View Full Version : 200,000 posts

02-13-2008, 08:01 AM
We should be reaching this milestone within the next couple of days, if not sooner.

All indicators are pointing to this being one of the quickest rising political forums on the scene. The majority of traffic and ranking indicators place us well above similarly themed forums. Our daily traffic stats have surpassed forums that have been around for the past 3-5 years and it's growing daily.

The amount of traffic, rankings & notoriety received here took about 250% longer on my previous board.

We do our best to provide an environment that fosters free speech but do our best to limit activity that makes the board a free for all like other places. In the beginning we had a few "shout outs" about bias in moderation but that has almost since been forgotten, and I believe the community senses the fairness that goes into our decisions to make this a great board for all of our members.

It's quite funny to see past members whine elsewhere about us, solely because they were sent packing for not having the ability to get along in a diverse community. Many have received short term bans for detrimental conduct but it takes egregious action to be banned permanently. To see some of these characters whine about us months-years after the fact only shows just how popular this site is becoming. Snide remarks from the departed don't affect our success.

We will continue to work hard going forward to make this a premier political forum. We have recently added a blog to our site and have further additions in mind for the near future. We will continue to take advice & feedback from the community and build it around what everyone desires.

I want to thank every member for their participation in making this board a success thus far. There have been a great many debates and I look forward to many more as the election season gets more and more heated. Equally, I have enjoyed many friendly discussions in other aspects of the board and have grown quite fond of many members here. I enjoy the fact that I can spend a great deal of time reading so many debates and then move along to the chat sections and feel like I'm amongst so many friends. You guys have all made this a great place to hang out at, and I thank you all for that.