View Full Version : Let me be clear

05-23-2008, 09:22 AM
I have updated the rules recently for a reason. I still see comments about family members, PM harassment, privacy violations, copyright violations...

I am wiping the slate clean. There has been ongoing and never ending feuds as of late, but all involved will have to learn to do so within the boundaries of the rules. I've been very lenient as I truly don't want to ban people. But the board has to keep a sense of decency, and I WILL NOT let things get out of control.

There will be no more warnings. If I see further comments about family members, you will receive a temp ban. Privacy violations will get you a temp ban. Harassment will get you a temp ban.

Nobody wants to put the other person on ignore. They end up going toe to toe with one another, and then complaints flow into my lap. If you don't want to ignore someone, we cannot force you, but choose your words and actions carefully.

If you cannot respect one another at least respect what few rules I have set forth.

06-04-2008, 09:00 AM
I tried to be as reasonable as possible. I tried to move forward without giving out any bans and trying to talk to everyone like adults. But the problems persist.

If you have a serious issue with someone - place them on ignore.

Let me repeat that:

If you have a serious issue with someone - place them on ignore.

If you can't, and you or the other person disrupt threads, you will be given a time-out. Anymore mention of family members is an immediate time-out. Starting one retarded thread after another simply because the "cage" section is temporarily off limits to new posts will get you a time-out.

In other words, the rules are going to be followed perfectly. Until these problems cease, you will be given time-outs when you become disruptive to the board.

You have the option of ignoring anyone you don't like. Think before you write and ask yourself if what you're writing is beneficial to the board, or just a way of going after someone.

I'm tired of the fighting and the non-stop complaints and reported posts. It stops today.