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08-06-2008, 10:42 PM
Their is only one thing in this world outside my family that can make me worry, happy, euphoric, and sad, if she is hurting, and that is my baby.

I would compare it to how parents love their kids, or your husbands/wives

So i sang a song to her

Wanna know what song i sang?

it was this song :)


the lyrics made me cry, cause their so true. I will love her forever. The first woman outside my family that i ever really loved

singing to my baby, made me cry.

The only woman on this earth outside my mother, that makes me cry out of love.

I may never win man of the year, but women arent so bad after all :salute:

this is the song i first learned, cause its our special song, we have so many, this is our three special songs

number 3, the third song i feel in love with for us*


number 2, the second song i feel in love with for us


and the the number 1 song that made me cry when i heard it, the first song i sung to my baby


it gets me emotional every time i hear it

the first song i ever learned on bass and played for my precious

this song is dedicated to her too.

I would give my life for her, im still teary eyed.

I love my baby/soul mate