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03-10-2007, 12:22 AM
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Posted By: Megan Trihey

Posted 3/9/07
BAKERSFIELD - As Democratic leaders push for withdrawal, members of another group are pressing for greater support of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They began their national tour Thursday in San Francisco and held a rally in Bakersfield Friday, on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom’s fourth anniversary.

MoveAmericaForward.org is on its second day of a national “These Colors Don’t Run” trek across 25 cities.

The caravan arrived at Heritage Park in Bakersfield displaying “These colors don’t run” support for troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Deborah Johns’ son is serving in Iraq and has joined the pro-troop caravan to let people know that there is strong support for the military’s mission.

"Congress, for some reason, has a different attitude that America does not support our troops when there are polls and the spirit of America shows differently," said Johns.

The caravan of military families and veterans will end in Washington D.C. where they will build a flag city display and send each flag to someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Johns said over 3,000 American flags have already been collected.

Debra Argel Bastian lost her son almost two years ago on Memorial Day in Iraq.

She visited Iraq and said the media has not reported enough on the success of the mission.

"I saw people that were grateful and cried and said bless America, especially for our liberation," she said.

Mark Crowley lost his son, Kyle, almost three years ago and wears a gold star to signify his loss.

"I continue to support what my son believed in,” said Crowley. “He believed in this country. He believed in taking the fight to those that would come here to kill us. He believed it's either kill them or be killed by them."

Pat Machen drove down from Visalia to deliver 35 flags to be sent to troops to Iraq.

Her husband was a Korean War veteran.

"It puts tears in my eyes because we really need to support our troops,” she said. “They are over there fighting for our freedom."

For more information on their progress during the national tour, click here(Their link didn't work) but if you want to check them out go here............ http://www.moveamericaforward.org/index.php/DailyFile/caravan_route_these_colors_dont_run/