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  1. CLAIM: Free Syrian Army and The Army of Islam Use Women As Human Shields
  2. U.S. officials believe ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane
  3. TAKING OUT THE TRASH: 263 Terrorist Targets Destroyed By Russians
  4. EXCUSES: General Blames "Bad Weather" For Decrease In Strikes Against Terrorists!
  5. Well Done! SAA Lift 3 Year Long Siege Liberating Kuweires Military Base From ISIS
  6. IRAQI FORCES SURROUND RAMADI- Preparing For Immediate Attack
  7. Latakia Attacked By 'Moderate' Al Qaeda
  8. Several Russian Helicopters Carpet Bomb ISIS In Palmyra
  9. New Russian Military Equipment Revealed
  10. SAA Female Units
  11. SAA Liberates Another Airbase- Snackbar Positions Mopped Up
  12. Twin Suicide Bombings In Beirut- 4 Killed, 40+ Wounded
  13. 'Jihadi John' Believed Killed in 'Flawless' US Airstrike
  14. 8 attackers in Paris
  15. Reporter Confronts Traitor and Chief Obama
  16. PUTIN: ISIS Funded By 30 Countries Including G20 Members
  17. my elected officials
  18. Jordan's King Abdullah on ISIS
  19. Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians
  20. ISIS Claims To Have Killed Norwegian and Chinese Hostages
  21. 70 arrested in USA over ISIS
  22. French President Francois Hollande Welcomes Refugees Despite Paris Attack
  23. Gun sales surge
  24. Coalition Airstrikes Destroy ISIS Oil Tankers
  25. Matermind of Paris attacks dead
  26. Bush was right all along
  27. ISIS Chemical Weapons
  28. Now It's Mali Under Attack
  29. 'This Week'
  30. Interviews with captured ISIS...
  31. US Special Forces take out two Al-Qaeda terrorists and rescue terrified survivors
  32. Hillary: Muslims Have ‘Nothing Whatsoever to Do With Terrorism’
  33. Somalis, Shelbyville and Severe Culture Shock
  34. For ALL Obama fans. And you wonder why we call him a Liar.
  35. Multi-Attack Exercise Planned Before Attacks In Paris
  36. Schools sing praise to Allah, create propaganda posters for ISIS
  37. Chinese police shoot dead 28 from 'terrorist group'
  38. US Drops Leaflets Warning ISIS Before Air Strikes On Oil
  39. French town Roubaix hit
  40. General Petraeus - no boots on the ground
  41. Female terrorist held on the floor
  42. ISIS to Hollande: we will come to crush your country
  43. Group issues GRAVE warning to ISIS: stay away from New York or…
  44. Russia says 'destroyed' Syria rebels in area where jet brought down
  45. Trump Doubles Down on Waterboarding
  46. This Guy Has It Right
  47. 300 MILLION radical Muslims
  48. AQ suicide bombs ISIS
  49. We are coming
  50. Joint Chiefs chairman: 'We have not contained' ISIS
  51. Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State
  52. December 6, 1941
  53. The Spymasters
  54. The facts shoot holes in Obama's claim that US is only host to mass killings
  55. Did The Wife Radicalize The Husband?
  56. Muslim Terrorist Attack Deaths in the U.S.
  57. Yes, Turkey IS Buying Oil from ISIS
  58. Sharia Law preferred By Many Muslims in America
  59. Calling On Kerry To Name ME Christian Genocide
  60. Whistle Blower
  61. Threat To Chicago and Other Western Cities
  62. Time For Reality
  63. From A Brother Of One Killed In San Bernadino
  64. Tony Blair-Not Obama's Lap Dog
  65. British sniper killed 5 ISIS terrorists with 3 shots, report claims
  66. Terrorism and the Southern Border
  67. Another Possible Problem In MO
  68. It's Not Just The Southern Border
  69. Want A Slice of Jihad With That Pie?
  70. WaPo Editorial Calls Out Obama On Iran
  71. ALLAHU AKBAR hits vegas strip
  72. A Muslim's Admission ....
  73. Why not ????
  74. 9-11 Video Archives...Awesome
  75. Samuel L. Jackson Wanted San Bernardino Killers to be ‘Some Crazy White Dude’
  76. ISIS rape handbook
  77. An Interesting Read On The War Obama Has Waged
  78. Charlie Hebdo marks year since attack with provocative cover
  79. Terrorism-related arrests made in 2 states
  80. Islamic State member executes his own mother
  81. US Air Force shelves Warthog plane retirement amid IS fight: media
  82. Iran to buy 114 Airbuses to revamp aging fleet
  83. Why it's counter productive for the gov't to suspect ALL Muslims
  84. Afghan boy suicide bombers
  85. Does this make me a bigot?
  86. Turkish state support for terrorism goes back a long way
  87. DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties
  88. Islam, Socialists & Nationalists
  89. No way, couldn't be a muslim terrorist
  90. BBC Gets Desperate In It's Propaganda- Dresses Up Extremist
  91. Documentary About Syrian School Before War
  92. Sniper took down a Taliban fighter from more than a mile away
  93. Putin Smart/Obama Dumb
  94. Bomb on Rental Car Disarmed at Albuquerque Airport
  95. Obama Refuses to Hit ISIS’s Libyan Capital
  96. Gun-wielding protesters want Irving mosque to ‘Say No To Syrian Refugees’
  97. The Vicious Snake
  98. Jihad 1
  99. More Ex-Gitmo detainees suspected of returning to terrorism
  100. English-speaking ISIS jihadi warns America
  101. Turkey Hit By 'Large Explosion' At Least 34 Killed
  102. Ivory Coast Hit With Gun Attack On Beach 16 Dead
  103. Kurds 'Catch' An American ISIS Deserter
  104. Brussels: Shots Fired
  105. Syria: CIA Ignored ISIS Info When It Could Have Been Stopped
  106. Brussels Airport Attack
  107. The truth about Brussels
  108. Glasgow mosque leader praises extremist killer
  109. Pakistani Taliban faction claims Easter park bombing
  110. Religion of Peace -motivated animals crucify christian
  111. Who are Isis afraid of??
  112. Stop Pretending Islamic Terrorists And Crusaders Are Equal Threats Today
  113. More Evidence That Cameron Does Not Want To Destroy ISIS
  114. Muslim family kicked off flight demands apology from United Airlines
  115. Obama Warns of Nuclear Terrorism Threat
  116. Islamic State calls for German Terror attacks
  117. US seizes thousands of Iranian weapons, including grenade launchers, in Arabian Sea
  118. Dear ISIL: this message is for you
  119. B-52 Strike on ISIS Two Days Ago
  120. Islamists behead Canadian hostage in Philippines [AFP] Cecil Morella April 26, 2016
  121. Iraq War III
  122. US struggles to convince Iraqis it doesn't support ISIS
  123. Professor and Math Problem
  124. Our "Brave" Enemy
  125. Where were the CCW holders in Florida?
  126. On Those "Lone Wolf" Attackers
  127. Skunk
  128. Orlando was about guns? Then Boston was pressure cookers
  129. Y'know
  130. NOT the Onion: Sweden cops: Wear Dont Touch Me Wristbands to stop groping by muslims
  131. Osama bin Laden’s son vows revenge against US
  132. Giuliani: Obama Has Conceded Defeat Against ISIS
  133. Pence: 'We Will Support Military Action to Crush ISIS'
  134. Bolton: Obama's 'heart not in' struggle against Islamic threat
  135. Sheriff Clarke: Don't Try to Understand 'Sick Ideology' of Radical Islam
  136. Ukraine war in 2016 and 2017
  137. Like him, or hate him. Those who forget History ARE...doomed to repeat it....
  138. Clinton's connection to ISIS
  139. Canadian RCMP Take Out 'Known' Lone Wolf
  140. Ban against burkinis after Cannes banished the full-body swimsuit from its beaches.
  141. Anjem Choudary ... FINALLY, action taken !!
  142. FBI Investigating Virginia Stabbings After Police Say Attacker Yelled ‘Allah Akbar’
  143. Isis sends new waves of jihadis to attack Europe
  144. Anjem Choudary gets 5 years in prison!
  145. All non-believers ‘legitimate targets’
  146. Royal Navy unveils robot spy speedboat
  147. 9/11: Freedom Attacked - Freedom Defended
  148. I think....I mean, I hope...this will be what TRUMP does...with B-52'S to ISIS.....
  149. Senior ISIS scumbag killed in drone strike
  150. Terrorists Aren't Yelling 'Jesus Christ' While Waging Attacks
  151. Allah Has Promised Us The White House
  152. Obama Team in 'La-La Land Thinking' on Terrorism Fight
  153. Trump – says exactly what most Americans think, when it comes to Islamic Terror
  154. ThinkProgress: Manhunt For Manhattan Bomber Was Racist
  155. 'Death to Your Oppression'
  156. Islamic Foes ‘Greatest Threat to Security’
  157. 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year
  158. Muhammad Would Have Been Viewed as ‘Violent Terrorist’
  159. CT Small Plane Crash FBI Investigating
  160. Muslims Plan 'To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church
  161. NY Terror Plot On Times Square Foiled
  162. Donald and ISIS
  163. Enhanced interrogations worked!
  164. The Islamic Terrorists Wage Real War on Christmas
  165. Berlin truck attack: what we know, open questions
  166. Trump Says 'Very Dishonest Press Does Not Want to Report' on Terror
  167. Remember, Hamas aren't terrorists?
  168. German police arrest two men suspected of planning Islamist attack
  169. Ex-U.S. Army reservist gets 11 years prison for Islamic State support
  170. An Alleged Muslim Spy Ring - Is This Why Rex Tillerson Cleaned House?
  171. Terrorist Training Camps Inside The US
  172. Prosecutors: NY man willing to sacrifice self for jihad
  173. US and PKK Troops Into Raqqa
  174. Khalid Masood
  175. ISIS Celebrates St. Petersburg Metro Blast
  176. The-purge-of-a-report-on-radical-islam-has-put-nyc-at-risk
  177. Guess What He Shouted, Before Killing 3?
  178. U.S. Commander: ISIS Used Chemical Agent
  179. ‘No Doubt’ Syria has Retained Chemical Weapons
  180. Saddam Hussein is responsible for current state of Iraq.
  181. Iraq : Wild Pigs Take Out Terrorists
  182. Leader of ISIS Killed
  183. Real Isis Member Here
  184. Trump's Speech to Middle East
  185. Great start for Islam for Ramadan
  186. FBI Allegedly Warned UK about bomber
  187. Australia Terror Attack
  188. U.S. cleric's possible influence on London attackers
  189. Two US Men Tied To Hezbollah, Scouting US Airports and FBI
  190. Isis chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'killed' in Raqqa
  191. 4000 more troops to Afghanistan?
  192. New Long Distance Record Sniper Kill
  193. I Believe This Is An Example Of 'Badass'
  194. Narco-Terror: Mexican Cartel Begins Using IEDs
  195. Bay Area ISIS Supporter Wanted to 'Redefine Terror,' Kill 10,000
  196. U.S. Warns the World about 19,000 ISIS Fighters on the Loose
  197. A Disturbing Video Prompted Trump to End CIA Program Arming Syrian Rebels
  198. Bill Signed by Trump Targets Iran’s IRGC For Terrorism – For The First Time
  199. What is the goal in Afghanistan ?
  200. ISIS tars and burns 8 - including an infant
  201. Syrian rebels filmed themselves + some kids staging a 'chemical weapons attack'
  202. ISIS Is on Its Heels, but Fighting to the Death
  203. Prowling the Syrian Desert, U.S. Picking Off ISIS Fighters in Stranded Convoy
  204. FBI investigating about 1,000 white supremacist, domestic terrorism cases
  205. More news about Obama, and Clinton giving terrorists information.
  206. Al Qaeda ambushes US forces in Niger. 3 green berets killed.
  207. 9/11 World Trade Center jumpers.
  208. Merry Christmas from ISIS
  209. US Barbecues Five Al-Qaida Terrorists In New Slate Of Yemen Strikes
  210. ISIS Being Funded by Slavery? Ties to Shocking Trade Suspected
  211. Found this in my Document/Video directory today.
  212. European Vehicle Attacks: 2010-Present
  213. A good answer to ISIS terrorists ....
  214. Russians killed in clash with u.s.-led forces in syria
  215. Israel security cabinet mulls action against iran
  216. Palestine president abbas tells putin he wants us role in peace talks lessened
  217. Turkey trolls us by naming street near its embassy after syria incursion
  218. Erdogan: U.S. Funding Of YPG, PYD Will Impact Turkey’s Decisions
  219. After Bribery Allegations, Netanyahu’s Government Stable – For Now
  220. Turkish Army Hit Village In Syria’s Afrin With Suspected Gas: Kurdish YPG, Observator
  221. Hezbollah: U.s. Must accept lebanon's demands over israel border dispute
  222. 18 hamas targets struck by the idf saturday night
  223. Islamic state says responsible for attack on church in russia
  225. Russia Sends Newest Stealth Warplanes For Combat Trial In Syria As Airstrikes On Ghou
  226. U.N. Votes To Approve Ceasefire In Syria As Bombings Continue In Ghouta
  227. Iran Says Damascus Suburbs Assault To Continue As Fighting Rages
  228. Taliban Issues Cold Response To Kabul’s Peace Talks Proposal
  229. U.N. Is Key To Trump Admin. Diplomacy In Middle East OAN Newsroom UPDATED 8:20 AM PT
  230. President Trump Meets With Israeli Prime Minister On U.S. Embassy Move, Iranian Threa
  231. Pro-Gov’t Forces Pound Ghouta Ahead Of Offensive
  232. U.S. Warns It May Act On Syria As Onslaught Against Ghouta Grinds On
  233. Russia Says U.S. Plans To Strike Damascus, Pledges Military Response
  234. Sen. Lee: Congress Must Vote On U.S. Role In Yemen
  235. Two Fmr NYC Firefighters Among Dead USAF Helicopter Crash
  236. Syria war: Thousands flee offensives in Afrin and Ghouta
  237. On Eve Of Trump-Saudi Meeting, Riyadh Calls Iran Nuclear Deal Flawed
  238. Turkey Calls On U.S. For Support As Afrin Offensive Continues
  239. Israel Admits Bombing Suspected Syrian Nuclear Reactor In 2007, Warns Iran
  240. Main Suspect In Attack On Palestinian PM Dead After Gun Battle: Gaza Security Officia
  241. For ISIS fans.....enjoy
  242. Israeli PM Netanyahu Praises Pres. Trump After Signing Taylor Force Act
  243. Thousands More Leave Syria’s Ghouta, Rebels Await Russian Decision
  244. ISIS Attacks On The Rise In Northern Iraq Despite Declaring Victory Just Last Year
  245. Leaving Syria?
  246. White House Freezes Funds To Syria As U.S. Revisits Role In War-Torn Country
  247. Hamas Accuses Israel Of War Crimes Following Bloody Gaza Clashes
  248. Turkey condemns use of chemical weapons in syria's douma
  249. Someone Hit Syria Again
  250. Middle East Expert: Iran, Israel On Photo/Ariel Schalit) Meanwhile, Collision Course