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01-27-2008, 02:31 PM
They're trying to bring pressure on the Bush Administration and Congress to do more to save our Iraqi friends who have worked for us and risked their lives for us. Right now there are a number of serious issues they face, primarily the fact that they are given almost no protection what so ever by the current rules and even worse, they must hide their work from their family, neighbors and definitely strangers for fear that someone will let it slip they work for the Americans and they'll be killed by one of the sectarian militias or criminal gangs.

Frankly, these people deserve the right and the reward to immigrate to America... we're not talking more than 5,000 or so people, but left behind, they're at serious risk of death... simply because they helped us. If you talk to vets who served over there, some have stories of Iraqi friends that were killed while they were there or afterwards because of their work for the Americans. Its a personal issue for them and for others, because not only is our honor at stake but these people are our brothers and sisters in arms.

Consider writing your Congress person or the President himself to get off their ass and help.

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The last article tells the sickening tale in great detail. Phillip Carter's post at Intel-Dump relates the story of his Iraqi partner who was brutally tortured and murdered shortly after Carter transferred out of Iraq.

This isn't right people. And we've done this before... for Kurds, Kosovar Albanians, our Vietnamese allies. We can do it again.