View Full Version : A few updates regarding the rules

05-20-2008, 01:56 PM
1 - This needs reminding from time to time. When posting a news article, or entry from another site, please limit your post to the first 2-3 paragraphs and then link to the rest. Almost all news/opinion pieces are copyrighted, but the Fair Use Act of 1977 allows you to reproduce a few paragraphs for discussion, so long as credit (link) is given to the author.

2 - When viewing another profile, when you click on "Send a message", there are now 2 options available: a) "Post a visitor message" and b) Send a private message. Being that the visitor messages are posted publicly on the users profile, all board rules pertain to these messages. Harassment via someone's profile will not be tolerated.

3 - We're all adults here and I've tried my best to remain out of personal feuds and allow members to sort out their own battles. In the past, and creeping up again, are plenty of comments directed towards members family members that aren't here posting on the board. This is now officially off limits. Blast away at one another if that's your choice but leave it between the 2 participants.

I will update the rules to reflect this announcement.