View Full Version : Freedom of Speech

03-21-2008, 01:03 PM
As you all know by now, I've always freedom of speech was one of the things I valued most about this board. While some may get laughed at or ridiculed for their views, we have NEVER stopped anyone from posting their thoughts or political views. We have NEVER banned anyone for simply stating their thoughts or views.

But the freedom of speech we offer here does not give you the right to go to other websites and spread lies or rhetoric about discussions that take place here. It does not give you the right to copy posts from this board and paste them elsewhere. It does not give you the the right to look to start trouble between sites or build animosity.

If you have a problem with a point of view of a member here, feel free to debate it. Do not copy their words to other sites to ridicule members behind their back, or to generalize about the membership here. Unfortunately, there are many naive people that are led to believe anything they may read as gospel, without considering the source - even if the source has the reputation beneath that of a lab monkey.