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01-13-2008, 04:32 AM
Quintuple-distilled in Holland by renowned Dutch master distiller Jacques de Lat, Trump Super Premium Vodka is the culmination of our search for the distiller and the vodka that will demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself.

Trump Super Premium Vodka is bottled in a unique, sexy, and luxurious Bruni Glass design, with labels and outer decorations by world famous New York designer and artist Milton Glaser.

Mr. Trump commented, "Trump Super Premium Vodka is a big idea. Drinks Americas understands our vision for the Trump trademark. The Premium Vodka category is where the very best of fashionable spirits brands compete. By the summer of '06, I fully expect the most called for cocktail in America to be the "T&T" or the "Trump and Tonic." We are very excited that Drinks Americas will be leading this initiative and look for great success."

Trump Super Premium Vodka's upcoming release has been heralded in over 30 major media outlets, including MSNBC, "Imus in the Morning," Larry King Live, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Newsday.

Look for Trump Super Premium Vodka in high-end spirit shops, bars, lounges, and restaurants worldwide this summer.

"A great friend of mine was a founder of Grey Goose. And what we're going to do is top it. I want to top them just because it's fun to top my friends."
-Donald Trump
on Larry King Live


I just saw this at one of our stores in Lake Tahoe. It looks pretty slick. It is about the only Super Premium Vokda that we carry and is one of the top selling Vodka's and actually items in our liquor departments. They actually seel out in our Lake Tahoe store which is all high end customers with lakefront homes etc.

Has anyone tried this? I am wondering how it compares to Grey Goose and Belvidere since those are probably the two best names in vodka and Absolut seem's to be selling on name recognition alone and from what i've heard seems to be a pretty crappy vodka. I don't drink anymore and when I did I never drank vodka so I wouldn't know.

I think this products beauty is name recognition alone, usually if the product has the Trump Label and Logo and the Donald's blessing it is usually an awesome product. I use his cologne(you can get at Macy's) all the time and I get nothing but compliments. The only other cologne I wear is Hugo and Adida's(for those of you that know me pretty much all I wear is Adida's, from the shoes to shirts, socks, pants, jackets, sweatshirts to even watches).