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  1. COVID Humor
  2. How Deep and Wide The Covid Coverups?
  3. Coronavirus death age is often higher than life expectancy: data
  4. Ever the "Ally" US does it Again
  5. The ABC’s anti-Israeli bias has become ‘activism’
  6. The Left sets the groundwork for more lockdowns amid COVID delta variant
  7. People Who Have Been Vaccinated Make Up 47% of New COVID Cases
  8. Media going hard and heavy about Fox news "killing people"
  9. Guitar wiz Eric Clapton won’t bring his ax to venues that require the vax.
  10. A Retitling-- Proper title- China blocks search to cover up its guilt. See fixed that
  11. Australia Tightens Lockdowns After Seeing Rise In Cases
  12. House Grants 8K Additional Visas For Afghan Allies
  13. White House Sees YouTube, Facebook As ‘Judge, Jury & Executioner’ On Vaccine Misinfor
  14. Hospitals Hit With Protests After SayingEmployeesMust Be Vaccinated:'Stop Vax Bulling
  15. NYC to Extend Vaccine Mandate to All City Workers
  16. Biden admin releasing COVID-positive migrants is 'incompetence'
  17. Biden Insults Unvaccinated Americans, Blames Them For COVID ‘Surge’
  18. Philippines leader Duterte issues blunt warning to those opposed to vaccine
  19. Garland urges Abbott to undo executive order aimed at curbing migration
  20. Secy. Blinken: Discussions Underway To Possibly Host Afghan Interpreters In Kuwait, N
  21. TX, FL GOP Governors Will not Allow Local Authority/public schools to Mandate Masks
  22. Teachers Who Teach To Unmasked Children Are At ‘Zero Additional Risk’
  23. Protesters Gather At Speaker Pelosi’s House To Demand Eviction Moratorium Extension
  24. Biden COVID Adviser: Face Masks Don’t Help Much From COVID-19
  25. Now This is the way you do it....(Country & Flag)
  26. NYC to require vax proof for concerts, gyms and indoor dining
  27. Vax wiill soon be mandatory for all members of U.S. military
  28. FDA Authorizes Antibody Cocktail As Preventative COVID Treatment
  29. Dr. Evil caught again, Falsey killing dogs, -torture , etc.
  30. At Least 10 Killed, Over A Dozen Injured In Texas Van Crash
  31. Gov. DeSantis To Biden: I’m Standing In Your Way
  32. .....What's this? A crack in the dam????
  33. Texas Democrat Judge Calls Out Biden For Ignoring Invitation To Border
  34. Sen. Manchin: ‘Increasingly Alarmed’ By Fed Policies
  35. Vaccines and Mandates
  36. Joe Rogan: Vaccine passports 'one step closer' to dictatorship
  37. .......EllaFrench was murdered in Chicago last night
  38. Fauci berates mass outdoor gathering at Sturgis but gives Obama's birthday bash a pas
  39. COVID Stories ...(series of short videos)..watch if you dare.
  40. "Vaccinated Only’ has been activated in New York....."
  41. Afghanistan war: Taliban push on while rejecting truce
  42. Vaccine hesitancy falling - but highest in London
  43. Vaccinations - back and forth
  44. Cotton: Fauci, Others ‘Have Been Moving the Goalposts’ — ‘Not a Change in the Science
  45. Obama’s Party Is Low Coronavirus Risk for ‘Sophisticated, Vaccinated Crowd’
  46. Greta Thunberg is a prophet?
  47. Chicago police officers turn their BACKS on Mayor Lori Lightfoot....
  48. ...what a very clever little virus this is...!
  49. ....Larry Elder, “I do believe that Joe Biden won the election fairly and squarely.”
  50. Gaslighting
  51. Military tribunals for piss taking 52 democrats ?
  52. U.S.-Bound Migrants Fill Colombia Town As COVID-19 Border Closures Lifted
  53. Ted Cruz and Kevin Cramer Introduce Bills Banning Mask and Vaccine Mandates
  54. “Powerful Predator” – Biden Sexual Assault Accuser Tara Reade Calls for Investigation
  55. As Cuomo Resigns, Fresh Calls From N.Y. Dems To Pursue Nursing Home Deaths Pours In
  56. Fauci and Osterholm Made Statements about Cloth Masks That Are Similar to Rand Paul’s
  57. This monster needs to be brought up on charges, needs to be stopped.
  58. President Trump Releases Statement About Ashli Babbitt’s killer
  59. Democrats of Ignoring Border: ‘Where is AOC? Where Are All the Cries About Kids in Ca
  60. Joy Reid is back at it again
  61. Mask Nazis Remain Silent About the Biden Border Super-Spreader Event
  62. Politifact Gets Disemboweled Over Ted Cruz Fact Check About Texas Democrats
  63. Fauci Confirms It’s ‘Likely,’ ‘Inevitable’ Everyone Will Need COVID-19 Booster Shot
  64. Stunner! Covid patient No. 1 may have been Wuhan worker infected by a bat
  65. Proof From Detroit TCF Center that Election Computers Were Connected Online
  66. When in Philly - wear 2 masks if unvaccinated
  67. Forcing Children To Wear Paper Burkas Is Cruel And Unnecessary
  68. 2022 and then 2024
  69. Discrimination Against the Unvaccinated Is About to Make Life VERY Difficult
  70. New Covid-19 Hospitalizations for 30- to 39-Year-Olds Hit Record Rate
  71. Americans with PhDs are most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID
  72. Cuomo Didn’t Want to Make State Gov Look Like ‘Fools’
  73. South Carolina Forced to Cancel Mask Mandate After Attorney General Says It’s Illegal
  74. Covid mandates are hazardous to our Freedom
  75. The real reason YouTube silenced Rand Paul
  76. Northern Afghanistan Falls to Taliban While Joe Biden Vacations at Camp David
  77. CNN Will Fire You For Being Unvaccinated
  78. Unvaccinated and flying the unfriendly skies
  79. Texas Judges Temporarily Block Gov. Abbott’s Executive Orders
  80. San Antonio's military school districts: Trapped between the governor, Metro Health a
  81. Biden's appalling speech on Afghanistan merits a 25th Amendment discussion
  82. Biden's Afghanistan
  83. Dear Republican Trump haters – What did you get for your trade?
  84. Texas governon Greg Abbott tests positive for Covid-19
  85. US Health Officials Call for Booster Shots Against COVID-19
  86. Mask Mandates - ‘I’ve Never Been More Ashamed Than I Am Right Now’
  87. The World Needs to Know What Happened at the Wuhan Lab
  88. Fauci - ‘You’re Supposed to Believe’ Him After He’s Been ‘100 Percent Wrong’
  89. Coronavirus Censorship
  90. Unvaccinated cops must wear masks or face discipline, NYPD says
  91. CDC Data Shows ‘Worrying Drop’ in Vaccine Efficacy over Time
  92. New York COVID-19 Deaths Are Increasing Fast and It’s Scary
  93. More unvaccinated Americans blame vaccinated Americans for the Delta surge
  94. Federal Judge Reverses Biden’s Policy To Limit ICE Deportations
  95. Pentagon pressed on why British paratroopers leaving Kabul airport to rescue citizens
  96. Biden To 'Try Again' Explain Or Blame
  97. COVID-19 hospitalizations of people under 50 reach highest levels to date
  98. 'The President Never Shies Away From Taking Questions'
  99. More Covid Updates
  100. Afghanistan Julian Assange
  101. Poll: Majority Think Kamala Harris Is Unfit For Presidency
  102. Chamber Of Commerce Runs Ads Promoting Moderate Democrats Seeking To Separate Infrast
  103. Destroying the Economy – Democrats Hope to Pass $5.4 Trillion in New Spending
  104. Most face masks won’t stop COVID-19 indoors, study warns
  105. FDA Fully Approves Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine
  106. Let Them Eat Cake: Maskless Pelosi, 'Elite' Lib Donors Served by POC Staff in Masks
  107. 2 New York Judges Ordered Defendants to Get Vaccinated. Can They Do That?
  108. You’re Not Censoring American COVID Comments ‘Nearly Enough'
  109. The ffing idiot speaks again-what an ASS!!!!
  110. Who runs the world? Blackrock and Vanguard
  111. Biden and Fauci Discuss Requiring Covid Booster Shots Every 5 Months
  112. Judge Took Away My Parental Rights For Not Getting COVID Vaccine
  113. Summary of coronavirus origin investigation
  114. Kevin McCarthy Accused of Trying to 'Destabilize' Democracy With Biden Afghanistan Cr
  115. New South African COVID-19 strain is the most mutated one yet
  116. Covid news out of Israel
  117. ‘Pledge Allegiance To The Queers’
  118. Instagram User ‘AntiVaxMomma’ was selling vaccination cards
  119. Covid-19 & Wuhan lab again
  120. Who bought this damn Witch?????
  121. 2 jhs teachers die in Tx school district
  122. "No More Masks..No more Masks.......No More Masks....."
  123. ".....Ask for COVID vaccine proof, face a $5,000 fine in Florida"
  124. Biden White House Official “Appalled and Literally Horrified”
  125. Healthcare is a right .... until it's not. Ask Candace Owens.
  126. More unvaccinated in hospitals & deaths
  127. Texas war hero dies because hospitals were full of unvaccinated Covid patients
  128. Nurses refusing the vaccine
  129. Herschel Walker talks Senate run with Clay Travis
  130. Can parents lose custody of children if they don't get the COVID-19 vaccine?
  131. ABC Shocked By Biden Cratering in the Polls
  132. Gov. Hogan: Getting Mixed Messages From The Biden Admin. On Booster Shots
  133. Canada opposition chief, leading in election race, under fire over gun control
  134. Top Scientist Claims Anthony Fauci ‘Untruthful’ About Chinese Lab Research
  135. South Florida Doctor Says She Won’t Treat Unvaccinated Patients
  136. 63 Percent Believe the Biden Administration Botched the Afghanistan Withdrawal
  137. New ‘mu’ COVID variant now found in 49 U.S. states
  138. 9/11 Mastermind - 20 years later and still no trial
  139. Rutgers Bans Unvaccinated Student
  140. Jimmy Kimmel: Unvaccinated People Who’ve Taken Ivermectin Don’t Deserve Medical Care
  141. Common Sense: Breitbart posts a smart article on third shot booster
  142. Biden's polling is stabilizing in numbers Trump would have killed to get
  143. Great News by Biden: federal workers to vaxxed against Delta
  144. How much does BIDEN and the RADICAL Dems want AMERICANS NOT TO SEE?
  145. Dems Blackmailing the People (Republicans) over Debt Ceiling & Cont Resolution. Again
  146. bed usage by covid patients
  147. Google Ends Ad Money To ‘Gateway Pundit,’ because of Covid, Vax, Election falsehoods
  148. Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of covid-19
  149. Psaki Defends Biden After Phone Call With Xi
  150. Biden Admin. Welcomes Press To Texas Afghan Evacuee Camp
  151. DeSantis on Biden vax mandate
  152. Why 'rage quitting' is all the rage
  153. Covid & Me
  154. And so it starts
  155. See the Data on Breakthrough Covid Hospitalizations and Deaths by State
  156. Sen. Marshall: The Vaccine Mandate Will Cause Another Crisis Created By This Presiden
  157. "F Joe Biden!" Chants and Signs Increasing
  158. Unvaccinated and vaccinated people 'are not in the same ballpark' of risk
  159. Kids get to decide
  160. Americans 'passionately' oppose Biden's vaccine mandate
  161. Anthony Fauci says he would support vaccination requirement for air travel
  162. 14K Vaccinated People With Breakthrough COVID Cases Have Been Hospitalized or Died
  163. Vaccine mandate: Not just illegal, but also unworkable
  164. Federal Judge Temporarily Halts Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate in New York
  165. Time to Shun Stupid Unvaccinated — ‘Leave Them Behind’
  166. Our southern border
  167. Covid: Italy to require all workers to show 'green pass' certificate
  168. US panel backs COVID-19 boosters only for seniors, high-risk
  169. You Need To Read This Article...
  170. J6 rally is in fact supporting insurgents and criminals not political prisoners
  171. Hospital Staff Short Amid Forced Vaccinations
  172. San Francisco Mayor Breaks Own Mask Mandate
  173. Father Of Mich. Girl Whose Hair Was Cut By Teacher Files $1M Lawsuit
  174. Gov. DeSantis Vows To Fight Antibody Treatment Limit
  175. Vaccines have always been political, I guess...
  176. Pfizer Announces COVID-19 Vaccine For 5 To 11-Year-Olds Is Safe
  177. BLM:: Mandate Cards, Etc., RACIST
  178. GOP Introduces Articles Of Impeachment Against Biden
  179. Senators Launch Bipartisan Push To Combat Opioid Epidemic
  180. Modi at Quad summit: The China factor in Delhi's Indo-Pacific strategy
  181. CDC Chief Overrules Her Own Advisers After Panel Doesn’t Recommend Booster Shots
  182. Fauci still lying about gain of function
  183. Conspiracy Theories upset the common political and cultural world
  184. Former A's, current Dodgers pitcher Blake Treinen posts conspiracies about vaccines,
  185. Biden Gets 3rd Dose Of Pfizer, Attacks Unvaccinated Americans
  186. President Biden getting a third dose of the vaccine is great
  187. Democrats’ massive spending plans will blow up US budget for generations
  188. N.C. hospital system fires about 175 workers
  189. DHS Chief Mayorkas
  190. Those who quit their jobs if they have to receive the vax
  191. Marine Officer Who Blasted Leaders over Afghanistan Withdrawal Is in the Brig
  192. Landlords and covid?
  193. U.S. Condemns Ethiopia’s Expulsion Of UN Officials, Could Apply Sanctions
  194. Anti-vaxxers are using the same tactics as cults do to attract followers on social me
  195. Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid
  196. Disgusting Liar Jen Psaki Blames Trump for Joe Biden’s COVID Failures
  197. Have We Ever Had a Less Competent President?
  198. Republican Senators Introduce Act to Stop Biden from Politicizing Lifesaving Coronavi
  199. Merck & Co. Cheers Experimental Antiviral Pill - Sort of Like HCQ and Ivermectin
  200. The Next Big Crisis - Coming Soon To A Store Near You!
  201. Ten Biden whoppers: Afghanistan, COVID-19, national debt and the border
  202. California Cities Dominate Unemployment List as Red States Continue Success
  203. Dems Control Congress and White House, But GOP Still to Blame for Everything Bad!
  204. Afghans Plead For Humanitarian Relief
  205. Deaths by gender and covid etc
  206. Herman Cain the face of an award about covid deaths
  207. FBI, DOJ, Invoking The Patriot Act
  208. Woman in Renal Failure Denied Life-Saving Procedure Because She’s Unvaccinated
  209. America Divided: Voters Blame Biden
  210. How many hypocrite democrats on masks...
  211. Looks Like Dems To Take McConnell's Offer
  212. Man guilty on 1 counts for violating federal law that criminalizes false info
  213. Pfizer Whistleblower : Aborted Fetus Material Used In Vaccine
  214. Biden Again Uses the Fake White House Set Instead of White House
  215. Tesla moves headquarters from California to Texas
  216. Hong Kong: University orders Tiananmen statue's removal
  217. Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate By Daniel Thomas
  218. Psaki grilled on Biden's 'really terrible polls,' blames Delta variant and unvaccinat
  219. Stagflation
  220. Sleepy and his clowns wrecking everything -- breitbart news
  221. Merck Seeks Emergency-Use Authorization Of Oral Antiviral For COVID-19
  222. Labor Secy. Defends Jobs Report, Blames COVID-19
  223. Texas Gov. Abbott issues order banning Covid vaccination mandates in rebuke of Biden
  224. Those in US Exempt from a Covid Vaxx
  225. Vaccine Mandate Protests Go Global
  226. Moderna Won’t Share COVID-19 Vaccine Formula
  227. Covid-19: US airlines defy Texas order to stop mandatory jabs
  228. Navy Prepares for Discharges of Sailors Who Refuse COVID Vaccine
  229. Chicago Mayor, Chicago Chapter Of Police Union Go To Court Over Vaccine Mandate
  230. Statewide School Walkout Underway To Protest Calif. Gov. Newsom’s Forced Vaccinations
  231. Americans are getting fired for not taking a jab that's now 3% effective
  232. Border Patrol To Fire Up To 5K Agents Over Vaccine Mandate
  233. GOP Continues To Push Back Against Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
  234. Amish covid
  235. Mama Bears are waking up
  236. Sen. Blackburn Issues Bill Protecting Essential Workers From Vaccine Mandates
  237. New Pfizer drug and ivermectin
  238. Doctor Files Lawsuit Against Hospital after Barred from Administering Cov19 meds
  239. Fla. Walgreens Gives 5-Year-Old Boy An Adult Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine
  240. Teen arrested for not wearing mask in school
  241. Austrian Govt. Forces Unvaccinated Into Lockdown, Police Monitoring Citizens’ Activit
  242. New Evidence That COVID-19 Was Part Of A Chinese Military Experiment Gone Wrong
  243. CDC Study On COVID Vaccine Draws Heavy Criticism From Medical Expert
  244. Oroville Declares Itself Constiturional Republic In Stand Against Newsom COVID Mandat
  245. Austria Imposes COVID-19 Lockdown That Applies Only to the Unvaccinated
  246. European Medicines Agency Data Shows 1,163,356 Adverse Drug Reactions...
  247. FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data
  248. good news - New CDC Study About Soda, Sleep and Covid
  249. Keep the Vaxxed off the road
  250. Mortuaries unable to cope with excess UK deaths