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09-01-2008, 02:03 AM
The following is a recipe that we here at the repo company have once a week or so. Since we have been trying to save a little money when feeding the crew (which we do each day), we have been trying to prepare meals for lunch that will cost less than ten dollars and feed eight. This one comes under budget every time.

Stir fry 1 lb of Jimmy Dean "hot" sausage with an onion and an orange bell pepper all chopped up. Add a little Walnut oil and some Garlic flavored oil to fry them in. "Do not drain the delicious oil from the cooked sausage"

Pour in a big bottle of Ragu "Basil, Tomato and Garlic Sauce. Add a small can of Tomato Sauce and A big can of diced tomatoes.

Simmer for about an hour at just high enough to produce an occasional bubble in the mixture. Turn it off and let it cool.

In a seperate pan (wok), stir fry at very high heat, a few garlic cloves, some mushrooms and some chopped up celery. Fry the hell out of em. Add them to the sauce and turn it back on. Simmer slowly for another hour.

Pour it over your favorite cooked pasta. YUMMY!!!!!!