres Bush Confessed To War Crimes
  53. The Islamification of France
  54. Naked Body Scanners - Pedophiles Dream
  55. Few Afghans know reason for war, new study shows
  56. Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor
  57. Afghan policeman kills 6 American troops
  58. Treating Asymmetric Aggressors As Enemies OR The Nation-States Demise
  59. The cause and possible solutions to Islamic Terrorism
  60. Terrorist in training!
  61. Mother Cuts Out 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Heart While Reciting Koran
  62. Egyptian or Al Queda Extremists Kill At Least 21 Christians
  63. FBI's 'suspicious' files on suspicious people...
  64. Terrorist killer on trail, another former CIA assest
  65. He is not a Terrorist
  66. This needs to happen more! Text sent early blows terrorist up
  67. Trained mice to sniff out terrorists at airports!
  68. UK Prime Minister David Cameron attacks 'Multiculturalism' in Britain
  69. Drug lab discovered in Nangarhar, material destroyed
  70. WMD's Smuggled Into US?
  71. An International Story That Proves My Sig
  72. "CIA spy" giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda
  73. Qaddafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing ??
  74. TSA wands/pats children AFTER trip at train station
  75. America Being Led Into War by Chickenhawks Again
  76. 90% of Afghan Crimes commited by Afghan police
  77. Breaking news
  78. Hmmm, Yellow Cake For Iran
  80. "Palestinian" terrorists murder Israeli family including infant; Gazans celebrate
  81. Another take on Iran policy
  82. "Domestic Terrorist" Jailed for Making silver Coins
  83. Rebel Commander in Libya Fought Against U.S. in Afghanistan
  84. A Warning: The Coming Is Near
  85. Bin Laden, Confirmed Dead?
  86. Bin Laden's "burial"
  87. A Very Good Question
  88. Proof That Waterboarding Does Work
  89. The secret stealth drone that helped kill Bin Laden
  90. Obama won't release photos of dead Bin Laden
  91. For DragonStryk, Revelarts and Noir ***** NOT SAFE FOR WORK ****
  92. Obama owes thanks, and an apology, to CIA interrogators
  93. Bush Led, Bin Laden Dead, but Where's the Credit?
  94. In One Week A Hit and A Near Miss
  95. A fascinating read that seems very plausible
  96. Iraq war, the Intel was Cooked on purpose...
  97. Rumsfeld Tells Bottom Line
  98. Secret Service interrogates 7th grader
  99. Congress cedes Prez indefinite war powers?
  100. Obama On Libya: No Reason For Congressional Approval
  101. Cynthia McKinney’s new job: Being Qaddafi’s Tokyo Rose
  102. Drones Get Another Top Al Queda Leader
  103. MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'
  104. US dealmaking with Taliban?
  105. Pakistan Ambassador Defends Arrest of CIA Informants
  106. Pakistani Girl Forced to Wear Suicide Vest
  107. Obama to outline Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan
  108. It's Going To Be Part Of Obama's Legacy
  109. Planning to attack Military Entrance Processing Station - Govt cant tell truth
  110. Widespread Terror Attack In Oslo, Norway
  111. Another Lybian Rebel leader Killed
  112. Iraq...........Endless Quagmire
  113. Bush and Clinton Counter-Terrorism Czar Alleges Massive 9/11 Cover Up
  114. Obama, Terrorist Hound Dog
  115. Hezbollah et al in Mexico?
  116. Al-Qaeda's second-in-command killed in Pakistan
  117. What Patton Would Say Today
  118. Why Muslims are still mad at America - By Steven Kull
  119. Libya is Free..
  120. Saudi Man Arrested at New York Airport With Bag Full of Weapons
  121. Poll: 1 in 3 vets say Iraq, Afghan wars a waste
  122. Muslims Condemn Terrorism
  123. 600 Page Fatwa Condemning Terrorism
  124. Honor Killing Muslin Father Murders Daughters and Wife
  125. 16 year old American killed in drone strike
  126. US support "good" terrorist
  127. Taliban Muslims execute 13 Americans, Afghan Policemen and a civilian
  128. Premature Detonation
  129. Cain & Bachmann Want to Reinstate Waterboarding
  130. FBI fake terror entrapment? Job security maybe
  131. Iran Has Another 'Nuclear Facility' Explosion
  132. Weird, no news about Al Qaeda holding American hostage
  133. Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point
  134. Joe Biden - The Taliban Is Not Our Enemy
  135. TSA Promises to be everywhere...
  136. Obama had no balls to close Gitmo
  137. Brits detained by homeland security...
  138. The left says Bush left Obama with two useless wars.
  139. Lt Col. Reports from Afghanistan
  140. TSA wants arrest powers on a highway near you
  141. U.S. Senators Say Saudi Gov't Links to 911 bombers,
  142. Holder: U.S. can lawfully target American citizens
  143. AP: Iran may be cleaning up nuke work
  144. 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions
  145. Airports Want TSA out
  146. Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes
  147. Why we need to remain vigilant
  148. US secretly releasing Taliban fighters, report says
  149. U.N.: Afghan heroin Production UP 61% last year
  150. NDAA: No Detaining Americans, Says Federal Judge
  151. White House said to give inside access for bin Laden film
  152. Taliban to ban polio vaccinations for children until US stops drone strikes
  153. Al Qaeda not trying to get into US?
  154. Sen. Paul eyes floor vote on stripping Pakistan aid unless jailed doctor released
  155. Suspected stupidcide bomber in Bulgaria had Michigan drivers license!
  156. Syria's WMD's could someday be used here on us.
  157. Thatcher's military aid to Saddam
  158. Stoopid Arabs need to learn from Japanese
  159. Massacre of French Jewish children...
  160. US drone attack kills some more vermin!
  161. New Epytian Prez vows to realease Blind Shiehk AQ's "spiritual" leader
  162. Spain Arrests 3 In Active Al Queda Cell
  163. WTH?... U.S. gives $100 million to Hamas controlled Gaza!
  164. Al Qaeda in Syria??
  165. Three U.S. special ops troops killed...
  166. Three U.S. Marines shot dead on military base in A-stan..
  167. Two U.S. soldiers killed by Afghan police officer..
  168. Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West
  169. Islam spreads its tentacles and terror.
  170. Muslims wage campaign to target those that oppose their world plan to take over..
  171. Kenya: 48 people killed in what is called tribal clashes, most likely Islamists usual
  172. Al-Qaida linked websites threaten ex-Navy Seal turned author
  173. U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video
  174. 17 villagers beheaded after wild music party -A-stan !!
  175. Canada cuts off diplomatic ties with Iran
  176. Is the socalled "Arab Spring" dead?
  177. Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen killed in airstrike
  178. Tomorrow Is 9/11/12
  179. The Man THat Anticipated The Attacks
  180. Blame Is Probably At The State Department
  181. Some Good News
  182. State Department had credible intel 48 hours before attacks
  183. The Failure That Is Obama
  184. In The ME, Africa I Can Buy Into Ignorance
  185. Teen charged with attempted terrorist bombing..
  186. In 2004, Didn't Stories Like This Result In Questions For Bush?
  187. Four U.S. soldiers murdered by supposed ally..
  188. Is Obama Going To Send Blind Sheik To Egypt?
  189. Who has seen this?: Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
  190. Obama's I Got OBL Movie
  191. Anyone wonder why Toby Keith hasn't been targeted by the Jihadists?
  192. Funnies about terrorists
  193. US versus Canada airport security?
  194. Dangerous and deepening divide between Islamic world, West
  195. About Hamas, the terrorist organization...
  196. Why it is only Good to hate the Evil that is Islam!
  197. Diplomats asked repeatedly for more security before Libya attack
  198. Army Tells Soldiers the SIGNS of potenial Terrorist...
  199. 14 year old girl shot by Taliban
  200. Al-Qaeda Leader Calls for Holy War Against the U.S. Over Video
  201. FBI thwarts New York Fed bomb plot
  202. Why Do You Kill, Zaid?
  203. Intelligent Muslims shooting RPG's
  204. Facebook censoring anti-Obama memes
  205. war on "terror" weapons
  206. Terror groups
  207. Doesn't Sound Like Good News
  208. Inside the FBI: sibel edmonds story book review
  209. U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis’ Hands
  210. Pakistan: U.S. drone kills senior al-Qaeda leader
  211. Islamic Fascism: the Nazi Connection
  212. Who Cares, right?
  213. Assad's "Soldiers" [NSFW]
  214. Obama's Drones for American Kills!
  215. Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower off to Prison While Torturers He Exposed walk FREE
  216. Legal "justification" 4 Prez to Kill people White Paper, Full text
  217. 68,000 almost forgotten warriors
  218. Do You Care Whether Four Americans Died?
  219. Why don't we see Islamic attacks in Latin America?
  220. Bad Ass of the Week
  221. Another Palestinian Photo-op Goes Belly Up
  222. U.N. finally confirms ??????
  223. Finally - Suspect Arrested, Linked to Daniel Pearl Slaying
  224. Gitmo Terror Detainees Were 'Crushed' By Obama's Failure to Close Prison
  225. Ricin Confirmed Regarding Letter Sent To Senator
  226. With Al Qaeda shattered, U.S. counter-terrorism's future unclear
  227. Is Miranda rights for every U.S. citizen?
  228. Israeli Doctors Are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect
  229. 2 Arrested in Canada Planned to Attack Train, Police Say
  230. Islamberg, USA . The Muslim Only Town Where Residents Learn Guerilla Warfare Tactics
  231. Rand Paul flip flops on drones
  232. Report Shows Obama, Clinton blew Benghazi response
  233. What's the Ricin-Bombing Connection?
  234. Bashar Assad becomes a Saddam Hussein clone
  235. NEW Bi-Partisan report on torture
  236. Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi
  237. Benghazi survivor: Help was close enough but never sent
  238. Saudi's Warned Of Tamerlan In 2012?
  239. Israel bombs Hezbollah-bound missiles in Syria
  240. Study Examines Political and Social Beliefs of Muslims
  241. Washington Post Goes Soft On Cop Killer and Terrorist
  242. 4 killed in bombing of a New York tavern...
  243. Did Imam really curse the souls of fallen Navy Seal team 6 special forces members?
  244. FBI surrounds house of Saudi student with pressure cooker pot...
  245. Iran to preside over United Nations arms-control forum later this month
  246. Prez has Authority to commit troops Anytime anywhere without congress...
  247. AP Big Story: FBI Knows Benghazi Murders, Obama Wants 'Smart' Diplomacy
  248. US Hasn't Detained Five Benghazi Terrorists Due to Trial-Related Evidentiary Concerns
  249. Terror Attack Woolwich, England
  250. Drone strike on 4 Americans - Rev is gonna lose his mind!